Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DOW gave back the early gains ... as Liverpool lost their second game. Forget the league, Rafa.

A quick check on KLSE, Genting making waves yesterday and I have missed Genting-co. Genm-cj doing well ... and will hold on to it for a while. I would like to clear Sin0pec-c5 soon.

Yesterday, I was talking to my best-friend about the current market outlook and he gave me a very grimmed picture. I may agree to certain extent that market will experience high volatility with a DOWN TREND from here, but he said no sane fund-managers that he knew of are going into market now. He attended a 'special' invitational talk by Mark Mobius(under PBBank) and said Mr Mark commented that KLSE lack of liquidity. It is only being played by some local funds and 4-big KLSE's buaya(croc) who manipulating some goreng stocks. Some investment bankers are involved too ... ghee, thought Malaysia is the cleanest country, with ALL our leaders are highly respectable and we are the fairest country!! You may ask our PM, ya.

Anyway, the general view at the moment is markets have been moving too aggressively ahead of fundamentals and about to DIVE soon ... so, trim or get out NOW will be my view. Then, brace ourselves for the bungee-jump ... will it be vertical?

4.00 pm : A rollercoaster ride in HKSE ... was down 300+ points but recovered.

4.35 pm : KLCI down 3 points.

6.30 pm : HSI lost 100.7 points only, as Shanghai is recovering. I may still hold-on to my oil-stocks as oil reaching for USD75. It is a matter of time someone going to throw it away and we shall see oil back to USD60 level. That is my prediction, so I do not wish to hold on those china oil-stocks for too long.

10.15 pm : Dow up again, you know. We are reaching for 10-months high now in most markets. One should not be blamed to believe that we are riding on a BULL-market ... KLCI reaching 1600, HSI back to 38,000 level and S&P going above 1,500. Yeah, right.

Thailand and Singapore markets being favoured, not Bursa. Can anyone rationalise on that fact?? BURSA has been trying to make our market to be 'attractive'. We even have put-warrants, you know(you may want to check on its turnover. LOL) ... when are they shorting the trading hours and also allow us to short the stocks?


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