Monday, August 31, 2009


I m talking about financial-merdeka that most of us HOPING for. Hoping is daydreaming ... we need to take actions, like living frugally for years, save every penny and invest wisely. These are easier said than done for the majority. I m not alone, struggling to meet ends every end of the month, clocking in and out for work and finding part-time job(tuition for me) to complement my meagre salary. I dont like those rosy dreams - becoming a millionaire - but I have to be realistic. To have some sort of financial freedom, I need to work on my plans. Yes, we do need to plan our goals ... and the more we read about MONEY-books, we realise that most first generation well-to-do person start from almost 'nothing'. So, that gives me HOPE ... that I m not not alone, struggling to seek independence ... MERDEKA.

I m still struggling to close-my-holes. The outflows of my money into BUYINGS of unnecssary items. I m frugal, but I need to teach my wife to be one. That is a great challenge. She was brought up in a normal family who is NOT wise when it comes to money. I was as bad previously. Today, I could say that I want to be as frugal as possible ... yet, I m seeing MONEY being used to buy so many things that are not needed, especially for my kids' toys. How do you NOT to compare to other kids when you are living in a MATERIAListic society? They got, I also want ... that kinda of mentality. It makes things harder if we do not have a goal.

10.40 am : HSI losing 400 points. Sinopec testing 6.50 support level, and breaching this level, we shall see a freefall ... and accumulate at 5.50 level. So, I need to be patient to wait and see ... CNOOC at 10-level, and I will like to see it to go to 8.80 level before thinking of buying? What?? Buying?? That is a vulgar word in this investment environment!!

5.55 pm : HSI down as China downed by 5%. Gloomy surroundings again ... still waiting for the retracement and finally a huge DIVE. Someone tried to argue that there wont be a dive. I dont know, I want to be prepared.

ZhongDa up by 18% today, with high interests after lunch.

CWP lowered another 7%, to close at 0.70.

Zijin at 6.50 level. China QinFa at 1.90.

THE STAR : Excess liquidity may create a new bubble

EARNINGS for many US manufacturing companies have surprised on the upside despite flat to negative revenue growth.

In addition to cost cutting measures, many have benefited from a decline in input costs due in part to a fall in the prices of commodities.

The producer price index for commodities has risen more than the consumer price index from the beginning of 2007 till middle of 2008 (see chart), thereby putting pressure on margins as raw material costs rose more than selling prices. The squeeze in margins was compensated by rising sales volumes.

However, following the global financial crisis, producer prices for commodities plunged by 18% from July 2008 to a bottom in March 2009 compared with only a 3% decline in inflation.

This has helped boost the margins of manufacturing companies at a time when sales volume was dropping.

Nonetheless, with the rise in commodity prices, margins and profits of manufacturing companies may again be squeezed.

The massive injection of liquidity has stabilised banking sentiments. Other than China, where a government-directed bank lending spree of 7.4 trillion renminbi in the first half year has boosted real demand and the economy, real demand in major economies in the United States, European Union and Japan remains lacklustre.

In fact, the latest July retail sales in the US were down from a month ago. This is not surprising as US consumers have to deleverage from very high debt levels.

Following the bursting of the real estate bubble in Japan in 1990, the Japanese private sector had to deleverage, a process that has continued for 18 years.

The higher the leverage, the longer the period of deleveraging.

Hence, with the total debt to gross domestic product of the US at a record high ratio of 375% in the first quarter, the US deleveraging process is likely to last a long time, pointing to an L-shape stagnation.

Why the optimism in the financial and commodity markets? The central banks have flooded the global financial system with liquidity by lowering interest rates, providing cheap financing to banks and other ailing industries, and by printing money.

Since the demand for money is weak in the real economy due to weak consumer spending and capital investment, the liquidity has found its way into the financial markets.

Stock prices and commodity prices have rallied. Even property prices have stabilised and appreciated in some countries.

Ironically, a weak real economy means that policymakers are likely to tolerate a very lax monetary policy and low interest rates.

This is positive for the financial markets as the liquidity will find its way into the financial markets, and dare we say, speculation.

The hope of some policymakers is that the appreciation in assets like stocks, bonds, commodities and properties will be translated into growth in real demand.

This is potentially a dangerous game to play as a new bubble may be engineered to counter the previous one that burst.

Policymakers in the US inadvertently created a mega-housing and debt bubble in the US after interest rates were lowered in 2001 to counter the negative effects of the bursting of the Nasdaq bubble and 9-11.

Irresponsible lending was encouraged with the 2004 removal of the 15 times gearing ratio limit imposed on US investment banks.

Perhaps the economy should be allowed to cool down to a sustainable level so that the excesses of the previous bubble can be removed.

So far, none of the policymakers in the developed nations is willing to take the bitter medicine. It is easier to pander to the demands of the politicians and the people who want a quick fix.

Maybe the US and the world need to reappoint Paul Volcker the new Fed chairman when Bernanke’s term expires.

Volcker was willing to plunge the US economy into recession in the late 1970s in his successful fight to tame a runaway inflation in the US and the developed world.

Painful as it was, the taming of inflation set the stage for over 20 years of unprecedented global growth before the recent excesses plunged the world into a severe global recession.

If we are to stop these cycles from repeating, curbs have to be placed on consumer and government debt levels and on asset prices.

So far the lessons have not been learnt. Total debt levels are climbing as government debt arising from fiscal stimulus and bailouts is increasing faster than private sector deleveraging.

Mounting government debt and involvement in the economy could crowd out the private sector and lead to a long-term decline in productivity.

Higher debt levels in many developed nations could represent a burden on the next generation, who will be fewer due to an ageing population.

Without structural reforms, global growth, especially in developed world, rates are likely to be lacklustre. In the meantime, excess liquidity is likely to fuel the financial markets until reality sets in.
by : Choong Khuat Hock is head of research at Kumpulan Sentiasa Cemerlang Sdn Bhd.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

As I spent almost the whole day(11am till 7pm) at Jaya Jusco, I saw the huge crowd ... and obviously I wonder about Aeon stock. Must be doing well, with Raya and festive seasons around the corner. A check on the stock showing that I have missed it(late by a week), and it climbed back to 3.80 level.

Anyway, Commerz made a sharp pullback on Friday - why? I have not checked. I will be glad to grab some of it IF it continues dip for a few more days. Will check on it again later. Noted.

Grab Commerz at 9.20-9.50 level. Tmr market close as we are MERDEKA.



Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thanking Mike for a good opinion. Yes, I do think many investors will look into gold-related assets for the safe-haven. In markets, it is toppish, and many are actually exiting(at slower rate at the moment but the rate will accelerate in weeks to come).

I m actually exiting too, with only a few to hold on to for short(a week or so) trades. I m anticipating bad months to come, tho many have said that we are out of woods. Are we? Yes, we might NOT see the march bottom(I like to differ and and maintain my bearish views that DOW will dive lower than the March-bottom) ... and KLCI may not go below 800-level. Fair as local funds will be supporting the bottom lines. I will like to see 1000-level for my first sight of entry. Perhaps, accumulating more when it is at 900-level. Whatever levels, no one could predict that ... at the moment, we could only be prepared to BUY much more AFTER the dive. Some whom I spoken to said they do not think so Bursa will even go below 1100. As I see it, whatever whoever opinion it is, I m sticking to my own plans.

I made some silly mistakes 2-weeks ago by going for some shopping sprees. I have sold almost all for losses, and it added up to be a substantial losses. Ouch. I have to bite my fingers,the wounds are healing but the scar will be there. I noticed that I do make many mistakes when I lost my sight/focus ... and when I was emotional(excited or tensed). Sometimes, I made STUPID mistakes by being OVER-confident. Being a novice, I should not be letting anything get into my head. I should fill my head with more knowledge about economics or financial wisdom.

Having said that, I will like to sell my remaining holdings(Petra, TAS, Sinopec, TWSCorp and RCECap), except for my BJToto and CNOOC. I will buy more of ZiJin when market dives(and it retraces too). I admit I do have a fear that it dives NEXT WEEK. I will get stuck but most probably I have to cut huge losses. That is bad.

Over a longer period of time, I m still bullish on energy-stocks and green-stocks. So, I will be glad to be an INVESTOR, rather than a trader. We need to learn to know the difference between investing and trading.

If one is to accumulate wealth, then we should be an INVESTOR. Short-term trading could only give us 'income', if we are lucky! As I m seeing these markets as trading markets(except China stocks), I learn to trade. We do not have what W.Buffett will say "hold forever" and also his deep pockets. But, if we are going to gain much(and surely) from share markets, we should be patience and wait for moments to BUY, and BUY hugely ... and wait patiently for our stock prices to double or three-fold.


Friday, August 28, 2009

3.40 pm : KLCI almost unchanged ... TAS was reported to be over-subscribed(by 10 times? I cant remember) and opened this morning at 0.90. But, now it is at 0.87-0.88 level now. KLSE is not kind to new-comers? How is Handal doing now? So, if TAS going below its IPO value, can we buy?

In KLSE, nothing much to buy now(if possible, time to release more of our holdings) as many are retracing further, with confidence thinning. So, everyone is waiting for the DIVE. Yeah, it is SEPT-NOV again ... the periods where markets historically dive ... will we see a sharp pullback this time around? Do prepare your ammunition to shoot ... then, becoming a buy-n-hold long term collector. Hmm ...

HSI in reds too ... CNOOC is down, Sinopec down by 4% now. Esprit down another 4%.

5.05 pm : KLCI lost 2.63 points. I grabbed some TAS before closing at 0.87 level for the trade next week. Oil is still retracing and DOW expected to move lower tonight.

LionInd at 1.56 and Adventa at 1.65 now.

CWP retraces further, closed at 0.75 today. I would like to move in again at 0.50 or below. ZhongDa at 0.56 now, and I might consider it at 0.40 or below. Markets are still moving lower, and anticipating a DIVE. Buy at your own risk, at the moment. We shall adopt a wait-n-see position and move in when DOW dives(bringing more FEARS else where).

Be greedy when there is FEAR in you. At the moment, stay aside ... rest and wait.

10.20 pm : AIG still moving higher after 400% increments!! It breached USD50 as DOW almost unchanged. Crude oil price at USD73 and Gold at 957.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

4.45 am :Dow moving sideway ...HSI was hanging there too. KLCI almost unchanged, but many second liners are moving lower each day. Even the rubber-stocks are lowering at the moment. It is time to sit on the side and be patient again ... everyone is adopting 'wait and see' stance. Are we going to see a dive soon? Or will it be sideway for these months before the next surge, cracking 1200 level? There is no clear sign at the moment. I dont know if I m collecting or throwing, either.

While I have cleared most of my holdings, I grabbed Petra yesterday. I thought I wont get it at 2.50 anyway. So, I just simply place a queue after lunch(it was at 2.63, if I m not mistaken). Its support at 2.40 level ... and breaching this level, we shall see a deep pullback, and a freefall? Buying during pullback, that is one of the policies, right?

Most of us are not looong term investors. It is difficult with these uncertain economic environments ... but I will like to see a deep pullback in KLCI or HSI before next entry ... some are saying that we might not see any dive(wont go below 1100?), if we buy now and could hold on much longer, we shall see good angpows by next CNY. I m not that optimistic, yet I still will ride on it ... perhaps we wont see the Mac-low(as local funds will support KLCI) but markets have been shooting to its new high, too fast too furious. Time to be cautious, right?

9.30 am : KLCI down by 2.5 points. Petra at 2.57 vs 2.58.

6.35 pm : Just back from Aquaria ... KLCI up 4 points and HSI down by 213 points. Sinopec unchanged but CNOOC down by 3%.

MMC on the move today ... I did not grab any as I was still monitoring and waiting for 2.20 level but it doesnt. Today MMC going back to 2.40 level ... and I will let the boat to float away.

ZhongDa at 0.60 level. CWP at 0.80 level. These to be collected when HSI dives sharply.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1.45 pm : I did not check on markets the whole morning as I m on holiday. Sinopec unchanged. Genting Singapore breaking SGD1 level today.

6.30 pm : KLCI up 1.47 points. Today's most active counter is OilCorp? Wow. YunKong and YunKong-wa were actively traded in the morning. If you see how those 'buaya' goreng some stocks in KLSE, you will should be VERY scared. Did you see Jetson? Or even the poor new MSports(dont know why they listed themselves in KLSE, and not SGX or China).

One of the notable move is by MPHB, a good counter that I like. It breaks Rm2.00 level and closed at 2.07. Multi-purpose.

Petra is forming a waterfall. My queue at 2.50 done(2k units only).I do not know what is going on with Petra as it is retracing fast, and I hope I m not holding to a knife. Last month I sold it for 2.90 level. Today it is below 2.50. I might look into it again and to see if I m going to collect it. As IGB still standing at 1.80, and I was queueing at 1.75.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DOW gave back the early gains ... as Liverpool lost their second game. Forget the league, Rafa.

A quick check on KLSE, Genting making waves yesterday and I have missed Genting-co. Genm-cj doing well ... and will hold on to it for a while. I would like to clear Sin0pec-c5 soon.

Yesterday, I was talking to my best-friend about the current market outlook and he gave me a very grimmed picture. I may agree to certain extent that market will experience high volatility with a DOWN TREND from here, but he said no sane fund-managers that he knew of are going into market now. He attended a 'special' invitational talk by Mark Mobius(under PBBank) and said Mr Mark commented that KLSE lack of liquidity. It is only being played by some local funds and 4-big KLSE's buaya(croc) who manipulating some goreng stocks. Some investment bankers are involved too ... ghee, thought Malaysia is the cleanest country, with ALL our leaders are highly respectable and we are the fairest country!! You may ask our PM, ya.

Anyway, the general view at the moment is markets have been moving too aggressively ahead of fundamentals and about to DIVE soon ... so, trim or get out NOW will be my view. Then, brace ourselves for the bungee-jump ... will it be vertical?

4.00 pm : A rollercoaster ride in HKSE ... was down 300+ points but recovered.

4.35 pm : KLCI down 3 points.

6.30 pm : HSI lost 100.7 points only, as Shanghai is recovering. I may still hold-on to my oil-stocks as oil reaching for USD75. It is a matter of time someone going to throw it away and we shall see oil back to USD60 level. That is my prediction, so I do not wish to hold on those china oil-stocks for too long.

10.15 pm : Dow up again, you know. We are reaching for 10-months high now in most markets. One should not be blamed to believe that we are riding on a BULL-market ... KLCI reaching 1600, HSI back to 38,000 level and S&P going above 1,500. Yeah, right.

Thailand and Singapore markets being favoured, not Bursa. Can anyone rationalise on that fact?? BURSA has been trying to make our market to be 'attractive'. We even have put-warrants, you know(you may want to check on its turnover. LOL) ... when are they shorting the trading hours and also allow us to short the stocks?


Sunday, August 23, 2009

It is expected to be pull-back in the coming few weeks/months. Many are rushing into markets, but many are cautious and pulling out too.

Nicholas Yeo of Aberdeen being interviewed in Bloomberg and about his views on his holdings in China stocks. Few of his holdings : Standard Chartered, Swire, Jardine, Hang Lung, PetroChina, CNOOC, China Mobile ...

A good question was WHY he is NOT holding on Sinopec but Sinopec registered 900% profits in 2Q, so we are expecting Sinopec to be moving higher in these few coming days/weeks. I bought 20k units of Sinopec-c5 last week at 0.10 and still holding on to it due to this good profits news. Well, he said he is long-term investors, with 5-10 years view.

Sinopec : As investor, we should be buying good counters BEFORE the profits news out. 2 months ago, when Sinopec prices dropped from HKD9.80 to HKD8.60 ... thru JL, I asked him to consider to BUY, to ride on China's oil stock. At the same time, I was collecting Sinopec-c5(KLSE - call warrant).

China Mobile ... the laggard. At the moment, due to the 'bad news' on China Mobile, its stocks has been retracing.

Mr YC Chong, Aberdeen's investment director on Bloomberg now ... he recommends ST Eng, SingTel, OCBC and UOB. STE is a BUY for him, BUY when no one wants it. Good point.

Gold at 953 and oil at 74.

It is almost 8.30 am ... Japan and OZ up by 2.5% and Korea up 1.5% in early Monday morning trade.

9.30 am : Green morning so far ... KLCI up almost 9 points now. Jetson still in play!!

10.00 am : HSI points up ... time to clear.

6.05 pm : Sold Cnooc-cw as it shot up and bought Sinopec-cw when it retraces after the morning surge. For HKSE's cw and pw, I will take profits after 15%-20% gains. But, I have 3(2 cws, 1pw) which I got stucked with about 15-30% paper-loss. Will only top-up when HSI up/down sharply. HSI down, buy call. HSI up, buy put. It is NOT simple at all to trade these warrants as we need to accept 20%-30% losses in a week. It really shakes those who cant even accept 5% retracement in KLSE. Definitely not for normal traders who cant take huge losses.

11.35 pm : DOW up another 70points with oil reaching USD 75. I will agree that it is matter of time markets going to collapse .... SOON. So, as long as market still goreng-ing up, I continue to trim my positions. Too risky to hold on longer ... look at KLCI. It is up 10 points today, and we are going back to 1200 level soon. TOO SOON, in fact. So, I will be glad to wait for KLCI at 1050 level for my next entry ... no waterfalls for me to stalk?

Stalk : Muhibah, IGB, E&O, MMCCorp, Pelikan and LionInd.

Stalk : China Mobile

China Mobile still retracing and going below HKD80 today. Will look at HKD 75 level for the next support. If it retraces to HKD70 level, I will be ready to buy, unless there is a market reversal.

DOW rallied on Friday ... So, we shall expect a rally in HKSE tmr too. Then, I will be glad to clear some.

I realised that I do not write a good blog, or positively getting back into my own researches since the incident with JL. Yeah, I m still trying to recover from my shock of knowing such a cunning-doctor, look good externally but with not-so-good internally. Until I could get myself positively and actively involve in my own thoughts again .. I could not write what I have in my mind about investing/trading. Hence, I will take a break in KL ... read the self-motivational kinda books(instead of The Economist and such). We could not really focus if we are distracted or disturbed. Besides, I believe SEPT-NOV will not be a good months for markets. It is historical too. A simple 'bad news' will be amplified ... and the domino-effects could be great. I have managed to trim my positions, and another rally(tho short) will give me to clear all(if possible) my holdings.

Selamat Berpuasa to those fasting.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

DOW up 155 points. The rally is back? It is Saturday today but I m taking a break ...

Have a nice weekend.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Yeah ... too many trades last week, and being caught. Ouch. hehe ... cut and trimmed many for losses. As I mentioned, I m flying off to KL next week, so I wont be monitoring. So, no trades for a week or so!! Yippee ... oh boy, I m supposed to be very excited(I still am) and happy ... but last weekend my wife spoilt the party but refusing to go, on the ground of H1N1 fear. I have B1N1 fear la. Haha ...

I have trimmed MRCB, TWSCorp and RCECap yesterday but still holding to some. That was 2 dinners lost(won one with Adventa), and I have to take maggie-mee for two nights. Arrghh ... I love maggi-mee, anyway. hehe.

10.45 am : KLCI opened higher but retraces ... still in the green pasture.

Time after time - By the girl who has lotsa fun.

1.55 pm : HSI at 20,000 level, downed 300 points in the morning session, dragged down by China-Mobile.

KLCI in red too? I was not watching ... I didnt queue for any either. Wow ... the first day I didnt have any queue ... hehe. Good work ... keep up the discipline. Haha. I m busy with China Mobile and China Telecom this morning, actually.

But, if market dives another 5-10points, I might place a queue!! #piak# Time-after-Time, I reminded myself to be discipline. Only discipline traders/investors could succeed.

Queueing for E&O at 1.25 and Jaks at 0.800 as these two retracing ...

Two Steps Behind - Def Leppard

Cool .. I like this song very much. A classic. I went for their concert when they came to KL, what year was that? But, I m always two steps behind many ...

10.45 pm : DOW up 100+ points, Crude Oil price at almost USD75(I repeated what I said 2-3 days ago ... it is not sustainable, IMO). Gold up too ...

With such a positive move, normally HSI will follow suits the next trading day, currently China's market in correction(or some said into a bear market!!) mode, dragging many H-stocks.
HK is out of recession ... German too but such positive news didnt help HSI.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

DOW up ... crude oil jumps up. So? Crazy buying later? Hmm ... I hope to sell more while looking into a few good waterfalls.

Kossan back to 3.80 and Supermax at 2.60. Will wait further for these rubber-stocks. I bought Adventa at 1.80(it touched 1.78) yesterday and cleared all at 1.86 moments ago(it touched 1.88).

10.45 am : KLCI up 5 points, with HSI up too. Nothing much to do ... when it dives, I will be more alert and busy. Guess today is to relax ...

THE FEAR - Lily Allen

I want to be rich and I want lots of money
I don't care about clever I don't care about funny
I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds
I heard people die while they are trying to find them

And I'll take my clothes off and it will be shameless
Cause everyone knows that's how you get famous
I'll look at The Sun and I'll look in The Mirror
I'm on the right track yeah I'm onto a winner

I don't know what's right and what's real anymore
And I don't know how I'm meant to feel anymore
When do you think it will all become clear
Cause I'm being taken over by the fear

Life's about film stars and less about mothers
It's all about fast cars and cussing each other
But it doesn't matter cause I'm packing plastic
And that's what makes my life so fucking fantastic

And I am a weapon of massive consumption
[ Lily Allen Lyrics are found on ]
And it's not my fault it's how I'm programmed to function
I'll look at The Sun and I'll look in The Mirror
I'm on the right track yeah we're onto a winner

I don't know what's right and what's real anymore
And I don't know how I'm meant to feel anymore
When do you think it will all become clear
Cause I'm being taken over by the fear

Forget about guns and forget ammunition
Cause I'm killing them all on my own little mission
Now I'm not a saint but I'm not a sinner
Now everything's cool as long as I'm getting thinner

I don't know what's right and what's real anymore
And I don't know how I'm meant to feel anymore
When do you think it will all become clear
Cause I'm being taken over by the fear

5.00 pm : Just trimming more of my positions as market up today. KLCI up 7.90 points. Managed to redeem back some bullets, and to wait for the expected DIVE. Yet again, many having splits opinions ... stock markets well ahead of fundamentals or is it rallying as we are out of recession and expecting global economies to recover by end of this year.

I missed Perwaja and Genting-co trades today, as I was busy listening to songs. Hmm ...

Stalk : IGB and MMC.

Shanghai market up 4.5% today. DOW futures up too ... Crude oil at USD72, another jump up to USD75(it is NOT sustainable, in my opinion) will warrant me to clear my CNOOC which I bought these few days as it was testing HKD10 level. It closed at 10.36 level ... and I will be glad to clear it at HKD10.80 level.

I m getting tense and nervous each time I m going into markets and my buyings reduced. I should NOT be going in at all as I m trimming my positions .... BUT each time the markets dive, I m tempted to move in. I have caught a few knives recently and it cuts ... not so deep but still painful. The scars will be a reminder NOT to touch on hot-pots. OUCH.

So, basically ... I feel the corrections have weeks to go. Just hope I m patient enough to "SAY NO" to drugs ... no no ... I mean, stocks. Haha

10.20 pm : Liverpool won but Spurs done better. Dont know what happened to MU's game. They lost? Penalty saved? Hmm ... just not their day.

FEAR : Due to fear of H1N1, my wife refuses to bring baby to KL. So, I will only bring my son, with face-mask becoming a must-have thing. A lost of a few hundreds on the flight tickets but the loss is greater ... I have wanted to bring my girl to meet my family in KL.

Ok ... bring this to INVESTMENT. Due to FEAR, many NEVER invest in stock-markets. As some may put, AT LEAST it is safe in the banks(you deposits guaranteed!!) tho the interests % very low. I may argue that ... you simply buy one GOOD counter, or those with high dividend counters will give you more than your 3% p.a, ok? Nope ... we have FEAR FACTOR here.

You may speak till your saliva dried-off ... you could not convince them that we are FEARFUL because we dont know-how. What if we take precautions and wear face-mask and change it every hour, if you must? So ... feel better? FEAR in us is REAL. I m fear of height, for example. stock-phobia is real too.

As for some in KLSE, they never go out beyond blue-chips. We all really have different fear-level, arent we? Are you fear of losing = kiasu?

11pm : DOW up 50 points. Night.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

UNG : Natural Gas ETF reaching for new low. Time to consider ...

DOW up, crude oil up too ... time to clear more? Hmm ...

This morning I was re-reading a 36-pages award report of Water Industry and checking on my blue-gold stocks. Found one interesting China Water stock and might want to park some money there. Yes, this is for investment. Put it there and sit on it.

As for KLSE, I will only be holding to what in hand and may be I might get some IGB?


9.30 am : KLCI up 3 points. I have a queue for IGB at 1.80, and will collect this one.

11.00 am : KLCI reverses and losing 3 points, instead.

Not much of activities but ... lazying around listen to songs ...

Big In Japan - Alphaville.

HKSE : CWP testing 0.80 level. touched 0.76 this morning. The green-stocks bubble finally burst? But I do still looking forward towards investing in China's WindPower energy ... I m holding CNOOC for this reason too.

1.50 pm : KLCI down 3.92 points. Cleared Muhibah(breakeven) and LionInd(small gains) and will want to wait for market to dive below 1135 level. KLCI at 1160 at the moment. My eyes on HKSE, actually.

7.10 pm : KLCI down 8.88 points(nice ....) and HSI down further after lunch!! I will cut-loss a few more to preserve capitals and hold on to those knives. Ouch.

Then, I shall take a rest ... holidaying next week, and then ... give this blog a new-face lift after Sept. Yes ... I have wanted out since 2/3 weeks ago BUT due to lack to discipline(and being a novice), I have taken quite heavy positions. So, I m looking into to cut more, including some China's stocks. Then ... wait for the huge bear .. and BUY in stages after Sept/Oct?


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DOW down almost 200 points, I guess it will be another day of slaughtering as big-boys will make a sell-off to push the price lower. If it is another 20-points down, I will buy a little by a little. But, I need to be patient(and stupidly brave?) to wait for market to retrace further, and the stocks I want to collect.

At the moment, I m placing 3.50 for Kossan, 1.50 for LionInd and 1.15 for Muhibah/MRCB. Maybe will re-visit HSPlant at 2.10? When market moving lower, there are too many stocks to buy. But, cheap could go cheaper, that we need to accept.

I dont know if it is a reversal trend ... if it is so, then I hv to prepare more bullets to buy them in stages and sit tight. But, the HKSE's babes are riskier as many are saying China's bubble is bursting? It could be a sharp dive IF there is a panicky selling ... Shanghai-index has been moving south from near 3500 level for the past two weeks!! We could see many markets in correction mode, and are you dare to BUY into it? What IF it is a reversal ... and we see new low? KLCI going below 1000-level?

8.50 am : We are certainly going to see reds ... hang-on ...

9.35 am : KLCI losing 6 points. Waiting for HKSE to dive further down ...

1.35 pm : KLCI at 1159, down by 9 points. We will see further downside with most giant-stocks are in profit-taking mode. I do think this is a 'temporary' correction but no one could tell how low we might go. Temporary means ... could end till Sept? I dont think so it is a reversal ... YET. But, I do think market WILL dive ... I m not optimistic about markets, except China(everyone is ... so, the fear of bubble bursting is REAL).

Timing the market is quite impossible. If we are invested, stay-in. Forget about the fluctuations, and only to BUY more when you heard of 2 weeks market down-down ... or a panic news in bloomberg about all the bad news. That shall be the time we ... BUY? Ouch ...

I realised that I m very weak in my tradings. Normally, I m forced to SELL(cut loss) ... and giving back my dinners!! So, I think I change my strategies/plans(if any) ... and a week break next week will do me good. By then, I will be clearer of my plans ... hopefully.

4.45 pm : KLCI down 4 points. I was clearing many this morning, cutting with losses and some moved up after that. Arrrghh .. I need more coffee, de-stress kinda 3-in-1 coffee, please.

I hv just subscibed to OSK put-warrant on KLCI. They do offer put-HSI but I m buying that thru HKSE, anyway. So, buying a put-KLCI sound bearish towards KLSE? I am.

10.45 pm : DOW up 50points after 2 days of sell-off. HSI recovered after lunch. So, I do hope it shoots up and clear more of my holdings(bought too many when it dived yesterday ... and cleared many for losses).

KLSE : RCECap, TWSCorp, MRCB, LionInd and Muhibah.

Stalk : IGB, Sapcres

HKSE : ZhongDa, long-Cnooc, long-Zijin, long-HSI and short-HSBC.

I agreed with one of the fund-manager ... markets will STILL move higher, so ... buying during this correction period, and wait to clear ... come back end of Sept?

I do not wish to be sucked in when market dives ... I will like to see KLCI below 1000-level to move in again. As for HKSE, HSI touched the intra-day low below 20k ... another 10% down would be a good entry point.

That is just merely my opinion.


p/s : I m not in mood as I m trying to digest Liverpool's first game against Spurs. Sigh

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday morning ... time to clear if market goes up. Time to get stuck if market dives? The anxiety is there if you have jumped with both of your legs into the moving wagon ... zrrroooom ... up or down? If it is sideway, will you BUY more of SELL if you plan to exit?

I have said many of times ... I m a novice. That said. I m more of FA, while learning TA. Definitely I m not good at all. You wouldnt want to know how I trade. hehe ... it is random. As someone mentioned, we are throwing away FA at the moment, markets are in its crazy-buying mode as MANY believe we are out of the wood. Global economies are recovering and we will be back on our feet ... so, BUYING today in anticipating for the strong bull run (to last 3-5 years) ... and it started in Mac. Ride on the bull ...

9.45 am : KLCI down 11points. Cleared NTPM and all of Huaan.

11.10 am : KLCI down by 13 points now with HSI down almost 600 points. FEAR is there now or temporary when GREED taken over. As I hv done the mistake buying last Friday, I m clearing with small losses to stay-side line. It is not a choice ...

11.40 am : Market reversal or merely correction? Many have warned that this time the corrections will be sharp, anything goes up fast, will come down fast too. That is Newton's law.

Cleared my 1k HSPlant at 2.33, and will collect it at lower level. Just want to see how low KLCI could go ... hope it will move lower for the whole 2 weeks? Hmm ... I know I will get stuck with some, as I m still queueing to clear most of it.

A Better Tomorrow

Dont worry with the REDS today, tomorrow we shall expect sunshine? Really? Well ... fear is there, be greedy!!

1.45 pm : First half done ... KLCI down by 12.56, and most of my holdings are in RED. So? What's next? Those with small losses, CUT it off. It is like a punishment for myself for being careless last Thu/Friday. Hold on the rest for a while and SELL it if market recovers later on. BUT, if market still hoving at -13, do nothing. IF market go down another 5-10 points later on, BUY BUY BUY. And of coz say bye-bye-bye tmr .. as "min tien hui gen hao". Amazing psychological in play, right? That is when you BUY randomly, you have to sell randomly too!! See? I m just being a living example of how greedy traders(the novices) being slaughtered. Hehe ... shouldnt be smiling cynically but say OUCH!!

3.45 pm : Markets dive further ... HSI losing 700 points, and I bought into it. OUCH. KLCI losing almost 20 points too ... a real reversal? I dont know ... many of my lower queues done!!

4.00 pm : HSI losing 765 points!! MRCB and Muhibah done at 1.32.

4.50 pm : TWSCorp done at 0.695. We have to see if there is some rebound tmr, otherwise ... it is a cut cut cut again.

7.25 pm : DOW futures down 200 points now with crude oil going to USD65. Now, brace yourself if you are in market(like me) as we are descending further tmr ... gold below 935, ya.

9.55 pm : Oh boy ...DOW down by 185points at this moment. We shall see another blood-field tmr ... I will clear those I dont wish to keep but start to collect those I like.

Collect : Muhibah.

11.25 pm : Sell-off all over ... I will cut some to preserve some capitals, and accumulation of more bullets.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Being an amatuer and a novice, I shown how careless I was last week by buying too many counters and done too many trades. The only significant profits was with LCL.

KLSE : NTPM(8k), KUB(3k), TWSCorp(5k), Huaan(5k), LCL(7k), RCECap(7k), Ramunia(5k), MRCB(3k), HSPlant(2k).

HKSE : Long-CNOOC, long-ZiJin, long-Alibaba and short-HSBC.

Stalk : Muhibah and APLand. ZhongDa and ICBC.

APLand breaking 0.30 with high volume(traded sideway 0.275-0.335). Technically needs conformation to buy. But a buy below 0.30 could give us a 10% - my profit-taking targets. Will be goreng-ed further, I guess.

These are my current holdings ... with LCL, Ramunia, RCECAp, MRCB and Huaan below my buying-prices. You see how greedy a trader could be? For example, I gained from LCL(3 times in a week!!) and grabbed it back when it went lower on Friday. Am I expecting it to shoot up again on Monday? Silly risk, right?

Also in RCECap ... I have sold it for small profits but as it retraces, my queues done. I dont know if I will clear it tmr.

MRCB? I was watching her moving high(touched 1.51) and was "glad" to grab 1k at 1.48 and 1k at 1.49. Then, as it went lower, my another 1k done at 1.44. At the moment, MRCB at 1.41. I may klose a dinner if I m clearing it tmr ... but I think I will hold on a while, and might even top-up if I could clear my others for profits.

Huaan was a rash-buying ... it has shot up on Thu, and I simply queued 0.565 on Fri and it is done!! It was at 0.575 vs 0.58 at that moment, mind you. What is the mistake? It has SHOT-UP the day before ... should be chasing, right?

Ramunia is also a mistake ... bought it at a recommendation!! And yes, playing with the news of SIME. Come to think of it, Ramunia was never in my plan. I hv trimmed 5k units and left with another 5k units. Will hold on a while and we shall see ...

At times, when markets retracing ... many of my queues(even at lower level) done. And so many done at one time. Yes, I do not write many many trades in my blog here as it is ridiculous. But there are some I buy for keeping ... for example, I like HSPlant and Asiatic(GenP) for plantation play. Palm oil at 2400-2500 level now. Look at KLK, the best performer ... one may want to ride on the so-called recovery of demand in palm-oil. Plantation counters lifted KLCI last week. Sime and IOI was doing well too. IJMPlant and KMLoong ...

As rubber-stocks reached the peak and have some correction at the moment, I may want to re-visit Kossan at 3.85. Another counter I will buy for keeping ... perhaps Supermax at 2.50 again?

Besides the handful of counters, I m still collecting some warrants/call-warrants and only disposing TM-ci as it is moving. One said I have taken profits too early as TM-ci MIGHT reached 0.15. Hmm ... u see, I have LIMITED funds and still too many in mind. I just bought Resorts-cj on Friday at market value of 0.175. Yes, more queues at 0.165 not done.(after sold half of my TM-ci on Thu at 0.12). I do still have some TM-ci(which I accumulated at 0.105 and 0.110) to be cleared at 0.13. I dont care IF it really jumps up t0 0.15, seriously.

I will use my TM-ci $$$ to collect Resorts-cj ... and Commerz-cf or Genting-co still in radar.

IJMLand-wa caught my attention at the moment but it has moved too fast, too furious. How about my fav AnnJoo-wb? Or WCT-wb or SPSetia-wb? Oh boy, I missed Affin-wc and Sunway-wc, the two warrants that I have been trading for the past 2 weeks. This time I missed the boat. No, they are ships!!

Yes, I m lacking in focus with TOO MANY in hands. So, that was my mistake last week. I hope to clear many next week before my KL trip. I hope I dont have to watch markets when I m enjoying at Sunway Lagoon or KLCC's aquarium or ... watching my pc screen instead of giraffes!! haha.

Anyway, over-diversifying showing I m in FEAR. I m in fear as greediness is in market. Learning to be a contrarian is difficult(tho I m against the norm in most of my doings/thoughts). I m far from it ... and I know I will continue to pursue my quest for knowledge in trading and investments.

My Sports

EPL : Man City won 2-0(A), Chelsea won 2-1(H) and Arsenal won 6-1(A).

Bowling : Supersport showing Wu Siu Hong vs Belmonte. Fantastic 259-tie and Wu won. Game two now in their World Ten Pin Master 2009 game.

Badminton : Lee Chong Wei lost his bid for the World Championship.

Book to read this month : The First time INVESTOR by Larry Chambers and Kenn Miller

Step by Step - Liang Wen Fu


p/s : I m in state library.
Give Thanks

I appreciate life more each day as I m growing older ... heartful thanks to Lord. Thanks Lord, for your gracefulness that I have abundance. Thanks Lord, for your forgiving heart towards my sins and overlook my weaknesses.

I may not be officially a Christian but I always feel that we should pray sincerely. We should feel HIS love, without restrictions. I may not pray as often as I should ... but I believe HE knows all what we are doing, internally and externally.

Lord, thanks for the strength and knowing that YOU cared, I m humbled.

For you Lord, I give thanks.



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Muhibah ... a stock to watch. Closed at 1.43.

Recently Muhibah dropped sharply from 1.65 to 1.25 level, after goreng-ed up from 1.30 level ... and I was watching it(I mentioned it previously). I traded it for a dinner before but released it after gained the wan-tan-mee dinner. It managed to climb back to 1.50 level. I mentioned about it last weekend. Well, it dived yesterday with huge volume. Some big-boys throwing it away. Tidak muhibbah anymore?


p/s : I m not patriotic. I prefer Linkin Park's hits anytime.


DOW down 80 points and crude oil price below USD68. Wow ... signs of reversal? Time to clear and run? That is what in my mind next week .... clear, clear clear and cut, cut, CUTTT!

I m still holding to many KLSE's babes. But as Sept nearing, I m feeling very uncomfortable. For the peace of mind, I will CLEAR and hide.

KLSE : Muhibah, E&O and Scomi down. Sapcres and APLand moving. Noted.

I m currently holding to too many KLSE's babe and instead of channeling my funds to HKSE, I m siphoning it back here. Weird ... I contradicted myself without me realising. Phew!! I m in spell ... intoxicated by ... ? Currently, I m zooming into Muhibah, but will be patient(hopefully!!) enough to wait for further retracement to collect.

Collect? What ...?? I just said that?? Thought I m suppose to clear and hibernate till end of Sept?? Yes, this rally might last longer but ... the risk is higher as prices going higher. I read somewhere just now that we could just throw the fundamentals .... just ride the waves and be ready to exit!! Wow ... I guess he is being VERY real, looking at the way money chasing stocks and KLCI reaching 1200-level without much foreign funds?? Besides the local funds(1Malaysia fund too), more aunties/uncles are coming back to market for quick fix. That is when I wish to be out ...

But, there are always opportunities for short-term traders : Speculators are still in markets, playing with many penny-stocks. Even EPF becoming one of the manipulators in KLSE, in the name of giving us a BIGGER % by end of this year. EPF might declare 15% dividend. *yeah right!!*.

Football - EPL

For many football fans like me, this weekend is the beginning of EPL. MU without Ronaldo, Liverpool without Alonso. Guess which team have the huge money to buy them? Who said Spain In Pain(recession). Certainly Madrid(Spain's capital) can't be REAL?

How about Owen, the Liverpool's boy playing for the devils? I watched Owen played in the world cup under-17 played in PJ stadium when he was 15-16. He certainly aged ... and Newcastle has to sell him, and he is never Benitez's fav. Owen is no longer the Owen when he was 18. But he could still score goals ...

Liverpool's recent ex-strikers : Owen, Heskey, Baros, Anelka, Crouch ... add in the names. Only Torres done well so far ... wish they could get Messi, a genius. Imagine Torres and Messi together.

Can't wait for monday ... till now, have a nice weekend ahead.


Friday, August 14, 2009

So What - PINK

So what ... if the markets rallying but you didnt capitalise on it?

So what ... if you have all the knowledge about a stock/company but didnt dare enough to invest in it?

So what ... if you have attended the most expensive course about trading/investment but you are still doubting your own abilities?

So what ... if you have the lastest pc with the most sophicated software(latest version of Chart Nexus?) but you dont use it correctly or oftenly enough?

So what ... if you have lost huge last year and failed to see that crisis = opportunities?

So what ... if you read all the investment books/blogs/sites but fail to take action?

So what ...

9.40 am : LCL done at 0.90 and Huaan done at 0.565. TWSCorp on the move. hehe

Bought some Genm-cj at market price 0.175. IOI on the move today.

12.35 pm : Oh boy, LCL and Huaan going below. Will decide after lunch later. I m busy with classes this morning(free extra class for my students). I m clearing all my TM-ci at 0.13 but not done. I sold my IOI-cj just days earlier ... today it jumps up. It is so common for me, each time I clear ... it will jump!! Hehe ...

I do not write warrants/call-warrants I bought/traded. It is for trading ... not to be kept till the spider creating the webs. So, that is why it is NOT advisable to buy call-warrants. Look at Airasia-ce ... I hv let of of her.

As I m anticipating market to collapse, my buyings becoming smaller ... and I dont really dare to average down!! That is FEAR in play ... lunch time. grrrr

4.20 pm : Tired ... plantation up, rubber stocks down. Kossan going below RM4 now. I grabbed some HSPlant. Yeah ... third time with her, hope this time we could have a nice ride up. hehe

Top-up LCL at 0.875. Arrghh ... I m trapped after 3 good trades with her. Will hold on for a while and we shall see.

5.30 pm : KLCI at 1188.57.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

DOW up 120 points, and crude oil price climbing back to stay above USD70. Yes, IF markets up today(in the morning), I will be glad to trim my positions as I m too heavily inside the market-holes, both in KLSE and HKSE. That is due to the dive yesterday afternoon in KL and HK too. I might be catching the knives(imagine KL loses another 10 points and HK loses another 700 points today)

9.30 am : KLCI in greeeeen ... yes, I was busy clearing those I bought yesterday when market was in RED. Phew ... close call again.

10.15 am : Cool moves by LCL. I m letting go ... clearing time in HKSE too.

12.35 pm : KLCI up 5 points. Cleared Scomi(first win ... tho small!!) and RCECap for dinners. Need the money for lunch, actually as I m hungry.

Cleared two HK's babes too. But since the fees of trading in HKEx is high, a 10% profits only gain me some pocket money.

Zijin stucked and might average down when gold moves below 900? Will check on it.

1.20 pm : I will be going to KL for a week soon, so ... I intend to clear most of my trades by next week. I wont have the time to monitor the markets for a week as I want to enjoy/relax ... at least for that one week. MERDEKA ... yes, hope to watch the Merdeka-march which I missed for 10-years now. One day, I hope to teach my son the REAL meaning of MERDEKA ... freedom which we took for granted.

Hangin' Tough - NKOTB

At the moment, most markets are still rallying well ... so, we need to hang on there, tho it may be tough. Market up, market down ... that is a situation we are facing. Whether it is up/down, I m clearing most of it anyway. Well, once Sept is over ... I want to be back to market. I do expect markets to hangin' tough at the moment ... and might even rally further till end of SEPT. Just wake me up ... when Sept ends, ok?

5.05 pm : KLCI up 5 points. Huaan, LCL and E&O jumped today. France and Germany giving positive news and euro-markets up. So, we are expecting DOW to be up tonight, and the rally in KLSE, SGX and HKSE would move higher tmr ... for me to clear more of my holdings!! I just want out and rest ...

9.25 pm : Rio Tinto employees arrested, but my buying felix-the-cat. There is a concern about China-Oz ties(Chinalco's deal being turned down too, remember?).


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So, DOW down by a hundred, oil below 70 and gold below 950. HSI could see another retracement as Shanghai Indices showing weaknesses.

What could be playing in our minds this morning? Well, KLSE is on its own. KLCI will still be supported by local funds and by the way, I heard many buying 1-Malaysia funds? What?? They really promote it with a 7% carrot? Sure or not ... I dont know. I answered it this way : For 'normal' persons who dont know what investments about, a 5-7% 1-Malaysia fund sound GOOD to me. But, for those like me ... we will prefer to invest in stocks which MIGHT give us better leverages. If we could manage the risk well, profits will take care of itself.

It is too bold to say stock-market investments SHOULD do better than the 1-Malaysia(or whatever) fund as ... a reminder : 80% of those in KLSE still losing some money(even after such a huge bear-rally? Oh boy!!). So, for the minority 20% who are profitting from stock-markets(the point is to SUSTAIN that performance, year in year out. That is the challenge!), 1-Malaysia fund doesnt sound good at all. I m serious ... 7% per year is 'small' but I do still place a small portion of money in ASB(giving 7% too, guaranteed lagi tu). I even offered my ex-colleague a 10% interests for loaning me some money. BUT ... of coz we are talking about MONEY, something that many human will DIE for it.

9.20 am : GPacket cleared for cash. KUB and Equine moving. LCL done more 0.880. GREED is in me. Hehe ... I will be clearing LCL AGAIN soon.

Later if KUB and Equine jump up 10%, I have a queue to clear. I bought KUB at 0.54 and 0.545 yesterday, ok? 10% is at what level? Hmmm ... if it dive down, how? hmm ....

9.35 am : Bought some MRCB(RM1.48-1.49). Missed Scomi(at 0.70).

LCL on profit-taking or reversing? At 0.86 now, i m busy with HKSE. Hmm ...

10.50 am : HSBC losing some grounds today ... cleared some of LCL to grab more of MRCB.

11.45 am : HSI losing 500 points, and that is the time to BUY?

I want it that way - BSB

5.45 pm : KLCI closed at 1180. HSI lost almost 700 points. I bought it when HSI lost 500 points but oh boy, it went lower. It has been very rare occasions that I see HSI losing 700points!! Will decide what to do with my HK's babe tmr.

I have all cleared LCL and GPacket today. Nice trade for these two. BUT, KUB and MRCB are below my purchasing price. I hv cleared some Ramunia at a loss too.

I m still monitoring Genting and Resorts. I was very busy just now when market was diving. Bought some Scomi and RCECap for trading tmr. Ghee ... glad I have been patient, as I was queueing for Scomi at 0.71 in the morning, but LUCKILY didnt get. Then, when it dived down, I grabbed some at 0.70. Same could not be said with my MRCB ... I was chasing it!! My first stage of buying normally VERY minimal ... if done, I always prepare for it to move lower and the buyings increase as the prices go lower ...

I have no plans to buy RCECap ... see? Impulsive buying!! A characteristic of an amatuer, ya. You could have noticed how RCECap actively traded and up for past few sessions. So, it moved lower than 0.70 just now ... and I grabbed at 0.690. Need me to show you my 'phantom' buying? Dont worry, I will be fine. Hehe

So, what am I holding in KLSE at the moment?

KLSE : Petra, BJToto, KUB, Ramunia, Equine, MRCB and RCECap. I do have warrants/call-warrants which I wont list it here as it is RISKY that some readers might BUY those. Oh boy ... I wish I have the TOTAL freedom to bull-off anything I m buying/selling. Haha.

HKSE : I m holding warrants most of it. Only waiting to grab ICBC. Oh yes, will be glad to short HSBC.

10.35 pm : Finally, quiet time to look into my trades and markets. I m very tired now, actually.
DOW up 100+ points, Oil up above 70. Yes, if market up tmr, time for me to clear. I m holding too heavily now.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is post #470. With 70,000 clicks on my pages so far(65,000 clicks are by MYSELF ... I m a sicko and have nothing better to do?) diving it with 365 ... it gives me an average of 200 clicks per day. Initially, my pages was viewed only by very few(average 30 clicks per day). I sent my blog's URL to my friends(including JL) and only 2 replied through e-mail ... saying Thanks, but no thanks!!. Most of my so-called friends are my ex-colleagues, ex-students, some ex-church members and few here and there that I said "HI and BYE" to.

After a year now ... I m glad I came so far, went through a lot of experiences, in trading/investments and got to know many through my blog-page. I still respect and appreciate many bloggers(finance and stock-market related) who have helped me, directly or indirectly, along the way ... and some are such a 'gem'. So, I do believe there are many GOOD people around who are willing to help, without asking anything in returns. To such individuals, hats off. But ... unfortunately, there are individuals/readers who are DEMANDING, as if I owe them something. Some will even criticise the grandma ... ooppsss ... I mean, my grammar. Hehe.

To my readers(I do know some of you following my blog BUT I could never know WHY), a special THANKS for your support, especially recently in my 'down' period with my ex-parner, Dr Julian Lim(he still owe me RM7,000+ and no news from him since 2 weeks ago as I ignored all his childish e-mail).

I am going to reply a few long awaiting e-mail from some of the readers, but I wont expose anyone's identity.

To AT of Penang : Thank you for your comforting words. I dont know much about investing in GOLD but I think I saw a blogger focusing in "investment in gold". Do look around, I cant remember much. As for me .. I m only looking into mining stocks such as ZiJin, LingBao, ZhouJin, XinXin, Rio Tinto, BHP etc etc ... and GLD(ETF). I do not look into KLSE's Tomei, Poh Kong and such as they are NOT directly into gold. They are retailers. Other than that, I do not look into gold ... gold index, yes. Hehe.

To GSL : Well, thanks for your compliment. Glad you like my blog, but mind you ... all the writings here are only for PLEASURE readings. All my buyings/sellings may NOT be real. Also, I m a blogger(to entertain? haha) ... not a serious investor, yet. Read for pleasure ... not for 'tips', ok? Regarding your opinion about warrants, thanks anyway ... I know the risks. We are different individuals, I believe. So ... buy those blue-chips if you are more comfortable with them. Yes, they pay dividend etc etc compared to warrants. I do know that. Thanks, anyway.

To Alex : Haha ... no la, I m teaching in college only. Also, not intention to be a remisier or analyst or whatever. I wont sit for exams, dislike studying for exams la. I m learning so much as I hv interests in KNOWLEDGE and I believe knowledge is power, if being used appropriately. HUMAN characters are more important than knowledge, develop that first ... and we are always in learning process, anyway. For example ... learning to be humble, to be patient, to be wiser etc etc ... then we learn how to see details in data, extract info from the news, setting up a trading system that suit us ... etc etc ...

10.00 am : Hmm ... I bought at 0.73(3k units) and 0.72(4k units) yesterday. It shooting up .. no question about it. Clear for tonight's dinner??

LCL cleared moments ago ... done at 0.805. I dont know if it shoots higher later or tmr(like Kossan, Supermax, E&O recently) but I m taking 10% profits in one day trade, and I consider that as good? Hmm ... Guess someone read my blog and bought LCL. Hmm ... You must be joking to see me as manipulator, dont you? Hehe ... I bought it randomly la.

I double-checked my trades : It was 2k units at 0.73 and 5k units at 0.72. See? I m forgetful, so I m NOT bothered about details as I m more focus on my trades ... I hv roughly my average in my mind and target price. IF it shoots higher in A DAY, I will SELL. If I still like it, I will grab it back if it retraces LATER. Otherwise, bye-bye LCL.

11.05 am : I just bought some KUB at 0.545.

1.35 pm : Wow ... what is that with LCL? Only 2k units done at 0.79, my other queues(lower) not done ... and I didnt watch how it shoots to 0.87(excuse me, I bought 0.72-0.73 level yesterday and HAPPY to clear it this morning at 0.805, grabbing back at 0.79 ... now at 0.845, what should I FEEL? Glad to take profits for my dinners OR should I regret(hai ya ...) releasing it too early, yet again? You decide.

Me? I have no feelings shown. Yawn ... I was busy with my HKSE just now. My KUB's lower queues not done too. Dont ask me what happen to E&O as I dont hold any of it, and no intention to grab it back. I want my LCL back!! :-(

PLEASE do not buy KUB simply because I bought KUB today. It WONT jump up like LCL tmr or next week or so. I DONT KNOW. I simply chose 5 stocks over the weekend base on my low-level of TA skills. So, please understand the RISK if you are reading these STORIES and buying into stocks, ok?

For those THANKS e-mail, can I have my doughnuts(Big Apple, please) send to me, please? I will send you e-mail on what I m buying NEXT week or so once I received your doughnuts, ya. I m just telling you what I MIGHT buy, the work and risk is yours, ya. No no ... Dr Julian Lim dislike it when I said such a thing : Like that I also know-la. He yelled. It is deafening.

LCL : I grabbed LCL and average at 0.84 now. Hmm ... clearing tmr for next week's dinner? Anything shooting high is asking me to CLEAR/SELL.

E&O shooting higher. Wow ... at 1.30+ now. Scanning for those reds : IGB, Uchitec and DrhbCom. No no ... I m not buying them yet but if they fall another few days, it will be worth my time to look into them.

10.25 pm : I read books regarding "Making our money work harder". So, those concepts planted in my mind for 3 years now. How do I use my current 'small' amount of money to generate more money? It is a HUGE challenge for most of us.

One of the common ways we could think of is EARN more, USE less ... and SAVE. Fine with that as that is what I have been doing since married. I m working full-time as a lecturer then use all my time available for tuition classes ... live my life frugally(last year, yes ... this year, more lenient with money - slap-). Well, I dont have much extra but every extra I have, I will be very discipline to bank into OSK or CIMB. That is capital accumulations.

Now, how do I make sure my money work to its optimum? Another very HUGE challenge here.

10.35 pm : DOW down almost 100 points, Oil below USD70(68 now) and Gold below 950(945 now). Genting and Resorts are still retracing lower but Asiatic up for grab?


Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday morning ... HSI expected to surge up after 500+ points retracement on Friday. Well, if there is really a huge surge ahead , no buying for me but IF HSI moves another 300+ points down, then I will be busy to grab one or two of HK's babes.

As for KLSE, I will be looking to buy Saag. It is at 0.260 now. Saag is a speculative counter but which one is not at this moment, anyway. Grabbing back Kossan only if it goes below 3.95.

David Archuleta - Touch my hand

I m growing to like his songs. Cute boy, indeed. Hehe

9.15 am : KLCI up about 4.5 points, with Supermax making a super-high flying. I m looking into LCL, KUB and Saag. Tempted to punt into Supermax ... but, I m too old to chase. Hmm ...

LCL done at 0.73 for first stage. Queues at 0.72 and 0.70 not done yet.

11.15 am : LCL done more at 0.72.

11.50 am : HSI up ... HSBC at HKD86 level, with TP HKD90 by Paribas. Well, it is reaching there soon ... what's next? Change the target price next week, up it another HKD20 as many STILL chasing? I m watching this one closely as I m ready to short it, and waiting for some 'bad' news as many retail-investors will start to throw their holdings. When will that be or ... is it up, up and never look back? HSBC at HKD120 soon? Hmm ... interesting, ya

Crush - David Archuleta

Waterfalls or knives?

As I m moving into 'waterfalls', those stocks which retraces/pullback for days ... and buying into them, there is a FEAR in me. Now, BUY when you are fearful. It is seldom that I get the fear-feeling with markets nowadays. Even when some of my holdings down by more than 10%, I m more than glad to top them up(unless it's proven that my buying was lousy and incorrect).

As I said, I like waterfalls ... anything in my list DIVING sharply down will certainly get my attention. And I will start to zoom into it to buy by stages. But ... what if it is a KNIFE?

Let me give examples : A waterfall in Kossan recently, so I bought it and it rebounded. Fine. How about Resorts(GenM now) which I bought at 2.40 level when it dived from 2.75 level? Remember? At 2.40, I m prepared to buy more if it goes way below again. Well, it did NOT rebound but dived further to 2.20 level, its strong support at that moment. It touched 2.15 and I bravely grabbed more at 2.20 to have an average of 2.30 level. Finally after a month or so of 'agony', it rebounded to 2.40 level again and I released it with a huge SIGH. What a knife!!

Currently, many KLSE's stocks are still moving higher(look at KNM ... it is retracing further). I do not have the stamina to chase(E&O or Supermax shooting higher). So, I m gladly to focus on those DIVING or RETRACING. How do I do that? Simple ... click TOP LOSER(in certain sectors) and see if any of those in RED in my list!! I know many in KLSE dont even look beyond 10-counters(even that they are LAZY to do work on the 10 counters!!) but I have about 100+ in my list, update during weekend. Those shooting higher, will remove them ... those diving down ... welcome to my list of waterfalls! Haha.

6.10 pm : KLCI up 3 points but HSI having a party today. Look at rubber-stocks. Wow. I m collecting those in Reds - Equine and Ramunia. Grabbed some LCL too and KUB not done at 0.50. Hmm ... AnnJoo-wb going lower than the level I sold her now after teasing at 0.70 level.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday ... with my new lap-top. You may have the so-called most advance pc, advance software and the best system you read from some trading books. That will NOT give us profits. Spending thousands of ringgits attending courses to give us the extra knowledge(which should be encouraged) does not guarantee us profits. One may do plenty of homework and such(like a stupid me) but even that does not certainly turns into profits?

Then, imagine those aunty-uncles in markets ... without much reading of books, do not know what trading systems are ... and some dont even know anything much about the counter they bought!! IGNORANCE could hurt us hard, the pain of losing some money(of plenty of it) ... and the fearful experiences will pull us back from going back into markets.

At the moment, most markets having a fiesta ... DOW up another 100+ points on Friday. So, this rally could last a while ... does that means we could be safely to BUY more into it tmr?

KLSE : Saag, KUB, LCL, TWSCorp and Muhibah. I will only focus on these five unless any of those in my list DIVE down. Why do I need about 100 counters in my list? To look into opportunities to trade/buy.

Genting Singapore

This making waves and many talking about it. Even my OSK dealer suggesting G13 to me, and sent broker house's reports(TP : SGD 1.03). Genting Singapore is in my list for 8 months now, and one of the first in my SGX's list. I bought G13 before, and it was my second buy of a SGX's babe(after GoldenAgri). Now ... if you bought at 0.30+ level before, many stocks have shot up due to thsi current BULL-rally, right? G13 reaching 0.90+(i think) before Mr Goh decided to sell his stake. The stock price diving then ... arrrghh ... like it? That is the time INVESTORS should move in to BUY. It reached 0.70 level and below last month, and since then ... up up up ... at 0.815 now.

Now, if I do not BUY when it dives(due to the 'bad' news), it means I will not buy into it ... I know it will open end-of the year or beginning of next year. I m not saying it is not a good counter, but I m just saying I m not buying into it. Main reason ... because I do not have the fund and it is NEVER in my plans at all. I have my focus on HKSE and most of my funds are chanelling there(75%) ... and I have just cleared my only SGX's babe - SingTel(I bought it when it retraces to 2.80 ... sold recently at 3.25. Oh yes, I offered to share with JL when I bought SingTel but he decilned. I should have taken it from there that he does not trust my buyings!).

Anyway ... I m merely stating WHY I wont be buying into Genting Singapore, but will love to bring my family there next year!!

10.55 pm : MU leads 1-0. Liverpool's friendlies were terrible. And sad to say that they lost Alonso to Real Madrid. Real Madrid is on buying spree ... recession skipped the team, and they have tonnes of money to spend. Wonder if Ronaldo could play well there.

Real Madrid needs a good coach and I will suggest that they get our Malaysia's coach.


Saturday, August 08, 2009

Kossan : Kossan, broke off from 3.75 level to move and touched 4.10 last month. And the looong black candle(with huge volume) showing some selling into strength, after the news about forex-loss reported. Some may be taking-profits(bought at 3.75 level) but some panic-seeling seen too. So, as I was stalking her, zoomed in at 3.80 level ... before started to buy at 3.60(2000 units), and queueing for 3.50(3000 units, not done) as it moves lower each day. The next day ... it went up and I was still queueing at 3.50 and 3.55. Haha. It went above my 3.60 level. I queued at 3.70 the next day for 3000 units(in stages). It was on the move and I only allocated RM20k for Kossan's trade.

As it started to move higher, I was GREEDY and queued at 2.80(1000 units) but not done. If it is done at 2.80, I would have waited for next week(Rm4.10 is its high so far) but since I m gaining more than 10%, I decided to clear at RM4.00 2 days ago. It was done yesterday's morning. I sold ALL as I want to focus more on my other trades.

Kossan is a very different trading plan from my normal quick hit-n-run. Yes, when there are few white-long-candles, I will be glad to SELL. Guess what? If Kossan going to move down next week, I will be glad to move in again ... at the moment, bye-bye Kossan.

Kossan, a good trade, indeed. Supermax was a quick-trade, a different trading-plan as Kossan. Kossan is BUY in weakness ... Supermax is more TA applied, buy HIGH, sell HIGHER. Both are rubber-play. Do read more to know and compare the peers. :-)

Happy Anniversary to you, My Trading Adventure blog. Hope you will take your experiences further and "BE YET WISER" <--- Victoria Institution's motto.

10.25 am : Yeah ... it is 08.08.09 ... I might want to re-read my first few post, seeing how I was thinking a year ago. Fantastic ... and a very drastic change in the way I see markets!! Hmmm ... We should have a record of our trades, in order to LEARN from our mistakes.

11.10 pm : When I m happy with my current OSK, I will not change to InnoSabah, who is promoting RM2 per trade till end of DEC. Great deal ... but transfering my money and etc etc ... too hassle-some for me. So, I will stick to my 'old' platform. Yes, even I know they are charging me slightly higher. I m a simple person ... I like things being done simplified. I dont like changes much. And the complicated calculations scare me A LOT. All those % of valuations etc etc ... my mind full of numbers. Can I reduce those not market related calculations?

mario winans i don't wanna know

A very beautiful song ... enjoy. Nice weekend ahead. I m buying a new lap-top(gains from Kossan? Hmmm ...). Hehe.

[P. Diddy - talking]

Hold up, let me answer my phone
Some bitch callin me about some bullshit probably
I'ma call you right back
I'm doin' this mixtape right now
Now back to what I was sayin

[Verse 1 - Mario Winans]

Somebody said they saw you
The person you were kissing wasn't me
And I would never ask you
I just kept it to myself

[Chorus - Mario Winans]
I don't wanna know
If you're playin' me, keep it on the low
Cause my heart can't take it anymore
And if your creepin, please don't let it show
Oh baby, I don't wanna know

[Verse 2 - Mario Winans]
Oh baby
I think about it when I hold you
When lookin in your eyes, I can't believe
I don't need to know the truth
Baby keep it to yourself

[Chorus - Mario Winans]
I don't wanna know
If you're playin' me, keep it on the low
Cause my heart can't take it anymore
And if your creepin, please don't let it show
Oh baby, I don't wanna know

[Break - Mario Winans]
Did he touch you better then me (touch you better then me)
Did he watch you fall asleep (watch you fall asleep)
Did you show him all those things that you used to do to me (do to me baby)
If your better off that way (better off that way)
Baby what I like to say (all that I can say)
Go on and do your thing and don't come back to me(Stay away from me baby)

[Verse 3 - P. Diddy]
I don't wanna know where your whereabouts or how you movin
I know when you in the house or when you cruisin
It's been proven, my love you abusin
I can't understand, how a man got you choosin (yeah)
Undecided, I came and provided
My undivided, you came and denied it (why?)
Don't even try it, I know when you lyin (I know when you lyin)
Don't even do that, I know why you cryin (stop cryin)
I'm not applyin no pressure, just wanna let you know
That I don't wanna let you go (I don't wanna let you go)
And I don't wanna let you leave
Can't say I didn't let you breathe
Gave you extra G's (c'mon), put you in the SUV
You wanted ice so I made you freeze
Made you hot like the West Indies (that's right)
Now it's time you invest in me
Cause if not then it's best you leave
Holla, yeah

[Chorus - Mario Winans]
I don't wanna knowIf you're playin' me, keep it on the low
Cause my heart can't take it anymore
And if your creepin, please don't let it show
Oh baby, I don't wanna know
If you're playin' me, keep it on the low
Cause my heart can't take it anymore
And if your creepin, please don't let it show
Oh baby, I don't wanna know
If you're playin' me, keep it on the low
Cause my heart can't take it anymore
And if your creepin, please don't let it show
Oh baby, I don't wanna know


Friday, August 07, 2009

ICBC (code : To queue at HKD5, and accumulate more at HKD4.50, if it continues to retrace.

DOW down slightly again ... I might want to clear some of Kossan if it break RM4 today. I need to put some cash ready to buy ICBC soon. Please understand that there is a risk at the moment in China's banks and stock-markets. When markets shot up 80+%, and stocks PE > 30, it is a 'gamble' that more fools will be jumping in to buy at higher price. Don't be the last fool(I have been many of times, I know the feeling of being 'fooled'. Yucks ... its suck)

Anyway, markets going higher ... time to SELL. I still have a handful to clear, actually. Prefer to be patient to WAIT for the corrections/dive. My wife asked a good question about HSBC last night when I shown her the charts. What IF HSBC keep going up and fail to come down? A very good innocent question from a non-investor or a novice, indeed. How will you answer such a question? Well, it worth more than RM200, I believe.

I will answer that later as I m busy now.

10.20 am : KLCI up 4 points plus. I cleared my Kossan(will miss her, my fav rubber-play) at RM4.00. I told someone I bought Supermax(RM2.50) and Equine(RM0.555) yesterday, and it is for trades. Supermax still super ... but Equine on profit-taking. I need to go to HKSE now, dont wish to miss the flight. See ya ...

MARKET TALK: China Banks, Developers Mixed At Pre-Open

0144 GMT [Dow Jones] At pre-open, Chinese banks, property stocks mostly mixed with changes small, not reacting too much to Bloomberg report China Construction Bank (0939.HK) will reduce new lending in 2H by about 70% to cut credit risk; market players say this offers evidence of lending curb but flagged already. CCB indicated down 0.7% at HK$5.90, ICBC (1398.HK) quoted 0.2% higher at HK$5.25, Bank of China +1.1% at HK$3.78. Blue-chip developer China Overseas Land (0688.HK) bid +0.1% at HK$18.40. "We continue to see weakness in mainland properties and mainland banks, hinting concerns over adjustment to the loose monetary policy by the Chinese government is still overhanging," saysErnie Hon at ICBC International. (RLI)

11.20 am : I m queueing for ICBC at HKD5.00, not done yet.

12.10 pm : LL just came to me, smiling as HSBC still moving higher. It is a common scenario when we see investors/traders laughing-to-bank. I viewed such actions negatively!! It shows how short-sighted we are and also we forgotten about the fears we went thru during the bear last year. I m NOT a negative person, but in INVESTMENT ... it is one for the pitfalls why those in markets losing money!! Once you THINK that your portfolio(s) going to shoot off the ceiling, you are in GREED zone. Never ignore the GREED-FEAR in market sentiments as that is the MAIN reason WHY markets UP and DOWN.

Do the opposite : When things UP and too good to be true, THINK OF SELLING and do not look back to feel the pain of releasing too early(Hai ya .. blah blah ...). It is GREED in us playing ... WHY? BECAUSE MOST OF THEM DO NOT HAVE TRADING PLANS. Be honest, it takes a lot of work and BRAIN too. Trading plan ... got such thing? Strategies? What is that? etc etc ...

I m learning to be a contrarian and it is easy said than done. Say I like a counter, when it goes down for 10-consecutive days, will you buy? If you are holding on it, will you average down?

For example this morning : I sold my fav Kossan for profits as I want to grab ICBC. Look at the charts,Kossan up up up ... and ICBC down, down and down. I will be glad to grab ICBC with my limited funds.

Placing your own criteria to SELL is crucially important. Many losing money as they fail to SELL. Also, failing to cut-loss when their holding diving ... or markets dive.

So, we are long term investors? Ok Ok ... buy Genting at RM6, then assuming it goes up to RM9, and then dive down to RM4 ... what you do again? HOLD? SELL? BUY more? I cant imagine amount of money being STUCKED without giving any returns. For such, it might be better to place our money in FD or UT, in this huge BEAR market ... or look around, listen ... many REALLY believe problems are over and we are in BULL run? Yawn ... sorry for being pessimist. I m more ready to short-HSBC.

1.55 pm : I admit that markets are NOT meant for anyone. Many in markets are NOT supposed to be in ... as the chances that they lose money is quite REAL. I m speaking of CHANCES and trading is about probabilities. No certainty, but the challenge is to get a slight HIGHER probability working on our side. I m skeptical ... not many(average jack&jill) have good enough brain(those doctors, engineers or lecturers who think they got brain to beat the market, THINK AGAIN) ... I m serious. You cant be serious to say that your IQ is 140, and hence your chances to beat many in markets are higher, don't you? Hmm ... I dont see it that way, tho I m 'dignosed' as on the higher side of IQ(incorrectly evaluated, anyway). But, some of them in markets are really have lower IQ(like many of our ball-sucking datuks) ... hence they are NOT suitable to be in market.

Second factor that deter any average tommy&dicky to excel in markets are their CHARACTERS/ATTITUDES. Not understanding what are needed to do well in markets and believing that they are too good to fail. Ok ... one many read all the investment books/blogs available ... so? By reading more, we only acquire knowledge in a particular sector/counter. SO? That didnt give us profits, right? We need to buy/sell ... and get involved. Do read "SELL" books for those who reluctant or never know how to sell. We are not interested in collecting portfolios and place it in our attics for years. We are interested in PROFITTING from our investments. I believe everyone of us do think of PROFITS. I m no exception ... but, profits WILL come when you have sufficient knowledge.

Please do not misunderstand me as being arrogant. I m just point-blank to those who STILL losing money!! Read Moola's posting " May be markets NOT for you". I m amplifying that call, again. THINK ... and get out of market as market is moving higher!!. It is difficult to be too straight, human simply need to experience the UP and DOWN. I m speaking to myself ... as I m going to hibernate till the bear is out .... AGAIN?

2.45 pm : Someone just bought 200,000 units of Supermax at RM2.63 each. How much is that? Hmm ... nope, it is not me. I only bought 25oo units. Hehe

4.40 pm : Sold Supermax at 2.65 and it is still moving higher. Hai yah ... hehe. Gained my dinner for tonight. Phew. But, my Equine is sticky ... may be I need to keep forever? Ramunia done at RM0.555.

9.30 pm : Shanghai market dropped 2.85% today, in the fear of funds-tightening by gov's policies. Tmr ... 1st anniversary of my blog, 1st annivesary of Beijing Olympic too. Yeah ... I will want to reflect on my FIRST year of being ... MY TRADING blog. It is just one year ago, but there are so many things happened and I have learnt a lot of lessons, REAL lessons's lesson including not to trust friends(even they are doctors, ok?) when it comes to money. I will want to write how MONEY is changing my 'simplest' lifestyle(no style at all as I live frugally and proud of it!!) ... ONE SHORT year, my trading brain changed so much!! Yes, last August I cleared my losing positions ... today, I m clearing my winning positions. In bear-market, anything we buy will move lower and currently anything you buy seems to move higher.

Next week will be quite a crucial week to watch as more reports which might hurt investors sentiment and hence, bringing the uptrend to a halt. Will it be the turning point? We have been speaking about that since March?? Hmm ... IF this is a BULL RUN, corrections are time to BUY/COLLECT,ok? But I m not bullish ... I m cautious.

KLSE : I m still holding GPacket(cleared some at 0.88 last week), Petra, BJToto and Equine. Oh yes, Ramunia for short-term trade. I have no intention at the moment to buy any next week, until I do some homework tmr.

HKSE : HSI lost 500+ points today. I m still looking at HSBC and ICBC. Banking in focus at the moment. While crude oil price at USD72 now, I will be very interested with CNOOC. As an investor(rather than trader), one should accumulate during weakness(sell on strength) ... so, if HSI losing another 1000 points next week, ghee ... I will be glad. Hmm... I m not sick, I m patiently waiting for markets to go down so that I could go HK for shopping!!

10.10 pm : DOW rallying up, a decline in unemployment rate(9.5%) recorded.

11.20 pm : DOW up 150 points and that big-mouth Larry of CNBC yelling RECOVERY and we are in a BULL RUN. Alright ... jump in with two feet next week. Buy AIG, double your money in a week or CIT. Yeah right .... GS saying the bull-run started in March. I think we should bet it big this time, man. In the coming 3-years bull run, we should gain a lot?

JL : As for my x-partner, Dr Julian Lim ... without me, he is still being one of the doctors talking about how good UT is. He said he will be glad to doouble his money in 3 years time ... of sudden, he want to double his money by end of this year!! When I said .. that will be difficult, perhaps I m seen as splashing cold-water on his greediness. Hey, being 3 months in market with ZERO knowledge, helped so much by a dedicated yet stupid me ... doctor Julian Lim, be grateful. You were one small-chicken then. Today you are calling others 'stupid' to put their money with unit trust? Dont forget your background, you WERE one of those stupid-ones(your words, not mine) just mere 4 months ago, ok? Remember who gave you the guts? Now you are calling me no balls? i will write about this very sour experience, teaching you ... Dr Julian Lim. Your arrongance and ego will be your main weaknesses.


Thursday, August 06, 2009

S&P still hanging at 1000 level. Market sentiments still good tho US giving some not so encouraging data. Yet, traders/investors have short-term memory. They will forget these data, and frenzy buying will be seen again for this coming few weeks. By end of Sept, I want to be back as markets might making huge corrections(or a dive, whichever way).

As KLSE still moving higher, I m only interested in selling my holdings : GPacket, Petra, Kossan and BJToto. No buyings unless I want to trade some of the warrants. But, I wont as I do not have a focus in KLSE.

Alibaba(code : - PE66, RSI 72)making some corrections after huge surge upwards. Many more HK's babes are retracing at the moment. If one is still bullish about HSI, time to accumulate these stocks. Nope ... no longer cheap as even HSBC is 'expensive' at HKD80+

9.15 am : Kossan at 3.85 ... not bad as H1N1 reported few more death cases in Malaysia. Locally, some schools are closing down, creating some panic. I bought at 3.60 and 3.70 ... my queue at 3.80 today would not be done, I guess. We shall see ...

I explained to LL yesterday why I bought Kossan in a more serious manner. I guess she read my posting about WHY I bought Kossan. hehe ... Ok, one of the main reason is that news Kossan lost some money in forex(hey, I viewed USD as weak). So, with a temporary bad news, someone throwing it away. What an investor suppose to do? Collect, right? Since USD now at 77-level and will weaken further(in longer term ... short term fluctuations are expected. Smoothen it and ignore the volitility) ... and Kossan will NOT have 'loss in forex' news. Besides, Rm8-9m loss is not huge, ok?

1.15 pm : KLCI up a little but my list showing Affin up today. AMMB up few days ago ... banking and financial stocks in KLSE are very resilient, definitely.

HSBC at HKD84 ... still up. But ICBC in selling pressure. I m watching HKSE's banking stocks. BOC, CCB too.

3.45 pm : KLCI up 3.88 points. LionInd and MPHB jumps again.

6.40 pm : I like ICBC at the moment as it is forming a nice waterfall ... this is the largest market-cap bank(few months ago la, I dont know if Maybank has overtook it).

E&O and Zelan jumped AFTER I sold them. Interesting ... hmm ... I might be clearing Kossan soon(TP 4.20) but will it jump another 10% after I sold her? I dont know ... hmm ...

MARKET TALK:HK Banks Likely Tighten Mortgage Loans On Yam's Note

1056 GMT [Dow Jones] HK banks likely to tighten mortgage lending in near-term after HKMA Chief Executive Joseph Yam warns of excessive credit creation driven by continued inflows. "Banks in Hong Kong are too willing to lend, and the money is mostly channeled to the stock and property markets. The next step could be inflation on the consumer level," says Brian Tsang, head of treasury at Liu Chong Hing Bank. Kelvin Lau, economist of Standard Chartered, says Yam'scomments are preemptive move, telling banks "to tighten lending criteria to prevent excessive credit creation." Yam says in weekly column that continuous inflows may cause asset, consumer price inflation in HK, although no signs yet of excessive credit; HKMA would use "prudential and supervisory measures to ensure that banks did not expand their lending to asset markets imprudently."But bubbles may have have formed already, with HSI up about 70% since mid-March, home prices up over 20% on average so far this year. (ARP)


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

DOW up 30 points. I m still looking at HSBC and its nice moves. Financial world is watching this babe now.

張洪量 - 妳知道我在等妳嗎

An old popular song ... Do you know I m waiting for you?. I was in varsity, then. 1989 ... now is 2009, that is 20 years ago? It is through songs I picked up Mandarin(as majority of those Chinese friends in Uni from 'outstation' and do not speak English). If you watch this clip, that is WHAT I REALLY WANT ... walking on the beach with my guitar, while singing this song to my dearest ... HSBC. Haha.:-)

趙傳 - 我總於失去了妳

Another nice song by ugly yet sentimental guy ... "Finally, I lost you." Yes, if I do not stalk HSBC closely, I might have to sing this number to her. Hehe...

9.25 am : Grabbed 30k units of IOI-cj(again!!) at 0.290 moments ago. It is not on a spur, but I told a chatter(MK) two nights ago ... I will grab either IOI-cj or Genting-co. Done.

2.25 pm : IOICorp up 4%, pulling up KLCI(up 3 points). It is like HSBC pulling up HSI, of otherwise HSI should be in reds.

IOI-cj at 0.305, will be clearing(no focus in KLSE, actually) for dinner tonight. I know a profit of 300 bucks is too small for many, but for a no-$$ person like me, it is huge. It could buy me dinner for the whole week, ok? And, it is NOT easy. It is STILL an unrealised-profit, and I might get stuck with it again if it go back to my buying-price.

See my E&O which I sold at 1.13 days ago(I bought it for dinner, actually) but it shoots higher now. As I bought it at 1.13, guess who I belanja dinner? Hmm ... Very erratic.

4.25 pm : Kossan at 3.80. Hmm .... HSI lost 300 points, with financial stocks going down. HSBC still standing stall.

Cleared IOI-cj at 0.30 as I m focusing in HKSE, this is just a day trade when I saw IOICorp moving this morning. Kossan closed at 3.79.

MK : Well, I m glad you you like my blog. Hehe ... yeah, I do receive a few e-mail telling me that I m 'entertaining' them as trading/investment could be a VERY stressful activities. Haha ... ok, ok ... I m glad to hear that, tho I m actually entertaining myself. Yeah, I still remember I SMS-ed you that I bought IOICorp(and you gained from there), and today I m buying into its baby. Hehe ...

But, I m NOT laughing to banks. I dislike that term, frankly. I m just a beginner, a novice and not qualified to coach. Even my first student said my knowledge not worth RM200(count the zeros, ok? LOL).

Well, even IF I profit, I wont be laughing. You may ask people around me, I dont show emotion if I lose or gain. No one know anything much, not even JL. He must be wondering(suspiciously ...) how come I dont jump with joy when I sold my CWP(code : 0.182) at 1.03(currently at 0.90 level) for huge profits. Yeah, I bought CWP at 0.245 for RM12k, and it quadrapled that amount in 4 months. Also my CPNE(code : 0735) at 0.32(average) for RM8k and sold at 0.60(at 0.60 level too). Yup, my best performers BUT I m far from jumping or laughing.

As I have pointed out, I see investment as a long-term education and I m still at the early stage of my accumulation of KNOWLEDGE. Applied knowledge is powerful. Greed could halt my learning progress, being arrogant will hurt myself ... and laughing? Never will ...

If I gain much one day, good. I will teach others(by then, MAY BE they will trust me more) how to invest(with a promise NOT to bite me!!). Otherwise, if I lose all my money into market-hole, I might charge my readers RM3 per entry. Haha.

Who is it -Michael Jackson

Long time I didnt listen to this song ... enjoy one of my fav song from my fav singer, the late Micheal Jackson.

10.40 pm : DOW is down ... crude oil price at 71, gold down to 962 now. Long commodities, short financial?!