Sunday, August 23, 2009

DOW rallied on Friday ... So, we shall expect a rally in HKSE tmr too. Then, I will be glad to clear some.

I realised that I do not write a good blog, or positively getting back into my own researches since the incident with JL. Yeah, I m still trying to recover from my shock of knowing such a cunning-doctor, look good externally but with not-so-good internally. Until I could get myself positively and actively involve in my own thoughts again .. I could not write what I have in my mind about investing/trading. Hence, I will take a break in KL ... read the self-motivational kinda books(instead of The Economist and such). We could not really focus if we are distracted or disturbed. Besides, I believe SEPT-NOV will not be a good months for markets. It is historical too. A simple 'bad news' will be amplified ... and the domino-effects could be great. I have managed to trim my positions, and another rally(tho short) will give me to clear all(if possible) my holdings.

Selamat Berpuasa to those fasting.


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