Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CNOOC : Lost 24cents. Closed at 8.40 today. RSI(14) at 58 level.

Morning ... glad to have my fans tailing my response. But, I m too tired to answer that. Cheers, anyway.

DOW up 100+ points. We shall see if KLSE and HKSE following the trend. Well, a new dealer for me with OSK, and she is recommending Gen. Int? It is at SGD0.60+ now, I think. So, too late to accumulate a few?

I m still thinking of getting a oil-stock and steel-related of China. Perhaps that tailing si-fu who gain so much from market could give me a hint? Hmm ... normally I find people generally are generous and good. But, we always could find someone to be our main 'resistance'. And we will be very surprise, one day, that the person could be your good friend!! So, I dont like making enemy(for whatever reason) but an arrogant person will never hold well in his/her lives.

Yeah ... I could keep mum about my buyings/sellings BUT this blog is meant to record(for my OWN viewing, anyway) my transactions. Bursa will send me monthly statements, OSK/CIMB sending me all my transactions done, but my letting others to know what I m BUYing/SELLing, they(much more experienced traders/investors ... tho kind hearted ones, I mean) could perhaps CORRECT my doings. Yes, I m humbled in that sense as I feel I hv so much to learn from others and have repeatedly said I m only 20% journey in my investment adventure. So, I do hope NO ONE will read my blog here to BUY/SELL. Afterall, most of my transactions are UNREAL. It is just my fantasy ... a dream that I m THAT good and earn much. I apologise if anyone REALLY buying into what I m buying(and lose money). Even JL is my fantasised doctor-friend, ok?

9.15 am : Clearing TWSCorp at 0.49 and 0.495(assuming I bought it yesterday, ya). Forgive me, I still wish to day-dream and write in my blog, can I?

9.30 am : Queue-ing lower at 0.485. Just want to get rid of this 'phantom' stock and hv nice dinner during my weekend. Yeah ... I m thinking of weekend now. So tired. BTW, is it 'lucky' that I did not manage to clear at 0.48/0.485 yesterday? I don't know ...

Yes, I m emotionally affected by Liverpool's results(not trading, of coz) ... so, I m a little down with the 4-4 and 4-4 results. Out of CL and now out of the title race? I m hardly awake at the moment as I slept for less than 2 hours.

9.55 am : Sold my TWSCorp at 0.485 and 0.490, 10k units each. Done. Phew!! Don't worry, I m just kidding. I didnt get it at 0.4675 ... and calculate it, can I earn enough for a nice dinner?

JL : I m queue-ing to clear LingBao at 3.10(ALL). We hold on to ZhaoJin and will discuss with you to see if we are going in for Oil-stocks or Steel-stocks, k?

10.15 am : KLCI at 974 ... impressive run up till 1000 level is possible now?

11.25 am : KLCI still at 974 now. I need a break. Have kit-kat.

12.30 pm : Sold LingBao at 2.95, just enough to cover broker's fees. Yes, I want out ... and cleared ALL my holdings in OSK, tranferring to CIMB for local and RHB for oversea next week. So, no trading for now till that is done. Need to re-think of my strategies and urgently need to discuss with JL how we should be invest wisely.

Regarding this blog, it is still relevent. I need to get a new face-lift for it and re-start and re-focus on my main obkectives/purposes.

Too much of distractions. Off

8.10 pm : Yes, finally I could get back into my focus and leave KLSE. Yes ... I will quit short-term trading too as that will not benefit me in longer run. I want to continue my reading on option-trading and forex-trading while back to my 'neglected' Alternative Energy research.

In the mean time, we have agreed in principle that we will focus on GOLD and O&G for a mid-term swing trades. And focus will only be in HKSE and US-market. With a longer time frame, investor certainly feel less risk and we shall see economies to recover by next year. Markets should recover by then.

That is cleared, finally. Yeah ...

10.30 pm : DOW was in red due to MS's news but the housing data giving the investors some good news and DOW back to green(slightly). I m going to sleep early now. Night.



BILLCORP said...

hi cpteh..i sometimes ur indicator and so far the stocks that u punt does work for me..god bless you there..

CP said...

Hi Bill,

God bless. Sorry, I need to remind that I m just a novice.

Being patience is crucial. We wait for things to FALL and be dare enough to BUY when it is signal to buy. That is my plans.

I dislike punt-ing, actually. But, many of times I get 'lucky' and get away. Look into longer term investments. It surely much more beneficial.

Thanks again for dropping by.