Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nur Aiman --- this boy recently made Malaysia proud. Zulmazran(top) too.

With a bowling tounament in mind tonight, I m seeing more similarities in trading and bowling. <--- Malaysia is a power-house in bowling, besides badminton and Squash(Nicol is marvelous!!)

Bowling vs Trading (Part II)

First of all, bowling is 60% mental, 30% physical and 10% luck! Perhaps the breakdown for trading will be sometthing like that : 30% mental, 60% emotional and 10% luck. Do correct me, please.


I have consistently placed in top-10 in most of the competitions I competed. Firstly, I choosen the tournament I m playing. If I think the format and chances is lower for me to be in top 10(and win some $$. Hehe), then I m very discipline anot NOT to play. So, it could be for 3 months or so I wont play a game!! My fingers will itch, but I wont give in. Look ... we are talking about USING money to play in a game(tho I do enjoy the games but $$ is more practical to me at the moment). If I m not going to be in top 10(to at least cover the game fees) I simply wont play. Logic?


I m still a novice in trading ... so, I m not expose much to trading yet. But, I m using the SAME logic ... if I m going to trade, I will check out the format(markets and counters) and if the chances is NOT high, I simply wont trade. During the months before my holiday, I hv classes on till night, so I dont hv TIME to monitor ... so, I dont trade. Look ... we are talking about USING money to trade here(tho I do enjoy the trades but $$-sense is more practical to me). If I could not even break-even, logically I wont trade?


Tonight the format will be 3-6-9. I played the MQ last night and qualilfied confidently. By the way, I m the ONLY person in top 20(in Sabah here) using 10 pounds ball and playing a very boring straight ball(most NOVICE trying to throw the ball straight?). Most using heavy-ball for hook or even more than 10-pounds ball for spinners.
Formats and equipments are essentially important for bowlers. BUT, it is NOT the ultimate plus points!! Of coz if a person using Urethane ball should have higher carries compared to the plastic ball, BUT if you cant even hit the target, no matter how good your equipments could be ... you simply can't beat those using a cheap lousy ball but hitting the target each and everytime!

p/s : If you are a non-bowler, dont you think so u dont even really understand the SIMPLE terms I m using?


The market most investors/traders(Malaysians) playing is KLSE(or Bursa). That is the trading center ... equipments is essentially important for traders too but it is certainly NOT the ultimate plus points. You may be using the lastest software for trading(most of us cant afford that), but if you could not pick the right counter(s) to trade, no matter how ... you may not hit your target. But if you are equip with knowledge(with tonnes of patience which I m lacking), and know-how ... surely you have the edge.


Playing with handicaps should boost our confidence. I will be playing with 8-pins handicap tonight, against few very good bowlers. They play weekly, and some almost daily!! Many more at the lower level and I have to give them 8-pins handicap too. To be honest, I m not too worry about the lower-level players(they are lower for a reason, right?). If I m playing a step-ladder of a game/or two, I might lose to them(with handicap). But, we are talking about 15-games tournament ... well, they DO NOT have the mental stamina, and I could easily exploit that and steadily beat most of them.

But, against those better players, who played regularly, I dont really stand good chances against them. I have to admit that I might lose to them as I dont even touch my balls, I mean BOWLING balls. Hehe. So, what is my strategies against them? MENTAL STRENGTH, NEVER GIVE UP AND FOCUS ON EVERY THROW!! Only with strong determination to WIN, and also confidence, I can beat some of them. But, hey ... I will be glad to be in top 10!! Anything extra will be a bonus?! Hehe

to be continued ...

第一次 by 光良 (First time by GuanLiang)


Saturday, November 29, 2008

AUD chart taken from <--- a good reason to go to OZ's market. Shall we do some marketing there?

DOW up another 100+ points. It has been a huge rally, thanks-giving to all investors, I guess. And it is done with only few hours of trading, if was allowed, I guess it might shoot up to a gain of 300 points!! Well, with that said ... KLSE having his own agenda, KLSE is still under some correction mode, and even SET moved up(forget about the unrest) yesterday!! We shall see on Monday if KLSE going sideway again ..

More of Peter Schiff --> taken from HERE (DO LISTEN, MORE TO COME)

MAS vs AirAsia

As we read that MAS is POSITIVE, AirAsia is NEGATIVE ... which counter will you CHASE on Monday? Don't be silly ... you don't chase counters randomly, do you? I certainly hope not ... I m just reminding myself. Dont get offended, no one has the right to say what we want to do with our own money, right? Hehe

Since MAS moving below rm3, I have placed it back to my stalking list. Personally, MAS has a tarnished reputation. But, I like its chart at the moment(note : I like waterfalls!!). I have been talking about it for past one week ... and the report was out. MAS in POSITIVE. If someone chasing it on Monday, I will be amused. Except if you are fund managers with millions to spare, EPF seeing the current market situation as an opportunity to collect?!.

Anyway, AirAsia was actively traded two weeks ago, playing with a 'news' that Tune might want to privatise AA. I do not really read such news(tonnes of other more relevant news to read, actually) ... I dont like such uncertainties(risk too much for me to manage). Now the report-card is out ... AirAsia in RED. Will many throw away their holdings on Monday? Crazy, right?

As of for MAS, I did not get it this week, definitely will NOT buy it next week. Everyone in stock-markets(or even wet markets?) are talking about RESORTS!!


It's NOT Over by Daughtry <--- click here to APPRECIATE the lyric(you may mute it if such a nice music NOT of your taste) or go to any search engine for a look-up.

To share or not to share? <--- written this morning 6.30am

I was speaking to my bro-in-law last night about Resorts. No … he asked me first. He was saying that one of his banker friend ‘advising’ him to BUY into stocks in KLSE as most of our stocks are dirt cheap!! His friend was jumping with joy as he just bought Resorts at 2.50 for 50 lots(50 x 1000 units). Well, my business-man bro-in-law never believe in buying other companies’ shares as he will say he might as well put his money to invest in his own business!! It makes a lot of sense, that example I never speak with him about stock-markets.

Well, I told him that I bought Resorts too at 2.40+, but its price is still diving down and at 2.30+ now. When he asked how LOW could it go, I said … no one will know. I m still waiting for it to go below 2.20 in order to BUY more(averaging down?). It doesn’t make sense … since you are waiting for it to drop further, WHY was his banking friend glad to grab Resorts at 2.50? I tried to justify my buy … and it makes me feel ‘stupid’.

Now, should we tell others what we are buying? If it moves up, then GOOD. Everyone love winners. But if it goes against you, then you better keep it to yourself? I m confused … WHY cant we tell others we bought at higher price but since we UNDERSTAND the mechanism of the price movements(many don’t) … how do we explain that NO ONE will know where the BOTTOM is?
Some sore-losers who bought Resorts(he bought at 2.63, I think) came into my C-box and angrily scolding vulgur words as I mentioned that I m anticipating 2.20(the current support at the moment) … and he was so naively stupid to said I WANT HIM TO LOSE MONEY!! Never mind about his stupidity(remember, 80% loses money in markets?), but should we REALLY tell others what we bought or buying?

Though you have warned them NOT to buy into what you are buying, most DO NOT understand WHY. If you are going to earn money, WHY are you so selfish not to share with others? Hmm … give me a break … do you really think I will SURELY to profit from ALL my buyings? It is much more difficult to explain to those who NEVER buy a stock, or seeing stock-markets are the places where GAMBLERS loses their money … and their lives, eventually. You cant blame them, as 80% loses money in markets and the GAMBLERS mindset in really alive in KLSE. And it is affecting MANY families as many are losing money(some borrowed) …

Hence, I think it is only wise NOT to reveal to anyone what we are buying. And yes, I m going to keep it to myself. I feel it is near impossible to explain to so many non-knowledgeable people (who are BUYING stocks like a lottery-tickets) in KLSE. It is more impossible to explain to those who never been to stock-markets, especially those who see KLSE is a gambling den. They have some truth there.

There are many like the two losers(might even be the same person using two different nicks) who came in and stupidly said I DON’T CARE what investing/trading is, I just want to EARN BIG money, you dumb teacher!! See how emotional losing money could be? I have wanted to tell him that I m one of the 80% who still loses money, but his stupidity stopped me to share with him further. The more we feel anguish about losing, the more we will NEVER learn … the art of trading.

Yes, many may ask you to buy Resorts TODAY … but they never tell you when to sell. For long term investors, they could keep it for 3-5 years, then yes … chances are high that it will appreciate higher than 2.50(or even 2.63 our naïve friend bought) … I told my bro-in-law.
The bottom is NOT seen yet for most of the world’s markets. KLSE certainly will go through a few more rounds of battering. That you need to BELIEVE. It is better to WAIT patiently rather than believing the worst is over. It is NOT, in my opinion. Perhaps you may want to help yourself to READ more Economics/Business news … and use some BRAIN to think, logically?

12.30 pm : Planning for next month's investment idea ... plotting for a next assualt? Or rather being taken into Tiger's mouth? Yum-yum ... be careful when you go deeper into the forests. Expect some leeches, insects bigger than your palms(most they dont bite, don't worry) or the sound of the forest-tree making ... are you afraid to go into forest by yourself, especially without tracks? Are you prepare enough to venture further deeper into the woods? Did you have an exit plan? Do you? Related that to investing/trading in KLSE.

If you have some BRAINS, I believe you could see the analogy I m implying here ... unless you never been forest-tracking before? Then, you should try ... welcome to SABAH, Land Below The Wind. We have one of the oldest forest over here in the world!! Heard of the biggest flower which eat insects? Hehe


Friday, November 28, 2008

I went to wet market just now(weekly routine), and saw that selling of vege/fishes/meat are at the brisk. I am trying to THINK like a business-person each time I have the chance to go 'shopping'. You do look around you to observe and see if there is any drastic(business-wise) changes. For example : More people buying vege compared to sea-food? Such could be an indicator to our local economy, and hence giving us an overall picture of the actual situation.

Generally, Malaysians have NOT feel the pinches into their pockets, just yet. What we do know from reading daily Economic news or business news(local or global) is that economically, we are slowing down. Many countries are into recession ... and many more countries asking MONEY from IMF. Sentiments are definitely not that GOOD.

So, how does this scenerio affects the market worldwide? Afterall, stocks = business, right? Or may be some punters see stocks = lottery tickets? Hmm ...

Diving to the BOTTOM

As I was saying, we in Malaysia are not feeling the effects from the Financial Tsunami, just yet. And hence, I would say that we are NOT at the BOTTOM. Perhaps, we are about 70% there ... with a measurement of 100 meters(or if you prefer metres), we are diving at 70m below surface level. Another 30m left before we could actually see the BOTTOM of the sea-bed.

By the way, Sabah is a diving paradise, do travel here to scuba-dive. It is beautiful, and besides, you will know what DIVING in KLSE better ... when you are trying to reach for the BOTTOM? The further down you go, the DARKER it is ... and the FEAR is greater. To understand how I related KLSE diving with scuba-diving, you need to TRY it to experience. I could be your guide(with a fee, of coz. Hehe).

Breaking the Habit <--- we need to break our BAD habits in order to succeed.

8.45 am : US giving-thanks, Europe UP yesterday, Nikkei diving down at the moment. How KLSE will fare today? With the bombings and so much uncertainties ... I m looking forward to CLEAR my positions too. Perhaps will hold RESORTS for a while? She is pretty, do you think so?
9.05 am : KLCI in RED ... at 863, losing 7 points. I watched Resorts touching 2.38. I m sideline, with limited bullets left.

9.20 am : MMC reaching 1.30. KLCI at 865(L 861.95), with low volume. YTLPowr are in profit-taking mode after jumped up yesterday. Genting touched 4.24, from the opening of 4.44, due to the 'loss' reports. Emkay seen some activities ... RAMUNIA still in play ...

9.35 am : Q-ing to clear MK at 0.16. No B-S? hehe ... Will need the funds to average down Resorts, may be.

9.45 am : KLCI at 866. Resorts at 2.35 vs 2.36.

11.00 am : KLCI at 861. Oh boy, Resorts at 2.31 vs 2.32. Hmm ... wait for 2.20.

11.25 am : KLCI at 863. Resorts at 2.36 vs 2.37. I m not sure if it matters if Resorts moving up or down. I prefer a DRASTIC movements(such as 2.20 or 2.60) . So, I m doing nothing, but looking into e-trade.

11.45 am : KLSE moving sideway. No show. Early lunch.

12.35 pm : KLCI at 863. So boring as it moves sideway. rm400m only, with most came from Resorts.

2.40 pm : KLCI opens ... clearing for weekend. I m still q-ing to clear MK. Expecting a retrace by DOW, Monday may not be good for KLSE. Besides, school re-opens and I wont hv the time to monitor. Resorts still at 2.32 vs 2.33 level, refusing to move further down. I was chatting with a trader just now, as he bought into Resorts too this morning. I m looking to top-up(instead of cut-loss!!) at 2.20 level or below. How many days will it takes before the assaults on Resorts over? 3 days? 4 days? ONE WEEK? Everyone's guess ... just watch at the moment.

3.05 pm : Genting at 4.20 now. Will relook into it when it moves down to 4.00. Noted. KNM at 0.535 eventho good profit reports were out. I was wondering about it ... will look into it again if it could break the support at 0.50.

3.20 pm : KLCI at 865. Genting below 4.20, Commerz and Tenaga below 6.00 now.

3.50 pm : KLCI still at 865. Only Genting making me awake ... at 4.08 vs 4.10.

4.20 pm : KLCI at 866. *Yawn*. Genting at 4.04 ...

4.45 pm : KLCI at 867. Genting touched 4.00. Some big shots grabbed at 4.00 for 720, ooo and 700, 000 units. How much is that? Do your Maths. Genting at 4.10 now SELL and how much is the profit in less than half hour? WOW!!

5.05 pm : KLCI at 866.14. Resorts at 2.34. MKLand at 0.155. SP-wb at 0.28.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

DOW up another 200+ points. Wow!! KLSE? Is that relevant? I did not watch US market, I watched football this morning. Liverpool won 1 - 0.

"When you make a trade, you should have a clear target where to sell if the market moves against you. And you must obey your rules!! Never sustain a loss of more than 10% of your capital. Losses are twice as expensive to make up. I always established a stop before making a trade. " Jesse Livermore

Ramunia is playing in mind. Most probably I will be watching it today. I m more interested to continue to monitor plantation and banking counters at the moment. FOCUS is what I m doing ... Ramunia is a distraction to me. Well, next week onwards, I would not have the luxury of watching the market closely ... so, I will NOT day-trade. I will only BUY counters like IJM or such to swing trade, with time frame of 2weeks to a month. So, GOOD plantation/banking stocks are in mind.

Plantation : Asiatic, IOI, HSPlant, Kwantas and Sime. I hv not shortlisted to THREE counters, so the list is still long. Will only zoom in once I hv intention to move in, say, one or two weeks in advance!

Banking : AeonCr, AMMB, BIMB, OSK, PBBank, TA ... I don't know ... till I look into each counter. At the moment, I m looking at the sector, overall.

To GoldCoin : Please help yourself to look into sites that help you with TERMS. This is just one of my suggestion. Good Luck.

US market : GM and F both zoom-up 35% and 30% respectively. LVS at 4.85 now. C at 7.05.

I m still waiting for RHB to call me regarding my application to trade in US. I wonder if I could just open an account with an online trading company, and trade directly using their platform. Need to find out more information on that. Noted.

LinkinPark - Numb <--- one of the best song. I m feeling numb due to lack of sleep.

9.15 am : KLCI at 859. RAMUNIA in play. Phew ... I m really just a human(gambler?) as I punt it at 0.50, using my SP-wb funds!! Arrghh ... we see how. I m placing to clear at 0.60 at the moment. Come on ... chia-yu. Hehe

9.30 am : KLCI at 862. Really crazy!! Haha ... I was chasing down the price. Cleared at 0.57. Bought only 10k units @ 0.50. So, it is 3 - 0 for this week. Need to go back to my other babes.

9.45 am : KLCI moving up to 863, gained 7 point at the moment. IJM at 2.47. MK at 0.15 and SP-wb no trade.

10.05 am : KLCI at 866, inching up!! See if KLSE could maintain the momentum and I could clear any of my holdings. OFF.

12.05nn : KLCI at 869. IJM at 2.52 ... not bad. MK not moving. SP-wb at 0.285. I might think of holding a little longer of IJM.

12.55 pm : KLCI closed for lunch at 868.62. I am contemplating to clear ALL my holdings after lunch since market is BULLISH today. Besides, the bombings and the unrest in our neighbour giving me a scare!! Hmm ...

Confession : The goal scored against Ramunia was disallowed. After viewing from the play-back, the referee disallowed the goal and said it was a foul. So, as I was celebrating my victory, it was short-lived. Someone complained to the lineman, and they requested to trace back the incident. Hence, the score still stands at 2 - 0. Even so, some very dis-satified opponents have made official complains to the board. It is still under probe ... and the victories might be revoked, and I will be charged for lying.

To the many non-paying fans, who have relentlessly watching the game, believing in WINNERS, they might be disappointed. Too bad ...

I have to repeat these numerous of times : I M A BEGINNER. I am only 11 months old in KLSE. I have ZERO knowledge in Economics, Accounting, Trading, Investing or related subjects. DO NOT LISTEN to my calls(to BUY or SELL). So, I am NOT obliged to answer anyone what I m ACTUALLY buying or selling!! Unless I know you personally, then ... sure, for the sake of buddies. But, even that ... I will always remind my friends(who is reading my writings too), to double-check with those know-hows instead of trusting me. I m merely saying what I m intending to BUY/SELL, and hold NO responsibility in YOUR own buyings. FAIR?

THIS BLOG IS FOR PLEASURE READING. Thanks for your patronage. Hehe

Well, I have let it off my chest! Phew!! I have noticed of 180 clicks since this morning 8am. The number of clicks increasing .. showing more PUNTERS(tell me if there are MORE followers here to LEARN, for example GoldCoin, rather than to PUNT ...!!) are here every morning before 9am(they read ALL others trading blog, I think ... to see if they could get any TIPS!!). Yes, I was observing these this morning as ... I M VERY AFRAID that these jokers(those NEVER read to LEARN) are more interested ... WHAT TO BUY TODAY AR?

I knew a group of 'old people' whose main topic is KLSE. They will talk about their killings over the morning coffee-shop, and most of them BOAST about how much they have profitted the day/week before. Seriously, do you believe them and will BUY into the counters if you over-heard them talking about it? For young naive investors, you will be surprised that they will REALLY buy into it, believing they have heard of a HOT tips from "experienced" traders!! No joke ... this is true. I m TRYING to let those YOUNG, NAIVE, EGOISTIC and KNOW NOTHING to learn trading/investing the RIGHT way.

I do believe what Martin said in his book that 80% of those in share markets lose MONEY. Losing money is a 'vulgar' word to me. I have lost in the first 6 months of my investing. I vowed NOT to be the majority, the 80% of them. Personalities-wise, I m not the majority.

Make that commitment, will ya? Help yourself NOT to lose more money into KLSE-hole. By reading blogs(and choosing to read my to BUY, u surely get burnt!) could give us information but we still need to CHECK the facts. We must know what to check, where to check and how to check. Before that, perhaps we should ask WHY we are checking?!

For example, someone asked me what NTA means(I wrote about it, always). Yesterday someone asked what EBIT is. See? You need to know the terms first ... then, do you need to CHECK on NTA value at the moment(BEARISH market). How about EBIT? Do I need to check on it? Yes, learn ... I hv used many--many hours to be able to write about it, as I mentioned MANY of times, I have ZERO knowledge about all these things. Believe me, I m teaching Maths in college level. Period.

Today, I m only about 20% of what I want to be. I m not here to profit, honestly. You may think I m STUPID, you have every right to your own opinions. And I believe we all are different, anyway. I repeat, I m NOT here to earn money. I m here in KLSE to LEARN the skills of TRADING. WHY KLSE? Because i m in MALAYSIA. I planned to migrate to STI/HSI or even US(in two years time, with diiligently learning everyday!!) ... and very excited with my TRADING ADVENTURE. I have written out my 5 years GOAL plans in trading ... one/two years even before I opened a trading account last DEC!!

To be honest, I doubt the MAJORITY will go through such a STUPID tedious routine. But again, we are all different. I m enjoying what I m doing, including writing this BLOG! Hehe.

Tell me, in longer run ... do you think those PUNTERS floating around will profit the most, or those old men in coffee-shops have been talking/boasting about their 'skills', or those who take a SERIOUS commitments to LEARN the finer points of trading? Do I need to say more?

I m writing these with emotions(blocked out each time I m trading) ... sympathy with MANY who are still losing money and never know WHY. I am also SAD to know that many will NOT listen to those trying to share some EDUCATION with them.

On the brighter side, I m glad to know few good souls here, sharing and giving me opinions, information and such. Cheers.

1.50 pm : I was monitoring POS, Proton, Gamuda and MAS a week or so ago. They are moving ... I taken my pick : IJM for this week. These non-penny stocks are for my swiing trading. I m clearing IJM soon, may be later.

Over the weekend, I will again scan the papers, scan through my stalking list, the graphs/charts ... and will list FIVE here. I m warning those newbies. DO NOT BUY any, k?

Learning Corner

Confirming a set-up

1. Trend Line --- up or down?
2. Moving Averages --- 20MA provides good support
3. Volume --- confirming the trend
4. Time --- entry and exit point(s)
5. Share Selection --- due certain criteria

The most important INVESTMENT in novice(like me) is EDUCATION. Invest in good trading/investment books, invest in attending GOOD seminars/workshop, invest your time to progressively learn, invest your energy(mental) in observing the markets. INVEST in these FIRST before thinking of high-profits from markets.

Are you motivated now? Haha ... lets go back to the field for the second-half.

2.25 pm : Wah Seong at 1.09. Red alert. NOTED.

2.50 pm : Ok, this time it is really a goal!! Sold IJM at 2.50 for small profit. 3 - 0, anyway. Noticing Resorts.

3.35 pm : KLCI at 865. Resorts at 2.45. Noted

4.00 pm : Ok, I bought some Resorts(tempted). Enough for today ... I m off to nap, watched Liverpool since 2.30am!! Yawn.

4.55 pm : Taken bath and back online to witness the closing!! A real addict!! haha.

5.15 pm : Good trades : 3 - 0 with a victory against IJM. Yeah ... ooopsss ... is there anyone making an offical complaints again? Sigh ... I still hv to wait before I celebrate.

MK @ 0.155, SP-wb @ 0.29 and Resorts @ 2.44(NO .. I did not get it at 2.40, silly. But, I do get some of this babe. That I dont ... errr ... lie? Hehe). My babes in green as it is HIGHER than the prices I bought. Most of the time, I bought in stages, so ... there is no ONE price only.


p/s : Thanks Spin2win ... haha. I have warned others that I m BULL-s*itting. LOL

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

DOW refuses to go up or down ... so, do you think you could GUESS the direction of our KLSE? One needs to wonder if there is any relation between two of them. They seem NOT to be in good term at the moment, and KLSE drifting ... feeling lost. A last second artificially push-up yesterday shows that the so-called 'supporting hands' are doing their magic. Nevertheless, DOW has been up for 3 consecutive trading-days, KLSE are still moving DOWN. To type "dowN", I just need to add a "N" to DOW. See the magic? Hehe ...

Re-collections of my trading thoughts of Monday and Tuesday

I did mention LCL and Evergreen last week, as these two are very much in my stalking list. Of coz we do read and know the going-ons in Zelan, and The Edge written about the possibilities of MMC injecting MMC Eng into it and such. Zelan was definitely the MAIN actor in KLSE on Monday. That explains why I need to clear my SPSetia on Friday(few more reasons, tho) though I do think SP still hv more upside to come this week or so. I gained 8%, anyway. Moving the funds out, I m ready for Monday morning ... zoom-ed in for Zelan ... and pull out!! Phew!

At the moment, I m still holding to MK which I bought last week in different stages. At 0.155, I could clear it off for a small profit, actually. BUT ... we wait and see how later. While clearing Zelan, I went in to buy 20% of SP-wb at 0.28. Very thin volume, but this is to wait and see counter.

A few more counters were knocking on my head ... When there was a last-minute selling pressure going-on, I told a chatter that I m going in for LionInd and if he is going-in too. He bought KNM, I grabbed LionInd. Well, Citi news was out, and surely we knew DOW will zoom up again on Monday night. I watched 2 hours of US market on Monday night, by the way. Mind you, KLCI lost 10points(??) on Monday, tho DOW up 400points(??) last Friday!

Yesterday, high optimism that KLSE will shoot up ... I sold off LionInd for less than 10% target. Sentiment was not good, KLSE retracing down before lunch. LionInd touched 0.63 briefly(even at 0.64, I wont lose money with LionInd I bought on Monday, right? It was above 80% confident of winning(so, I hv no worry asking a chatter to move in). In the afternoon, nothing going-on but more on reading US biz-news ... KLSE in RED .. of sudden, I was alert ... move-in trying to get Gamuda and IJM. Till market close, I couldnt get the price I wanted. Never mind, tomorrow is still there ... it could be a blessing in disguise, you know. Hmm ...

PHEW!! It is difficult to re-collect my thoughts during my two days of trading as too many info and many changes happening!! Proton and MAS were in mind too ... I written it down yesterday, did I?

I have no worry with my small 'victory' over LionInd tho I do think gaining 10% yesterday from it will not be too 'difficult'? I was wrong as KLSE does not follow the parents, DOW. KLSE lost in her own way!! 2-0 is the score for this week, so far.

The day : Wednesday ... 8.35 am now. Am I buying later on? NO ... unless KLSE goes down more than 10 points, or perhaps IJM dive down another 5%? My mind is clear at the moment with only ZETI hanging there. HOW by lowering the rate could boost KLSE? I knew that news, but I did not see any re-action from KLSE? Hmm ....

PETALING JAYA: The full effects of the global economic crisis could be felt on emerging economies in the first half of next year, Bank Negara governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz said.

“We are monitoring growth in the fourth quarter very closely and the first half of next year when probably, the full effects of the crisis taking place in the developed countries will have an effect on the emerging economies,” she said.

“Right now, even in the third quarter, we have already seen the effects on our export sector,” she told reporters after the launch of HSBC Amanah Malaysia Bhd yesterday.

She said given Malaysia’s strong growth in the first half of this year, it was very likely that the growth for the full year would be between 5% and 5.5%. ... read The Star

9.08 am : KLCI opens in RED, at 858 level.

9.15 am : I was telling someone in the C-box yesterday that I was q-ing for IJM at 2.40 yesterday, but I couldnt get. At 2.38, I grabbed 40% of the funds allocated. It was moving down, touched 2.36 for a moment. KLCI at 856, in RED but IJM at 2.44 vs 2.45 now. I will do nothing but will need to see if I m averaging down? Or averaging up to clear? We shall see ...

9.45 am : KLCI back to 858 level. IJM at 2.45 vs 2.46. Resorts is the most popular babe today, it is everyone's babe. At 2.65, how do you value her?

9.55 am : KLCI still moving up ... at 859 now. IJM at 2.49 vs 2.50. I wonder anyone read my buying and bought into IJM too ... hmm ...

10.05 am : It is interesting to note that TM breaching 3.00 mark, and some funds are collecting this 'cheap' babe. It has gained 16cents in an hour trade!! And heavily traded. Noted.

10.30 am : KLSE finally diving down ... at 853 now. Hmm ...

10.38 am : KLCI reached camp I : 850

10.55 am : KLCI at 848, losing 12 points at the moment. I hv just top-up IJM at 2.42(10%). Left 50% to play with IJM. We shall see ... off for window-shopping at One-Borneo, the latest mega-mall in KK.

12.45 pm : Lunch time -- no show since I left just now? KLCI at 850.72 ... with IJM at 2.42 vs 2.43. MK at 0.145, didnt find my bait at 0.14.

3.45 pm : Ramunia dropped from 1.30 to 0.91 and now to 0.61. NO ONE q-ing to buy, but loong queue at 0.61. Well, you will grab it? Will it pull down to 0.31 tmr? Hmm ... MISC dropped a bomb into Ramunia yesterday. I hv written about Ramunia last month or so when someone asked me about it, and my broker told me it is VERY steady. Well, I dislike NEWS .. such as privitasation or RTO or whatever ... as an investor, in the business point of view, will you care much who are in power-struggle etc etc. That is their domestic problem. That explain why I never really take a look into Ramunia. Besides, second boarder giving me less interests. Anyway, now since the BOMBs dropped, time to re-look into Ramunia's value. Anyone? KLCI is boring ... at 854 again ...

4.20 pm : Waiting for the closing. When will they shorten the trading hours in KLSE? Thought they are considering that? SC needs to look into its feasibility. KLSE can be kinda boring without any funds moving the market.

4.35 pm : Waiting for last surge again? Or what if ...

4.45 pm : READ StockTube if you are newbies ... LISTEN!!

There were two young chaps talking about the current stock market after they finished their meals at a hawker center the other day. As much as I hoped for, it appears the price of foods never goes down and chances are it won’t no matter how much the fuel price drops. So stop believe those propaganda by government that the inflation has peaked and the prices of goods are going to come down soon. Anyway the two young chaps were very excited because they have just bought into some local stocks, believing that the stocks are already very cheap and they are on their way to make a killing this time.

Well, the young chaps could be right and should be proud that they’ve bought into the stocks now instead of early of the year. At least they can claimed they bought low and hopefully can sell high – that’s if they can hold on to their stocks until it appreciate and do not fall in love with them that they decided to hold on further only to find that the next bear cycle has started. That’s part of the stocks investment learning journey and nobody can skip the test. That was why you heard about newbies need to pay tuition fees to learn the rope. No genius is smart enough to bypass this baptism of fire. Heck, even Warren Buffett still makes mistake at his current age. Of course if you wish to show that you’re better than the Oracle of Omaha because you bought stocks at a lower price than him, you can do that anytime now *grin*.

While I don’t have (nobody has) the crystal ball to tell when is the bottom, the fact is the worst is not over and not all bad news are out from the closet yet. But if I read the above conversation by the two young chaps right, many beginners have actually used their bullets and assuming they do not have half a million in their war-chest, I (and StockTube readers) would have longer period of time to plan for the assault. I would be very worry if everybody is still holding their money and waiting for the “right time” to enter the stock market because that means the demand will suddenly skyrockets with little supply, and that's bad. So my simple question to you is: If the stocks are really cheap and it’s time to buy, why are they still going down? You do believe the Dow Jones can slides further to 6,000 (yeah, I’ve bet that it would goes down to 7,000 recently) and KLCI to 700, do you?

TEH : Yes, I do believe DOW will go below 7000, not a problem and KLCI will touch 650. 850 is my Camp I, 800 is Camp II, 750 is Camp III, 700 is Leading Camp ... 650 is Bottom Camp. We shall see ... GET OUT OF KLSE. RUNNN ... how many times have I called for that? Hmm ...

5.05 pm : KLCI closed at856.37. IJM at 2.44. MK at 0.15(0.155 is planted). SP-wb at 0.27.

7.05 pm : Euro lost 40points so far. We shall see profit-taking at DOW, and a plunge of 300-500 points will see KLSE retrace back to Camp I easily. Next support should be arouond 815-830, breaching that we might be able to reach back to Camp II sooner than expected. RUNNN ... ooppss ... I forgot, I was being silly to BUY into IJM today!! So, I better pull-off tmr or so, before I lose some money.

Rule 1 : Never lose money. Rule 2 : Refer to Rule 1, remember?

Stop-loss at 2.30 at the moment. Someone asked what is my exit point for IJM? Hmm ... I dont know, actually. To profit 10%, I need to clear only when it reaches 2.60+. Hey, we are human ... we are flexible!! But, we still need to monitor the movements, changing some plans along the way, right? Play a chess game competitively before? Then, u will know what I mean.

Yes, I m here to look into Ramunia ... I might give it a skip if I m not confident enough with the punt. Can it be catching a falling-knife? Buying by stages with my llimited funds left? I wont change my other portfolios plans for Ramunia ... unless I m, say, 90% sure I could win the game? It is like letting go off a bird in hand, chasing another one? We shall see ...

Time to relax ... watch Astro, I mean the TV not its stock, k?


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nik Kershaw - The Riddle

Trading or Investing in markets is like a RIDDLE. You need to find it out yourself what suits YOU. Nice song, indeed. hehe

24-11-2008: Strategy during crisis investment by Ang Kok Heng

When market was high, many investors were careful and avoided jumping onto the bandwagon. Now that the market has fallen, and fallen sharply, many investors are still wary about investing. There is nothing wrong about being careful with one’s hard-earned money. Not unless our interest rate falls to 1%, like in the case of US or close to zero in Japan.

The only problem with extremely cautious investors is that they kept their money in banks most of the time. They sighed with relief for not being caught by the market. While they escaped the bear, they also missed the bull. Many Malaysians witnessed the bear and bull during the ups and downs of the economy. Nothing happened to them as they did not suffer any losses and neither did they gain anything from these cycles.

No crystal ball

Many investors were cautious because they do not have a crystal ball to predict where the bottom of the market is. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a crystal ball in the investment world.

Everyone is faced with the same dilemma. Even the professional investment fraternity cannot predict the market accurately. The only difference between a layman and a professional is that the latter is equipped with a bit more information and some knowledge about investing. But their vision is also limited.

They can only see a few feet ahead. Their vision becomes hazier further away from the target. Beyond certain circumference, they probably cannot predict what will happen. Whatever they forecast is purely based on a set of assumptions which may or may not be valid. As such, the predictions of many analysts and fund managers are nothing more than their own assumptions.

Travelling on rainy night

Investment is like travelling in the rain at night. Some may park their cars by the side of the road during thunderstorms while waiting for the rain to stop.

This is especially true for those with astigmatism and poor night vision. They know they can only travel on a rainy night if they have their vision corrected.

Some will drive very carefully in the downpour due to poor condition of their wipers. They know that they are not equipped to speed before changing the wipers.

For those who are well equipped and familiar with the road conditions including the bends and nooks, they can drive on with reasonable speed. Hence, they arrive home early and safe. Getting home safely is important, but getting home early is definitely an achievement. For those who are less equipped, it is better to get someone who knows how to drive to take over the wheel.
In investment, one must be equipped with the basic investment knowledge and familiar with the investment conditions. Otherwise, the road ahead could be treacherous.

Let the savings work

The ability to grow one’s money is definitely crucial especially if we look at how inflation has eroded our savings over time. Gaining a higher return over one’s savings not only can help overcome the erosion due to inflation, it also helps to build up a higher reserve for retirement.
Most financial planners encourage people to save and save early so that the compounded return on the savings can accumulate to a substantial amount leading to financial freedom.

While it is true that early compounding is crucial to amass a pile of wealth, having a higher average return from the investment allows us to achieve the target earlier. The question is how to get our savings to work harder for us.

Crisis means opportunities

The prevailing financial crisis in US may provide the much-desired opportunities. The Chinese character for crisis means danger and opportunity. These meanings must have been coined many years ago based on the Chinese’ experience. The explanation can be seen as a clue and it has helped many successful people to make huge profit.

“Buy when markets hit the point of maximum pessimism.” — Sir John Templeton

For those who have been keeping their savings in the bank, the opportunity arises during a crisis. Their patience eventually becomes fruition. The day of recognition finally arrives and their prayer is answered. Ironically, many who have patiently kept their savings in the safe cradles become more protective of their savings and they just stood by the sidelines, watching the crisis comes and goes. It happened in the past and it is happening now and it may also happen in the future.

Market chaser — a loser

On the contrary, there are also certain groups of investors who always chase the market. They get excited whenever the market runs. They are overwhelmed whenever the bull is in town and they tail behind the bull. When the bull is gone and the bear returns, they become fearful. They hide at home and cuddle whatever balance they have in their savings.

“The public buys the most at the top and the least at the bottom.” — Bob Farrell’s Rule No 5

As a whole they put in more money during the bull market than in the bear bottom. Some even cut lost after a substantial fall in prices. In a way they “buy high and sell low”, whereas the basic rule of investment is to “buy low, then sell high” — a simple investment tenet understood by most people, but not being widely practised. Although we may not know where the bear bottom is, buying in a down market may still lead to losing money. This is definitely true. As long as the purchase is not at market bottom, it may still result in losses for the time being. This is likely to be a short-term loss but compensated by a probable long-term gain. Even if we cannot time the market perfectly, we are definitely better off to “buy low and sell high” then to “buy high and sell low”.

Prices fell but value intact

Presently stock prices have fallen sharply. Banks are trading at 1x book value, property stocks sold at 50% discount from net asset value, utility stocks trading at single-digit price-earnings ratio providing an earnings yield of more than 10% net of tax and there are many good stocks trading at dividend yield of 2x bank interest rates.

While prices have fallen off the cliff, the values of these companies are still very much intact. The present financial tsunami in the US has its impact on many Malaysian companies. It will cause a slowdown in our economy and affect earnings over the next one to two years. But isn’t this part of business risk? Established and proven companies have weathered this many times as in the past and they will eventually end up bigger and stronger.

Prices may fall but the value of a good company is still very much intact. The value of a company comprises the brand name, business contacts, the team of suppliers, the network of clienteles, the internal management control, the technical skills and etc.

Warren Buffett is busy buying

Warrant Buffett, the second richest man in the world who makes his fortune from stock investment, is busy buying undervalued companies. He sees the value and he also sees prices detaching away from the intrinsic values. He said: “I haven’t the faintest idea as to whether stocks will be higher or lower a month — or a year — from now. What is likely, however, is that the market will move higher, perhaps substantially so, well before either sentiment or the economy turn up.”

Although we may not be able to imitate exactly what he is doing, we can still follow some of his investment strategies. There are a few strategic moves that he has employed in the current financial crisis:-

• He is able to buy those shares which he likes in the past at a huge discount to the net worth, which means his safety margin at this point is very good.

• He aims to hold the investments for several years for huge profit margin as he is unlikely to sell for a small profit.

• He does not rush in to buy, he is very selective on the stocks he bought.

• He buys gradually. Thus far, he only uses about half of the cash balance in Berkshire Hathaway, his flagship company.

While others witness the collapse of banks in the US and wonder which one will be the next to fall, Buffett discovers many cheap buys. When Alan Greespan said this is a once-in-100-years financial crisis, Buffett believes this is a golden opportunity to accumulate undervalued stocks for his collection.

Catching a falling knife

Some may argue that buying now is like catching a falling knife. If you are not careful, you may be hurt and suffer more losses from falling stock prices. There is no doubt that we may incur short-term losses as long as we do not buy at the bottom. On the other hand, who can determine where and when is the bottom. As long as there are still unknown events or hidden problems, an apparent bottom now may not be the eventual bottom. Since we do not have all the information in the market, it is almost impossible to guess where the bottom will be.

In most cases, we only realise the bottom after it is over and by that time stock prices are running high with much improved market confidence. Market bottom could be there only for a short period. In most cases, market did not stay at the bottom waiting for investors. It will just move on.

Since market moves ahead of the economy by about six months, the market bottoms out when the economy is still gloomy, news are still negative, analysts are still calling underweights and most investors are staying at the sidelines.

In the absence of a crystal ball and in order not to miss the market bottom, it will be more profitable if we learn how to catch a falling knife. The good thing about a falling knife is that, we know it is a falling knife. So, we only need to use some precautionary measures to avoid being slashed by it. Handling something we know is definitely much easier than dealing with the unknown risks, something which hits from behind without warning. When we invest during a crisis we actually go in with our eyes open. We know it is definitely risky but we also know it could also be very profitable. If we can handle the risk, the risk-reward trade-off will be very rewarding.

Emphasise strategies

What we need is to buy near the bottom, not right at the bottom. Investors’ frequent question now is when to buy, that is where is the bottom? Perhaps it is more intelligent to ask how much to buy now since nobody will be able to guess where is the market bottom. Even if someone provides advice for market timing on when to buy, how can we trust he knows the answer. He is probably doing it as a favour in order not to disappoint the enquirer with a negative answer — “I don’t know” (which is a fact, unfortunately), or he is probably guessing based on some assumptions.

Staggered buying is preferred over bullet purchase which is taking the risk of timing the market bottom. In staggered buying, a pre-determined amount will be set aside for investment over time, say in 10 equal portions.

One common method of staggered investment is dollar cost averaging, an investment scheme made in equal portions periodically, either by a small amount monthly or larger amount quarterly. There are also several variations of staggered investment.

The investment portion can be modified to x percentage of cash balance, say 10% of available cash balance. An investment of RM100,000 will start off with RM10,000 in first purchase, then RM9,000 in second purchase (ie 10% of the RM90,000 cash balance) etc. This method will stretch the money over a longer period.

Other than equal interval investment outlay irrespective of how the market performs, timing of the next staggered investment will only be made if the market dips by say 5% or by 50 points.
For more aggressive investors, a 10-equal portion of investment could be finished before market hits the bottom. This could happen if the market takes longer-than-expected time to recover. On the other hand, a more conservative investor may be investing too slowly and the market may have rebounded before he or she has invested half of the money set aside for investment. This could happen if the market rebounds faster than expected.

Anyway, staggered purchase is a preferred method to avoid the anxiety of market timing and the mixed feeling of fear of further downside and worry of missing the market rebound. As long as the market is undervalued, the strategy of staggered investment ensures that investors are in and are benefiting from the undervalued market.

Ang has 20 years’ experience in research and investment. He is currently the chief investment officer of Phillip Capital Management Sdn Bhd.

TEH : If you need to LEARN, READ the above a few times and try to UNDERSTAND in depth the concepts. If you cant even bother to read such an important articles, DO NOT bother to read my writings. I m bull-s*hitting, bear with me ... in BEAR market!

For those many coming in to look for tips, please kindly GET LOST. You are wasting your time, as I m a BEGINNER. Am I making myself clear? Any questions? HHmm ...
LVS(recommended by Spin2Win)

DOW up almost to 400 points. Oil at US54 now. But the same could not be predicted in KLSE later on? Yesterday's performance was BAD ... will KLSE retracing back to 850 support level?

BAC 14.59(up 27%), MS 13.38 (up 33%), WB 5.29 (up 28%) and C 5.95 (up 58%). These banking stocks jumped up due to the bail-out. Yes, in one day trade, US stocks could appreciate up to 20-30%.

LVS 3.69 (up 14%), CSCO 16.40 (up 8%), F 1.56 (up 9%) and GM 3.59 (up 17%).

So, shall we move to US?

It's time to be brave (taken from HERE)

Yes, stocks are volatile, especially now. Yes, there will be boom times and bust times -- and the busts are no fun, even when we're resigned to their presence. But if you want your money to earn you positive post-inflation returns over the long term, cash isn't going to get you there.

Not only that, but the very best time to invest in the stock market is when everyone else is panicking -- because you can buy excellent companies at bargain prices.

None of this is to say we've reached a market bottom just yet. Historical earnings multiples, for example, suggest that more pain could be in store for investors, and some periods of market lethargy have indeed lasted for longer than 10 years.

Nonetheless, the trend is as true today as it's been for the past century: We're at a point where bargain-hunting investors can be as assured as they've been in decades that stocks will perform well in the long term.

8.50 am : With so much of expectation that KLSE will be GREEN today, I hv nothing to BUY, but in fact I m looking to SELL off my holdings TODAY, if possible. Also, I will re-visit Zelan(tho I hv limited funds left --- all funds allocated for other babes should NOT be used, unless necessary).

Talking about allocation of funds, I hv divided it into THREE parts : One: to PUNCH-in if any stocks diving; TWO : to trade active stocks and THREE : heavier stocks to swing. Ideally, I should hv FIVE but I do not have so much of funds(besides, I m beginner, right? I still need new funds for my US trades!). Anyway, I m at times too flexible(could be due to lack of discpline. Noted.) ... Account I, II and III changes according ... transferring of funds need approval.

9.15 am : KLCI at 863. Yes, it is green ... come out and play!! I m q-ing to clear ...

9.30 am : KLCI losing some steam and moving sideway ... i m OFF.

11.00 am : KLCI moving at a tight range of 860 - 863, and NOT being induced by DOW up by 400 points!! Another proof that KLSE does'nt move tandem with DJIA? Hmm ...

11.25 am : Guess KLSE refuses to move up or down. I need a rest for tonight's market. So, I m clearing of LionInd which I bought yesterday before closing when it was diving down!

My holdings : 10k @ 0.635, followed by 5k @ 0.63. I thought I could clear at 0.69 since morning, but I m clearing NOW. It is at 0.66 vs 0.665 now ... And yes, I did share that with one of a chatter yesterday when I was going in to BUY LionInd ...LionInd has a turning point at 28.11.08? We shall get it back then ... Sold LionInd at 0.66. Profit less than 5%. Never mind. 2-0 as of today.

11.30 am : Hey, KLCI moving ... DOWN. At 857 now.

12.20 pm : KLCI at 858, hanging on to close for lunch. Yes, each time KLCI zrooming down, I get alert to move in ... but, it halted. So, I do nothing ...

12.35 pm : KLCI at 858.86.

2.45 pm : Not much going on.

3.00 pm : IJM, MAS, MMC, AMMB or Proton? Hmm ....

3.20 pm : Oh Boy, KLCI at 856, going into RED soon.

4.00 pm : Finally, KLSE in RED ... another proof that KLSE and DJIA not in same direction!! KLSE is a lost child ... at 855 now. Will it touch 850 later? Come on ... another DIVE please.

4.25 pm : Sentiments worsen ... at 854. I was playing with the idea of getting IJM. Noticed that it moving down a lot today.

4.35 pm : See if there is a last minute push ...

5.00 pm : A boring KLSE ... last minute surge to green to close at 860.18.


Monday, November 24, 2008

The day : Monday ... it is 7.30 am now. I m the only person in the office this early hours, everyday during my holiday excited to look into the 'latest' biz-news around the globe, and particularly in Malaysia/Asia region. It is becoming a ritual ... waking up around 5am for past one year now ... biz-china at 6am, and by 7am at office to do some of my readings. I will continue to do just that for 5 years(unless I find that what I m doing is 'silly' and unfruitful --- at the moment, I m comfortable with my doings).

Ok, enough about myself ... I prefer to focus on my trades and learn to invest. *grin*.

This counter will be the trade of the day/week for this week. Overly-sold. Hmm ...


What determines our profit --- entry point or exit point? By B.Wermine.

In his book, Wermine used AIRASIA as an example. I will be using ASTRO as the other similar example.

I bought ASTRO at 3.30 in the beginning of the year(mind you, I was only 1 month into KLSE and ASTRO was my first babe!). It touched a low of 3.18, if i m not mistaken. So, lets say MANY bought into ASTRO at 3.30, my entry point. What will be your exit point?

I sold of ASTRO at 2.58 after 1 month or so, as I need the funds. I was quite glad with my trade. Well, ASTRO was playing with the 'privitasation' news ... I was too new to understand all these, but read almost every pages of reports I could get. ASTRO was losing money in Indon venture, and they were planning to venture to India!! The risk is there ... so, I exited with around 10% gain. Due to the privitasation news, ASTRO managed to moved up to 3.90 or so ...(I dont really remember as I do not look back once I sold a counter, unless I hv the intention to BUY it again).

Will you exit at my level(10% gain) or be more patient and exit at 3.90? That is 20% profit!! As the market sentiment worsen, and the 'privitasation' news seemed NOT to be true(there is a hope as AK privitised Maxis last year, so the HOPE is real?), Astro started to move down ... and back to 3.30. Will you have exit earlier to take profit or are you one of the many who still HOPE it will realised its 'value'(its NTA value or the so-called fair value was far higher)?

When ASTRO started to trade below 3.00, I took a peep. Hmm .. interesting, I placed it back into my stalk-list, but never seriously thinking of trading this counter(no chance as too many GOOD ones out there! Hehe). Will you exit at 3.00? Cut loss?

Without much difficulties, ASTRO dived down to 2.10(L 2.00), rebounded a little as KLSE rebounds, but moving back to test 2.00 level now. Will you exit it here?

So, it is your entry point or exit point that would detemine your profit? A very good question to ponder on ... I NEVER regret that I took 10% profit(many might be thinking ... hai yah, you wait a while hor, you can get 20% profit ma) and it is SILLY to regret. With so many counters to trade(even thinking wider ... so many MARKETS to trade!!), why would one drain their emotions in regretting? EMOTIONS in play here. That is DANGEROUS.

But, if your exit point is NOW... at 2.10 or so, then ... 3.30 ---> 2.10, you have NOT lost 50%, yet. Many counters lost more than 50%, mind you. Also, you need 100% increment in its price once it reaches 1.65, right? You know how to calculate that, right? Profit and Loss are NOT symmetrical!! With the BEARISH market, it is VERY likely that ASTRO might trade below 2.00, diving to 1.65 soon. Unless AK's privitisation story prop-up again? Then, I might consider to BUY, playing on that news! Hehe

TEH : Yes, i have learned that EXIT point is far more crucial that entry point. Though I hv many times exited 'too early' and gained 8-10%, I m so far satisfied with it. Till I learn how to see the technical-side of the charts, I will stick to my old-conventional plan.

8.58 am : Ready ...

9.15 am : KLCI at 861, in REDS tho DOW up 500 points?? What??! Is there really a correlation between DOW and KLSE? Hmm ... Grabbed 30% for Zelan at 0.785. At 0.80 vs 0.805 now.

9.25 am : Zelan at 0.810 vs 0.815 ... retrace a little, I m q-ing(20%) for it. Another 50% is NOT to be touched, till it slide below my initial 0.785.

9.35 am : KLCI diving down ... at 859 now. MK @ 0.15, ZL @ 0.805.

9.55 am : KLCI at 858. I m not sure about others, but I feel it will stage a come-back later on. So, I m, in a way, glad ... and looking to BUY my second target. Zelan moved up to 0.815 vs 0.820, and i m still q-ing to BUY more of it if it retraces. Otherwise, I shall average-up.

Daughtry - It's Not Over <--- Well, I love this song, and it is appropriate here. It's not over in KLSE as more DOWN to come ...

10.25 am : KLCI at 859 ... I hv bought another 20% into Zelan at 0.82. It is at 0.83 vs 0.835 now. Well, as I THINK KLSE will stage a comeback later on, I hv no problem in believing buying into Zelan to trade today. Targeting 10% profit, lock it and out!! Hehe.

I acquired my third babe, SSS just now at 0.28. A surge up in KLSE will see me SELL all of my holding today? We shall watch ... I do not wish to expose SSS as I m afraid many might punt into it and get burn!! I will be glad if WE gain together, but ... give me a break, how LUCKY a beginner could be?

10.30am : Zelan reaching my target soon. Noted.

10.45 am : Done with my trades. 1-0 won against Zelan. :-) Sold at 0.85(it touched 0.855). We should wait patiently to punch-in for such an opportunity. If you are patient enough, and diligently monitoring counters, you will benefit once the opportunities arise. I remember KNM, IOI, TM with an "easy" 10% increase in a day-trade. Just need to be patient and alert.

10.50 am : KLCI still at 859.Oil moves above US 50 now. I m OFF.

12.20 pm : I'm back!! Phew!! KLCI at 857, instead of moving up!! Still got second-half ... we shall see. Zelan at 0.77. Phew!! Cleared at 0.85, smart move. Hmm ... MK @ 0.145. Noticing MMC at 1.37, losing 27cents today!! Anything to do with Zelan? MMC at 1.30 level is like buying for 'free'. Will you BUY into it? Beware of falling knife? As for my SSS, it is at 0.295 now, clearing at 0.305 or so. GOOD!!

12.35 pm : KLCI closed for lunch at 857.70. KNM at triple-five, and I will re-consider this HOT babe if it go to 0.50 level again.

As for MMC, I do not wish to scoop it at the REAL bottom(HOW DO YOU KNOW? TEACH ME, k?). Give it a day or two, read its chart and see if we should move in. MMC certainly highly in my stalking list at the moment after this morning fall. Sorry again if you got caught in MMC, I think MMC will still move further down, and I will only buy into it once it rebounds, say 10%? With my not-too-greedy approach, I will be glad to gain another 10% profit? We all have different tastes, right?

3.00 pm : KLCI moved up slightly, at 859 at the moment. Not much of movement ... Having my teh-tarik and reading "Malaysian Business" surely more interesting ...

3.30 pm : Half-hour passed without any happening. Nikkei is Green ... REDs everywhere ...

3.45 pm : Did you read that GOV donating USD300b+ to C? It might jump up tonight ... I will start to monitor US market tonight! More coffee needed ...

LionInd at 0.65 now ... When it was at 0.70, I got a phone call from a friend, asking if it is a good buy at 0.70. That way about 2/3 weeks ago. My immediate response was ... err ... it has been up from 0.50 level to 0.70. Dont you think so it might start to move down soon? Of coz, I was considering that this friend of mine DO NOT monitor stocks like I do, so ... it will be very RISKY to give opinions at the moment. I was 'wrong' ... it went up to 0.80 level!! Now, if you bought at 0.70 level, and KNOW how to release it for profit, that is fine and good. BUT, if you are going to BUY and HOLD(which my friend will), then NO BUYINGS in BEAR MARKET. Simple logic? At 0.65 now, do you consider it as 'cheap'? If you BUY it NOW, what is your exit point? What is your trading plan, then?

Personally, I LIKE LionInd too ... will re-visit it once it has correct itself. Soon? I dont know ...

4.05 pm : I was wrong to say KLSE will move up, instead it is retracing downward, at 856 now. If DOW up 500points, KLSE down 10 points, guess if DOW down(tonight DOW will be in GREEN again, i think) 500points tonight, how will KLSE re-acts? Hmm ...

4.30 pm : KLCI at 854.

4.45 pm : KLCI at 855. No hiding ... I just bought LionInd at 0.635 ... might need to average down. Hmm ...

5.05 pm : KLCI closed at 855.39. MK @ 0.145, SS @ 0.28 and LI @ 0.63.

7.35 pm : Dinner time ... just to note that EURO opens UP 60+ points at the moment, Crude Oil slight above US50, and DJ-futures is positive too. DJIA will go up later? We shall see ...

10.25 pm : Well, I m here to watch the US market, and also some counters I hv started to stalk. Citi moved 58% UP, from 3.77 to 5.97 at the moment. Interesting, right?

10.30 pm : DOW up by 100+ points. Citi at 6.19, up by 65% now. Now I know why I want to be into US market. Some good investors have been asking me to take a look into US. I m here now ... will only trade once my a/c approved.

10.45 pm : DOW losses steam ... at 8115 now. Citi retraces back to 5.50 level, but still a good 40% up. LVS at 3.54, up almost 10% now. So, you see ... the changes of 10% is EASILY attained with US stocks. Amazing ...

11.15 pm : DOW at 8262(changes every second!!), up by 200+ points. LVS was in RED just now, down by 4%, but now at 3.43 up by 6%. So, in half hour, we could have another 10% trade? F at 1.50, up 5% ... GM at 3.04 ... etc etc. I m starting to create my stalking list, preparing for my next month trade. I shall start at small capital : MYR 10k, not even USD 3k at USD strengthen again.

11.30 pm : DOW at 8359, up 300+ points lead by banking stocks. I m noticing put-warrants too. Somehow, I know I will learn all these so-called complicated and 'scary' markets available. While we should do what we feel comfortable about, we should think of of the box, and venture out of our comfort zones(our shells).

Crude Oil above US52 now ... if these could hold, will KLSE be GREEN tmr? We shall see ...

Ok ... I shall go back to rest. Will get my mobile-internet and my US trading a/c ready ... will try some simulation for a month or so. Buying bit by bit into it ... noted.

I m tired as I was up since 5am. Till tmr. Night, America.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Reflection-Christina Aguilera

Scanning through the paper ... looking for some stocks still driving south despite the one-month rebound(retraced). Proton, MAS, Pelikan, Zelan, TMI ... to mention a few in the list.

As of for last week, I have managed to clear KNM, Scomi and SPSetia. Luckily I hv cleared KNM much earlier(and win some) as it dived down below 0.70 and to below 0.60 on Friday. TIMING(rather random?) is so crucially important. KNM is still very much in play. Its extreme high volume is questionable. It is the most popular counter for everyone to trade? I m not so sure if the fooreign funds systematically releasing their holdings, but one needs to be very cautious to play KNM. Otherwise, it is only wise NOT to touch this hot babe.

Scomi is also another very hot counter at the moment. I hv lost 3 times to Scomi, whether I m playing white or black. So, I need to be wise not to play with her, at least for this week.

Now I m only holding MK, with the news in play ... will trigger SELL once it reaches my target. Well, I m a little too careful as I will take profit once I achieved 8-10% with a trade. If it fails to realise my target, without much hesitation, I will let it go. And if it triggers my stop-loss bell, I will have to take defeat. Small losses, increase the profits. In the longer run, I know I will gain ...

What is in my mind for next week? Honestly, I hv not chosen WHAT exactly to trade tmr, but more or less I hv 4 or 5 counters to play on. For each counters I m intending to BUY, I hv a few things that I will religiously check. I do hv my trade-plans but I m not so sure if I m doing it right, so I will continue to refine my trading brain ... As of today, I m so much confident than I was ... say 6 months ago? Yes, increase our chances of winning a trade while reducing our risk.

LVS : Mother of all waterfalls?

Talking about 'waterfalls', KLSE's couldnt be compared to many in foreign markets, for example US markets. Seeing such a volatility excite me!! I mean, I m learning to 'catch' a stock that will be UP by 8-10% per week, in US .. many stocks move UP/DOWN by 10% easily!! Interesting and huge rollercoaster ... hang-on, we are zrrrooooming down. Down it goes ... LVS was traded above USD100 in the beginning of the year, but it is at 3.23 now!!

Imagine this ... PBBank trading at rm10, and at 32 cents now. Do your Maths. How many % of drop is that? Will you BUY and HOLD? Will LVS ever reach USD100 again one day when US economy eventually recovers?(assuming it could). If that is your believe, then BE BRAVE ... BUY into LVS at USD3.23 or below, even if it reaches 32.30, you have 10x your investment!! Errr ... simply put, RM3k becoming RM30k? Or Rm30k becoming RM300k? A Kancil changed to a BMW? That is incredible, right? WILL YOU PUNT INTO IT, then? Afterall, LVS business is for punters/gamblers!!

Flip the coin if you can't decide : HEAD = BUY all out LVS or TAIL = DO NOTHING.

p/s : Do you think RESORTS will buy into LVS? If so, perhaps Resorts is worth looking into as it is sitting on pile of cash? Cash is King? I m not indicating that I m buying Resorts or LVS, am I? Hehe


Saturday, November 22, 2008


DOW up to almost 500 points. With such a rebound, will Asia-Pacific markets bullish on Monday? How about KLSE? It managed to crawl back from a deficit of 10+ points in the morning trade, to close slightly above the surface.

US Market

Yes, I will register to open an account to trade in US sooner than I planned(2 yrs time) as US is reaching for bottom(more downside seen). Besides, we are allowed to short-selling stocks.

From WSJ : Despite Wall Street's late rally Friday, Citigroup fell 94 cents, or 20%, to $3.77 on the day, taking its losses to 60% for the week and 72% for November.

Selling of Citi's shares grew heavier after Chief Executive Vikram Pandit said he had no desire to sell the Smith Barney brokerage unit. The stock's close was the lowest for Citi since the last day of 1992; it has lost more than $53.8 billion in market value in November....

TEH : Citi in focus as it might be the next victim in the volatile sea --- TSUNAMI sweeping the US/EURO banking/financial systems. Crushed. Citi lost almost 20% last night, to close at 3.77(intraday low at 3.05). It was traded at the range of USD40 to USD60 before the financiial crisis last year. Definitely more things happening there rather than our KLSE. Guess I need to have internet connection at home(or mobile) and more sleepless nights as I will be trading US market, while many having their nice sleep after hours of watching Astro? Hmm ... poor me.

With FEARS at its height, will you be BULLISH about Citigroup's stock? One US analyst, Ladenburg Thalmann's Dick Cove came out in support of Citigroup!! And interestingly, he was also the person who was BEARISH about Citi last year!!

How do you see CitiGroup? Will they 'tutup kedai' like Lehman too?

Personal Goal

Saturday will be the day where I recall my trades and key-ing some data, updating some news. Sunday will be the day to plan for my next week's trade. After actively trading for 3 weeks(as I m on holiday), I feel that full-time trading is NOT my cuppa tea. I still love teaching ... hmm ... so, I will continue to educate myself, in a hope to be able to teach those amateurs some trading knowledge that I hv learnt along the way ... yeah, I love Maths, I teach Maths. I love Bowling, so I coach bowling ... and now, I love trading, it is obviously I will turn to teach/coach trading too.

I m into 11 months of My Trading Adventure. Someone initiated that I start this trading blog ... and on 08.08.2008, I started this blog to record my own trades for my own readings!! That was initial stage 3 mths plus ago. Then, last month I started to count the number of clicks(suspecting many turning in here to READ ... will it gives me the unnecesary PRESSURE to impress and thus diverting my MAIN focus, learning to trade?).


Ginseng70 was the first person to ask permission to publicize my blog. At first I was reluctant as I m afraid to say that there are MANY(in my view, about 80% of them!!) of them who are JOKERS and IMMATURED traders/investors/punters in KLSE ... with GAMBLING mind-set and might really reading my blog to BUY into some counters. If they are lucky, they might get away from it(and they forgotten to THANK ME with a DOUGHNUT, please) ... but if they get burn, I will feel sorry. I DO NOT wish to see anyone losing money, but wish to SHARE knowledge with others. It is DIFFICULT as we are talking about GAMBLERS IN KLSE ... Malaysians in general are un-educated in many areas, and they WONT want to learn ... they will be forever floating with a DREAM of getting RICH(free lunch??) ... and get tips here and there. Sigh ...

So, I will place a disclaimer soon ... to make sure that those who DO NOT wish to learn trading and SELFISH to share constructive pointers SHOULD NOT view my writings. They will be giving me the unnecessary stress. Un-warranted ... i have tried to ignore many who STUPIDLY came into my chat-box and ask ... DPS can buy or not? Or What to PUNT this morning ar?? It irritate me, honestly. Those who feel 'pedas' while reading these, YES ... I m refering to YOU.

Stop going to ANYONE to ask what to PUNT or BUY. If I m 100% sure, I might as well TELL everyone!! It is like when my students ask me "Sir, this one will come out in exams ar?". I will brush them away ... and said, if I know the question paper, I will not only show you, but will OPENLY discuss the ANSWERS to the WHOLE class!! So, STOP ... do your homework, study for exams(stop praying too) ... and be confident when you are in exams hall, I told my students. Same "fi-lo-so-fi"applied in my trading environment.

Recently, another chatter Kuok invited me to a share-market forum. I will be delighted if I could speak to those like-minded. But, the forum certainly not a place for me. It is full of NUISANCE and NONSENSE punter or young dreams making fun of some stocks. Lack of maturity, I would say. So, it will be a waste of my TIME(time is precious to me) to chat with them. But, I obliged to Kuok as I think he is the very few more mature traders than many there.


Yes, being a beginnner ... I believe I need a good network of people with similar mindset, to share and to learn from each other. You may know something I dont and I might read about something which you missed out. Since I only see myself as a BEGINNER(that is a FACT), I still have plenty to learn ... I would rate myself as only 20% of my whole Education Goal. As I only have 20% knowledge about trading/investing, it is more important that I get to know those serious traders. We cant be too proud to say we know everything, right? That is how I learned my bowling, ok? Being in Sabah is also a disadvantage. Otherwise, I will be very delighted to join Wermine/Martin in their monthly gathering!! Or any investors' gathering ... with a goal of sharing infomation, re-vise our trading brain and re-define our system. For those experts, it is re-fine their strategies. For beginners, it is re-educate ourselves.

I m glad that I started WELL, with the wisdom to know that I need to be DIFFERENT from MANY(80% traders who lose money in KLSE) in order to succeed. Once you are committed to your goal, you will find the motivation to do the necessary in order to acheive your goal!! For that, I do believe.

Thanking a few chatters who have given me some insights and to those few who have commented on my writings. I do appreciate that. I m humbled by those teaching me the finer ways of trading. I will continue to learn. Thank you.

巫啟賢 - 太傻 <--- I will be too silly to listen to you, he sang.


Resorts closed unchanged at 2.58, formed a doji. Stop-loss at 2.50, but more upside seen. Resistance at 2.80, Resorts should be viewed as mid/long term stock.


Gamuda opened at 1.50(intraday low at 1.49 --- refusal to move down!!), to close at 1.61 yesterday. Nice move ...


LionInd up more than 10% yesterday, after a week of downturn. Does this mean it will shoot up higher next week? At 0.69, how do you value this babe?

With such an uncertain environment, we could be excused if we discard FA or TA. It is more of flip-of-coin randomness. But, if we bought into a strong counter(FA), if we get caught, we could keep it for longer term?(Remember, it is BEAR market, NO BUYING yet, in my view). And if we try to look into charts(TA), it might help us to place a stop-loss as we certain do not wish to get sucked into the KLSE's hole ... whichever way, it is the best for MAJORITY of Joe-Public(Wermine termed those tom&dick) NOT to be in ANY dry-markets at all. Perhaps, you should help your MRS to wet-markets? Hmm ..

1 pm : I 'accidentally' spoken to a financial consultant, Wilfred, who is 'helping' ING UT, PRU-linked UT and Public Mutual handling some funds and gains commision from there. From the way he speaks, he shows that he knew his staff. So, I m listening to those know-how ... as they could enlighten me, financially. It is interesting ... the minimal amount : RM30k. If it is hedge-fund, minimal is rm300k(placed under OZ's hedge-fund which profitting 26% this year!). Interesting ...


Friday, November 21, 2008

GOSH!! DOW downed another 400+ points and at 7500 level!! Oil trading below US50 now ... and yes, KLSE will be going to 850 or below today!! RUNNNN ....

I am not so sure if I want to go in or get out? 800+ points lost in 2 days, DOW in 6-yr low now. KLSE will be tracing back to 800 level again, and whatever rebound shall stop here? RUNNN ...

So, I will be cautious ... and to see if I could get one of the better counter in 'cheap' sales later. Mind you, cheap WILL go cheaper as KLSE might go to 650 level? Isnt it tiring to chase the stocks when it moves up, and run away when it is falling down? Do you want to continue to be the 'slave'? RUNNN ...

巫啟賢 - 愛情傀儡

9.10 am : KLSE opens lower, as expected. At 854 at the moment. Not really panic-selling, yet. So, I m standing-by. KNM, the most actively traded is below 0.60 now. We will look into it again if it goes below 0.55. Noted. I m only q-ing for SPSetia, thought it would move down ... no reaction. SPSetia foreign-holdings has been reduced from 44% last year to the current 30%. So, there is still a possibility of more selldown to occur.

9.30 am : OK ... sideway ... got some errants to run. OFF

12.35 pm : WOW ... KLSE staging a come-back ... to close at 861!! I missed that show! Hmm ... SPSetia at 2.60. Did anyone noticed that? Told you I was lucky yet again .. hehe. It is reaching my 10% target soon. Another push, time to clear or shall I let it run?

As for my Emkay, I hv done at 0.155(20%), 0.15(20%), 0.145(10%) and 0.14 today(25%), thought of leaving another 25% for 0.13 or below. Relieved that it is at 0.15 now. Might clear at stages when it is moving up.

So, I m only holding to two portfolios : SP and MK. Believing DOW could rebound tonight, I might clear half of my holdings, and keep another half for next week. This is what in my mind ... and yes, I really missed the morning 10.30am boat. Still, I topped-up my SP @ 2.52 and MK @ 0.14. I was overly cautious. Noted.

1.05 pm : Someone mentioned LCL to me the other day, some foreign funds are 'forced' to sell their stakes. It has been in my stalking list since it formed what i called a 'waterfall' chart! Hmm ... I hv been reading about its previous reports, and the most recent one from OSK. Technically, its support at 0.73 but it seems to refuse to go further down today. Double-bottoms forming?

2.25 pm : UP or DOWN? Hmm ... whichever way, surely better than sideway?

2.45 pm : KLCI at 863, still 2 points short .

3.00 pm : KLSE no stamina to climb above yesterday's level ... clearing for weekend!!

3.45 pm : KLCI at 859, inching down ... KNM at 0.565. Noted.

5.25 pm : KLCI managed to close slightly up at 866.88. Cleared SPSetia with 8% profit for this week!! I m glad as I 'guessed' it correctly. And if my guess is to be right again, SPSetia could go further. But I need the funds to buy XYXY which hanging in my mind at the moment. But, I still hope none of them really listen to me and bought SPSetia on Monday(not next Monday) too? bear with me, I m just a beginner. Beginners do hv beginners' luck, right? May be ...

As for MK, it will takes a while ... closed at 0.155(artificially planted! it is at 0.15, actually). I will clear MK next week or so too ...

I m learning to take profit when a stock reach around 8% - 10%. I got away with Scomi, Dialog, Sapcres, WCT-wb, TM ... and SPSetia for past 3 weeks of trading. And when I CUT CUT CUT, it is less than 5%. In a way, i hv net profits. Look into my last week post about 10% compounded-interest per MONTH. I m training myself to gain 10% NET in LESS than a month. I hv not really calculated the total % gained as I still hv one more week of holiday, next week!!

IOI making a strong rebound touching a intraday low of 2.81 to close at 2.94!! Asiatic still stays at 3.32.

PiCorp making a show too .. has been activated for few days now. And it jumped up 18% today!!

TMI making a strong rebound too, I was stalking at her last night, today it flew off.

POS ... another steady counter, breaking 1.90 today. Noted.

Evergreen has a similar chart as LCL above. Someone collecting it today, making it to jumped up 12%? Wow ...

We shall see if DOW bounces back tonight ...

Have a nice weekend. My score for this week is 2 -1(lost to Scomi again on Tuesday!)


Thursday, November 20, 2008

DOW downed 427 points, almost to the 500 points that I was anticipating. DOW is below 8000 points now, and someone mentioned in US that DOW may go below 7000 before end of the year!!FEARS lurking around ... as we are slowly seeing BIG HUGE companies being bailed-out or let to close shop! "Tutup kedai", as we say it in Malaysia. I m not a cynic to 'laugh'. I dont take pleasure in anyone's pain. But, it gives me some opportunities to collect some stocks, if it dives down later on. So, I m on ALERT mode. Well, definitely not to hold for too long ...

KLSE has been trading sideway for past one week ... each day inching down, but supported by some funds to maintain its level. If you are 'free' for the whole day, like me at the moment, and could monitor closely the movements of price/volume of those active counters, I think you will get the clearer picture.

Learning Corner by Richard Driehaus(taken from Dr Othman Yong's book)

The research techniques that he employs include:

1. Looking for earnings growth and earnings acceleration that include accelerating sales and earnings, positive earnings surprises, and sharp upward earnings revisions.

2. Learning about good growth stocks from friends, regional brokers, and staff analysts that he sends to conferences.

3. Early recognition of new markets in new sectors before the numbers come through so powerfully, and before Wall Street starts to cover them.

TEH : I do like R.Driehaus unconventional wisdom in stock investing, besides W.Buffett. One should read more about it, tho most of us read a lot about Buffett.

To be honest, I doubt more than 70% of investors/traders/punters(or whatever you want to call yourself) those in KLSE ever read about these top-notch history and analyse their ways of dealing with their trades, successfully. They are the top 0.01% of those who had made it BIG in markets.

So, being an academician as I m, I do enjoy reading about these successful investors' biographies. Also, critically analyse the way they could come out with a system not only suit themselves, but to be shared to many. It is splendid. Amazing, yet fruitfully done.

BUT, if you think REAL education begins AFTER you obtained all your paper qualifications(to work for others and earn peanuts? For life-time??), then do start to READ more to increase your knowledge. Putting a strong foundation takes TIME, but the most difficult part shall be the INITIAL POINT. Once you started, you might be able to wake up as early as 5am, watch Biz-China at 6am, exercise and to office by 7am to look into news/markets. By 9am, you are more prepared for another trading-day. Hmm ... am i speaking about myself? Read here ---> to know R.Driehaus. I like this site as it's compact and precise to his momentum-trading theories.

9.15 am : KLCI opens 10 points lower.

9.50 am : KLCI at 867, sideway ... and today we are 10points lowered. I dont think so there will be another drastic move. So, I shall wait-n-see ...

10.15 am : KLCI at 866 ... turnover at RM120m, lack of activites.

10.35 am : KLCI moving down ... at 864. I m waiting for more drastic dive!!

10.45 am : KLCI is diving!! Dive in ... yesterday I punted into Emkay at 0.155. Just got more at 0.15. Phew!! My 0.145 still in queue ...

11.00 am : KLCI at 861 ... unless there is ANOTHER dive, I wont get it at 0.145/0.14 ... increasing amount at the price go cheaper!!

2.25 pm : Well, I was away and market moved down? KLCI closed for lunch at 860.54. Emkay at 0.145, and I hv pulled out earlier? Hmm ... need a fresh Q at 0.14 ... might go cheaper?! If there is another DIVE later, might buy more of my SP. SP at 2.50 now. Noted.

2.35 pm : KLCI moved below 860, at 859.67 now. Looong queue at 0.14, i m one of them! hmm ...

2.45 pm : KNM below 0.60 now ... and my SP is in green at 2.52 now? Interesting ... I dont think so I could get it at 2.40 anymore.

3.00 pm : KLSE is testing 860 level, IOI in selling pressure today. At 2.96, downed 12 cents. Noted.

3.20 pm : Sideway ... will wait for the last half-hour show. In the mean-time, look into more financial news ... really gloomy. A security/investment bank in China close-shop yesterday. Hmm ... will ECM, Kenanga, HDBS, TA or OSK join to become ONE? In the time of uncertainty, anything could happpen ... we read news that we never thought it could possible happen months ago!! It is happening at the moment, and in near future.

3.45 pm : KLCI at 862 ... PA 0.29, Sunway 0.705, KianJoo 1.02, TA 0.61 and SPSetia 2.51. These were the counters I placed last Friday ... and at random(probability of choosing the correct answer is 0.20), I hv chosen SPSetia. SMS to a few close friends I m buying this one when they read my blog and asking which one i hv chosen. Hmm ... I feel lucky?

信仰 by 张信哲(FAITH) <--- very nice LOVE song by Jeff. All the LOVE songs are NOT dedicated to women but to babes(stocks) that I m stalking!! Haha.

4.45 pm : KLCI at 863 ... any last minute show today? Hmm ....

5.05 pm : KLCI closed at 865.32. MKLand closed at 0.145 and SPSetia at 2.56. Tho I may wish DOW to move 500 points down, but quite likely it wont. But, if it moves below 7500, then another busy day in KLSE as FEARS grasping ... weekend is around. Need to count my scores! Haha.

Euro opens RED, downed 60points, crude oil below US 53. We will see if it will go bellow US50 soon.