Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DOW only downed slightly. DOW and ROH in news, and lost more than 10%(almost 20%). They were losing more than 20% last night in heavy trade.

7.15 am : ASX200 opens green. Diving down and losing 20 points. KLSE might be very quiet today as many still in holiday mood.

8.55 am : Q-ing for Sime-cg at 0.11. Nothing else ... wait and see ...

10.45 am : OSK platform downed this morning. KLCI at 876, up 8 points due to Plantation play. Hmm ... someone read my blog and BUY plantation counters. Hehe. Just kidding ... I don't think so I would get Sime-cg at 0.11, but clearing my remaining IOI-cj at 0.16.

Scomi shown some movement too. Noted.

11.25 am : UP 153, Down 153. Interesting ... KLCI at 874. I m at Sabah State Library, actually. Tonnes of Economic Books beside me ... and I m reading about DEFLATION, a term used for opposite of INFLATION. China might be facing deflation ... what is the impact of such etc etc? So, I m adding some Economic knowledge inside my head.

11.45 am : Suddenly there is a push-up .. KLCI at 878.

11.55 am : GPacket and Latexx still in play. If you observe closely at the GPac trades, it is artificially planted in many occasions. So, I think someone is manipulating this counter. Everyone benefit substantial amount IF you bought it last week, but I think it is time to clear? Take profit, it touches 1.26 just now ... retraced to 1.07 before resting at 1.14 now. Look at the amount in each queue ... don't get trap, my opinion.

WCT in RED ... I didnt read local news, so I don't know why WCT in red with active trades. I might go for its warrant later. Need to check and do some homework.

Genting is GREEN in heavy trade this morning. So, Genting-cm would be a good punt. At 0.06-0.065, won't mind punt into it. Hmm ...

12.25 pm : KLCI still at 876 with only RM156m of turnover, still better than X'mas eve. Hmm ... lunch time.

2.45 pm : 江淑娜 — 问情

3.20 pm : KLCI at 878.

3.40 pm : No activities in KLSE. Q-ing for Sime-cg at 0.11, Hevea at 0.12 and WCT-wb at 0.25. I don't think so my baits will be taken today in such a thin trades.

I m reading a simple book entitled "CASH IS KING" by Yeo Keng Un(Pelanduk Publications)

4.05 pm : I bought another 20k units of IOI-cj at 0.14 just now. Making the tally back to 50k units.

Cash is King, that is true for most of majority who do not into trading markets. Cash will come handy when MALAYSIA ON SALES next year. I m not talking about shopping(only financial retarded people will spend $$ buying things they do not need now! Unless you are the 10% RICH people?). In fact, the RICH ones getting very excited as they are going to use their CASH to shop for businesses, properties and cheap stocks!

For the majority of us, SAVE that CASH ... be smart.

4.20 pm : KLCI at 878. Turnover at RM300m only.

4.30 pm : Q-ing for LCL at 0.70 ... reaching there.

5.00 pm : KLCI closed higher at 881.63, gained 14.28 points. Some window-dressing and soft year-end rally going on? IOI, Genting, Tenaga and Sime ... the giants pushed KLCI up today.

PiCorp, IE, GPacket, GPerak being 'goreng-ed' today. Nope, I m surely not in such a game, tho I do punt. Hehe

Time to go jogging with my son. New year soon ... hehe



zahari said...

I'm still holding GPacket..

Should I sell today..?

CP said...

Hi Zahari, I m not sure of your entry price. Anything below rm1 was GOOD.

My opinion: YES, do take profit. I m a person who is strict to my trading. 8-10% profit, I run fast. Except good ones with momentum, like PA which I gained 70%. Thx to Datuk Chan la.

Gpacket is NOT a good one, to me. It is playing on some news and someone manipulating on it. If u wish to hold, be very careful.

Good luck.

p/s: be reminded I m just a beginner. DO consult those know-how. I m only speaking on my limited knowledge. Final decision is yours.

zahari said...

Dear CP,

For GPacket my entry was 0.725 for 5 lots only. Just let go today for 1.110

How about KNM? Any signal for buy? Or KNM is also not a good one for you.

** I'm also a beginner too.

CP said...

hi Zahari,

OK. You gained from GPacket so much. Congrats.

For your info, I m holding KNM la. Do read my blog for that, k? I bought my last lots at 0.395. 0.40 should be good IF you want KNM.

Good Luck.