Friday, August 28, 2009

3.40 pm : KLCI almost unchanged ... TAS was reported to be over-subscribed(by 10 times? I cant remember) and opened this morning at 0.90. But, now it is at 0.87-0.88 level now. KLSE is not kind to new-comers? How is Handal doing now? So, if TAS going below its IPO value, can we buy?

In KLSE, nothing much to buy now(if possible, time to release more of our holdings) as many are retracing further, with confidence thinning. So, everyone is waiting for the DIVE. Yeah, it is SEPT-NOV again ... the periods where markets historically dive ... will we see a sharp pullback this time around? Do prepare your ammunition to shoot ... then, becoming a buy-n-hold long term collector. Hmm ...

HSI in reds too ... CNOOC is down, Sinopec down by 4% now. Esprit down another 4%.

5.05 pm : KLCI lost 2.63 points. I grabbed some TAS before closing at 0.87 level for the trade next week. Oil is still retracing and DOW expected to move lower tonight.

LionInd at 1.56 and Adventa at 1.65 now.

CWP retraces further, closed at 0.75 today. I would like to move in again at 0.50 or below. ZhongDa at 0.56 now, and I might consider it at 0.40 or below. Markets are still moving lower, and anticipating a DIVE. Buy at your own risk, at the moment. We shall adopt a wait-n-see position and move in when DOW dives(bringing more FEARS else where).

Be greedy when there is FEAR in you. At the moment, stay aside ... rest and wait.

10.20 pm : AIG still moving higher after 400% increments!! It breached USD50 as DOW almost unchanged. Crude oil price at USD73 and Gold at 957.


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