Thursday, April 30, 2009

USO : This is the second time I m posting USO waterfall-chart. Yes, on of the VERY good option in oil play when the price of crude oil jump-up again(matter of time). Trading below USD30, it is a fraction from the peak of 120!! I will highly recommend this ETF for those interested to have the so-called "safe" and ride on the rising prices of crude oil. Yes, hold for 3 yr or less, I think there will be a high chance that it will double/triple the current value!!

Morning!! DOW up almost 200 points!! I slept 10.30pm yesterday and didnt watch CNBC/Bloomberg ... but was reading a book, instead!!

As I hv pulled out of LionInd(ouch ... it went up!!), I m virtually out of KLSE, except for my small holding on AnnJoo-wb. Is the rally still on?

I m scanning on my HKSE's babe actually. Air China flew off yesterday!!

Will get back into HKSE once there is a correction?

Should be back by Sat.

7.00 pm : Dinner time ... KLCI shot up to 990!! Err ... no more swine-flu fear and we are seeing 1000-level again? Very unpredictable, right? Labour Day ... off.


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