Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DOW closed slightly lower ... Everyone will be anxious to see how DOW, the flu and Najib's 70%-news will do with KLCI ... or is KLCI reversing? It is overly bought, so was yesterday's 'correction' so-called healthy for the bull to continue running? We shall see ...

11.25 am : I am too busy ... done some of LionInd at 0.95(closed 0.96 yesterday) but cleared most at 1.00 and 1.01. Left with 10k units average at 1.05 which I don't think so I could get the price today. Need to hold on for a while before I cut it off again.

ZhaoJin back to my purchase price at 10.10 level due to profit-taking in gold-trades.

11.40 am : KLCI back in RED. The queue at 0.94 is not done, only 36k at the queue? 5k is mine. Hehe. It is diving back to 0.96 level.

2.20 pm : Rushed home to rest and do some trades before off again. I m on one-week off but this will be a busy week as I need to do some outstanding errants/paperworks. Yes, I m also applying for some bank loans since I 'gave-up' on the idea of getting some money(as capitals) from few friends. Well, it is only wise thing to do.

I m still queue-ing at 0.94 for LionInd ... averaging down, with a hope to clear ALL.

2.45 pm : Oh Boy, my phantom-stock LionInd done at 0.94 and 0.92(not 0.90 at the moment). I m back with too much of LionInd but thinking of AirChina!!

JL : Please make a decision SOON if you want to share with me the Air China. It is diving now. I will start with RM10k.

3.10 pm : Due to FEAR(holding too much), I cleared all my LionInd I bought at 0.92 & 0.94 at 0.95. Just done minutes ago. But, I m still stucked with my 10k @ 1.05. Should I cut it off as I need the funds SOON to buy Air China? I hv been in this situation many of times. Many of times it goes against me!! Hmm ...

9.15 pm : KLCI diving down for second consecutive days --- whether KLCI is going to continue to move further down, or just a mere correction ... I m out. But, my queue for LionInd at 0.91 DONE. Arrghh ... I m still stucked. Funny, when market is good, we desperately want to be in - but when market diving down, we want out? Sound familiar? That is the ups and downs of trading. You win some, you lose some. If you have hold on for one month, then it is time to take profits?

11.25 pm : Just decided with JL to BUY "Air China" but waiting for confirmation. It is still diving sharply ... bargain buying?


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