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On this point Warren Buffett and John Templeton agree: “Bad news is an investor’s best friend. It lets you buy a slice of America’s future at a marked-down price.”

As you can see, America’s steepest stock market drops and most painful periods of economic decline were actually incredible opportunities for savvy investors who had the wisdom and temperament to stay the course

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Sunday morning ... time to scan through the stocks that might shown some interesting features(such as bottoming, bottom-out, diving, sliding or any indications that it is going south!). At the moment, as KLSE retracing back to 850 level(or might be lower), you could see many stocks are reaching back to their lower camps respectively.

Some stocks shooting up : GPacket, Latexx, DBhd ... being 'goreng' up. I m still NOT so good in 'goreng'-ing, so I will be too cautious with these stocks. MKLand too.

陳奕迅 - 幸福摩天輪

Olympia : At 0.195, I was stalking this babe 2 weeks ago when it was at 0.14-015 level, but forgotten about it!! So, jotting it here as at 0.17-0.18 is still a very good entry point. If you know-how to see the beauty of the chart, you could appreciate that it could still appreciate another 10% with a push from KLSE, of coz.

Scomi : At 0.335 level, Scomi caught my attention again. Support at 0.28, Scomi might retrace a little bit further down. May be I could queue for it at 0.30 level. And if there is a CNY Rally(quite unlikely from the way I look at it), gaining 10% from this one is NOT that hard. Just be patient and play safe. Yes, I have lost to Scomi 3 times. I hv no intention to lose to the same player again and again. This time I will be playing white, I need to see the back-drop. That is currently in my mind ... while I m trying to clear my holdings before CNY.

KNM : At 0.40 level, with strong support at 0.39, many think that KNM could stage a rebound soon. I m not so sure about that(as I m not strong in my TA), but I do hope I could clear this one soon. Averaging at 0.445, I do need to be patient. Well, KNM is my highest $$ placed in a counter so far, at the moment. I would'nt mind clearing it slightly lower. We shall see ...

Ramunia : At 0.315, Ramunia's support at 0.30 ... and I think 0.305 is a good buy into this badly battered counter. Yes, there is still value in this company but most investors do not look too far ahead. With crude oil expected to go lower, O & G counters will certainly be hurt. Ramunia, like KNM has been building a base at current level and any siign of market-bullish rally could easily push it up above 10% increment. Personally I won't buy into this one ... well, it is still a second-boarder. Need to change my thinking about these.

陳奕迅 明年今日

Hubline : At 0.21, it touched the low of 0.195. This is another counter building a base around this level, with an increasing interest. Grabbing it at 0.20 and expecting to clear it at 0.22 is not that difficult, that is 10% increase, mind you.

Alam : At 0.635, it has started to move ... a good entry point will be at 0.58-0.60. It touched 0.52 on the 12th DEC, but shooting up strongly and finding strength. Going back to 0.70-0.80 is very like, if there is a momentum in KLSE. At the moment, the increase upward momentum is good. Should ride on it ...

WTK : At 0.735, it is still trying to halt its downward movements. Newest lows created weekly. Not time to buy yet, need a few more trading days to see if it's reaching its bottom. No one could know what the bottom-price could be, but this 'waterfall' attracts me last week when I noticed that it came to penny-stock world easily ... Worth stalking. Do notice its high volume recently.

Hevea : At 0.13, touched its historical low at 0.125. I saw one of the KLSE-blogger written about this one, and taken a look. Interesting as it came down from 0.80 level to 0.24 level and suddenly zoomed to 0.12 level now!! As it is still searching for its bottom, it worth stalking.


Well, these are only a few stocks that I m stalk and scanned last night. I have narrowed it to few sectors only. And all are in penny-world. Airasia, LionInd and many more active penny-stocks worth stalking too. If you have the TIME, stalking more than only one/two counters will give you the higher advantages. But, the dis-advantage will be difficulties in making-up your mind WHICH one to grab. That I m still learning ...

Also note that ALL the counters I listed above could only move further up 10% easily IF there is a PUSH in KLSE. Volume is aVERY important ingredient in trading.

The Motley Fool

5 Ways You Can Make the Next 5 Years the Most Profitable of Your Entire Life

Dear Fellow Investor,

“If prices keep looking attractive, my net worth will soon be 100 percent in United States equities.”

Those aren’t my words -- they’re Warren Buffett’s.

And they’re the reason I’m convinced that right now investors like you and me are face-to-face with one of the most incredible investment opportunities we’ll see in our lifetime.

In his recent op-ed piece for The New York Times, Buffett points out that the unprecedented wave of fear gripping the market has even our country’s most sound businesses selling for just a fraction of what they’re worth.

Yet he has complete confidence that “most major companies will be setting new profit records 5, 10, and 20 years from now.”

That’s why he’s buying stocks right now -- and why you should be, too.

Of course, investors like us don’t have the time, resources, or cash cushion that Warren Buffett does…

陳奕迅 -富士山下

Listen ... READ my yesterday's posting AGAIN, and you SHOULD take advantage on the financial situation now to PROFIT as much as possible. You may say you know nothing BUT by being ignorant, you have been doing injustice to yourslef, financially. Having the stronger financial position will help people you loved, people surround you too. Just do something ... don't be STUPID.

In fact, without 'gamblers', SMART money could'nt benefit from their stupidity, right? Then, China SSE index won't dived from unreasonable 6000 plus points to below 2000 points!! Did you watch Bloomberg or China Today?? Thousands lost their life-savings!! Should I pity them or say ... serve you right for being greedy, yet ignorant?

BUT, if you know HOW to LEARN what you need to take advantage on the situation, you wouuld be as excited as I m now. Imagine your rm50k turn into half a million or more(depending on your knowledge and some luck?). For beginners, rm5k into rm50k? If I were you, i will sell off my VIOS now, buy a second-hand Kancil for personal transportation. Every dollar saved could be doubled/tripled or more in 5 years time!! EXCITED?? I AM!! hehe

Economic News : INDIA

Indian exporters have cut about 65,500 jobs as recession in the US and Europe, the nation’s biggest markets, damped overseas demand for products. A sample survey conducted by the department of commerce between August and October for 121 export-oriented companies revealed the loss of jobs, both direct and indirect. India’s exports fell in October for the first time in seven years. Flagging exports and waning domestic demand are forcing companies to cut production, weakening growth in an economy expected by the central bank to expand at the slowest pace in four years. (Bloomberg)

US housing news

US builders broke ground in November on the fewest new homes since record-keeping began, signaling the housing slump will extend into a fourth year. Construction starts on housing fell 18.9% last month to an annual rate of 625,000 that was the lowest since the government started compiling statistics in 1959, the Commerce Department said. Dwindling sales and multiplying foreclosures are forcing builders to hold off starting new homes. Decreases in construction spending continue to drag on the economy, increasing the odds of a prolonged recession. (Bloomberg)

陳奕迅 -富士山下


p/s : Eason Chan, one of my favourite male singer. I like most of his songs. Hehe.

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