Friday, August 29, 2008

9.32am ... Budget Day. KLCI 1078.55(+8.09) and DOW closed higher by 212.67 points. Expecting green today ...

KNM at 1.48(+0.06) after a selldown in last 15 minutes of trading yesterday. I m q-ing for 1.40, and it is like take it or leave it! Haha. Just days ago, i was thinking of buying it at 1.60!! This is silly ... it is like random for me, which may not be good. NOw, after seeing the fall in that 15 minutes, it is kinda scary. Who wont? Unless u know what is going on inside. Technically, u cant see it from the graphs. Can you?

AMMB breaking 3.00 ... alert.

Sunway still moving up to 0.93 now(from 0.85 when i was stalking her). But, construction sector has been out of my system for quite some time now. It will build up again once the market sentiments are better. Besides Gamuda, Ranhill, BPuri and a few with their own stories, most not moving anywhere, south if any. WCT still my best pick. Why? Many broker houses looking into it and its 70% exposure to Middle East helps.

IGB at 1.35 ... moving up!! Hmm ... ALERT once confirmed.

HSPlant in red, at 2.37 now. It fails to break above 2.45. Anyway, still stalking it as it is my pick for plantation(besides Asiatic and Kwantas).


Blue chips lead the way ... is it a feel good budget investors are expecting and BUYING into strong counters? KLCI closed sharply higher at 1100.5(+30.04) and breaking 1100 level. Interesting to observe ...

Genting up 10% and PPB up 5%. Other banking giants up too, Commerz, Maybank, HL, Public.

KLK and BAT up too. SIME up 0.15 to 6.80 now. Yes, i hv slowly shown interest in SIME after the HUGE front page regarding SIME profit up in record level. But, i need a lot of funds to acquire this huge-babe. (p/s: Pigoyin, I m getting SIME next week, if u asking).

LionDiv retraced to 0.82. In the sea of green, this one in RED. Hmm ... that is the game. Wrong strategies, you will be chasing air. Luckily i only bought a bit of it as i m actually planning to buy more of it if it falls further. Or perhaps, i could let this go ... and look into KINSTEL, instead.

Asiatic ... up 25cents to 5.60. Noted.

MHPB up 0.06 ... to 1.46 now. Noted.

SPSetia up 0.08 to 3.38 now. Recovering fast ...


Thursday, August 28, 2008

A day before Budget-day

10am ... a day before our BUDGET day.

I lost grip of KNM ... moving up again to 1.70 level, testing 1.80.

So, looking somewhere else ... LionDiv still bottoming, but LionInd is bouncing up fast.

IGB and Sunway ... are they bottoming out? IGB at 1.34 and Sunway at .885

Ok, today it will be green ... KNM and Resorts are actively traded and moving up >3% at the moment.

4.45pm: Bought LionDiv at 0.82. Yup, topping up this stock. Hehe. Now, the buy may be CHEAP but it may go further down!! Wait ... if it goes below 0.75, that will trigger me to BUY more of this one.

KNM went from 1.70 to 1.61(red) now ... i m still stalking it.

5pm : KLCI up slightly at 1070.46 today. Last minute selling of KNM .. so interesting to watch! Haha ... it closed at 1.42(if allowed, it might goes below 1.35 just now!!).

Well, RED ALERT again on KNM .. will consider that tonight. Let us wait for the BUDGET.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Anwar won the by-election at PPauh with huge majority. Well, that is expected. Market not moving anywhere just yet, DJIA was mixed too and Crude oil at 116 level.

The volume in KLSE is very thin as everyone is cautious, especially retail investors who will run once it move up/down quickly. That is not so wise, as your heartbeat moving together with the movements of KLSE if you couldnt control your emotions.

KNM at 1.65. So, i wont be looking at it today.

But, Scomi and LionDiv in good position to consider BUY .

6pm : Just done with classes and was too busy to monitor. Scomi closed at 0.645 ... come on, you can go lower!! hehe

Some buying shown in WahSeong after some news written about it. Closed slightly higher at 1.58.

Asking 0.83 now for LionDiv(intraday low 0.835) and closed at 0.85. Good consideration SOON.

Another RED ALERT is IGB, moving to its support at 1.28. Closed at 1.30(-0.03) wth 15.8k lots traded.

SPSetia is making a climb ... wacthing it closely as someone is accumulating it.

SIME is actively traded and gained 15cents today. At 6.60(support at 6.30), this heavy weight is worth collecting. When the sentiments are better, SIME will be very much sought after by many fund managers. Look ... if you BUY SIME, no one could blame you for not buying a good stock, k? Or Public Bank or Genting. These are favourites ... heavy and stable. DiGi, BAT, KLK and such are other heavy-beauty. Provided the funds back to KLSE, no show just yet.

Will I consider SIME? Yes, if it could go lower(say, below rm6?) amd recovery from the CPO. Another bull run in CPO would see SIME zoom up 50-100% of the current level.

I like Asiatic at the moment ... 5.40 level. As Genting in low level, Asiatic becoming more attractive. Just patiently wait for it to appreciate to its actual value. Any plantation counters will bounce back once CPO's correction period is over. So, we should get ready to play into plantation game, yet again.

Kwantas is in consolidation mode now? Peg at 2.80 level, it will take some time for it to move ... up or down.

Budget on Friday ... no one really dare to jump in tmr ... should DOW in RED and KLSE pludging further down(testing 1060?) , the i wont hesitate to BUY. As i m monitoring about 30babes, i should buy the one at its lowest?

Whichever ... we all trade to WIN. Me included. But, i m taking this journey as experience to learn in trading. One day, i hope i could sit here, online and trade whenever i wanted to. That is the beauty of INTERNET.

Hope our GOV and many more monkeys-in-human suits will take heeds that we want peace. Peace and free to do business, and to build Malaysia economy. And hence, KLSE will be alive again ... how long will this bear stay?


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DOW was downed by 200+ points last night, and with today's by-election ON ... KLSE responded with sea of REDS all over.

KNM at 1.62 ... but if i m going in today, i surely needs the GUTS to BUY on weakness.

Scomi at 0.645, Kinstel at 0.975, LionInd 1.97 ...


Monday, August 25, 2008

It is MONDAY ... 26th by election and 29th Budget. 31st Merdeka.

I m q-ing for KNM at 1.61 since morning but i dont think i could get it at this price today as it is moving up further to 1.64 now. Should i wait or grab at 1.64? WHY in hurry?

LionDiv at 0.92 and LionInd at 2.05 now.

HSPlant back to 2.40( i sold at this price last week).

Someone at the stock-chat room recommended 2828wa last month and i stick NOT to believe 'rumours' but amazing thing is 2828wa appreciated 400%. Yes, more than ANY stocks in KLSE. Is he GOD? Or he really knew insiders who manipulate the stocks? At 0.03 level, it is very easy to be manipulated. A chicken investor like me would not dare to take the jump. Knee-jerk fears ....

NOW, the call is on again. 2828was UP to 0.115, 50%+ in a day, in active trading!! WOW.

Amazing but that is share-market.


KNM at 1.64 vs 1.65 ... no buying today.

LionDiv back to 0.90, and i still need to be PATIENT to see it dips below 0.88

Letting go of HSPlant too ... at 2.41 now.

Let me look into Kencana ... zooommm at 1.49 and still moving down. MPHB, IGB at their attractive level. WAIT. Never to forget about the PPauh by-election. The budget may give KLSE a little dose of boost ... but i doubt that there will be any strong buying. Till end of this year, then ...


Saturday, August 23, 2008

KLCI closed at 1085.6 (+14.17) yeserday.

Retail petrol price drops today as the GOV seeking support from the public for the in-coming by-election in P.Pauh. Even Lee Chong Wei will be used(he will be presented his 300k cheque there!! Wonder why at Permatang Pauh??). So, the dirty tactics that BN using do not goes well with many, as i see it as WEAK ways to win at all cost. Anyway, we need to see if this by-election will affect much the KLSE next week.

Sept 16 is still a date many investors looking cautiously at. No joke ... if Anwar really topple the current Badawi gov, the KLCI will go thru a free-fall. The target of 980points is really possible, then. We already have MANY pressing news that pressing down KLSE. Any such news will shatter the little confidence any investors have. Yup ... RUN!!

See it at the brighter side, that is the moment of opportunities to ACCUMULATE more good stocks at low prices. MEGA SALES!

I need to use my weekend to look if i really want to take the RISK. Otherwise, it is wise to SA(stay aside).


Friday, August 22, 2008

I was busy yesterday to monitor KLSE ... nothing much except that HSPlant showing strength and recovering to 2.35(from 2.25) in thin volume.

LionInd has been moving up and at 1.95 now. LionDiv at 0.885 is still very attractive. I will put on hold in any trade. Have a nice weekend, clear my mind and as next week school OFF a week, i could hv more time to trail the market.

I dont think so i will get HSPlant below 2.30(q-ed for 2.28) as CPO not moving any firther down. Kwantas is another good option. It is at its low of 2.81.

So, as i will hv another very busy day later ... i will give KLSE a skip today.

Till i come back tmr morning to analyse this trading week, happy trading.

12.30pm : HSPlant moved back to 2.45 level as CPO rebounding?? Crude Oil above 120 now. I think if i could buy at 2.40, it will still be value buy. I need to look across the other plantation counters, IOI zoomed up! SIME too ...

LionDiv at 0.91. BUY. LionCor at 0.485.

LionInd back to 2.00, too fast to catch. Sigh. Missed the boat as i was too busy.

MPHB and POS still under the radar.

KNM up to 1.61 at the moment, with very active trade. To consider.

Scomi at 0.655 ... i dont think so it could get to 0.60 level that i m targetting.


p/s : We are constantly reminded of the uncertainties over our political agenda. What's next?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

After looking up into the sky last night, gazing at the stars ... the signal is to BUY HSPlant <2.30.

Breaking Benjamin -- Dairy of Jane


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2pm KLCI not moving anywhere this morning ... still at 1069.

LionDiv at 0.855(up 0.01) and LionInd 1.84(up 0.04). Bargain buying? Hmm ... if it is TWO weeks ago, I will grab without second thought(which can be very irrational). But, at the moment ... the environment is very CAUTIOUS.

HSPlant also gaining ground and at 2.29(up 0.03) but still NOT convincing. CPO still sideway or down trend. CHEAP compared to last week when i grabbed at 2.48(only to let go at 2.40). Seriously, I m looking to BUY this babe again ... just need to be patient.

This morning I was too busy to welcome PERWAJA(back again) to KLSE. Nope .. i m not interested as its name tainted. But, under Kinsteel ... may be it has changed for a better. I m observing its impact on Kinsteel's share price. Kinstel has depreciated from 1.3+ to 1.05 at the moment.

What about KNM? Tug-of war ... at 1.54(down 0.01)


I missed the boat as i was too busy with my work and didnt monitor the market rebounding!!

LionDiv zoom up to 0.9 on late buying. That is an 6.5% increase PER DAY. Of coz it has fell from the above RM1 in sudden successive days. Will it move LOWER than 0.85?? As i was contemplating if i should BUY LionDiv last week(instead of HSPlant) at 0.95, it has proven that both BUYS will be WRONG as last week the knives killed many. I have minor cut as i ran fast.

So, since it rebounds ... TIME TO BUY? At what price as I think many will go in like crazy to BUY 'cheap' stocks, and then profit-taking in a week time or so. Should i wait for the cycle and conformation or will KLSE kills those chickens left?

Ok ... LionDiv at 0.9 ... LionInd gains 10cent to closed at 1.90. A little steep. So, i shall LET IT BE for a time being.

But, if i m buying tmr ... need to seriously think of getting HSPlant. She getting more attractive now since from her new low 2.25(touched 2.20). At 2.31 now ... GOOD ENOUGH?? Can always look longer terms.

Hmm ... KNM is another choice for rebounds play.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

KLCI 1069 at noon ... zooming down very fast and in the sea of REDS!!

The only green we could see is many went in to collect KNM after it deep fall yesterday. At 1.52 level now, i think it could move further down. In no hurry to buy this one 1. High PE 2. GLC 3. Below its NTA 0.57 but like it for its 1. High Volume 2. Many coverages and published company news 3. Exposure in O & G and many other business 4. Many acquisitions.

Other than that, HSPlant still move down to 2.25, LionInd at 1.82 and LionDiiv at 0.85

Stalk all you want but DO NOT TOUCH any when it is still in RED. It is HOT.


Scomi 0.635 (can consider if goes below 0.57), HiapTek 1.38, Titan 1.01, Huaan 0.55, WahSeong 1.61, Masteel 0.95, ... many more going down.


KLCI closed at 1069.42(-14.94) with low volume. RESORTS at 2.55(-0.15), SIME 6.35(-0.05), Kinstel 1.05, Genting 5.65(-0.10), Gamuda 2.65(-0.14). These are few most active counters that i will take aglance.

As market is still breaking all new lows, i need to have the courage NOT to do anything.

HSPlant closed at 2.26, LionDiv at 0.845 and LionInd at 1.80. I could only stalk their daily values and the burn from HSPlant is just few days old. I need to heal first, get it out and re-think before i BUY HSPlant again.


Monday, August 18, 2008


KLCI 1089.61

HSPlant as expected in RED as most plantation counters will suffer more bashing due to the flops of CPO price.

Ok, admit mistake and throw it off NOW. But, dont worry babe, i will acquire you again SOON. Hold on if you can, zoom further down if u wanted to.

KNM in RED ALERT as it moves below 1.60 now. LionInd testing below 2.00. LionDiv at 0.955.

10:30am KLCI - 1094.31. I have put 2.40 as cut loss level. HSPlant at 2.44 at the moment.

With that done, i could focus on KNM (1.56 ... queueing for <1.55)>

CPO still in BEARISH PHASE --- GM Teoh(The Star)

PalmOil info at

11am : Decided to sit tight and do nothing. If HS go below 2.40, my broker will automatically sell off for me. Need to protect capital as many more best of the best BUYS around.

2.35pm : I have sold my HSPlant for a loss at 2.40. It is at 2.39 now ... need to clear off the emotion as i was IGNORANT when i went to buy last Thu. Lesson noted.

LionDiv at 0.915 and LionInd at 1.90, while KNM at 1.44. RED RED ALERT! But, better dont touch just yet.

It is RED, still very hot ... you might get burn, OUCH ...

But, when many running in fears ... be BRAVE to MOVE it(and get slaughter? Haha).

3pm : KLCI at 1083 ... RED blood everywhere. Chicken slaughtered without mercy. RUN. RUN. RUN!!

Need to record that today KLSE suffered so much ... as I DONT KNOW WHY!! Besides the negative sentiments, the retrace of CPO prices, PPauh by-election, Budget 29th AUG, Sept 16th Malaysia having new PM ... i m lost. WHY in A DAY it zoooom down tho DOW in green last Friday?

Lee Chong Wei lost ... KLSE mourning.

Tomorrow ... will it break a new low or technical rebound? GUESS??

5.08pm : KLCI closed at 1084.36, testing 1080.

HSPlant downed to 2.30, LionDiv at 0.90 and LionInd at 1.91. Terrible ... chickens running but the butcher dont give a damn. SAAATTT!!


It is rare that i m online at this hour but because i could not access to school's pc for coming two days, and with such a huge story in store today at KLSE, i need to re-collect my thoughts. Plenty. Random.

Lets focus on HSPlant . As i hv sold at 2.40, it is incredible that it really sell down to 2.30 level(intraday low at 2.29). IF i love this stock so much, i could BUY it at cheaper price now, right? NOPE. Because of the situation/sentiment is difficult at the moment.

Then, how are we going to play with plantation sector? Playing is risky, if u dont know how. The best is still .... WAIT for next month or next next month when things are clearer, and CPO rebound. WHY cant WAIT? Or else, BUY and HOLD. Whichever way, no right or wrong. If u lose money, that is NOT right. Change the way you think and re-think about what plans. Be specific and then stick to it. Be discipline to execute your plans. Trust in yourself.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Planning the trading week ahead and see what i should or shouldnt do. This will exercise my brain ... and by doing so(even tho i may NOT trade at all), i could keep tap with some strategies. In the long run, I know i will benefit from these INDIRECT trading experience. Well, i m applying on how i learnt BOWLING 10 years ago, to be such a player hard to beat, even without much practices!!
Ok, getting back into plantation sector play. At the moment, plantation counters are being pressured to go further down ... further down in CPO, windfall tax, China/India story, higher production costs ... with our politicians clowning around. Foreign investors pulling themselves OUT and we are seeing more 'giants' de-valuing and the market-cap has been reduced drastically. As plantation comprising 20% weightage to KLCI, we will see more reds in week to come. I read at STARBIZ that coming few weeks ahead will see more sell-down on plantation counters!!
So, going in to buy HSPLANT is a WRONG move?? May be ... probably.
If i m admitting the mistake(the sooner the better), i might SELL off HS this week, before it zooms much lower!! CUT LOSS CUT LOSS!! Panic selling?
Not really ... if i m to sell is because i m to BUY more of it at lower price(provided as predicted of major selldown on the plantation sector) . And with many plantation counters STILL finding their bottoms, it becoming increasingly difficult to choose ONE which will rebound the highest at the fastest rate!!

ASIATIC, SIME, TWSPLANT, KWANTAS, KRETAM and HSPLANT sharing the DOWNTREND graphs. Many more plantation counters are.
I hv not been too keen with plantation counters 6 months ago as it moves higher and higher. But now, i think time to seriously look into HOW to invest in them. If i hv the money, i will BUY all the 5 listed above. Haha. I m just kidding. I need to choose only ONE.
I was so attentive to construction and property sectors and i hv diverted my attention to INDUSTRIAL, SERVICES and PLANTATIONS.
I noticed that some of the counters i stalked(such as YNHProp, SPSetia, Sunrise, and such) are recovering. MPCORP has moved up tremendously from its low of 0.30 to 0.60 now(100% increase if you invest! I was too CHICKEN to get in property sectors, and still am!!
p/s: Will i SELL HSPLANT this week? I need to look up the sky tonight to check on the stars.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Thanks tt for the chart of HSPlant. Technically HS may not at its bottom just yet(i m still learning to read all these charts, fyi) but at 2.47 ... FUNDAMENTALLY it is very attractive. As i have been stalking its movement since its IPO(2.80), i m quite confident with this Sabah-based mid-cap plantation. It satisfied ALL my criteria i placed. Its mother is Hap Seng.

Here are my thoughts when i decided to move in to acquire a few lots of HSPlant:-

IF it moves further down due to the extended correction of CPO price, or because of the negative impact from budget 2009 or worsen political scene ... and if it moves down to below 2.30, then i will move in to BUY more. Not averaging down, but to HOLD till it rebounds back to its "fair-value".

IF it moves sideway, then i will do NOTHING ... unless i need the funds to BUY another similar mid-cap(fundamentally strong) stock that is moving! For example KOSSAN or MPHB or even WCT.

IF it moves UP, then there are two cases i need to consider --- how fast is it moving up? If it moves rapidly UP, then i will SELL to take profit(if above 10% around 2.75-2.85 level). But, if it moves up gradually and with increasing volume, then i shall hold on to it and see ...

With all these in mind, i plan my trade and dived in! Technically, it may not reaches its bottom just yet but i dont really know how to READ those too charts much. I m still learning. It is not easy as i m reading many books FA/TA regarding trading/investing.

Muhibbah has been in news but its price is still bottoming. A good choice to consider besides WCT if construction sectors going to rebound. There are some good news for contractors and those strong ones shall prevail.

Gamuda --- is the privitisation story still playing? It move above RM3 yesterday(from its low at RM2!!). I dont really look at Gamuda as it is due to too many news, high PE value and easily attracting speculators. The news that LIN sold his stake is still fresh. Besides its development in Vietnam and also double-track dont soound good.

LionDiv at 0.96(yet a new low!) <--- ALERT

LionInd at 2.06 downed 10 cents. Start to alert if it is below RM1.95. Better still move down to 1.40 support level? Hmm ...

KNM at 1.64, downed 12 cents. Another RED ALERT

So, arent one confused if you see so many best buy and then the MEGA SALES could be extended with more shopping opportunities?? Do you have the money to BUY, BUY and BUY? Borrowing money to BUY? Or on credit? How do you know what you BUY is cheap enough and it will ever rebound?

Have a nice trading week ahead.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Well, ok ... i bought HSPlant yesterday, making it the fifth babes i m currently holding.

This is a stronger counter with good fundamental. A counter where one could BUY and HOLD. Of coz you can always load-off if it has appreciated 10-20%. That is what i m going to do ... I was thinking of Resorts or KNM for quite some time, but opted for plantation play. Plantation sector has been battered to their lows ... and SIME still moving south. We could never be able to guess WHEN exactly they will rebounds ... so, you may want to BUY only when it reaches its bottom and turn(but HOW do you know that??) ...

I am still holding 1. Jaks 2. Scomi 3. LionDiv 4. Ranhill and 5. HSPlant

I m still looking at LionDiv and if it could go further down, I could BUY some for keeping. LionDiv could move up fast to 1.20 level, in my opinion. SO get ready!!

Scomi in news(India monorail) ... but i dont think so Scomi could reach 0.62 level that i bought 2 weeks ago. It is at 0.68 now and if you have enough bullets, yes ... you may BUY and keep for a while. Arrghh ... many good BUYs around. Look at all the opportunites ...

LionInd is another beautiful babe at 2.16 now. OSK putting a TP at 5.10!! Wow .. that is >100% appreciation. I like Lion group as they hv proven records under William Cheng. And I believe they could turn LionCor around ....

Ranhill bought RUB(at high price of 3.50) ... another good counter for longer run. It is trading at 1.12 at the moment ... and went up to 1.40 level at a point. Me? I might hold it till it move up to >rm2 or 3. Haha

Jaks ... at 0.60 level at the moment, it is really a good BUY. Perhaps one should look into its fundamental instead of just its price. Or its NTA(currently all the 5 babes i m holding are BELOW their NTA values).

Well, it BEAR market .. the strategy is to BUY good value counters and WAIT for the market to recover. It will ... unless our politicians going into WAR and declare Malaysia bankcrupt, pulling ourselves out of ASEAN, or UN. Hmm ... could anything go to that extreme. Think of WHAT the worst could happen? 1997/98 crisis?

1pm : KLCI 1100.7 ... will test support at 1080.

KNM at 1.70(ALERT!) and LionInd 2.12 while LionDiv maintaining at .98.

Wah Seong 1.64, HiapTeck 1.44, Titan 1.13, Supermx 1.12 at their new lows.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beijing Huan-Yin Nin

As the market sentiments are not conducive at the moment(it may last for months), many are playing hit-n-run.

LionDiv 0.985, downed 0.005(low at 0.975 yesterday) and LionInd 2.18, gained 0.01(low at 2.11 yesterday).

Steel counters are in correction mode as the price of steel-related products have appreciated very rapidly. Annjoo was downed 0.18(ar 3.28) and Kinstel downed 0.03(at 1.09). HiapTek at 1.49(its low) and Masteel at 1.01.

It is interesting to play with plantation counters as the sector might experiencing an extended correction level, where many counters are reaching its oversold stage. As i m anticipating a strong rebounds, i feel we still need to be cautious.

HSplant at 2.47(its new low).

1.40pm : Plantation sector in GREEN this morning ... with IOI heavily traded and closed 0.12 higher. HSPlant is also at 2.50 now ... and I M INTO IT!!

It will be interesting with Kwantas(2.86) as i hv been stalking this babe since it drops from 4.5o. Still trying to find its bottom. Will need to get MORE funds ready to buy some.

LionDiv at 0.985 and LionInd at 2.16


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DOW is down but crude oil reduced to US113. These are two factors that many investors will monitor as it affects the world market. Besides these, inflation rate, interest rate, GDP, import-export, other commodities, political stabilities ... and many more FACTORS which will affect the sentiments of the markets, and hence the in-flow or out-flow of the funds into any markets.

As for the local funds, the largest being EPF, they are obliged to support the Malaysia market. It doesnt matter if a comapany is a profiting company, as long as it is related to our GOV(and some of you know who), EPF, ASN, ASB, Tabung Haji and such funds HAVE TO buy into its share to maintain ... errr ... the price? Hmm ...

Wah Seong, Hiap Teck, Supermx and Titan are at their bottoms.

Kossan and Topglove recovered from the lows. Kossan at 2.40(from 2.07) and Topglove at 4.10(from 3.78). If you are buying for a longer term, these are good fundamental and strong companies. Then, need to think like a bunisessman(just bought another book by Ho Kok Mun --- from the school FA and not favouring TA) ... what are the factors that affecting RUBBER GLOVE related business? Latex price ... crude oil? Coal?

If you notice, for past few weeks, Kossan has been in accumulation phase. At 2.40, it is still a value BUY but not many securities houses make coverages about it. I only started to notice Kossan when it was bottoming. Yeah ... as the market is finding its bottom, you may want to bottom-fish but if the companies are not fundamentally strong(with hidden disturbing issues), it might never find its bottom!! Then, speculators will be playing on those issues to GORENG the counter. That is something i DO NOT want to be in. I learnt my lessons from owning GPlus!

LionDiv at 0.99(a new low) and LionInd closed at 2.17.

HSPlant at 2.55(a new low --- IPO at 2.80, if i m not mistaken) and Kwantas at 2.93

12noon : KLCI 1109 (-9.8 points). Gamuda is in the story(focus, if u prefer) this morning and up 10cents from an active trade.

Kwantas @ 2.88, HSPlant @ 2.47. IOI @ 4.70 and Asiatic @ 5.70. Plantation index drops 101 points so far for the morning.

LionDiv at 0.98 and LionInd at 2.14. Be patient, i m saying to myself.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Morning ... DOW up a little, crude oil at 114+, but i think no one is rushing into KLSE. It will be green but with thin volume.

Resorts and KNM are two current favourites.

11.15am : KLCI 1121.28 ... re-testing the 1120 level. Plantation counters continues to drag KLCI down as the giants like SIME, IOICORP, KLK, KULIM, ASIATIC, IJMPLANT ... are in REDS.

HSPlant at 2.55(a new low) and Kwantas at 2.90. Lets see how low they could go ...

LionInd 2.14 and LionDiv 0.995(its low).

Focusing on these few babes showing my sincerity to grab them. Never mind if no one want them ... but if u could see their inner beauty, BUY them and mould them into a princess or HOT babes. By then, when more studs in the market to woo them, I could let her go, for a price of coz.

Cai Hong <--- Jay's for entertainment, to cheer up at the gloomy KLSE scene.


Monday, August 11, 2008

9.50am --- KLCI at 1125.93

I m still in a queue but in no hurry as market sentiment still not cleared. Have to be patient and also buy in a little with the little funds in my hand.

11.30am --- KLCI at 1127.65

As I m queueing at a lower price, I have to wait longer but I have the time. If I could not buy it today, never mind ... there will ALWAYS next time, or even next stock!

Resorts is very strong ... moving up from its low at 2.50 to 2.90 now!!

2.20pm KLSE is quite quiet today ... CPO moved down, so HSPlant at 2.60 now(its low at 2.57 ---ALERT!!)

Well, LionDiv at 1.01 and LionInd at 2.27 ... move further down, i will grab. Hehe

3.10pm : LionDiv 1.01 and LionInd 2.24 ... HSplant 2.59. Good.

7.45pm : LionDiv 1.00 and LionInd 2.17 ... HSPlant 2.60. RED ALERT!!

Scomi 0.655 and Kwantas 2.95.

O&G : Dialog 1.17, Sapcres 1.28 and Kencana 1.78


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Steel Sectors

LionInd --- OSK has been keeping to harp at the Steel sector. Overweight. LionInd is one of their favourite, happened to be mine too. AnnJoo is another broker houses favourite. Perwaja Steel will be listed soon(de-valuing Kinsteel?).

So, buying into steel sector? Since the ceiling price lifted, steel-related stocks have been in uptrend. There is a outcry by local construction companies and some are asking gov to BAN the export of steel! If that so, will that reduces the profits, thus reduces its attractiveness?

Southern Steel, Mycron, Hiap Teck, Masteel and many more steel companies in Malaysia are benefitting from the price hike,at the moment. With the drop in crude oil price, that could help to ease their operation costs. HENCE, profits would be HUGE.

Sept 16 risk ... if Gov collapses(KLSE will go with it), many uncertain policies will be argued and tabled. If the ceiling price of steel being re-discussed AGAIN, then many will RUN and THROW away their holdings in these stocks. I dont think so this could happen, but with so much of uncertainties in our political fronts, one could not discount ALL the possibilities.

After saying that, weighing the consequences(they called it RISK management? Hmm...), will I JUMP into steel sector again and grab my favourite LIONIND at 2.35 level tomorrow morning??

I have 'played' the steel rally 2 months ago or so, with Kinsteel ... and RAN away too fast once I achieved my targeted price. I bought at 1.22 (it moved up from 1.11) and it jumped up to 1.38 the next week ... I sold at that price BUT it moved further up to the high of around 1.60+.

This time with LIONIND, I may have to hold longer and see ... strong support at 2.20.


Saturday, August 09, 2008

KLCI closed lower at 1120.31. DOW up 300+ points last night and crude oil ease further to 115.20. These two news will probably boost KLSE on Monday ... so, it is a BUY call on Monday morning before profit taking will retract the rebound.

LionDiv at 1.03 and LionInd at 2.33. Scomi 0.665 with very actice trade.

HSPlant 2.67 with thin volume. Plantation counters will retrace further as crude oil price in correction mode, hence CPO follow suits. But, watch out as Plantation counters might bounce up strongly. Accumulation period?

SIME ... this big giant is still bottoming. Priced at 7.0 now. I dont look into stocks above RM5 as i dont hv much funds to invest. I hv to see if I could trade, instead. But, SIME is new babe in my list, looking at the discounted price. Well, will it reach down to RM6? We shall see ...

Time to be back home to watch OLYMPICS ... will Parkson benefit from the game?

Friday, August 08, 2008

12.30 pm : KLCI at 1122.46, downed 7.10 points. DOW closed 225 points lower yesterday, so the sea of REDS are expected.

Scomi inched up due to the news by The Star.

I m still stalking closely at LionDiv and LionInd. LionCor making a slight gain this morning in an active trade.


My First Post

08 08 08 at 8.08 am ... My TRADING blog is created.

As I have painted my personal blog with many of my random thoughts about STOCKS and SHARE MARKETS, guess it is time for me to have my own TRADING BLOG.

Here it is ... i will write about my views, experiences, and trades ... with a hope that I will learn when I reflect on my older posts.


Lets join the roller coaster rides of TRADING ...


p/s : Hopefully I will still be in a piece after the ride. Haha