Monday, December 29, 2008

RHB-invest : I will be at One-Borneo on 28th Feb 2009 to attend the Market Chat. Time for me to ask HOW i could trade ONLINE live from home other leading markets.

I bought the "Personal Money" last night. It costs me RM10, and I m going to enjoy every corner of the magz. We should get our money worth when we buy books, magazines, newspaper or any prints media.

Ten Stock Picks for 2009

1. BHIC by Affin
2. Commerz by RHB
3. Dialog by MIDF
4. IGB by HDBS
5. IOICorp by Avenue
6. QL by OSK
7. MMCCorp by Fortress
8. TanChong by KAF
9. Top Glove by Meridien
10. Tanjong by TA

The time frame is one-year. Will the picked stocks outperform the KLCI by end of 2009? The highlighted ones are in my stalking list. Could'nt really tell WHICH one(of the ten) is my favourite if I m going to BUY only one from the list in 2009. Even that, I will only look into KLSE again in 3Q2009, with reports predicting KLSE should be at its bottom by then. We shall see ...

GoodMan Group : At AUD0.69, recovering now. If AUZ on rally, I won't hesitate to grab GMG as it could easily appreciate 10-20% in one month!! Mind you, this property player came down from 52-week high of almost AUD5. I need to time WHEN to convert RM to AUD, taking advantage on the weakness of AUD, and its stock prices. GMG might be my first buy.

10.05 am : GMG at 0.73, up almost 5% now.

KLSE closed today for Awal Muharam, a public holiday in Malaysia. ASX200 opens higher by 50+points. RIO.AX at 37.37, in green too.

Sam Lee Sheng Jie - Zui Jing

10.45 am : ASX200 touching RED now. SGX up 13 points. DBS at 8.22, downed more than 10%.

1.15 pm : CNOOC at HKD 6.85. It dived from HKD10 to below HKD4 ... now recovering nicely.

2.00 pm : Peter Schiff on Impending Economic Collapse

Peter Schiff Sees More Pain Ahead - There's a popular YouTube clip called "Peter Schiff Was Right" that shows the president of Euro Pacific Capital engaged in on-air debates with financial luminaries such as Art Laffer and Ben Stein, circa 2006-07.

The clips show the wisdom of Schiff's dire forecasts — and, judging from the dismissive reactions, just how far he was outside the mainstream.Ben Stein publicly apologized to Schiff in a New York Times column, but Laffer refuses to admit defeat, recently telling Bill Maher his economic forecasts have a statute of limitations of just nine months.

To his credit, Schiff isn't declaring victory, noting "100% of my forecast hasn't panned out," most notably "a major collapse in the dollar" that leads to a spike commodity prices.As discussed in the accompanying video, Schiff believes the recent dollar rally and commodity price weakness will prove temporary.

2.45 pm : ASX200 closed 38.90 points higher. SGX up 20points at the moment. As expected the volumes are very thin.

5.45 pm : STI closed higher by 54.96 points. GoldenAgr at 0.23; IndoAgri at 0.515; GenInt 0.455; DBS at 8.59; OCBC at 4.91; CapitaLand at 3.07, RafflesEdu at 0.58.

Sam Lee Sheng Jie - Chi Xin Jue Dui

FTSE100 up 2% in the early opening.

11.05 pm : DOW opens slightly higher but dived down now. ROH trading at USD49, in active trades losing more than 20%. Interesting ...

11.25 pm : DOW down by 60 points now.

11.50 pm : DOW down by 80 points now.

12.30 am : DOW down by 97.97 points.


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