Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DOW downed another 250 points. After a strong bear-rally, it is sign that the rally is over? Reality sets in and we are back to the square one, digesting more BAD economics data with 1Q reports from listed companies. I could say many will exit the markets soon when such numbers been interpreted as .... BAD. And that could trigger fears, or heighten the existing FEARS. After all the GREED for weeks now(in US and global markets --- KLSE is an isolated case), we will see more trying to preserve their profits by exiting at any cost!! We might be seeing KLSE moving back to 830 level soon, before testing the 800 level. A break of 800-psychological level could see us in new territories ... yes, in my terms --- more new waterfalls formed.

That is more or else what I shared with JL. To me KLSE is still very expensive and risky(political and the supporting hands). Perhaps we want to hide in BAT or JT for a 'safe' parking of our money. I can't really see WHICH counter in KLSE will not move lower than the current level when KLCI at 750-800 level by end of April. Oh yes, thanking 35 who have voted so far ... seeking others view regrading how +/- they look at KLSE overall is important too. I appreciate such a response. Personally, I m seeing 750-800 level once the not-so-favourable 1Q reports out. Those who missed the 'short rally', just be patient enough to see many moving further down ... in the mean time, get ourselves prepare(with our stalking list and bullets). That is what I m currently doing with JL. I wish to share with him the finer strategies of trading rather than punt-ing(tho I do not show good example! Hehe).

JL : I m glad that you decided NOT to trade for the time being. It is NOT wrong to test things out but sometimes it just not worth it. We profit barely to cover our brokerage fees. I will prefer to sit back, read more economic/biz news so that we are aware of the latest going-ons and also be alert to move in when there is opportunity. Start to look into some HKSE stocks particularly commodities counters. Hey, I want my teh-tarik when u r free, ok? hehe

Yes, JL has given me some good advices like "Be practical. Let's us earn the money and collect more capitals now first, then we slowly increase our knowledge". I was thinking of the simple common-sense that I m blocking from myself. You may have the knowledge but if u do not apply appropriately, you may not make the most out of it, right? Good point taken.

10.15 am : KLCI up slightly after badly battered yesterday.

11.30 am : AnnJoo broke the strong resistance of 1.06. Noted.

Titan testing 0.465(registered 18th Mac).

HSI recovering today too. But, Chalco refuses to move up after the profit-warning statement was out.

1.05 pm : A friend of mine asked about HSBC(listed in HKEx) and I said that I won't touch those stocks with right issues. There are so many better banking-stocks to consider. I like banks in CHINA now(who won't?)

Closer to home, I dislike Maybank too ... and due to the not-so-right right issues, Maybank trading below RM4 today. Someone asked if he should BUY Maybank in RHBInvest forum ... oh boy, is he joking? I hope he is. This is my reply to him in RHB-forum.

In my opinion, generally banking stocks in Malaysia are still expensive. So, NO BUYING in any banking stock just yet.

I think KLCI still at high level too ... BUY at the bottom. Be patient. KLCI not even near its bottom yet. Long way to go.

Thirdly, personally I won't buy Maybank(unless for short-term trading). I dislike their business-plan forward. In investors point of view, BII is a bad buy and the risk now is greater. We don't buy something not solid and risky, right?

Today it is below RM4. Perhaps you may want to wait for KLCI at much lower level and Maybank(WHY Maybank??!) at much cheaper price?

Just merely my opinion.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Focus will be on Chalco --- the deal between Chinalco-Rio Tinto will be done soon and that might spark some interest with investors. But, the profit-warning for the 1Q might dampen the situation. Hence, it is hanging on ... and I will hang on to it too. I think I will buy more HKSE's babes and ride the up surge tide at the moment until it starts to lose its momentum.

Note : Look into Proton, AnnJoo and HapSeng.

10.15 am : KLCI in REDS ... STI and HSI in REDS too. Many taking profits since it have moved up so much higher last week. If there KLCI ready to move further down, then I will be busy to look for 'waterfalls' again. This time we must be alert, k?

2 pm : I was busy since morning to monitor. Chalco diving down, losing more than 10% in the morning trade(expected). I will need to monitor if I want to average down or keep it as it is. HSI in REDS too as many taking profits after a good run in 10 trading days!! LingBao moving back to 2.70 level. Time to collect more of it once it go much lower.

I believe China market will continue to strengthen with all eyes on HOW the gov going to sustain their 8% growth target. I hv a feeling that China will announce a second huge stimulus and by then, we will see another stroong rally. H-shares stocks in HKSE will benefit most from the stimulus.

I also believe that DOW is NOT sustainable, so it is a matter of time DOW will dive further down ... below 6000? As investors exiting equity markets, GOLD will be moving up again. I will want to see GOLD breaching 1000 level ... soon.

As my Astro, there is no strength in the market ... I will clear it too(enough to cover brokerage fees).

2.45 pm : Cleared Astro at 2.18 and 2.17. Need the funds to ready to BUY into mining/oil stocks in HKSE.

9.00 pm : Today is a black-day for me. The lightning stikes my TNB-box and I have to cancel two tuition classes. Chalco closed 12% lower, at 4.56 now. I might want to collect more at 3.80 level. Most of the stocks in HKSE that I stalk lost more than 5% today. It is really bad ... over in KLSE, you could see all running away from equity. Yeah ... one moment it looks like all coming out to BUY ... anything will do. But today ... all in fears and throw away anything at any price. Interesting ... Astro closed higher at 2.21. I m really not good in punt-ing and according to chinese "fung shui", this year is NOT my year to punt. I think I will discipline myself and will only guide JL in trading.

JL : You do impress me with your 'skills' ... I think you are doing very well. Yup, keep to your own trading plans. I will help you to monitor and giving you signals and counters to look into. The others, you need to do your homework, ok?

KLSE shed 16.09 points today and NOTHING to BUY just yet. Now, I will get busier looking into more waterfalls to be formed.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

2.05 am : Just finished doing some of my work.

Chalco at 4.95 and still holding. It secured the loans of USD19.5b for a deal with Rio Tinto but at the moment there is some resistance from the OZ Gov. I believe it will go through soon ...

AnnJoo, Titan and Wellcal at near bottom. Mulpha, TMI and Sunrise on the rise.

MPI, GPacket, AFG, Hapseng(testing 1.85) and SPSetia forming waterfalls now.

Financial Education - Will money ever be enough?

Let us examine this VERY important aspect of our lives ... FINANCIAL or in simplest term YOUR MONEY or MY MONEY. How many of us actually learn much about MONEY since young? Most of us have almost ZERO knowledge about MONEY when we are ... say below 15? By the time we started to work, earning our first pay-check ... we will discover the excitement what MONEY could buy us. I m not talking just merely ITEMS that you could buy in supermarkets but MONEY could buy us respect, buy us 'pride' or status, money starts to be PART of our DAILY lives. If we are staying away from our parents and and fiinancially independent of them, then we will also notice that MONEY is NEVER enough!! This will be especially true if we took studies-loans ... and started to buy things with hire-purchase. To keep up, we will apply a card or two ... and to meet ends. Seriously speaking, generally WHATEVER you wanted to do, it is like it is MONEY ... we might even skip a friend's invitation due to MONEY constraints. I think those YOUNG grads could understand the tremendous pressure to earn the extra dime. MONEY NOT ENOUGH.

If you are like me, a science-background student ... graduated with a science degree(my is Maths), and working 9-5pm(I m considered LUCKY few as I love my teaching job, many don't like their own job) ... and anxiously waiting for the month-end salary ... then, your FINANCIAL KNOWLEDGE is almost ZERO(tho you may be a PHD in whatever). So, I always think that those studying economics or finances SHOULD be very well-off since they have all the knowledge how the MONEY works and learn to earn more MONEY?!

Obviously, I was wrong. We all are almost at the same level IF we are NOT educated-financially since young! You may be a PHD in Economics, talking about world economies ... and teach economic theories, that doesnt mean you are multi-millionaire! In fact, the opposite is true, I guess?

Since our education system never really teached us the MOST essential subject since we were young(and generally parents are financially-illiterate too) ... HOW ARE WE GOING TO EDUCATE ourselves? I found it to be quite IMPOSSIBLE for a person to start re-educating him/herself IF there is NO AWARNESS ... I repeat, AWARENESS about how money works.

This is the LARGEST mental block between a financial-savvy person and a normal tom&jerry. A normal Jane will continue to work VERY hard to earn more money, for years for the increments/bonuses and continue to climb the invicible ladder? Politicking and back-stabbing or do WHATEVER you deem right/possible in get into the fast track of the rat-race! Are we all do the similar thing ... it is just a matter of extent?

Even you are a well-paid specialist, you are STILL clocking in to work ... exchanging your TIME with MONEY. You are obliged to be there at certain hour to do certain tasks. You may say you are earning HIGH, but your life-style will be expected to be HIGHER. We ZERO financial knowledge, you don't know much about INVESTMENT. All you do know is buy UT or put your cash in FD. It is as simple as that??! I teach complicated Differential Equations, but I don't even know how to calculate a compound-interest?? Does that make sense to you? Most of us are in similar boat ... we simply 'ignore'(and becoming IGNORANTS) or neglect of financial education.

Now, you may be a person(stubborn one, indeed) to say ... I save 10% of my salary every month into FD. I m very discipline. Congrats ... you are the VERY FEW in Malaysia to do that!! Surprising? Don't be ... ask around, how many ACTUALLY save 10% of their salary per month? Pay ourselves first ... most financial/investment books will tell you(not your varsity finance books, tho). I do automatically CUT 10% of my pay to finance my loan of "ASB"-saving scheme. I m paying Maybank 5.5%, and ASB paying me about 7% per annum. And I m being "forced" to save!! This sound so LOGICAL ... but with near ZERO financial knowledge, we might not even know there is such a 'product'. Finally,we might want to give ourselves excuses NOT to save. Hey, I work hard for MONEY ... i deserve to change my car-sound system or my handphone need to be changed, ok? And so on ... we failed to SAVE.

While we assume most of us are EMPLOYED(we dream to be tau-keh and THOUGHT it will be better to own boss as we don't need to see someone's 'colours'), most of us FAILED to work more than our working hours!! We DO NOT have the needs to earn more as we have'sufficiently' or more than enough for our current life-styles. Yet, we dream of have more MONEY. Tell me why would someone get in such a HIGH estacy(without the pill) when we strike a lottery, even the 'consolation prize'? MONEY ... excite most of us, right? Tell me why someone CELEBRATE when they get their bonuses or big hike in there salary?? MONEY makes them proud, envy of others and such, right? With MONEY to show others, we feel HIGHER? Haha ... I m laughing at the studity, sorry. Ok ok ... go ahead to buy your fav ORIGINAL football jersey. You deserve to show your surrounding that you are die-hard supporter of the club(mostly from Europe). Afterall, you work hard for the MONEY, u know. Cheers.

Being ignorant should NOT be used as an excuse ... when you reach a certain age, you need to take financial responsibilities, such as towards your parents or your own family(with kids) at least. MONEY could fulfil that ... as MONEY could be used to cover most of the essential things, things that MONEY could buy. Realising that MONEY could NOT buy so many other things I treasured in my heart ... making me feel senseless to chase MONEY. That is something I have not done before. If I hv much, I wish to share and donate it away, making other feel rich will make me happy and feel rich!! :-)

What is FINANCIAL EDUCATION in my opinion then?

to be continued.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yes, I want to be back to KLSE to trade. There are opportunities every week if we are hardworking enough to look into it closely.

Will be scanning for waterfalls again ... but many have moved up higher since a low(new lows) beginning of this month. With April around the corner and Najib up there, it is a matter of time KLSE will be retracing back .... and we will see more new waterfalls form. Those who know EW(Elliot waves) will be convinced that this time the wave will be larger. We may see the dive in April going down till May or June ... perhaps, the buying opportunity will be in July?

We shall see ... in the mean time, I need to start to do some ground-work and be prepare to shooot again. JL, you too.

巫启贤-情谊藏心底 <--- old pictures bring back memories when I was young, and the games we played. .

4.50 pm : Just had two hours of 'tuition' class with JL. It is a change of syllabus, from rebound-play to UMNO-rally? Hmm ... personally, I think UMNO-rally or what-so-ever rally u may call it is OVER soon. I could not find waterfalls except for the current GPacket, MPI and SPSetia. Sunrise caught my attention. I dont know if I want to punt into it ... I will let JL to make decision. Normally, I prefer to be in play with at least 5 waterfalls about to jump up and I will hv the flexiblity to choose in the trading morning. And as may have moved so higher up, NOTHING to buy. Yes, JL ... slowly you will discover that I m really going against the tide. I do learn my lessons due to my impatience. But, I do 'like' the trial and error part as I m learning thru experience from it. MONEY has never been my priority in my trading plans. KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE is.

QUOTE : "Stock investment is NOT about taking risk, it is about knowledge" taken from Ho Kok Mun's book '"Essential Stock Investment Strategies".

11 pm : I want to write about today's TIPPING OFF (The Star) but I m tired. Perhaps tmr, then.

Found this from RHB-group ---> Daniel Hannan MEP: The devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government

I wish that we have a person who could openly criticise constructively of our gov like he did. But, again ... we have ISA and they play on that in a DEMOCRACY and JUST country, like our Malaysia? Hmmm ... thinking allowed?


Friday, March 27, 2009

4.30 am : DOW at 7924, up another 174 points. It will be testing the 8000 psychological level soon.

7.55 am : I m too tired and busy to write today.

11.20 am : While I speak much about my Chalco, at times I do say that I like my CP and CWP. It jumping up again. I bought these two babes for a month or so now. It is for investment, not trade.

CP at 0.335(BUY : average 0.325) and CWP at 0.30(BUY : 0.245). Chalco at 5.40 level (BUY : 4.95 days ago) <--- I noticed ALL my current HK's babes start with "C". Yeah ... my initial is CP. My bowling kakis will call me CP. Hehe Seriously speaking, if you know-how to take advantage on the markets, you gain subtantially. I hv shown JL how I easily trade and gain >10% with each trade last night. It is not that difficult?! I don't think so ... I still feel it is difficult --- it is a test of patience. There are a lot of homeworks done before I could be so confident, ok? We always need to check on ourselves so that we are NOT overly too confident. That could be our downfall. I experienced such lack-of-discipline trades and caught some torns. OUCH.

4.05 pm : Resorts at 2.17 vs 2.18 ... not bad. Astro at 2.20 vs 2.21 with thin volume. Chalco at 5.20 level.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

DOW up about 100 points. KLSE expected to continue to trade range-bound. Khairy won and Rafidah ousted. Is that a good news or a bad one? Whoever in power, our leaders are pathetic. They are STILL bickering and poking each other backs(with some funds to buy 'frogs') since LAST MARCH. One year now ... nothing good came out from them regarding our national Economy. The recent huge stimulus failed to excite investors alike. I m certainly not impressed and skeptical about where money will flow to. 40% to help the ailing cronies zombie companies and another 60% direct to their pockets? They might be 'donating' a pack of "beras" and demand that you, the RAKYAT, appreciate their contributions. Afterall, these people are VERY busy looking for loop-holes to suck more money ... and perhaps get themselves politically linked?

It is amazing ... I could continue to blah-ing on these thousands of 'self-made' millionaires, sucking OUR money for years!! They don't even need to lift a fingers. Look at their huge-belly. Simply amazing that we are being controlled by INCOMPETENT leaders. And they are still sulking about LAST MARCH election losses? What good PKR done to us too, anyway? ---Pause--- this is not a political blog. That explains why I never want to read any political news as it irks me A LOT. Sometimes being ignorant is a blessing. :-)

Dear Sirs, that picture is NOT Nasri la. Also our Chua is man enough to admit adultery! What?!! My ex-boyfriend taken my nude pictures while I was sleeping?!! Too many hypocrites there ... anymore juicy sex-scandals exposed? I m not aware of. Certainly I dont wish to be threathen with a BOMB ... jaga kau, kita kasi bomb kepala you, baru tau. Sorry sir, I m more interested with my markets.

The Star : By Ooi -- Altman’s Z-Score helps investors determine the bankruptcy risk of a firm. Z > 3, safe. 1.8-3.0 ... potential and below 1.8 ... danger!!

JL : You chosen Resorts. You are right, man. Hehe. It is at 2.10 now. It is just that you need to jot down to note about your entry point that I mentioned the other day. We don't buy when the price stablise BUT when the price retraces, ok? If I were are postive as you are with Resorts, I will up my holdings yesterday when it retraced back to 1.97 level, confidently. Good luck. Get in touch with me about the exit point. Exiting is much more important than entry for traders, ya. Resorts at 2.10. You are learning well, man.

9.35 am : I was chasing ASTRO this morning. Phew!! Done at 2.15. Hmm ... "I rather watch Astro!"

To LL : I bought Astro for SHORT punt. Please do not buy what I am buying, ok? Also, I let JL to trade Resorts(of coz I will guide him la) as JL has direct access to me and I m seeing him quite frequent. If you wish to join in the ship, place your funds and I will charge 20%, fair? For your info, I do charge JL 20% too, tho he is such a nice friend, indeed. JL, right? Hehe. Just DO NOT BUY what I m buying. Each time when you ask me, I don't know what to tell u, actually. I rather you place your funds for me to manage than you trade it yourself. Trading is NOT for everyone, honestly. Heed my words, please.

12.05 pm : KLCI up about 4.8 points at the moment with Scomi and Equine moved higher up this morning. Resorts is still in focus as it is heavily traded and at 2.13 vs 2.14 now. Astro at 2.21 vs 2.22. I m looking at Tenaga, Proton, Petra and Hapseng. Noted. As for my Chalco, it is at 5.10 level ... but today's Banking counters are cooking in HKSE. ICBC, the world largest market-cap(?) bank shooting higher ... BOC breaks the 2.50 level and at 2.56 now. Wow ... another counter where I sold at 2.35 recently!!

巫啟賢 - 遺忘過去

2.55 pm : Resorts breaks 2.15 and heading to its strong resistance at 2.20. It is an application of knowledge(thru hard-work), experiences and action-taken that is needed. "FEAR factor" in play in market. Once the rally is strong, GREED comes to play and that will be the time I want out, and look for more water-falls?

6.25 pm : Resting for a while before my next night class. Resorts closed at 2.19 and Astro at 2.20 and Chalco at 5.23. A 10% gain will see me taking profits.

11.00 pm : Still talking to JL. DOW up ... good news? Another hike up tmr will see me SELLING.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DOW down by 100+ points. HSI has been up more than 1000 points in 2 trading days. As for KLSE, I saw the turnover was over RM1b ... and it has been very long we didnt see such a huge volume traded in KLSE. Many counters have shot-up 10-20% for the past week, and yesterday we could witness many profit-taking activities going on.

IF we believe KLSE will continue to rally up, then we will hold to our position. At the moment all eyes are pointing to UMNO. The smooth transition of power is very crucial to investors. If there are more chaos ... we could expect many will flee the markets. Be very cautious if we are trading at KLSE at the moment. I m sideline as I m too busy with my work and observing HKSE.

KNM and Scomi retraced after strong surges. KNM is really incredible. If you were STRONG enough to BUY at 0.32-0.35 level, you could have profitted more than 10% now(thanks to the privitisation rumours/news) .

Thanking those have voted so far. At what level do you think KLCI will be at by end of April? Now, we all have different views as it is more of guess-timate kinda thing. I m taking looking into it lower than 800 but still higher than 750.

Let me point out MY opinions : More bad economic data will be out locally and regionally. Also, the not-so-good quarter reports by most of KLSE's blue chips will definitely giving investors a freak and more reasons to reduce their positions. As for long term investors, they will not be around till, perhaps end of the year?

No foreign investors will be coming in KLSE at the moment as we are still being labelled as 'political unstable' by many foreign media. With such a labelling, we cant be expecting more external investments to pour in, can we? KLSE never being viewed positively by foreign investors, anyway. It is a JOB of BURSA ...

Thirdly ... I think the make-believe support for KLCI so far have been overly done. Whether local funds are obliged to bow to GOV's pressure into buying KLSE's stock at this level or otherwise, we could never be able to ascertain. But what I could say is KLCI has been 'artificially' supported and that is NOT good for investors. Wanting to believe KLSE has BOTTOM OUT and we are stablising at 850 level(with a hope of surging above 1000 soon?) could give us a mis-preceptions. At times I wonder WHO will believe we have bottom-out and start buying/accumulating those stocks? Are they really at 'attractive' values or shouldnt we be patient to WAIT ... wait for KLSE to move lower? If my theory is true, then we shall see more down-side in KLSE. Be prepare to HOLD on ... or clear your positions soon.

Finally, I also believe DOW has NOT bottomed out yet. The recent rally is unbelievable ... there is NO LOGIC(businesses and economic-sense) why those investors flocking back into equity markets!! PUNTERS and traders on the prowl ... we are in the dark for ver long now, and many are using the slightess reason(s) to say we are recovering ...? Hmm ... I m not sure why I m NOT positive about the overall global economic pictures.

I do hope I m wrong. Malaysia will be able to whether this storm and everyone could look into recovery soon. I have quite a gloomy view with my economic situations this year and next. But somehow, I hope I m wrong ... but living in denial will not do us any goood, right? Let us brace ourselves. Keep our jobs while we can. Save as much as we could ... and for those financial-savvy, this will be the best time to INVEST. SAVE as much as possible ... and INVEST(not trade) when the BOTTOM is here ... I will be here to share with many other money-bloggers and hopefully we could give others the so-called tips when the bottom is here? No one could tell exact points but indicators DO NOT LIE. Our government as always will lie to us, RAKYAT.

China wants dollar replaced as reserve currency - By Jamil Anderlini in Beijing

Published: March 23 2009 12:16 Last updated: March 23 2009 14:22

China’s central bank on Monday proposed replacing the US dollar as the international reserve currency with a new global system controlled by the International Monetary Fund.
The goal would be to create a reserve currency “that is disconnected from individual nations and is able to remain stable in the long run, thus removing the inherent deficiencies caused by using credit-based national currencies,” Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the People’s Bank of China, said in an essay posted in Chinese and English on the central bank’s website.

Ok, to me ... this is the biggest and latest of all news.(I m not aware of Ali Rustam couldnt contest for vice as he commited some vices? Sorry, I m so ignorant that I don't even know he was running for the vice-post!. Oopss ... will read some local political news later). Read the above news again ... we are talking about CHINA. Every eyes are at CHINA as their stock-markets continue to soar. Whether China-markets has bottom-out as some analysts suggesting are left to be seen. But, interestingly that CHINA is starting to SPEAK-OUT.

When US accusing China of manipulating their currency, China has been 'quiet'. I do think it is about time China(and the world!!) stand-up and do not give-in to US-bully tactics anymore. US is NOT a model country and never been in my eyes. I was speaking to JL about US currency issue ... and what I think of it weeks ago!! Yes, WHY would all the trades in US-dollar? So, China shown their concerns (after-all they are holding the most US $$$). We will be seeing something big here once China started to stand-up and becoming the global economic power!! China gov must be planning and waiting for this moment(for years now ...). They might be applying Sun-Tzu art of war? China warriors are getting ready ... we don't use arrows or riding horses anymore. This is an economic war!!

10.30 am : Is the party over? I see REDS ... and over in HSI, many running away with profits after a good one full week of rally.

I noticed my BAD timing in exiting. BOC is up now ... hmm ... need to seriously look into it. HKSE is really moving too fast. Just buy and put it there(if u believe HKSE bottom-out?) ... that is what I m thinking. at 4.85 level now. Only my CP and CWP giving me some cheers. Hehe.

Chalco( : BUY RM 2.3567 x 4000 units = RM9426.80 + fees = RM9552.37.

12.20 pm : Chalco at 5.10 level. There is still a rally in gold-related mining counters. LingBao back to 3.20 level after being downed to 3.07 level. It touched a intra-day low of 3.00 just now. WHY am I very interested in gold-related counters? Is'nt it obvious?

JL : I m not so sure if I want you to continue to wander in KLSE as I m negative towards KLSE. But, I do hope you could learn the trade of how market works. I m seeing such a huge opportunity in HKSE but I don't have the syllabus. I hv started as what you are doing at the moment, so ... I m more or less 'coaching' you based on my experiences, trading KLSE. I do recognise that we are different individuals, so we might need a different approach. Let me know if I m confusing you more than actually coaching you, ok? Thanks.

10.20 pm : Finally, I m able to sit down, after hours of lecturing non-stop. I m tired.

From what I have called to trade : Resorts, IOICorp and PPB. How are they doing?

Resorts : 1.97 ---> 2.05, IOICorp 3.90 ---> 3.96 and PBB 9.65 ---> 9.80.

There many counters retracing after the short rally ... is the rally over? I saw MAS and ASTRO charts moving up ... wow. I think I m much more comfortable to be in KLSE. So, perhaps I should trade KLSE(wiith JL) while invest in HKSE.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DOW up almost 500 points and yesterday is the BEST day for global equity markets for the year!! It has been a long time since the last time we see almost all major markets shooting up and very bullish!! Is the bull back or are we still in a bear-market rally? How about KLSE? Is the UMNO-rally that we have been waiting for was here?

Now, say you are like me ... watching yesterday and didnt catch anything in your basket. Will you join in the 'rush'(only fools rush in ...) for the short-rally? Hmm ... and if so, which counter will we look at since most of the counters registered huge hike in their prices? Will you still jump in late-wagon this morning?

This will be a short-rally in my opinion and NOT to be misunderstood that the BULL is back. Market will NOT move up by itself with such uncertainties in global economies and also more bad economic data out every now and then. SO, how come there is such a strong rally in equity markets yesterday? Like you and me, we have been waiting on the side-line for so long and we get very anxious and impatient. BUY BUY BUY ... that is the sentiment at the moment!! Yes, market sentiment is good ... the playground is set for us to play. Shall we?

After scanning through all in my stalk list, I picked three to play with.

Resorts, IOICorp or PPB?

These are the three babes I m looking into for this morning punt!! I m a trader(until KLSE bottoming, I will be an investor), though as much as I wish to WAIT for the market-bottom, this week will be time to 'play'.

Resorts : At 1.97, it was up 7cents yesterday. Resorts did not rebound as strong as Genting(3.10 to 3.60 now). So, we shall see if there will be strong interest(has been one of the most actively traded counter for weeks now).

IOICorp : At 3.90, it might break RM4 today ... and that will give it a strong surge ahead till the next resistance being seen around RM4.40 ... that is about 10% gain(I m easily contented person. Hehe).

PPB : Closed unchanged at 9.65, formed a doji-star with increased volume. The uptrend in tact since it moves from RM7 level(last Nov) and will be testing RM10 soon. A break above RM10, will give us 10% gain as the next resistance seen around RM10.70. Next strong resistance at RM11.

So, these babes are for JL to choose from. BUY with a cut-loss plan and ride on the momentum. Yippeee ... we are moving up!! Are you sure? Hmm ...

10.35 am : Q-ing for at 4.95 and just cancelled the queue for Kencana(at 1.21). I think it is DONE as my screen shown it touched 4.92. Wow.

10.55 am : Confirmed done at 4.95 for Chalco. CWP at 0.285 ... nice wind-blowing.

12.35 pm : KLCI closed slightly lower in a profit-taking day. I saw the 'chase' this morning and was thinking to punt into Kencana at 1.20 but many queued higher. Not to be "left out", I queued 1.21 BUT somehow someone want it more than me and queued at 1.22 in the opening. Obviously it shot higher to touched at 1.27 ... and by then, I cancelled my order!! HKSE opens and I was busy looking into many counters.

Many profit-taking going on too ... and many mining stocks retraces today. LingBao traded below 3.10 now. ZiJin also traded much lower(after more than 30% up in 10days!!). Looking into Chalco which shot-up yesterday and retracing below 5.00 today, I queued at 4.95 and it was done. It touched 4.82(shouldn't I queue for 4.85?? How I know ar?) ... and back to 4.95 level now. So, fine ... we shall watch how mining stocks doing ahead.

HSI closed 213.87 points higher, continuing its rally from yesterday(up 613 points). My focus is at HKSE, not KLSE. I m letting JL to 'try-it-out' in KLSE so that he will hv the experience in trading market. We will be serious in INVESTING, not TRADING. But, simply because the KLSE refuses to move below 800, nothing to BUY yet(most stocks in KLSE are still expensive). Well, you could never replace experiences. No matter how many hours I could talk about it, I feel experiences are IMPORTANT. It could make us wiser ... and we could feel more confident. All the best, JL <--- I know he is reading this. Hehe.

Market Sentiment

I m not so sure what/how others define "market sentiment". But one thing for sure, trading stocks is very much related to 'market sentiment'. It has NOTHING much to do with businesses or even the FA(I prefer a good fundamental stock, anyway) when we trade. When the market is bullish ... it will bull all the way up as MANY more rushing in, hoping to get a piece of the cake.

4.00 pm : I hv just listened to a talk about studying of Bio-tech in Malaysia. The bio-part aside, I m more interested with the statistics. According to the professor, GOV are allocating more than RM2b currently into this area with a VISION to make Malaysia the 'center' of bio-tech by 2020. WOW. Well, he forgot to mention than RM1.5b will go to many other ministers/officers pockets. Anyway, is it a huge potential to INVEST in such companies? Searching for opportunities ...

10.10 pm : I m tired ... just finished the whole day working!! closed at 5.07.


Monday, March 23, 2009

This week signifying an important political week for Malaysia. We hope for smooth transition of power and wish Najib all the best. Whether he could boost investors low-confidence at the moment is left to be seen. But they should not continue to 'support' KLSE and let it moves down as it should. Many are in standby mode ... as being sideline is safer than roaming out in KLSE wilderness. Me and JL will be sideline, watching the UMNO's game ...

The Edge mentioned that there is no UMNO-rally seen this year as many are more cautious this time. Counters like MRCB, Tebrau or UEMLand have slided since their recent peaks in Jan/Feb. At the moment, a quick scan could show us that O&G -related counters such as Kencana, Sapcres, KNM, Scomi and Saag have rallied up on last Friday. Crude oil at USD52 now. Many are still speculating that it might move further up to see a new high of USD60 iin recent months.

LingBao( : Bought RM1.5092 x 6,000 = 9055.20 + fees = RM9178.20 --- as there is nothing much to play with in KLSE, I jumped in the wagon(a day too late?) for the mining stocks. Gold has appreciated up to 950 level at the moment. I m not so sure if I will hold longer than I should but I will monitor it closely to see if I need to take profit/cut loss early?! Another hike up will warrrant me to think to SELL. That is trading ... I found that it is very difficult to trade in HKSE(compared to KLSE) due to its huge fluctuations and volitilities. But, we all should continue to learn ...

JL : Do watch the O&G counters this week or so ... and also focus on 10+ good stocks that we might buy into during our rebound-play. Thanks.

10.30 am : Queue at 3.50 to clear LingBao as HSI surge ahead.

3.00 pm : Sold LingBao at 3.50 for 10% gain. Many moving up much higher now ... it is incredible!! I took a peep at KLSE ... it is moving above 10points too.

10.20 pm : HSI up 600+ points and KLCI up 20+ points. What a bull-day today and many suddenly came out from the sideline. In a way, I lost the boat. Scanning thru to see ANY more buying opportunities for tmr, I could only discover 3 stocks I might PUNT on it. Yeah, normally IF i hv decided on ONE particular stock, I will BUY on the market value ... and NOT queueing for it. That is basically what I hv in my mind at the moment.

1 am : Liverpool 3 up against Villa ... fantastic. No team want to play Liverpool at the moment, after whacking Real and MU. Now, another 4 goals spree? Hmm ...

1.15 am : Gerrard scored his second goal, Liverpool's fourth. Very strong show.

JL : I read the Bloomberg just now, the 585b stimulus package is NOT a new stimulus. There are views that China may need ANOTHER stimulus of that size in near future, if they want to maintain their goal of 8% increase in their GDP this year. IMF placing it at 6.5%.

If there is another stimulus of such a huge size, many China stocks will rally very strongly. China markets uptrend are still in tact and we are expecting China markets to outperform ALL the other major markets. And yes, I agreed with you that EPF SHOULD invest out-of-KLSE, but we all know they are puppets, right? I wonder who actually managing our EPF? The team must be bunch of puppets without any control of their investments. Seriously, from what you gathered from me so far, even novices llike us KNOW KLSE will NOT give us anything much. 3% next year? What do u think?

EPF --- will you employ ME to manage 1% of the funds? I wont demand much but just 5% commision of the profits ... is that ok? I dream of such a job! But there are thousands out ther who is SURELY better than the team of EPF fund-managers. Their hands are tied. Pardon them, please.

1.30 am : Gerrard scored from the spot for his hattrick, Liverpool's fifth goal. They could score more as Villa playing like a bunch of school-kids with Liverpool exhibits quality football.

Hong Kong’s Bankruptcies Climb to Five-Year High on Recession

By Wendy Leung

March 21 (Bloomberg) -- Bankruptcies in Hong Kong soared as the city’s recession deepened, reaching the highest level since the aftermath of the SARS epidemic in 2003.

There were 1,500 bankruptcy petitions filed in February, up from 1,266 in January, the Official Receiver’s Office said on its Web site yesterday. Filings last month were the highest since October 2003, after severe acute respiratory syndrome caused the city to slide into its last recession.

The economy will probably shrink 2 percent to 3 percent in 2009, after a 2.5 percent expansion last year, Financial Secretary John Tsang forecast in his budget speech on Feb. 25. Unemployment rose to 5 percent in the three months through February, the highest level in 32 months.

The number of bankruptcy petitions increased to 11,620 last year from 10,918 in 2007.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sharon Koh lost her semi but Zulmazlan won the Malaysian Open in Sunway Pyramid. When I was in KL, I wont miss such a show!!

I won't believe it ... MU losing to Fulham now, they just scored the second goal with only 5 minutes to go. Spurs leads Chelsea 1 - 0, with 30 minutes to play. Yeah, I broke almost all my rountine!! And glad doing it. Yeah ... I m writing about football, rather than stocks!! Hehe.

Till Monday ... have a nice weekend.

JL : Nice to know you trusted me. Yes, we will get thru these together, ok? U gave me good info too ... like telling me Proton is positive in cash? Then, we can put Proton in out stalk list, ok? Hehe. Night to you ...


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Morning, DOW down some 100+ points. Is the rally over?
Crude Oil above USD50 now.

Yes, I m taking a break to re-think of my tradings.

Taken from Smartbiz's blog.

A young and pretty lady posted this on a popular forum:
Title: What should I do to marry a rich guy?

I'm going to be honest of what I'm going to say here. I'm 25 this year.

I'm very pretty, have style and good taste. I wish to marry a guy with $500k annual salary or above. You might say that I'm greedy, but an annual salary of $1M is considered only as middle class in New York .

My requirement is not high. Is there anyone in this forum who has an income of $500k annual salary? Are you all married?

I wanted to ask: what should I do to marry rich persons like you?

Among those I've dated, the richest is $250k annual income, and it seems that this is my upper limit. If someone is going to move into high cost residential area on the west of New York City Garden ( ? ) , $250k annual income is not enough.

I'm here humbly to ask a few questions:

1) Where do most rich bachelors hang out? (Please list down the names and addresses of bars, restaurant, gym)

2) Which age group should I target?

3) Why most wives of the riches is only average-looking? I've met a few girls who doesn't have looks and are not interesting, but they are able to marry rich guys.

4) How do you decide who can be your wife, and who can only be your girlfriend? (my target now is to get married)

Ms. Pretty


I found this interesting. May be some guys who is earning 500k annually could give her some light!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Let the wind blows ... in Land Below The Wind

DOW at 7,400 level ... as Citi finally gives way.

9.10 am : This blog will take a break for 3 days, from now till Monday morning. I m too busy at the moment. Nothing to blog about KLSE, anyway.

3.00 pm : Bought LingBao in the morning. Sold BOC too.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Click to enlarge : Yeah, those in CNBC are wrong half of the time, wonder WHY they are still there B-S-ing away?

4.15 am : DOW up about 100points so far. Citi above USD3 now. If you hv bought Citi when it was at USD1, you have TRIPLED your money, but say you went it slightly late and grabbed it at USD1.50, you have DOUBLED your money. Will you go in TMR at USD3 and thinking that it will RALLY further to USD6 to double your money? That is a 100% appreciation question, ok?

Buffett DO NOT trade ... he won't punt into such rally. He is a pure investor. So, he gains consistently about 25% over the decades. You have to admire his patience.

5.10 am :How about AIG? It jumps up 40+% today, ok? If you have bought around USD0.70, you have DOUBLED your money!!

8.30 am : KLCI pointing up so far ... I was busy keeping up with many OSK's reports about KLSE's babes like BJToto, Astro, Kencana, SIA ... many more.

IF you have bought into PBBank-F at 6.90, you may want to sell soon for 10% gain(thanks to the oversold news!!). To catch ONE counter that will move up(in such a bear market) 10% in weeks is NOT easy but ... it is possible!! Buying KNM at 0.32/0.325 will give you 10% gain soon!! How about Sapcres, rebounding up again later, I guess can sell for 10% gain IF you bought it days ago? If you miss TOPGLOVE or NCB that moved up strongly, it is not right to chase them now, right? HOW are we going to know exactly WHAT to BUY at WHAT time? Also, don't tell me you will place your whole $$$ into just one counter KNOWING it will move up 10% SOON? Hmm ... That is what I m trying to say. And I hope to learn such a skill as I believe there are someone out there doing just that!!

HKSE : Many counters trading at very high volatility that the difference between the intraday low and intraday high is MORE than 10% easily!! The main point is HOW are you going to BUY when it at the low and know that it will NOT be going lower? Hmm ... that is the most difficult question for traders. Many use the TA as that is what TA about ... read the chart, charts dont lie.
All Rise - Blue

9.05 am : KLCI up 3.5 points. Pelikan and Muhibah in rebound play. Noted.

9.45 am : 1886.HK in focus ... stock will dive 50% today as Cola-cola US2.4b buy-out rejected by the Chinese Gov. I remember F&N dived recently due to Coke's news too. But both are in different situations.

10.00 am : Angang is facing a downturn due to not so favourable reports on STEEL sector. I m releasing it later for small profit, if possible.

11.10 am : Angang touched 7.45 now, I m q-ing to clear at 7.50, actually since morning when it opens lower at 7.15 level ... due to my screen lags behind about 20-minutes, perhaps it will be done soon. HSI down by 100+ points just now. Unrealised gross profits : 60cents x Rm300 = Rm1,800.

11.15 am : Angang sold - HKD7.50 as it touches 7.53 now and still moving UP!! (It touched 7.62 around 11.40am local time here)

11.25 am : I monitored Angang movements for past one month now. Now I can speak about it as I hv cleared it. When I bought at HKD6.20 to average down of its prices that I bought higher(7.40 and then 7.10), the FEAR of catching a KNIFE was VERY real. Honest. But, I was looking into market rallies all over ... in US and HKSE(China). So, I hv to brave myself to grab more of it - I bought at 7.40, why not at 6.20, right?But, if it dives down to HKD5, I m prepare to BUY more and forget about KLSE. I hv US-market in my mind too, actually.

I shared how I lost my RM1k from Alibaba(with JL) and today Alibaba up to 8.20 now. I sold for a loss at 6.70(to get the funds to average down Angang and China Power). While waiting for Bank Of China to break 2.20, I used my last bullets on China WindPower. I made no hiding that I like ENERGY and POWER sector-play. I like H-shares and riding on positive China's biz-new all over. And the rally in US certainly will rub on to HKSE too.

Yes, I m thinking of clearing BOC too at 2.40 and it touched 2.39 just now. Q-ing at 2.40 since morning.

Currently, I hv mining in my mind BUT mining stocks shooting up HIGH today due to the rebound in gold-price. So, I hv to be patient ... very patient to wait for ANOTHER corrections before grabbing some of the mining stocks. Yes, I m very busy with HKSE, that I could not speak much about KLSE. KLSE has NOT dived down yet ... so, no STRONG rebound seen at the moment. What is Najib doing now? I don't know ...

China WindPower(CWP) at 0.28 now. If you look into the charts, you could see that you will have doubled you money IF you bought at its BOTTOM? I bought at 0.245, and at 0.28 ... I hv gained more than my Angang(in term of %), ok? But ... this is for longer term. I will be back to grab Angang again(for steel sector play. Maanshan is hot too).

1.50 pm : I read Ze-Moo-Moo's written about CIMB asking investors going to HKSE or US? Hmm ... if they hv the discipline to HOLD for longer term, I think it is a positive advice. Afterall, we still need to wait for Najib to go up(and more monkeys stories) ... and don't know when our so-called leaders will care for the country's economy? Just be patient with KLSE ... wait and wait ... NOTHING to BUY, ok?

11.15 pm : DRYS and AIG shoot up almost 30% now. The mining stocks that I look into also jumped more than 10% in one day trading. I need to think what I should do tmr morning. I m too tired now. Night.


p/s : ALL my buying/selling written are only for my OWN view and for simulation purposes. It is NOT real. So,please do not read those lines and believe that I really gain anything, ok? Do not BUY what I m buying, I repeat.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DOW rally up another 178 points and might help STI and HSI to continue their rallies after yesterday's breather. We shall see ... but, unfortunately same could not be said for our KLSE. We still have political ghosts hanging around. No one would be dare to play with KLSE, knowing that the supports are not strong.

Public Bank

I m not surprised with the 'jump' in PBBank yesterday AFTER the report in local papers regarding PBBank OVERLY SOLD? Hmm ... and you mean many straight away run to KLSE to grab some of PBBank? Funny ... I was talking to JL yesterday on HOW ignorant these so-called investors could be. Are they buying due to short-punt or are they serious that they are buying as they see PBBank reaches it BOTTOM at RM7? It closed higher at RM7.35 yesterday.

Boy, oh boy ... I m becoming a Mr Doom Teh!! Haha ... I am asking anyone at all to SELL anything that they bought at higher price!! It is too general ... you need to know WHY you have bought the particular stock and WHY at that price, ok? What is the level of KLCI again? 840?? What ... 840 is still VERY higher and artificially supported, ok? Those who DO NOT monitor KLSE on daily basis are NOT supposed to be in KLSE at the moment. It is a BEAR TRAP.

Buying PBBank at RM7+ yesterday and thinking that it has bottom-out(otherwise WHY they bought it, right?) is kinda ... errr .... silly(milder word of stupid?). I m horning on the FACTS that I strongly believe --- KLSE will go down SOON. GET OUT. But, that is merely my belief ... you may want to have your own opinion and think of it otherwise .... and BUY PBBank at RM7.40 later?

You see, I m NOT questioning your LOGIC that PBBank is a good counter in KLSE(surely much better than MOST of KLSE's counters!!) ... I m pointing out your TIMING. KLCI at 840 ... what if KLCI at 750 ... can you GUESS the price of PBBank stock? RM6? How about KLCI at 650(my wild guess!) ... do you think PBBank at RM 9 by then or RM5? RM 7 is the average of RM5 and RM9, ok? I will pick RM5 rather than RM9 ... so, buying PBBank at RM7 now is ... silly?? THINK about it before asking around ... err ... PBBank at RM7 is very cheap now, can buy ar??

For those asking such a BASIC question, showing that you are VERY ignorant of markets and banking-sectors overall. You should THINK of QUITTING being in the market all together! Serious!! I m helping you to 'save' money. I rather put the money in FD with PBBank and earn some % of interest. Help yourself, ok?

Can I double my money buying PBBank at RM7 now, say ... in 3 yrs time?? In my humble opinion, NO. You should be happy IF PBBank could recover back to RM7 three years later. Get the picture by now? ---hint---

OK, it is a rally : But how large and how long? by Robert Folsom

When the major U.S. equity markets lose some 55% of their value in a span of 17 months, even as prospects for the economy turn just as alarming if not worse, it is no surprise to see investor sentiment reach negative extremes.

And, in fact, two of the most closely watched measures of sentiment have very recently shown readings that do indeed match the current financial environment -- which is to say, nobody has seen anything like it before.

Yet if historic levels of negative sentiment are no surprise, here's what should be even less surprising: The stock market will mount an authentic rally. As for why this is no surprise, the short answer is quite simple: Everyone who wants to sell has done so. At least for the time being.

Do the point gains in this week's market suggest a rally of the "authentic" kind? Well, several measureable and anecdotal indicators suggest strong skepticism about whether the rally can last, which increases the likelihood that it will. The more important question is, how large and for how long?

The Short Term Update has been calculating an answer to this question since late last month. Here's an except from the February 27 commentary:

The lessening in the intensity of selling pressure is occurring with some measures of market optimism virtually nonexistent.... This exceedingly low level of optimism marks a record extreme dating back to April 1987, when the data series started. What stood was the spike in NYSE volume, which data came in at 2.24 billion shares traded. The increase may signal the start of some type of capitulation phase, whereby share prices fall hard into a ... bottom

US market is having a rebound at the moment, which will helps some regional market to go with it. That is a piece of good news for HSI and STI(not KLSE, ok?). But, everyone is still wary that this is just a bear-rally. We could not be overly optimistic that it will last and we are heading for a new BULL run? Hmm ... The only market that MIGHT surging ahead at the moment is China Market. KLCI needs to shed another 100-200 points before we could look into it and try to search for its bottom ... loooong way to go. Be patient and collect all your ammunition.

8.50 am : JL : Sapcres breaking away today --- I mentioned to you two days ago!!

10.05 am : KLCI up about 5 points. HSI pointing upwards today. Pelikan rebounds besides Sapcres.

10.15 am : BOC will go up again. Hehe ... Once it breaks the resistance at 2.20, it will be seeing 2.60 for the next resistance. I will clear by then(bought at 2.20). And again, those bought BOC.HK due to my recommendation, please be kind enough to send me my well-derseved doughnut, ok?

HKSE's babes :BOC at 2.37(2.20), AG at 7.40(6.90), CP 0.31(0.325) and CWP 0.285(0.245). HSI up 150+ points.

10.55 am : "Superman", I like your blog but I m too busy to read any 'pleasurable' personal blog. I wish I m a superman too ... or ULTRA-man? Haha. Oh yes, I hv highlighted the BEAR TRAP for you, man. hehe

11.10 am : BOC at 2.38, AG at 7.30, CP 0.32 and CWP 0.28. I hv plunged in almost all my bullets into HKSE. I hv cleared AB at a loss and it jumps much higher now. I m still looking into a MINING stock, while cut my huge holding in Angang(take profit soon). In my opinion, mining stock will surge soon ...

12.20 pm : HSI up 200points but AG going lower now, at 7.10 level. Excuse me, it going to 7.00 level. Hmm ... clear?

12.45 pm : HSI up 192 points and AG closed at 7.08 for lunch. Clearing some later at 7.40, if possible.

3.05 pm : KLCI up 7 points and many greens around. PBBank at 7.50 now. Hmm ...

It is VERY difficult to double your money in ONE YEAR.

Here is a simple calculation:-

Say you have RM10,000 : Equity RM9,000 and Cash Rm1,000

Every month, without fail ... you could GAIN 10% from your RM9000. So, it is RM900 income per month. That will give us RM10,800 (900 x 12).

The TOTAL : Rm9000 + RM10, 800 + RM1, 000 = RM20, 800. Assume using only RM800 for your transactions fees. There you are : YOU have DOUBLED your money in ONE YEAR.

You may FORGET about doubling your money in 3 yrs IF you are into FD, ASB, UT, Bonds, Property etc etc. Only MARKETS could give you such a high leverage. BUT ... can you imagine the difficulties? GAINING 10% PER YEAR is difficult, we are saying about gaining 10% consistently per month!! Is it really possible? Hmm ... in my opinion, it is possible!!. That is what excite me ...

10.10 pm : DOW is down in the opening. DOW rally is NOT sustainable.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

12.45 am : DOW up again, up by 130+ at the moment. If u bought Citi at USD1, you would have double your money in one week!!

7.50 am : DOW closed slightly lower.

Double your MONEY, please

Let us do some simple calculations this morning to see HOW we could double our money and how long will it takes us.

Fixed deposit with 3% interest p.a : (1.03)^23.5 = 2.00. So, you will need 23 and a half years to put your money FIXED in a FD to double your money(no withdrawal assumed).

Fixed deposit(our EPF?) with 5% interest p.a : (1.05)^14.25 = 2.00. So, you will need 14 years and 3 months with the same assumptions made as above. This is compounded interest.

ASB or similar investments with :

(a) 7% interest p.a : (1.07)^10.25 = 2.00. So, you will need 10 years and 3 months to double your money.

(b) 8% interest p.a : (1.08)^9 = 2.00. So, you will need 9 years to do that.

(c) 9% interest p.a : (1.09)^8.08333 = 2.00. So you need about 8 yrs and one month.

(d) 10% interest p.a : (1.10)^7.25 = 1.996. So, you will need 7 years and 3 months.

.......... Calculate this : What is the interest per annum if I wish to DOUBLE MY MONEY in 3 years time?

Note : We have assumed NO INFLATION and our money is SAFE in banks.

If you don't know this simple calculation, then it will be very hard for you to follow what I m trying to say here, ok? I m not insulting your intelligence but I think you SHOULD NOT ignore such an important calculations!! This is MONEY we are talking about ... and what again, you want to be RICH? We need the right mentality to get even near that. Buying TOTO is NOT what I meant.

That is the point I m trying to drive here : IT IS NOT EASY(or it takes VERY long) to double our money with our pathetic FD or what so ever investment vehicles offered in the financial markets. UT or Bonds might do slightly better than FD, of coz. Gone were the days when FD was at high as 8-10%, ok?

Read this news about our EPF : PETALING JAYA: The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) Board declared a 4.5% dividend yesterday for its members, blaming the lower rate of returns on the global economic crisis.(TEH : excuse me, EPF buying KLSE's stocks ... you want to know what they are buying at what prices? Haha)

EPF declared a 5.8% dividend in 2007.(TEH : KLSE in bullish run with gains about 30%)

9.05 am : KNM up simply because LEE said he might want to take KNM private? DO read what Dali has written about it, very logical. BUY KNM only for the PUNT, of coz. Throw later.

10.oo am : Wai --- I will write what I think of KNM when I m "free" tonight, ok?

Will HSI continue its rally as DOW taking a breather?

10.10 am : STI losing 20 points, HSI heading for reds too, profit taking day for short-term traders. BOC at 2.33 now, did you throw away your PBBank and buy BOC.HK days ago when it was at 2.20? I know it is difficult for anyone to CHANGE the way they think. We human as habitual-mammal.

10.30 am : Angang at 7.30 level, with a tight range of 7.25-7.35.

10.35 am : I hv deleted my portfolio list as I do not need some sore-losers to get the pleasure of seeing my holdings losing money? Hmmm ... I m glad this morning as I bought CWP days ago at 0.245 and it is at 0.28 now. This is another for investment, NOT trading. It has appreciated more than 100% since NOV's dive, mind you. Yes, DOUBLE your money in 3-5 months time?? Possible? AG at 7.40 now ... hmm ...

11.00 am : AG at 7.50 level. BOC at 2.36 --- anyone bought BOC days ago after reading my blog, I want my doughnut send to me, ok? Thank you. Hehe

12.40 pm : I want to write about confidence-crisis, living frugally and opportunities in the midst of crisis BUT I m so tight. Will re-collect my thoughts before I place it here.

JL : There is a thin line between as insane-person and a genius!!

Guess since he is the ONLY one who trusted in my KNOWLEDGE, he is seeing a genius in work? Hmm ... wait till you know how frugally I m living, also how much of work I hv done for past 4 yrs(non-stop since I started my keropok business and now stock-investing).

It is SAD to know my family in KL DO NOT trust me and all giving me warnings NOT to be in stock-market(with labelling and names thrown in). Yeah ... if you were a "prisoner", you will ALWAYS be labelled as a criminal!! I know I was BROKE previously, I m rash and emotional. Look how I hv changed before judging me, ok? I M NOT GAMBLING in KLSE.

It is also SAD to know that none in KK(my wife's relatives) trusted me too. I m driving a Kancil, you see. So, at times ... they will give unnecessary pressure on my wife. So, I have been silenced. My father-in-law so cynical about my doings ... I remember an ex-colleague said a person like me will NEVER be able to succeed!! I wonder what makes him said that. He is STILL teaching Management subjects.

I m telling myself to be PATIENT, very PATIENT. Time will tell IF I succeed. What do you readers think? Am I insane, plain stupid(moronic? Haha) or a genius-in-play? Hmm ... I m least bothered, actually. Only my family could get me down with their lack of trust in my knowledge.

So, thanks JL for trusting me. Even without you, you should know that I WILL continue my struggle. I m NOT out to prove to ANYONE surround me. In fact, I m sincerely wanting to share with them my KNOWLEDGE. If I do not apply my knowledge, it is EMPTY VESSELS making the most noises, ok?

12.50 pm : HSI closed slightly higher but STI down by 10+ points. AG @ 7.56.

2.30 pm : Nothing to watch in KLSE, except TMI. Kencana moving lower. Noted.

3.00 pm : BOC up t0 2.41 now!! Yeah ... where is my doughnut la? Hehe. AG @ 7.60 now.

4.30 pm : The wind changed and HSI lost about 100 points. AG dived down to 7.20 level.

8.20 pm : FTSE is also slightly down after the recent rebound.

10.35 pm : DOW is mixed at the moment ... ENER down by 20+% now. Noted.

For Ah Wai : KNM --- Personally I will NOT touched KNM since my last encounter months ago. Simple common-sense ... it is a punter-haven and I m too busy to monitor to PLAY with them. At the moment, it is playing at the NEWS of possibilities of MBO(management buyout). Do read Dali's blog regarding this. Then, think LOGICALLY. To me, KNM will NOT be able to get the finance they wanted(LOGICAL, right?). AirAsia came to mind. Do you read about AirAsia case? Similar here, i presumed. Any SMALL rebound is a SELL CALL to me. Even if I hv to paralyse myself but amputing off my huge limbs. WHY?

Because I m NOT comfortable to hold on to something NOT not promising. I m an INVESTOR. So, I will look into business point of view, ok? Global crisis will be around for some time. O & G stocks have been badly battered(what is KNM compared to Exxon) ... and since KLSE is NOT down yet(base on my prediction), there are more downside for MOST of KLSE's stocks. KNM, included.

How low KNM stock could be? No one could tell you that ... anything that could go lower(or much lower) DESERVE a SELL CALL. Why holding on to a stock which we KNOW it will go further down? It doesnt make sense to me ... but THOUSANDS of them who bought anything last year are STILL stucked inside KLSE-hole. The reason : TOO PAINFUL to release. By the time they want to release, it has moved much further down. IF the company ever SURVIVE, even that ... you will NOT be seeing KNM trading at Rm1.70 anymore for YEARS to come. Long term investors?

The fear will be ... MANY stocks in KLSE might be de-listed. I read that only 6(??) companies de-listed so far in 2009. I m surprised with the 'small' number as I m expecting MANY more to follow suit. Won't be surprised to put KNM in the list. The RISK is REAL. So are the FEARS. Hence, no BUYING KNM for me ... not even at 20cents!! Stocks are cheap for reasons, ok?

To me, I will look into 3 years ... which stock(s) will survive the crisis test and come out STRONGER than ever? With more smaller companies collapsing, the STRONG ones will be more dominant. Then, we shall see WHICH

Monday, March 16, 2009

Morning ... I m 'late' today. Yeah, I was enjoying my sleep. Hehe.

My priorities in my life should be in this order :

1. Family
2. Health
3. Wealth

I was discussing about it with JL last night and both of us agreed. Yeah, if you have all the wealth you ever wanted, do you think it could BUY you happiness? It could buy you MATERIAL items that this materialistic world could offer, but not more than that. It could NOT BUY you happiness. Many fight due to lack of money to sustain their lifestyles --- and once they have the MONEY, they are still fighting due to too much of it. MONEY is the root of all evils?

The reasons I m into investing/trading are NOT mainly due to gain much of MONEY. I m one simple person(JL and those who know me personally will assure u that!) ... with no request for any so-called lifestyle. I recognise that MONEY could not buy things closest to my heart ... I want to be with my family, I want to have the freedom of TIME and MONEY to enjoy with my family. I want to go back to KL in soonest of time, with my accumulated wealth so that I could share with my KL-family ... then, bring my wife and 2 kids going places. Nothing closest to my heart than my family. So, naturally I am 'using' my two cute babies as my inspiration!! I could work so hard ... thanks to my babies smiles. :-)

But working extremely hard might affect my health. Oh yes, I got a doc-friend now, JL. Haha. Yes, I hv my 5 year old goal in my mind, firmly planted. Sometimes I do push my limits. But I reckon that every successful people work extremely hard. So, I will continue to work hard till I achieve my GOAL --- financially FREE.

No one could tell you that they DO NOT wish to be financially-free? What does that mean to you? To me, it means that I do not need to clock in and clock out 5days/week till I retired at 55 and above. By then, my kids will be still young and need the MONEY for their education. Financially free doesnt mean I dont need to work. Mind you, I m a few lucky ones that love my Maths and love teaching. So, I m teaching Maths. I dont really complain about my job as I m doing something I love for past 20 years!! I could continue to do what I m doing till I retired but ... I m a family-man now. I want the "best" for my family too. These are what we all want, right?

Financially free also means that I could bring my family AWAY from pathetic Malaysia's education system and allow my kids to explore more possibilities. In general, anything termed 'good' comes to mind, I could provide for my kids WITHOUT worrying that I don't hv the time or MONEY. Isnt that what we all wish for our family?

So, I m looking at this crisis as a huge opportunity to gain substantially with a hope I could be financially free. Being a SIMPLE person, I will still live my simple lifestyle!! Perhaps I might be able to watch a movie again someday!! Yeah, I m 'deprieved' of so-called entertainment!! Me and my wife have been living our lives BELOW our own means!! DELAY GRATIFICATION is our main philosophy!!

This morning, I break my routine ... I sleep till 6.30am, played with my son and wife in bed before having breakfast with them ... and reached school(nearby) 5 minutes before 8am. We lecturers need to clock-in by 8am. Yeah ... I will do more of such, JL. Hehe

10.20 am : HSI up 100+ points and Angang still in BUYing mode. AS at 7.10 now ... every 10 cents up(or down) will gain(loss) me Rm300+. So, it is TIRING if we are going to buy/sell in weekly basis. Hence, I m going to sit tight and INVEST, instead of trade.

I will still TRADE KLSE soon .. once I done my homework and KLSE dive down. Other than that, I m into markets NOT to trade ... I m an INVESTOR la. That explain why I m so so excited with the 'crisis', ok? Hehe

Angang up ... 7.25 ... with my average of 6.90, I m gaining RM1k now!! Wow ... silly. Markets up, market down. Stocks up, stocks down ... that is part and parcel of market behavoiurs, anyway. Enjoy the rollercoaster ride ...

11.20 am : Resorts going below 1.90 and Tenaga below 6.00. Noted.

12.30 pm : STI lost 20 points, HSI up 100 points, AG back to 7.10 level.

Resorts : My target price of 1.80 is nearing, so I need to review on the price and will only look at it again once KLSE dives. Perhaps, Resorts will go to 1.50. What is wrong with Resorts that pushes many to release their KLSE's darling? I wonder ...

3.20 pm : KLCI down slightly. STI too but HSI up 250 points now with AG at 7.30 now. Nothing much going on in KLSE with weaknesses seen all over. I won't BUY Resorts yet ... that is my opinion, ok? If you wish to BUY NOW as you thought it is CHEAP and 1.85 is the bottom, I m speechless. Ready to hold for long term, ok? And this time ... the long term will be 3-5 yrs for it to recover ...

5.40 pm : HSI up 450+ but KLCI in reds. STI up too. Angang at 7.37. Another surge by DOW tonight will bring high optimism that we have bottom-out? Short bear-rally, to be exact. I m clearing at 8.00+ ... we shall see.

Resorts clawed back to 1.90+ level ...

9.05 pm : I m going to look into KLSE which I missed the whole day(too busy). Yeah ... next month I will have one week off(secondary school off this week) to TRADE KLSE. So, I need to get my bullets ready by then.

Technically, RESORTS is a BUY. It touched 1.84 today to form a long leg and night experience a technical rebound tmr. BUY at 1.90+ and place 1.85 for a cut loss level. That is how I m going to play with it, IF I m to trade Resorts tmr morning.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Internet ... the most important tool for an investor in today's investing world. With a few clicks, we could get information regarding the company's activities and their financial information which are very crucial for investors to make a decision - to invest in the company?

Tho I read a lot through internet, I still like a nice investment book. I could bring it anywhere I go, to the park or during a meal. I could refresh about some concepts which I may have overlook. By constantly reveiwing them, I could place it in my 'long-term' memory. We all need to be reminded ... especially there are so many items to look into BEFORE we make our decisions.

A good habit should be the usage of a check-list. It is a routine we all should have. I shared that we JL a routine in my bowling!!

Before every throw , there are many 'small' details I will try to follow:

1. Wipe my bowling ball while planning for my throw --- which board/arrow, where to stand etc etc ... while taking a deep breath.
2. I will use my left-hand(non-bowling hand) to lift the ball, with my knees bend.
3. I will feel the holes to make sure there is no sweat or anything sticky. That could cause a bad throw and might be injury.
4. I will close the distractions around by focusing on my target on the lane ... while visualising my throw.
5. Next, I will step-up with my LEFT leg(my sliding leg) and see that it is smooth. My eyes will still be on the lane ... and AVOID speaking with other bowlers. I will be in serious mode.
6. Once I positioned my legs and adjust my body, I will insert my two fingers before the thumb.
7. I will take another deep breath and I m ready to bowl ...

There are many more routine works that sound so-so TRIVIAL but ... being a 10-pound straight ball player, I won't stand a chance against others IF I do not concentrate. Mind you, I seldom practise ... but I could still maintain an average of 180-190 in a competition!!

I played 3 games on Friday night after 2 months+ didnt touch my bowling ball. No practice throw allowed. My scores : 164, 192 and 188. Not bad for a straight ball who has been absent for 2 months?! I don't play much, so every throw is a real practice to me.

I always equate my bowling with my trading. KNOWLEDGE being applied appropriately could give us the edge over others. You may train for hours in the bowling alley BUT if you are practising an incorrect way, it is 'bad'. You created bad-bowling habits.

By the way, the word "HAMMER" being shared in bowling(ball) and trading(TA). I m using a Hammer-ball. Hehe.

Jan 6th 2009 : KLCI closed at 922.23

Top 20 active counters : 6th Jan --- 13th Mac

1. KNM 0.485 - 0.33
2. UEMLand 0.70 - 0.685
3. MRCB 0.81 - 0.81
4. IOICorp 4.34 - 3.80
5. Tebrau 0.485 - 0.37
6. Ranhill 0.905 - 0.77
7. Resorts 2.39 - 1.93
8. Time 0.145 - 0.08
9. Gamuda 2.03 - 1.86
10. LionInd 0.795 - 0.595
11. Zelan 0.91 - 0.47
12. Timecom 0.29 - ???
13. Commerz 6.50 - 6.20
14. Scomi 0.395 - 0.295
15. WCT 1.29 - 0.99
16. Huaan 0.245 - 0.18
17. Picorp 0.46 - 0.47
18. Ramunia 0.33 - 0.255
19. Mulpha-WA 0.065 - 0.02
20. Sime 5.65 - 5.40

Others worth looking into : Maybank 5.55(4.00), Astro 2.39(1.85), Misc 8.75(8.35), SPSetia 3.34(3.08), Genting 3.84(3.24), TMI 3.64(2.44), TM 3.02(3.48), PBBank 8.80(7.15), IGB 1.45(1.25) ... the list is too long!!

JL : Sarawak 2.28(1.75 ... L 1.57 bottom-out).

Simple exercise for me to get back to KLSE as I hv lost touch. I still need a week or two before I could get into the "game" again. I hv to renew or update my knowledge of my stalking list. Guess what will be the prices of those in REDS(as they hv went down and in my list) when KLSE going for its first 2009 diving competition?

JL : Do you look into the market cap to buy a stock?

Generally ... NO. I m not an investor(at the moment, at least) ... a large market cap stock such as SIME, Maybank or Misc do not mean it is traded at attractive valuations and since we are STILL in bear market, all these counters WILL be traded at cheaper prices, means their market-cap value will change tremendously too. I hv just listed out THREE very huge market-cap stocks listed in KLSE which I will NOT buy/touch. I m also not so interested with the dividends or interested whether they are so-called defensive stocks? Never mind about WHATEVER stocks, they will become CHEAPER by end of April, ok?

A mid-cap counter might be better than big-cap. And if we could 'catch' a small cap with huge potential ... we surely could gain MUCH more than big caps? I do NOT buy due to their market cap, generally.

JL : If there are such HUGE opportunities in equity markets this year or so, HOW come many do not wish to take advantage on the situation?

Well, like you and me who DO NOT know anything much about financial markets/products ... will we go into INVESTING in KLSE? Another point ... KLSE has been painted a BAD picture by many who got BURNT. Mind you, 80% of them LOSE in KLSE!! So, the general picture about INVESTING in KLSE is not good .... for my family, they see me going into KLSE because I want to GAMBLE??! Punt it ... do or die sort of mentality. All or nothing!! Yeap ... I hv seen many whom I categorised as uncles/aunties as they BUY a stock WITHOUT knowing much about the business plan of the company etc etc ... and they DO NOT even know whether they have a strategy in their trading/investment. I can continue to EXPLAIN why so many of them lose in KLSE(as I WAS one of them last year!!) ... and then they will ask EVERYONE never go into KLSE hole anymore. They mean good ... but their FEARS are personal. They got burnt, and they gave up.

If you ask those being in KLSE for past 10 yrs or so ... IF you could find those doing extremely well(during BULL market till Jan2008), they could be OUT of KLSE now and WAITING for the next opportunities. The opportunites will be knocking soon ... are you ready?

Very few % of people in KLSE,actually. Most of normal professionals prefer to hand their money for someone to manage for them --- such as buying UT, FD ... or buy children education fund? Buy those investment-linked insurance? Or ... of coz, buy properties!! STOCK MARKETS is a gambling platform for many ... I would not agree. I dislike gambling, I don't even buy 4-D ... never buy those lottery tickets ... I don't bet on football games(those I never miss a single Liverpool's games). I teach 'probability' ... so, it is STUPID of me not being able to calculate

For those few that are in KLSE, only 20% DO NOT lose money ... and I believe only a small % of the 'winners' gain subtantial amount ... guess what? The financial crisis creates such an opportunity, yet again. Only that this time will be GREATER, if you know-how.

10.55 pm : I just watched Lee Chong Wei upset Lin Dan in a straight set game 21-16, 21-16. In term of skills, LinDan is a better player but with a right strategy, a player like Chong Wei could upset his rhythms ... and snatch a victory from him. If you are a sport-person who has COMPETE in tournaments, train hard and win/lose in competitions ... you will know what I mean by STRATEGIES. Hours of training since young, with HIGH discipline needed to even qualify to compete in anything. Same goes to INVESTING/TRADING. We need the knowledge, discipline, dedication .... strong conviction etc etc ... to succeed.

Some may have the natural talent but they WONT go far without DISCIPLINE, without proper training and WILL to win. Nicol David comes to mind. Fantastically brilliant and work extreme hard, yet still very much down to earth. She knows that if she is complacent, her competitors will be glad to take advantage on her 'arrogance'. I will place DISCIPLINE as the main criteria to be successful in any players --- may it be in courts or trading platform.


Saturday, March 14, 2009


3.15 am : DOW up slightly. I m just back from speaking with JL for 4 hours!! Hehe. No joke, we could talk for whole night and I could not even speak 10% of what I hv in my mind. The basic topics are related to ECONOMICS and INVESTMENTS, of coz.

I need to rest as I hv whole day of classes later on. Night ... or it is morning?

The stages of stock market cycle

Stage 1 : The Trough
Stage 2 : The Expansion
Stage 3 : The Peak
Stage 4 : The Contraction

11.35 am : I was discussing with JL HOW I hypothetically came with the number 650 for KLCI to reach its near bottom. I will advise ALL the readers NOT to believe what I hv said as I hv ONLY 1 yr plus experience, so ... I reserved my own opinions to MYSELF. So, no arguement/debate needed. We all have the rights for OUR own opinions, ok?

Now, we are at only at STAGE 4 : The Contraction stage ... where more economics data coming out monthly/quarterly to indicate the actual situation of our economies. Realistically speaking, majority of the public are NOT aware of the severity of this 'global financial crisis' just yet. So, you STILL see zero-financial knowledge people around using money unnecessary or think that they will NOT be much affected!! Being IGNORANT is NOT an excuse this time ... lessons from 97/98 should be learned. There are groups of people do believe what our GOV said ... we WILL not be in recession or our banks are resilient ... so, don't worry, k? Blah blah blah ... so, lives go on as if we are 'protected' from the tsunami ...

I prefer to differ ... I m seeing that this coming financial tsunami will give us tremendous opportunities to gain subtantially, if we know-how. Therefore, I prefer to learn as much as I could while collecting MORE bullets. Minimal expenses, loads of knowledge ... and PATIENCE. In the mean time, I m trying to share with others my knowledge, hoping they will benefit from it. Soometimes we mean good ... but we just need to be VERY MEAN for those not listening. I hv been asking uncles/aunties to LEAVE KLSE for good ... cut loss, cut all ... continue with lives and DO NOT turn back. If you are smart enough, learn HOW to invest(buy good books ... read ALL, if possible)... perhaps come back when market going into Stage 1 : The Trough. No one could tell you that, but generally many analysts putting it at end of 2009?

Comment : Yes, if those aunties/uncles DO READ and wait patiently, they are no longer in the category that I mentioned. These are smart aunties/uncles who will benefit, if they are discipline enough surely.

11.15 pm : I hv just done a 3-hour homework on scanning for the KLSE's waterfalls. Will share with JL and to give him more homework as he needs to LEARN what to look for if we are looking for some stocks that rebound. Just need to be PATIENT for the BAD BEAR market to be back to KLSE ... just need to get ready. Once I m ready, I hv no problem list 20 stocks which I m stalking to punch on ONE or TWO. Strategy done ... next will be TRADING PLANS. I believe someone out there willing to pay me RM200 for each stock with trading plan(s) drawn for them. Never trade without any understanding of WHAT strategies to apply and what is the related trading-plans. I m learning ... while coaching JL.


Friday, March 13, 2009

ENER : It touched its 52-week low yesterday at USD16.00

3.45 am DOW up 200+ points. GE UP 13%, at 9.60 level now.

7.20 am : DOW closed 240 points higher and green for three consecutive days. Perhaps Wall Streets celebrating the arrest of Mad-off.

[MLTR] Sleeping child

I hv been seriously thinking what I hv shared with JL regarding being a "fund manager" for the others, tho it is only for those who knew me(and trusted me). Tho my intention may be good(giving a 10% interest p.a), it might cause some mis-understanding and when it comes to MONEY, we are all very 'sensitive'. My so-called good intention may NOT be seen as such, and slowly it might affect my concentration that I need in my trades! That will be the last thing I want to happen.

Therefore, I will NOT continue to speak with others regarding placing their TRUST and MONEY to me, and I could give them higher returns in interests!! Let them put it in FD, UT or Bonds. Let them place it under their pillows. It should'nt matter to me. YUP, thanks JL ... you do point out the LOGIC(tho I m emotionally attached to those close to me).

Except for my promise to monitor Resorts for my bro-in-law and also accepting ZH's funds with 10% interests, it is closed. I m not sure about LL as she is still thinking about it. Exception will surely be given to my family members. Other than that, NO MORE sharing my knowledge with others(I done that during CNY and shared with my wife's relatives!!) and being seen as STUPID or a CON-MAN in a making. Yes, perhaps I m as smart as Mad-off ... and might be able to pull-off largest ponzi-scheme in Sabah? What is his name already ... a Malay guy who done that and caught in east-coast of peninsular(Kelantan or Trengganu?). I m not interested.

But, I do need funds for such a huge opportunity, coupled with my knowledge. Knowledge if NOT applied is EMPTY but APPLIED KNOWLEDGE is POWER. CNBC always put this motto "Knowledge is Power". It is just half correct, actually. Well, I m NOT going to get the money from money-lenders(tai-yi-lung = loan sharks). I WILL get personal loans from our legalised tai-yi-lung, our local banks!! The interests are ranging from 8-12% p.a.

Provided that we could gain MORE than 10% per year in markets, we SHOULD NOT get a loan as that is what ALL the investment books written about. I agreed with them, of coz. It is just my nature to go against the conventional thinking. Many books will ask us to diversify, but I m going to go against that too ... I will FOCUS into very few. I m NOT saying that I m SURE to gain more than 10%(per year) from KLSE ... but I m quite certain that I hv the ability to do just that. Watch me(and JL) move ... we shall see after 3 years from now. By then, I might not in this blog anymore(broke and ashamed to be seen la). We shall see ...

9.10 am : It is green again ... that is how uncertain markets are these days. DOW up again, and KLSE decides to follow her mommy? Many reached the new LOWS yesterday, and it is rebounding a little at the moment. The rebound will be short-lived before many plunging to new lows, yet again. But ... it is good to clear your positions during such a rebound. KLCI up by 7 points now.

You see, I was tempted to BUY something yesterday but I wish to look into TODAY. If today it is RED(I know most probably it will be green due to the JUMP in DOW?), I will seriously THINK to punt into a counter! So, I do nothing today since it is green. Know what I mean?

Did you see ANYTHING jumping up in KLSE? Weakness everywhere, to be frank. Except for LCL in play with the news(OSK : BUY with TP 0.48). It is up 7% now. Other than that, nothing interesting in my stalk list(about 50 now) ... most up about 1-4%. Is it enough to pay my brokerage fees with my 5k punting system? Hmm ... not worth my risk, right? Be patient ...

It is green all over in SGX too ... yippee!! Time to CLEAR. Just do the opposite, when people in fear, BUY some ... when people come out and play, SELL. Today is a SELL for me. I did not buy anything yesterday, so ... nothing to sell. Too bad. But, I might SELL my Angang today, hopefully.

SGX : Goldenagri at 0.28 now ... I queued at 0.25(i grabbed 0.265 and sold 0.285 before) last week when it was weak BUT did not get my bait(it touched 0.255, i think). Since then I let it go ... for GenInt, I was queueing at 0.41(I grabbed at 0.41 and sold at 0.43 before) but it did not go to my level. I was queueing for Wilmar and Capitaland too at their support level, did not catch any!! Today most going up higher ... I have learned NOT to chase. Patient-la ... this rebound is very short,ok?

11.50 am : HSI up 400+ points and Angang at 6.70-6.80 tight range. Today, there is a breakout of BOC. It broke the resistance of 2.20. Noted.

12.05 pm : LCL is the mover in KLSE today, up 13%(0.38) now. Wow!! Many late comers coming in to play, provided DOW do not dive down or else KLSE dives tmr ... many will be caught!! That is the punt-ing game. Welcome to the largest casino in Malaysia, KLSE or known as Bursa Malaysia now.

Did ANYONE read my blog to BUY BOC.HK yesterday? It was testing at 2.20 and I could see a breakaway. It it at 2.29 now ... and still will move much higher. Come-on, drop PBBank or your beloved tiger-bank ... you can't be serious collecting them, can you? Up to you ... just make sure I get my doughnuts delivered to me, ok? Hehe ...

12.40 pm : KLCI closed for lunch 6 points higher. HSI up 450+ points now with AG @ 6.80 level.

3.45 pm : KLCI still up 5points with jitteries seen everywhere. Welcoming Maybank to RM3+ level now ... STI up 50 points, HSI up 450points ... but KLCI up 5 points? Hmm ... do think what I m thinking? CUT CUT CUT of your limbs la.

AG @ 6.85 level, H-shares up as PM Wen given a positive note regarding the possibilities of more stimulus IF needs arise.

4.45 pm : HSI closed 524 points HIGHER!! WOW! Angang back to my average price of 6.89. Another rally from DOW tonight shall see HSI breaching 13,000 next week!! I m NOT bullish on DOW in mid-term as I believe it is still very much trap inside the BEAR cage. Won't escape the grip till end-of this year. But, IF there is any optimism ... I will pick China market. STI and HSI will outperform other regional markets in mid-term. Honestly, I don't pin any much hope on KLSE to recover as it has YET to dive ... the ARTIFICIAL supports did not give us the actual picture. It is DELAYING our pain ... and waiting ... waiting could be a very ANXIOUS activity. Staying idle is NOT a choice for a trader/investor. KLSE has looooong way to go, man. Get out when still can. I could only hope some will listen. These people are really ignorant of markets. STILL I WONDER ... why are they in equity market in the first place? GET RICH FAST?


Thursday, March 12, 2009

DOW unchanged ... too much of uncertainties in equity markets at the moment. Crude oil back down to USD42 level.

As for KLSE, I can't see any buying just yet, unless for traders. I m disciplining myself NOT to trade as I m too busy during my working days. I prefer to play safe and just blog about my thoughts! Hehe.

SPM results will be out and many students/parents will be anxious. Seriously speaking, it is 'much ado for nothing'. Let us see HOW our education system FAIL us. To begin with, these days education NO LONGER acquiring of knowledge so that we could appreciate KNOWLEDGE(and being called educated!) and apply whatever we have learnt in YEARS.

Yippeee ... they jumped up every year, celebrating strings of A scored and our education-system 'encouraged' students to SCORE all the A in the world. We have heard of those with 12A's and above. Now, pause for a while ... where have all these BRILLIANT in PMR/SPM gone ... say, 10 years later? Are they doing well(define WELL here, please) in their career? Are they REALLY happy doing what THEY want to do, or what their parents/society want them to do? Financially, are they wise and looking to be financially FREE by the age of 40(I m not talking about spoilt brats whose parents are multi-millionaire ... these kids have EMPTY LIVES inside them, most of them at least).

So, is the SPM results everything? Not in money-sense, tho. Our education system does not give us a few MOST important and crucial essence to 'survive' and live happily in this modernised generation.

ONE : MORAL values - They came out with moral-studies as a SUBJECT(can you believe the stupidity??!) ... and MANY students SCORED A. Then, the A could be used as a distinction(easier to score than Chemistry or Economics, ok?) too apply UNI-loans or continue to pursue their pre-U in our college!!.

TWO : FINANCIAL knowledge - Being a science-stream student, we know NOTHING about $$$ or economics. I don't even bother to know what GDP means 3 years ago, ok? Yeap, a "well-educated" lecturer who could speak anything about Maths/Education but not matter most to his LIFE --- MONEY!! Our education system does not encourage us to LEARN to be financially-wise. If we do not have parents/friends who are those know-how about $$$, we will be drifted to being one of our colleagues!! Yup, we STRUGGLE in the rat-race, HOPING to get promoted, increase our hours of working to keep up with the ever increasing expenses. We will continue to chase MONEY ... and becoming so engross with MONEY, we will take a GAMBLE to Genting or buy TOTO. Some even take LOANS from tai-yi-long to gamble!!

How about those so-called commerce streams students? They studies Business, Econs, Accounting, Finance etc etc .. and scored A in most of these subjects!! Are they better off that the science stuudents? Slightly, may be ... but I doubt the difference.

THREE : Healthy lifestyle - Wait a minute, they do have 'Pendidikan Jasmani'(is it examable? Otherwise, why should I exercise? Panas la, cikgu. Kita main WII or PSP kat kelas saja la, ok?). Overly protective parents will NOT want their kids to be exposed to ultra-violets or falling down? NO to this, NO to that. NO NO NO ... we are NOT encourage to have activities. If you are an active kids, you might be branded as NAUGTHY!! Ever heard of parents saying "My kids very naughty one, can't sit still la" or "That boy so so GOOD, never really jump-up or down, and stay at home most of the time". A normal plain conversation by our WELL-EDUCATED society. Read my personal blog and I will be ruthless to say : STUPID.

By the way, for local football fans ... how many MILLIONS FAM have used to revive our NATIONAL football team, again? What is our FIFA position again? WTF ... below Singapore and Vietnam? I thought we WERE on PAR with South Korea or Thailand? Are we below Brunei ... alert me when we are at the bottom!! I might want to BUY at the dip. Haha. Pathetic EDUCATION system creates stupidity and GREEDINESS in so many official levels. Ever wonder WHERE the MILLIONS gone? FAM ... I m talking to you, stypid. I DO NOT watch local football 10yrs now. I used to to Shah Alam stadium to watch Selangor games(with my painted merah-kuning face), ok? Yes, I travelled from Kepong to Shah Alam to pay Rm10 to be with the crowd. I am THE crowd.

FOUR : Spiritually right - At least for the Muslims students they have "Pendidikan Islam". WHAT?? They even make it a subject so that students WILL study for EXAMS and score the A? I thought spiritual learning is from INTERNAL? Hmm ... I want to be cynical about our education system(creating more ignorants) AGAIN. Look, whatever religion we believe in ... we should be learning the values rather than STUDYING it like it is just another subject, ok?

OUR EDUCATION system FAILED us. We are NOT encourage to think(if you got brain to think, the GOVERNMENT will feel threathen!!). We are supposed to be OBIDIENT and listen to what our shit-head ministers have to say. WE CONDONE corruptions in our country, from the top to the bottom. If you are doing business in Malaysia, you will know what I mean. NO BUSINESS in Malaysia are independent of POLITICS. There are MANY un-written rules that you need to comply to, if you ever wish to succeed. You better learn the skills of suckling some Datuk's balls rather than just learn how to trade. And we could easily see THOUSANDS of those $$$-sucking leeches in our journey to become a decent businessman. That deserve another writings!!

9.05 am : KLSE so so quiet today. It is virtually no trade, without any rush to BUY/SELL. Where is everyone? Hmm ... KNM at 0.33-0.34, and we will be seeing KNM below 0.30 soon. An incredible journey down ... all the way from 1.90 mid of last year, KNM has been KLSE most actively traded counters. I hv few encounters with KNM too. I will miss her for a very loooong time. LCL = KNM level now too. LCL up today slightly due to Spore-business .. but it is REALLY silly to buy today simply becauce of that piece of news, right?

Resorts at 1.95 level, and I m seriously looking at it. STALK ... hehe. I am stalking Resorts for my bro-in-law, not really for myself. Tho personally I prefer Resorts rather than Genting(due to their oversea risk exposure), I wont buy to keep. From them, I will prefer Asiatic as it is in plantation sector. Oil and CPO will rebound once economic activities pickking up.

Zelan below 0.50, LionInd below 0.60, Scomi below 0.30, Kinstel below 0.50, WCT below RM1, Commerz below 6.00, Bursa at 4.50, Genting 3.20,PBBank at 7.10, Maybank at 4.10,

Kencana failed to rebound(due to BAD market sentiments) and going below rm1 soon. Noted.

Yes, I m back to KLSE and you will see me writing more on the waterfalls AGAIN. I hv done that last year ... and I m going to visit some waterfalls soon.

9.20 am : KLCI lose another 5points. KNM at 0.325 and Resorts at 1.93. ARE we seeing KLSE diving today and tomorrow? Please wait for me ... I m not done with my stalking!! RED ALERT!

9.40 am : My eyes on KLSE today as ALL REDS, celebrating MU's victory. Liverpool's too. I m tempted to fish ... but I will WAIT ... may be tmr(friday??).

PPBank - By KM Lee

PUBLIC Bank shares ended at a fresh two-year low of RM7.30, losing 20 sen on follow-through liquidation pressure yesterday. Apparently, the moving average convergence/divergence indicator is overwhelmingly bearish but given the extreme oversold condition of the stochastic and the 14-day relative strength index, they offer investors a ray of hope of a technical rebound soon. Support and resistance are anticipated at the RM7 level and RM8 mark respectively.

10.20 am : STI and HSI are also in reds today. Sit tight.

10.45 am : KLCI at 841. We shall wait for KLCI to be at 800 level before we go out to fish, ok? HSI up a little - AS at 6.60 and AB at 8.00 level.

Generally, NO ONE should be in the KLSE market at the moment. BUT, i can't help to think WHY there are still many buying Resorts or Genting? Or Maybank/PBBank? These four blue-chips are going to NEW LOWs and perhaps attract value-buyers?

Long Term Investors

Personally, I m NOT opposing to looong term investors tho I hv written negatively with them. You see, we need just a LITTLE common-sense to know that we are in BEAR MARKET at the moment and this one BEAR will be a huge one. I hv called looonger term investors to come back to equity market next year, but I m skeptical with the whole situations could resolve and we could see some lights by next year. I m not Mr Doom, ok? I m using what I called COMMON-SENSE. Common sense no longer common too these days.

At what price should anyone collect Resorts(say you LOVE only Resorts and being a faithful person, you loyalty stands out!! Till death do us part?). I don't know ... I guess no one could tell you that. All I do know at the moment is NOTHING TO BUY. In fact, many should think of CUT-LOSS, cut off your limbs and ... recover the pain by 2H so that we could buy it cheaper. Tentatively I m looking at RM1.80 level to buy some. BUT, I m not rigid, I m not ignorant or am I greedy? I want to USE COMMON SENSE to know WHEN to BUY ... that will be the price I will be buying. It might be at 1.50 level ... yes, I will be adopting INVESTING strategies by then. But if you think RM1.50 is cheap, THINK again ... cheap could go cheaper when no demand for it, right? The best entry point should be ... when everyone do not want it anymore AND provided it WILL still survive and kicking asses.

So, LONG TERM INVESTORS are NOT in equity markets at the moment. Certainly not KLSE when KLCI has NOT reaching its bottom(99% sure). I will be excited too as I will prefer to INVEST rather than trade. But, at the moment I m trying to LEARN whatever there is in financial markets, if possible. I might even THINK of taking advantage on the weak equity markets to BUY some good CHEAP stocks and ... put it there. Currently, NO STOCK is cheap in KLSE and the risk is high.

"Long term investors" - I will join the group once KLSE at near bottom. I will be happily to sit on the waves and ride on it. At the moment, I m BUSY reading news, reading indicators and drawing 'maps'. Which spot should I fish for? I will go for deep-sea fishing, obviously. :-)

Haha ... this is cool. I love that guy!! CNBC is listening? Haha.

1.15 pm : HSI closed slightly lower for lunch.AG at 6.50 level now.

2.40 pm : It is plain stupid of me not to short FKLI knowing that it is moving down. Give me time, I need to comb my hair, making sure I look-good before I go out to play, ok? Hmm ... don't worry, in markets ... there is ALWAYS tmr. Never regret in trading, ok?

2.45 pm : KNM touched 0.32 ... something unexpected last week, right? Resorts touched 1.92 for a new low. That is un-expected too? When KLSE move further down, NOTHING is too resilient NOT to go down with it. Hang-on ... we are moving down ... zrrroommm ... I m one 'sick' person to get excited when KLSE move down. I m BUSIER each day as I hv much work to do as I m preparing to bottom-fish, while collecting more baits.

3.50 pm : IF you REALLY need to BUY a banking stock in KLSE, PBBank or Maybank today, then ... I give u a recommendation --- BUY BOC. Be sure that you send me the doughnuts if u gain from this simple COMMON SENSE advice, ok? Hehe

4.10 pm : KLCI at 837. Look at PBBank charts and technical indicators. IT IS A BUY in the midst of maximum FEAR? Think again ... will it rebounds? What is your entry point? And ready to clear if it fails to rebound? PBBank ... a darling of KLSE's long investors.

TO JL : More homework to be done before we meet again this weekend to discuss on our stalking list. I hv added many more that might interest us. Do read more about these counters. I can guess it will be pretty soon ... next week or so, we will see NEW LOWS. Ramunia and LionDiv at prices never seen before? KNM too, of coz. Time to get all the bullets ready, clean our machine guns and make sure we get a new ear-plug to shoot? Hehe ...

10.50 pm : Mad-off going to be prisoned for 150yrs? Wow ... how old is he now? Hmm ... you need to admire him as he created the largest ponzi-scheme and even HSBC trusted him.

DOW is up 100points now tho GE lost the AAA status. GE shares up 8% at the moment. GE touched the low of 5.87 and since then has been in UPTREND ... at almost USD10 now. Cool, right?