Thursday, June 25, 2009

DOW downed a little again but KLCI is recovering. So, we might still be seeing green-green grass of KLSE's home. Crude oil price is still below USD70.

I m accumulating GPacket and TM. I bought AnnJoo-wb, Affin-wc and SPSetia-wb after lunch yesterday, so if it jumps up again, I will be glad to take profits. I still need more bullets to look into Sunway-wc, WaSeong-wa and WCT-wb. Maybe I will look into Ramunia later.

As for call-warrants, I bought some IOICorp-cj ... but could not get Resorts-cj and Genting-co. Axiata-cb interest me too. They are still playing on Hovid and Dataprp. Tebrau, Jaks, UEMLand and such as being pushed up again. These are for trading and speculators are manipulating on them. I don't wish to be caught in such a play. Even KNM I will not touch.

As for oil-stocks, I will let JL to handle Petra, Kencana and Sinopec. These are heavier and for mid-term/long-term invesments. We both believe oil will rally up once the economies recover but I m skeptical it will be soon. I dont think so it will be end-of this year, but seeing it into end of next year or so.

So, I will like to buy into HKSE's babe with P/E less than 10, and these giants will benefit from the China's gov stimulus. Many believe Mr Wen will come up with another huge stimulus, to meet the 8% growth for this year. Steel counters have been doing very well in China, but they are no longer 'cheap'.

China Water back to HKD2.00(I missed it at 1.80 last week). China Agri and China Green are agricultural play. But, I m still eyeing at China Auto stocks such as Denway or Geely, which I do believe Shanghai will be Detroit ONE DAY. Zhongda could give us a huge profit if that stands. How about XinYi glass?

How about the green-stocks? Solar and Windpower stocks? This is one sector that I like the most ... but the anticipations are too high. Many have been shooting up few hundreds percent and their P/E values ballooned. CWP at 0.90 level(touched 0.78 yesterday) with P/E about 50. Unless I want to buy US green-stocks? Many have been shooting for the sky, anyway. I still like JASO and STP. HTM is still in my radar.

Mining ... you can't miss this sector as this are commodities play too. Gold, Silver, Copper and such ... yum-yum, when you blend them together ... following some recipe, you surely want them in your portfolio. Hence, I m looking into mining ... too many to list it here. and might be my gold-stalk-stocks at the moment.

No more bullets to buy into Air China or Telco. I m spoilt with choices. Once I m done with my warrants by next week, I will move back into HKSE. At the moment, KLSE set to rebound. Hang-on ...

Replies to some e-mail.

8.20 am : I m a self-motivator ... so, I m committed to my investment goals. With a glimpse of 'financial-freedom' hope, I will work very hard on it. I will do whatever I could(legally with dignity, please) to acheive my goals, step by step. I know that I need to use both parts of my brain as investment/trading in markets is afterall not a science nor arts. In fact, I feel it is more to arts rather than science. Being a 'science' students for 40 years, I switched my brain to 'arts' part last year!! It is not easy(not easy is an under-statement) initially, but once I m so used to the financial terms, it makes more senses.

I feel that I m blessed(thank Lord) with a good brain, not-so normal mentality and strong characters in order to acheive my goals. I m only 25% through at this point of time. So, I will always re-evaluate my goals and re-define it as I see it necessary.

This blog is supposed to record my trades : What I buy/sell, what I intend to buy/sell and my emotions involved. But, I found that I hv been drifted away from my MAIN purpose(objectives) of my blog being created. Knowing that there are 'some'(I don't care how many, anyway) followers, I might be wanting to 'please' some readers. Gosh ... how silly I was at times. THIS IS MY PERSONAL trading blog, so I m NOT obliged to answer anyone!! I m reminding myself again ... if I want to put some nudes here, it is my choice. If I want to put many youtube songs that I like, it is also my perrogative. If I want to write my 'phamtomised' portfolios, I can do so ... hehe. That is the freedom I have wanted in my blog in the first place. I shouldnt be so cautious of what others say, but to write it as I like!!

I told JL the other day that I traded AirAsia-ce due to the news but not written here till I sold it off. You see, I do not want some aunties/uncles buying into the counters I bought wihtout knowing what I hv in mind when I bought it. I m afraid they might BUY and HOLD too long. If they bought at 0.135 and STILL hold on to it, I will feel sad that I have 'influenced'/'encouraged' someone to buy into that call-warrant!! Airasia-ce touched 0.065 days ago!! I will feel VERY bad if someone losses money due to my writing, ok? JL mentioned that it will be very foolish of ANYONE to buy anything by reading blogs or brokers' reports ... but yes, MANY are THAT foolish, JL. By the way, I cleared AirAsia-ce at 0.145 the next trading day.

Anyway, I m still glad that there are some good experienced ones to share with me their expereinces and pointers. We should share opinions/ideas ... and take it with 'a pinch of salt'. Do understand that NO ONE could tell you which stock will jump up tmr or next week or even next month. We need to educate ourselves to protect our own investments.

That answered some of the questions(thanks for bothering to read my blog and e-mail me) which were hanging for weeks, and I have wanted to write about. My brain is NOT organised, so pardon me if my 'answers' are not to your expectations. Err ... do I owe anyone any answers? Hmm ...

9.10 am : KLCI up about 7 points. Cleared AnnJoo-wb(part-of) and SPSetia-wb for profits. Many more trades I do not(and will not) write it here. One of the reason, as stated above ... I do not want someone buying into what I m buying and get caught(and I will be cursed?). Secondly, many of times, it is very quick and too busy to jot down my queues. You may see that I m 'free' to write now as I m queuing to SELL those I bought two days ago and yesterday.

And sometimes the moment you sold it off, it jumps higher. It happened so many times that I m so used to it. Profits(even tho small) are still profits to me. SPSetia-wb set to move higher. Hmm ... it is emotion-in-play which I m learning to block it off. Easier said than done.

Axiata vs DiGi

Many of my colleagues changing from the Celcom-broad band to DiGi. JL just did that too. So, I m feel the frustrations from my current Celcom-narrow band. It is so slow ... and many of times, I could not get online. Hence, I m changing to DiGi this Sat. CELCOM --- this is a message for you.

But, in the term of stocks ... I will prefer Axiata(TMI) as it moves faster. DiGi is a REAL slowcoach. Months ago it was at RM20, today it is still hovering at RM21-22.

10.20 am : KLCI up 9.60 points. I just bought more of TM-ci at 0.11. I think I have an average of 0.105 for this one, so ... it is enough of it for the time being. Will sit on it till it jumps up or if it dives down, will get stuck?!

GPacket at 0.745 and I failed to top it up when it went below 0.70(I queued at 0.65 2 days ago!). Petra at 2.65 level ... and I did not top this one up either. I was too busy with my warrants on Monday and Tuesday.

I love my AnnJoo-wb so much that I m queue-ing more into it at 0.62 now. This is the problem of NOVICE traders, undecided. I was glad to sell for profits just now at lower price, but chasing it again at higher price. Silly, right? Hehe ...

12.40 am : AnnJoo-wb done at 0.62 and I hv an average of 0.59, I think. Hey, someone read my blog and bought more of TM?? Well, TM breaks RM3 and TM-ci at 0.12. I just bought more of it this morning(at 0.11).

Affin-wc at 0.14(bought 0.13 and 0.135 yesterday) and might need to clear this for my weekend dinner ... if I hv more bullets, I will sit on it till it jumps, and it will.

SPSetia-wb jumps higher AFTER I sold it off. I don't have much bullets to hold on as I m focusing on AnnJoo-wb and TM-ci. I m tempted to clear my SingTel for profits but ... SingTel is totally a different play?! Hence, I need to be discipline. Another thing is that my bank loans still pending or declined. I m willing to pay 15% interest but they still feel that with my small salary and financial commitments(car and house, I cleared my credit-card. Hehe), I m 'tak layak' for the loans?! Sigh.

Petra(2.66) and GPacket(0.75) are recovering well ...


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