Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DOW down almost 200 points, I guess it will be another day of slaughtering as big-boys will make a sell-off to push the price lower. If it is another 20-points down, I will buy a little by a little. But, I need to be patient(and stupidly brave?) to wait for market to retrace further, and the stocks I want to collect.

At the moment, I m placing 3.50 for Kossan, 1.50 for LionInd and 1.15 for Muhibah/MRCB. Maybe will re-visit HSPlant at 2.10? When market moving lower, there are too many stocks to buy. But, cheap could go cheaper, that we need to accept.

I dont know if it is a reversal trend ... if it is so, then I hv to prepare more bullets to buy them in stages and sit tight. But, the HKSE's babes are riskier as many are saying China's bubble is bursting? It could be a sharp dive IF there is a panicky selling ... Shanghai-index has been moving south from near 3500 level for the past two weeks!! We could see many markets in correction mode, and are you dare to BUY into it? What IF it is a reversal ... and we see new low? KLCI going below 1000-level?

8.50 am : We are certainly going to see reds ... hang-on ...

9.35 am : KLCI losing 6 points. Waiting for HKSE to dive further down ...

1.35 pm : KLCI at 1159, down by 9 points. We will see further downside with most giant-stocks are in profit-taking mode. I do think this is a 'temporary' correction but no one could tell how low we might go. Temporary means ... could end till Sept? I dont think so it is a reversal ... YET. But, I do think market WILL dive ... I m not optimistic about markets, except China(everyone is ... so, the fear of bubble bursting is REAL).

Timing the market is quite impossible. If we are invested, stay-in. Forget about the fluctuations, and only to BUY more when you heard of 2 weeks market down-down ... or a panic news in bloomberg about all the bad news. That shall be the time we ... BUY? Ouch ...

I realised that I m very weak in my tradings. Normally, I m forced to SELL(cut loss) ... and giving back my dinners!! So, I think I change my strategies/plans(if any) ... and a week break next week will do me good. By then, I will be clearer of my plans ... hopefully.

4.45 pm : KLCI down 4 points. I was clearing many this morning, cutting with losses and some moved up after that. Arrrghh .. I need more coffee, de-stress kinda 3-in-1 coffee, please.

I hv just subscibed to OSK put-warrant on KLCI. They do offer put-HSI but I m buying that thru HKSE, anyway. So, buying a put-KLCI sound bearish towards KLSE? I am.

10.45 pm : DOW up 50points after 2 days of sell-off. HSI recovered after lunch. So, I do hope it shoots up and clear more of my holdings(bought too many when it dived yesterday ... and cleared many for losses).

KLSE : RCECap, TWSCorp, MRCB, LionInd and Muhibah.

Stalk : IGB, Sapcres

HKSE : ZhongDa, long-Cnooc, long-Zijin, long-HSI and short-HSBC.

I agreed with one of the fund-manager ... markets will STILL move higher, so ... buying during this correction period, and wait to clear ... come back end of Sept?

I do not wish to be sucked in when market dives ... I will like to see KLCI below 1000-level to move in again. As for HKSE, HSI touched the intra-day low below 20k ... another 10% down would be a good entry point.

That is just merely my opinion.


p/s : I m not in mood as I m trying to digest Liverpool's first game against Spurs. Sigh

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Anonymous said...

If you are into Bursa KL like the way Liverpool play their EPL, I'll be sorry. The Reds have not won the championship for many score years. At this time, there are safer bets on some of the top 10 stocks in Bursa than making a wager on 'Pool. Then again, KNM is not much different from the Reds either - thay can both give some heart attacks!