Monday, April 27, 2009

Obscene Salaries/remunerations : I got this from my e-mail, it is being circulated.
Monday : 27th April 2009 ... It is unthinkable just 2 months ago that we will see KLCI to be at 1000-level? I was mentioning about 750 level(oopss .. my vote-box is irrelevent!! Hehe). That shows how unpredictable market could be!! Are we really seeing a V-shape recovery?

Well, perhaps the financial tsunami did not hit us here. Phew!! Tho I may be on the pessimistic side, I definitely want to ride the current waves. Surfing huge waves could be exciting but the risk is definitely there since I m still a novice. This is only the second up waves I m riding(the first was in last year nov-dec). And the current waves are much more stronger ... that we might be seeing 1000 psychological level.

Jackie Lee(a good KLSE's blogger) was mentioning about 1,030 level for this week? Probably ... YES. I do think so the feel-good sentiment might still remain in tact as Najib will use the magical-wand again for us to feel he is the best PM. At the moment, the 30% cut of bumi-holding is being seen as very positive(business-wise) but whether it could lure foreign investors to our shore will be left to be seen. I dont see it in near future, tho.

But it is in everyone's mind at the moment now if this rally could continue?

11.20 am : Oh Boy, KLCI losing 10 points now. LionInd back to 1.00 level. Done more at 0.99, 0.995, 1.00 and 1.01(0.985 and 0.98 not done yet). Enough of LionInd ... hope to clear it soon as I m holding too much on it. Arrghh ...

11.45 am : KLCI losing almost 16 points now. Hang on as we are going into a dive, and many taking profits and run. The feeling of being stuck inside is not good ...

12.33 pm : KLCI lost 16.85 in today's morning trade. LionInd back being a penny-stock!! We shall wait to see if there is any buyer coming in after lunch, or the selling pressure presist.

6.10 pm : I m very busy today(with classes then income-tax and EPF). KLCI closed at 980.12 ... suddenly we have doubts that we are in the beginning of BULL? Or is it just a short correction overdued? Talam and Ramunia hoghed the limelight. Other than that, I might need to cut of my holdings soon(ouch!!).

Najib just announced the 70% news. The 30% news made waves last week but the 70% news not interesting enough? It was from 49%, ok?

9.30 pm : The flu outbreak bringing in some "panic" in markets. Uncertainties level are at high now ... and double-check on many aviation stocks dropped significantly today. AirAsia and Mas are not spared too. Is this an opportunity in the crisis too?

Rubber-stocks : Topglove and Kossan gained much today due to the flu-crisis. Other smaller rubber-stocks moved too. Supermax, Hartalega? I did not check on them, actually.

So, my attention is channelling to HKSE which lost more than 400 points today. Air China( still my fav counter. It lost 12.7% today. Another stock to watch is Cathay Pacific(, which lost 8%.

Hence, most probably I will be releasing my KLSE's babes for HKSE's babes. Game over for KLSE? What is the outlook now AFTER today's battering? Let us watch US market now ...


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