Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Stock Watch : SigGas

Siggas : go to my new blog


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Moving to new blog

I m gradually moving to

It is for me to totally move out of i3-forum and I could be with only fewer readers who will follow my blah-blah and writings.

It will still be a public-blog .... and see how it goes ...

Note : My blog is linked to i3-platform some 4-5 yrs ago ... when i3 was very new and without much content. The admin came all the way from Spore to meet me, and asked permission to link my blog to i3 (how could I say ... "no" back then?). I have written to i3-admin some 2-3yrs ago ... asking them to take off my blog ... and was told "it is ok" ...

Anyone put any comment in i3 (meant for me?) ... I do not kow as I do not go to i3 for some years!! So, if u wish to follow me and send a comment to me, go to my new blog.

the '50' is obvious ... to celebrate that I m 50 years old now. Haaha.

Thanks for reading my blah-blah. I want to leave everyone-la...


Monday, June 26, 2017

e-meeting : Exit rules for breakout

Learning Corner : Exit Rule for breakouts

Mon, Jun 26, 2017 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

go to link :

All welcomed.




Stock Watch : Buy on Breakouts

Ancom : Breakout ... ride on the trend.

PPHB : Breakout too ... ride on it.

Note : I have both ... so, trade on own risk.

Arank :Pending breakout ... so, watching . Unless one is confident it will breakout, as traders ... we do not guess. We wait patiently for the breakout as it might consolidate in the range-bound for some time ... or very long time.

Health at 50 on ...

At age 50 ... we are ageing ... our bodies given signals and symptoms that we are ... indeed, old. tear-n-wear signs shown ... after years of living ... surviving storms!!

hair : thinning ... the dandruff-issue was never solved but supressed by anti-dandruff shampoo .. head-n-shoulder ... yes, those technical-chart pattern some might be yelling when they see such patterns ... or inverted H&S? Well ... it is just the shampoo I used ... I don't use those chart-pattern.

eyes : used to have such good eye-sight ... but ever since I started to read-books (I do not read for exams in my school or uni-years) and using lots of pc ... in 2005 onwards, my eye-sight deteriorating ... and I started to wear old-man specs some 5 years ago!! I can't read without my glasses these days ... sigh ...

teeth : needless to say, I have lost few precious teeth ... pulled 2 wisdom teeth, done root-canals etc etc ... more to go ... soon.

ear : losing my hearing too ... years of headphones/earphones ... years of music.

tummy : the beer-belly is obvious and the diameter is growing ... well, I always joke of having the six-pack ... but the joke is on me. As the belly growing, so is the eating ... an urgent needs to change my diet and regular exercise is advised.

stamina : very low ... started gym, on-off ... irregular in my jogs ... and the only way to build that is to be consistent in my exercise routine. Need the motivation ...

knee : at times, in pain ... could not longer go for bowling or run 10km. This is something I have accepted for past 5-6 years ...

legs : tired ... if I walked a distance ... and at times, cramp. Used to play football under the rain when I was younger ... or played badminton much. Can't even lift a racquet ... or have friends to play with. Any groups out there wont mind having a 50-year-old player to join them to play for fun?

high-cholestrol : this is shown in my yearly medical report ... for few years now. Used to have kinda perfect report ... something I used t be proud of (considering my bad diet)

sugar-level : last year shown an increase in my sugar-level ... perhaps due to choc or dairy drink? Or my intake of milkshake? Hmm ... let me promote milkshake ... hehe

This is shakeaway ... I taken Jayden ... will go for Carmen next.

From head to toe ... I m ageing ... even my mental. I m slower ... in many things. Guess we have to accept such ... as that is what we have to face, as 'heaven-hell' is calling ...

As we still alive, take good care of our health. Do not need to get into fights (especially with unknown people online ... forums, telegrams, watsapp, facebook ... etc) ... and no hatred.

There will always bad human bad-mouthing us ... we have to let them be ... and let go ...

Long lived a good fruitful lives, all.



Sunday, June 25, 2017

Life at 50 ...

Last week ... besides busy with the 'charity tasks' ... I had a bad news. An old classmate of mind (of KB's school ... std 3 to form 3) passed away due to cancer. At age of 50  ... life is really short.

This is the only pix I took when I attended her wake ... Friday night, rushed off ... went with few of my old-classmates.

Tho I was never really close to the deceased, I was still sad inside ... it pained me to know that life-is-short ... very short. We all need to face reality as we are aging ... growing older and living our lives to the FULLEST ... positively ... is the way we should be living.

See the fire-flies inside this small container? I searched the net ... found this one to be posted to my FB ... the day she passed away. I live myself at the moment ... I was saddened and reminded myself that life is indeed .... short. At 50 ... how many more years do I have ... ? How else could I contribute to people around me ... and help those needies? How else could I 'repay' those who helped me in my struggling years (not many, actually) ... tho I knew I have to move on ...

.... appreciate days ... weeks ... months ... making up the coming years?

I don't know ... thanking God I m stll alive ... still kinda healthy. We could never know ... as one day, my FB posts will stop ... this blog would be permanently silenced.

I don't know ... hw long I could still be around, for my family ... to be alive and kicking.

What I do know ... is ... as I m still alive, waking up in the morning ... and able to sleep soundly at nights, I need to appreciate many things come my way ... letting go of guilt-feeling ... and those critics who finding faults in everything I m doing ... and what I have done.

Learning to let go ... is the way to love myself.

Learning ... about LIVING itself takes great effort as I have to re-learn many things I have been taughtly "wrongly" ... learning to love again ... grown up in such a 'hatred' surrounding ... needs more than courage. It takes time ...

Today ... at age 50, after some 9 years of blogging here ... I have to say that I m no longer looking forward to blog .. no longer eager to share my trading ideas and sharing my daily thoughts ... yeah, I am no longer being 'left alone' to be sincere to teach ... the world full with bad-human ... and being hurt many of times, I chose to move away ... and move on. At times, we wish to explain to the 'outsiders' ... but it is tired and endless loop of repetitions ... words that hurt us and pointing out our scars ... which took years to heal.

After 9 years of blogging (used to blog in daily basis in my early years ... Aug 2008 till 2013) ... I m tired.

Tho I wish to reach out to my sincere nice readers ... the only way is to make the blog 'private' and given them the new link to the new blog I m creating ... but it defeats the purpose of me blogging.

I want to share my opinions ... not only on trading/investing ... but in lives in general to public, and my readers ... without being JUDGED.

It is not possible(I know la ... I m 50, u know ... not born yesterday, as they said) ... more bad-human (selfish and self-centered with ulterior motives) coming into markets ... to manipulate and it is the battle of fittest?

I m sorry ... I m the weak one ... so, allow me not to blog and move away ... as I m still living, I choose to be with only good readers, good human ... and I never retaliate, offend ... and wont even defence.

Life at 50 ... (bday was last month with 80plus bday wishes in my FB) is ... like hanging in balance ... I grew wiser .. more balance ... and wondering about the years to come.

Believe me ... if you have gone thru what I have gone thru ... you will be tired.

Perhaps ... one day ... sooner than later ... I will be resting in peace. After all, we all will go ... leaving the world.

Perhaps ... soon ... this blog will be silenced.

Till then ... I do hope I could still find the courage, passion ... will to blog here.

One day ... I will be missed by few out there, few readers who appreciated my sharing, my teaching ... and my mere existance. Before I leave .... instead of visiting me during my funeral, would you take an effort to contact me ... and we go for a drink?


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Raya Charity 2017

Morning ... to the Raya weekend.

trying out to use my S-pen ... and to create my own ...

learning to print-screen well but no editting skill yet ... so, will try to learn how to use my S-pen coming weeks/months.

Well ... it is kinda long week for me ... tho it is quiet in markets.

Charity : I m helping a Malay family ... with hubby not well and they have 3 OKU kids. So ... I helped to raise funds (so many of my friends and FB-friends contributed --- 29 of them) and to clear their ah-long debt .... they were living in fear and I got to know about their difficulties when I got to know their kids not coming to the school for past weeks.

So ... ah-long debt raised in ONE DAY ... yup, it took me a day of posting  in my FB (without details) to raise the funds, showing many supporting my good cause to help fella Malaysians. Instead of my yearly visit to orphanage to distribute food-items ... I m focusing to help this family out ...

I m already in stage 3 of helping them ...

Stage 1 : Clear the ah-long debt. These are suckers and rubbish of society ... never get involved.

Stage 2 : buy them some groceries and personally, I bought the raya-clothes for their 3 special-kids, they are happy (11, 9 and another 2 year old cute girl ... autism cases). I gave them some cash too last week... for the raya.

In case you do not know what autism is , a simple search ... will help.

My girl is categorised under mild-autism ... she is 9 years old but she can't speak yet. She is jovial ... happy in her own world, but temperament ... and could be eomotionally drained. I have 1 special girl ... they have 3. One of their girl ... 9yrs old is my girl's good friend. So ... I feel good helping them.

stage 3 : As mom knows how to buat kuih-muih, I asked her to start from there ... I will buy fro her and distribute to nearby charity-homes (ANYONE knew any homes needing free kuih-muih, I will buy from her and donate to the homes ... I will be the delivery boy, ya).

I got these 200 biji kuih from her ... she is doing it herself yesterday, letih ... but never complain as she knew she has to take responsibilities ... of bringing-up her kids ... by herself.

Call her : 016 - 389 0711 ... or contact me, if u wish to help them.

Stage 4 : Get their kids to school ... and get them some toys/books ... they needs to be occupied so that mom can focus in building her humble kuih-biz ... with Uncle Teh helps.

Stage 5 : by end of this month, they have tonnes of out-standing bills and loans(house). I will help to clear some next week ... and see how to engage them with NGO, Banks , Zakat-dept ... and such.

Stage 6 : Get his hubby's biz (tow truck) going again ... still dont know how.

With my mind focus in helping this family ... all I could say is ... thanks for helping, supporting ... and even listening.

Selamat Hari Raya ... remembering that there are still MANY families (under-privileged and poor) struggling to meet ends .

Ber-syukur la ... enjoy this song I like very much ...


Thursday, June 22, 2017

e-meeting : my recent trades

GDex : after ex-bonus 3-for-1, as market sentiment not so good ... the overly-played GDex (thanks to baba's news) tumbling down ... broken the 50MA support ... heading to 100MA to watch. If one is to catch the knife for today, park around 55cents.

Many more goreng-ed stocks are tumbling down ... if we do not even know those are goreng-ed, without the cut-loss point ... we will be hangus.

In case I do not blog these few days due to laziness ... wishing readers Selamat Hari Raya and happy Holiday.

It is JULY soon ... I m re-cruiting new members to join my trading group as I m doing more short-term trading these days. Time to prepare for market-crash ... increase your knowledge and experience.

To join my group ... contact me at

 or send me a message there :

Of coz I have some bad trades ... and some good trades. But, I shown it all ... it is about managing our funds. Lose small ... win bigger ... lose lesser times, win more.

Will share some of my trades tonight e-meeting ... 10pm.

e-meeting : my recent trades

Thu, Jun 22, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

e-meeting : sharing myth #1

the link  .... go to :

Yesterday, I shared a 'myth' with my group ... and as some of them missed the e-meeting, I m repeating it ... and open it to 'public'.

Note : It is meant for 18+ only ... and please bring your brain along.


Stock Watch : Maxis

Maxis : oversold ... gapped down yesterday ... placement at RM5.52, i think. so ... give discount ... we collect RM5.30 and below.

Note : I bought Maxis yesterday during gap-down but it failed to rebound and I sold it off at closing price. So, now it is my main stalk-list ....

Nombor yang anda dial tiada dalam perkhidmatan ... terima kasih.

stock-watch group : do contact me at

 or add me in facebook if you wish to join my trading group. I have few new members this month ... they are happy to learn, I m happy to share.