Monday, June 29, 2009

What do you expect KLSE will be this week? To break 1100 level or hhmm ... move up and then down back to the current level ... or move down and then up back to the current level? Or perhaps move down all the way to test 1000 level? SEE? We don't know, right? If so, how are you going to predict the movements for a particular day? Or ... for a particular stock?

Someone said those chartists are like astrologer, trying to predict the future(based on the past patterns). In a way, he is right. But many of us still do look into the stars(literally) for answers, right? This month is good for LIBRA and not so good for GEMINI. Avoid going out for those born in the month of Jan ... and so on.

Being a science student, we want proofs!! Concrete evidences to justify the claims. Hence, I used to laugh at the stupidity of many around me when they act according to the predictions(under their Zodiac) for the day or week. Interesting, right? Bet you do know of such persons!!

Being a Chinese, we were exposed to the beliefs of "Fung Shui" and such. It was not really commercialised when I was young(some 25 years ago) but today ... you may have tonnes of books writing on these related topics. Lillian Too have a short one day talk in Sabah recently for RM150 per person(I was tempted to listen, for the first time in my life, in believing in such) ... and she is a millionaire with the "World Of Fung Shui". Yes, I do bellieve she is very good in what she is doing. Do you place Fung Shui concepts as the main way of accumulating your wealth?

God and spirits : Well, we have known or seen before people 'praying' to some spirits to give them wealth. More often than not, they are those 'punters' in 4-D, Toto, horse-racing, mahjong-kaki, football-match bettings and any related gambling activities human could think of. I emphasized on the word "PUNTERS" as these are almost a pure luck!! Many in KLSE are praying for the bull-run or their particular stocks to recover or jump up higher ... these are mentality of gamblers. Recognising that could put us with a better edge.

So, are chartists astrologers in this sense? I was wondering about it as I m still learning the 'technical analysis' parts for stock picking or when I should sell-off a particular stock. I admit I m such a novice in these that I missed a whole large foot of it many of tiimes!! Sometimes I doubted TA really works or more likely that I have learnt it no-so-correctly.

to be continued

Evanescence - "My Immortal" <--- one of my fav song.

8.50 am : JL, u have a lower average on TM-ci, so I m clearing mine at 0.11(very long queue). I m also clearing my Axiata-cb and SPSetia-wb. I will try to clear most of my warrants by this week and to re-focus on HKSE. Do look into mining stocks or those you stalk, ya.

9.25 am : Not much of movements but KNM at 0.83 now.

Najib to declare his business policies - The Star

BURSA Malaysia hosts its annual flagship conference – Invest Malaysia 2009 – for hundreds of fund managers and analysts in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow and Wednesday.

One of the highlights will be a keynote address by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who is expected to speak on “Malaysia’s Growth Drivers”.

It will be a platform for him to make his first address to the international portfolio investing community since becoming prime minister.

On that platform, he is expected to address issues on business which matter to foreign fund managers rather than matters of domestic concern.

Analysts, for instance, believe he will announce further liberalisation of property ownership by foreigners and the attractiveness of Malaysia for investment. On such terms of reference, this is a wish list that Najib might address.

TEH : I m definitely interested to listen to what Najib has to say. One day, I wish I could be among those attending such a talk/conference.

10.20 am : Done with Axiata-cb and SPSetia-wb for small profits. TM-ci and AnnJoo-wb still in queue to clear.

12.45 pm : SPSetia-wb still moving up? Axiata-cb up too? Hmm ... never mind. Too many for me to handle and focus, anyway(as I m working full-time teaching - I m not a full-time trader or a remisier or such la). No one paying me any form of $$$ for me to write this blog(to speculate and such) as this is just a personal note for myself(and a few of my trader-kakis).

At the moment, I m partially eyeing in HKSE but still 'busy' with my warrants/call-warrants. Are you bullish on Bursa? Collecting Bursa-CL could be a 'play'. I repeat, it is a PLAY ... not for thos ebuy and hold mentality, not for those too busy to even bother to know how KLSE doing, not for those who don't know what a call-warrants are. You know what I mean.

Yesterday, THE EDGE wrote about Bursa-CL. It has a low of 0.08 and at 0.46, do your math. The mommy at RM7 level, and this is a cash-positive. If you really THINK(guts-feel??) KLSE(or they called it Bursa Malaysia now) will move beyond 1100 level, then this is an attractive counter. How about ETF-30 in Malaysia? This is for those who THINK KLSE is bullish and the top-30 stocks in Bursa will be bullish-ing forward. An ETF(exchange traded fund) will be a good play. Well, I m NOT bullish on KLSE, so I don't buy these. But, I might trade Bursa-CL. Hehe

2.05 pm : Last Friday, I was happily sold off SpSetia-wb in the morning for profits(RM300+), then it dived down and I bought it back at 0.63(10k units) and sold it off this morning at 0.66 for another RM200+ profits. Guess what, I m queue-ing to buy it again at 0.65!! Silly, right?

That brings me to my AnnJoo-wb which I traded it so many times since the March rally. At 0.20 till sold off at 0.70, it is the most frequently traded counter I have done. Recently, I sold it off at 0.70 ... and when it dived last week, I bought more into it ... managed to sell part of it at 0.61, only to buy more of it at 0.62!! And currently I have an average of 0.59, trying to clear it at 0.63!! Guess what again, once it is sold at 0.63, I wont be suprise that I will queue to get it back at 0.60? Really silly, man.

What if I m finally get 'stucked'? Then, I will becoming a long term investors for these warrants. Don't worry ... it expires at 2013, I will console myself. Hmm ...

Well, I have no intention to get 'stucked'. So, I will cut-off if there are reversal. One may gain substantially with warrants or call-warrants but could 'hurt' badly too if it go the other way. Remember my writing days ago about AirAsia-ce? It is at 0.08 now. Will you buy it? It is expiring Sept 3rd 2009, mind you.

2.30 pm : I m queueing to clear TM-ci and Annjoo-wb and queueing to grab some Genm-cj.

4.30 pm : Someone just bought 200k units of TM at RM2.95 each. Wow ... It means, for every ONE CENT move(up or down) in TM's price, the difference will be RM2,000. WOW.

Today, the most active counter is TIME. And it gains more than 30% in one day trade so far. Impressive, ya.

12.10 am : I m tired, it is mid-night now. I want to continue my 'fung-shui' story but too busy with facebook just now. I need to zzzzzzzzz. Night.

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