Sunday, August 16, 2009

Being an amatuer and a novice, I shown how careless I was last week by buying too many counters and done too many trades. The only significant profits was with LCL.

KLSE : NTPM(8k), KUB(3k), TWSCorp(5k), Huaan(5k), LCL(7k), RCECap(7k), Ramunia(5k), MRCB(3k), HSPlant(2k).

HKSE : Long-CNOOC, long-ZiJin, long-Alibaba and short-HSBC.

Stalk : Muhibah and APLand. ZhongDa and ICBC.

APLand breaking 0.30 with high volume(traded sideway 0.275-0.335). Technically needs conformation to buy. But a buy below 0.30 could give us a 10% - my profit-taking targets. Will be goreng-ed further, I guess.

These are my current holdings ... with LCL, Ramunia, RCECAp, MRCB and Huaan below my buying-prices. You see how greedy a trader could be? For example, I gained from LCL(3 times in a week!!) and grabbed it back when it went lower on Friday. Am I expecting it to shoot up again on Monday? Silly risk, right?

Also in RCECap ... I have sold it for small profits but as it retraces, my queues done. I dont know if I will clear it tmr.

MRCB? I was watching her moving high(touched 1.51) and was "glad" to grab 1k at 1.48 and 1k at 1.49. Then, as it went lower, my another 1k done at 1.44. At the moment, MRCB at 1.41. I may klose a dinner if I m clearing it tmr ... but I think I will hold on a while, and might even top-up if I could clear my others for profits.

Huaan was a rash-buying ... it has shot up on Thu, and I simply queued 0.565 on Fri and it is done!! It was at 0.575 vs 0.58 at that moment, mind you. What is the mistake? It has SHOT-UP the day before ... should be chasing, right?

Ramunia is also a mistake ... bought it at a recommendation!! And yes, playing with the news of SIME. Come to think of it, Ramunia was never in my plan. I hv trimmed 5k units and left with another 5k units. Will hold on a while and we shall see ...

At times, when markets retracing ... many of my queues(even at lower level) done. And so many done at one time. Yes, I do not write many many trades in my blog here as it is ridiculous. But there are some I buy for keeping ... for example, I like HSPlant and Asiatic(GenP) for plantation play. Palm oil at 2400-2500 level now. Look at KLK, the best performer ... one may want to ride on the so-called recovery of demand in palm-oil. Plantation counters lifted KLCI last week. Sime and IOI was doing well too. IJMPlant and KMLoong ...

As rubber-stocks reached the peak and have some correction at the moment, I may want to re-visit Kossan at 3.85. Another counter I will buy for keeping ... perhaps Supermax at 2.50 again?

Besides the handful of counters, I m still collecting some warrants/call-warrants and only disposing TM-ci as it is moving. One said I have taken profits too early as TM-ci MIGHT reached 0.15. Hmm ... u see, I have LIMITED funds and still too many in mind. I just bought Resorts-cj on Friday at market value of 0.175. Yes, more queues at 0.165 not done.(after sold half of my TM-ci on Thu at 0.12). I do still have some TM-ci(which I accumulated at 0.105 and 0.110) to be cleared at 0.13. I dont care IF it really jumps up t0 0.15, seriously.

I will use my TM-ci $$$ to collect Resorts-cj ... and Commerz-cf or Genting-co still in radar.

IJMLand-wa caught my attention at the moment but it has moved too fast, too furious. How about my fav AnnJoo-wb? Or WCT-wb or SPSetia-wb? Oh boy, I missed Affin-wc and Sunway-wc, the two warrants that I have been trading for the past 2 weeks. This time I missed the boat. No, they are ships!!

Yes, I m lacking in focus with TOO MANY in hands. So, that was my mistake last week. I hope to clear many next week before my KL trip. I hope I dont have to watch markets when I m enjoying at Sunway Lagoon or KLCC's aquarium or ... watching my pc screen instead of giraffes!! haha.

Anyway, over-diversifying showing I m in FEAR. I m in fear as greediness is in market. Learning to be a contrarian is difficult(tho I m against the norm in most of my doings/thoughts). I m far from it ... and I know I will continue to pursue my quest for knowledge in trading and investments.

My Sports

EPL : Man City won 2-0(A), Chelsea won 2-1(H) and Arsenal won 6-1(A).

Bowling : Supersport showing Wu Siu Hong vs Belmonte. Fantastic 259-tie and Wu won. Game two now in their World Ten Pin Master 2009 game.

Badminton : Lee Chong Wei lost his bid for the World Championship.

Book to read this month : The First time INVESTOR by Larry Chambers and Kenn Miller

Step by Step - Liang Wen Fu


p/s : I m in state library.

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