Saturday, August 15, 2009

Muhibah ... a stock to watch. Closed at 1.43.

Recently Muhibah dropped sharply from 1.65 to 1.25 level, after goreng-ed up from 1.30 level ... and I was watching it(I mentioned it previously). I traded it for a dinner before but released it after gained the wan-tan-mee dinner. It managed to climb back to 1.50 level. I mentioned about it last weekend. Well, it dived yesterday with huge volume. Some big-boys throwing it away. Tidak muhibbah anymore?


p/s : I m not patriotic. I prefer Linkin Park's hits anytime.


DOW down 80 points and crude oil price below USD68. Wow ... signs of reversal? Time to clear and run? That is what in my mind next week .... clear, clear clear and cut, cut, CUTTT!

I m still holding to many KLSE's babes. But as Sept nearing, I m feeling very uncomfortable. For the peace of mind, I will CLEAR and hide.

KLSE : Muhibah, E&O and Scomi down. Sapcres and APLand moving. Noted.

I m currently holding to too many KLSE's babe and instead of channeling my funds to HKSE, I m siphoning it back here. Weird ... I contradicted myself without me realising. Phew!! I m in spell ... intoxicated by ... ? Currently, I m zooming into Muhibah, but will be patient(hopefully!!) enough to wait for further retracement to collect.

Collect? What ...?? I just said that?? Thought I m suppose to clear and hibernate till end of Sept?? Yes, this rally might last longer but ... the risk is higher as prices going higher. I read somewhere just now that we could just throw the fundamentals .... just ride the waves and be ready to exit!! Wow ... I guess he is being VERY real, looking at the way money chasing stocks and KLCI reaching 1200-level without much foreign funds?? Besides the local funds(1Malaysia fund too), more aunties/uncles are coming back to market for quick fix. That is when I wish to be out ...

But, there are always opportunities for short-term traders : Speculators are still in markets, playing with many penny-stocks. Even EPF becoming one of the manipulators in KLSE, in the name of giving us a BIGGER % by end of this year. EPF might declare 15% dividend. *yeah right!!*.

Football - EPL

For many football fans like me, this weekend is the beginning of EPL. MU without Ronaldo, Liverpool without Alonso. Guess which team have the huge money to buy them? Who said Spain In Pain(recession). Certainly Madrid(Spain's capital) can't be REAL?

How about Owen, the Liverpool's boy playing for the devils? I watched Owen played in the world cup under-17 played in PJ stadium when he was 15-16. He certainly aged ... and Newcastle has to sell him, and he is never Benitez's fav. Owen is no longer the Owen when he was 18. But he could still score goals ...

Liverpool's recent ex-strikers : Owen, Heskey, Baros, Anelka, Crouch ... add in the names. Only Torres done well so far ... wish they could get Messi, a genius. Imagine Torres and Messi together.

Can't wait for monday ... till now, have a nice weekend ahead.


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