Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1.45 pm : I did not check on markets the whole morning as I m on holiday. Sinopec unchanged. Genting Singapore breaking SGD1 level today.

6.30 pm : KLCI up 1.47 points. Today's most active counter is OilCorp? Wow. YunKong and YunKong-wa were actively traded in the morning. If you see how those 'buaya' goreng some stocks in KLSE, you will should be VERY scared. Did you see Jetson? Or even the poor new MSports(dont know why they listed themselves in KLSE, and not SGX or China).

One of the notable move is by MPHB, a good counter that I like. It breaks Rm2.00 level and closed at 2.07. Multi-purpose.

Petra is forming a waterfall. My queue at 2.50 done(2k units only).I do not know what is going on with Petra as it is retracing fast, and I hope I m not holding to a knife. Last month I sold it for 2.90 level. Today it is below 2.50. I might look into it again and to see if I m going to collect it. As IGB still standing at 1.80, and I was queueing at 1.75.


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