Friday, December 26, 2008

SMIC : HKSE most active counter this morning, with 366m units done so far. It is at 0.295, up 20% now!! It touched 0.11 last month, before recovering more than 150%. See WHY i m more excited in SGX or HKSE? Hmm ... The volitility is trader's needs!!

KLSE opens slightly lower ... I m at coffee-bean for free wifi, getting my mobile internet later. Hehe. Well, I have just q-ed for Sime-cg at 0.11 and more of LCL at 0.70.

GPacket still in play ... the movement UP UP and flying higher is incredible.

Flying Without Wings <--- I m using broadband ... I m mobile. So, I m flying!! Hehe

10.20 am : Done with my celcom-broadband. It costs me rm450 to get the connection and also RM68 monthly. So, I will not need to drive to free wi-fi everywhere to get monitor markets. Anyway, the idea is to monitor US market as next year we are expecting DOW to go below 6500, and KLCI at 650.

KLCI at 864. Sime-cg at 0.110 vs 0.115. I m still q-ing for 0.11 for 30k units for the first stage of buying. I have sold 20k of IoI-cj at 0.15 days ago, and left with 30k units.

The volume is extremely thin ... no one in Markets. Many in holiday-mood or might be drunk somewhere. Hmm ... wake-up, fund managers. KLSE needs you all to goreng some counters. Hehe.

10.45 am : Putting in another queue : Resorts-ci at 0.07 for 50k units. Resorts at 2.19 now. KLCI at 867 and still trying climbing up. Turnover below rm40m. Real pathetic la.

11.50 am: I m away in SG and HK. KLCI at 867, with turnover RM56m. It is very silent ... I m missing KL, my family back home in festive season.

12.10 pm : Lunch time, I m hungry. GPac still making a show, at 1.18 now.

4.20 pm : KLSE is at a turtle-pace. And no one is out to support the turtles racing.

4.50 pm : KLCI at 864. Turnover of rm150m. Yes, from 9 am till almost closing now.

5.05 pm : KLCI closed slightly lower at 867.35, with the thinnest of volumes. Witout volume, it is without fuel. Any movements are NOT significant.


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