Wednesday, December 31, 2008

DOW up almost 200 points. Many markets in green. KLSE closed higher yesterday too. Whether KLSE could hold itself up is left to be seen. For those who feel that there will be a short CNY-rally(like me ... heehe), then I guess we have taken our positions. I m waiting to clear, actually.

9.15 am : Q-ing for Sime-cj at 0.11 and LCL at 0.695. Nice moves by LionInd.

10.30 am : KLCI at 882 with very thin volume. New Year Eve.

11.10 am : Turnover just reached rm100m after 2 hours trading!!

11.45 am : Done with Sime-cg moments ago. 33k units at 0.12(thought I could get at 0.11 ... never mind). I like its mom's movement at the moment ... sleak.

12.02pm : Someone just bought 100,000 units of Resorts at 2.24 = RM224,000. A quarter million of dollars, not for you and me. These are some big boss or fund managers. Sometimes I do wonder who could that be ...

2.40 pm : KLCI at 884. Turnover RM167m only.

3.00 pm : Suddenly there is a dive, Sime, IOI, Genting, Resorts, Commerz ... all in REDS. KLCI at 877.77

3.10 pm : KLCI at 876. Q-ing for WCT-wb at 0.23. Clearing most of my holdings too but KLSE diving, so I dont think so I could clear them. Need to wait for next year!!

4.00 pm : Sime-cg moves down to 0.115.

5.05 pm : KLCI FINALLY closed for 2008 at 876.75.

10.05 pm : As many preparing to celebrate New Year, I m busy closing my personal trading accounts!! Well, 2008 is NOT a good year for investors. I still lost about 25% of my capital despite many gains for past 4 months!! That was due to my HUGE cut lost in April and August. Anyway, excited to start a new year with 20% extra knowledge I hv accumulated in the whole year of 2008.

Yes, as I hv mentioned, I m migrating to SGX(may be after CNY) in stages. I still hv my KLSE babes with me. I still enjoy being in KLSE playground and especially I m currently profitting from it. In BEAR market, gaining 10% per month is NOT easy. But surely VERY possible with hard-work and discipline.

May the BULL year of 2009 bring us all the best of luck.

HAPPY NEW YEAR all. Thank You.

Don't dream It's over-Crowded House


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