Friday, April 18, 2014

Paying my last respect ...

I have just arranged for the trip up North ... to pay my last respect to Mr Karpal Singh. A 'tratle' of mine will be driving me around as I will be taking an early morning bus ... too tired to drive.

Will be meeting some of my trading group members as I am staying a night there. After the morning Sunday ceremony, I will be heading back to KL ...

I have cancelled 3 of my classes ... as I do think it is closed to my heart, work can wait ...

need to rest now ... I know I will be sad, emotional ...

R.I.P ...


Thursday, April 17, 2014

R.I.P Karpal Singh

Saddened. I will arrange to drive up to Penang to pay my last respect.

My high respect to you, sir.

Rest In Peace.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stock Watch : MyEg

As KLCI still hanging around, many stocks are moving today, particularly property counters. GOB making huge come-back. Malton following too ... heck, RHB given target Malton RM1.80 and GOB at RM1.72 ... so, who is pushing them up?

I day-traded MyEg yesterday ... and told everyone that I wil buy hugely today, if it is in red ... and it did. Bought 2.38 till 2.45 ... sold 2.53 ... and all at 2.60. That is one good trade, considering that I am moving around for 7 hours of classes today!! Really crazy day ... missed GOB, grabbed Malton instead.

MyEg came sharply down due to news that they are not getting the GST-biz? Hmm ... reading that was like ... hmm ... that is fishy ... they pressed it all down, almost hitting 200MA ... so, be greedy when others in fear? Is MyEg under-valued? Heck ... of coz it is not!!

Look at DSonic ... how do u like her and hate her? Well, DSonic is one darling among retailers, many newbies somehow profit easily ... few folds ... and now, no way to run when operators pressing it down, or releasing their holdings for huge profits. That is how market is being played.

Well, one moment they said designating the counter la ... now is what? Thought UMA also still shooting higher? What is next? Buy due to fear?

MyEg can la ... DSonic? Hmm ... Hitting 2.70, limit down is 2.55. It closed 2.90. We shall see ...

so, hope to post Myeg and DSonic charts when I am home. I really wish I could be free to blog again ... and want to write about DSonic ... the super-sonic counter and how they trapped those retailers.

Do join my stock-watch and to check on what stocks I m trading.

contact :


Monday, April 14, 2014

Market Talk : Trading Futures

Monday ... 5.50pm. Short day-trading on Myeg and Unisem were ok ... but DSonic-ca is an ouch. See how my PJDev will work tmr ... and might sell off Fajar(bought last week at 0.62).

I am stranded after class ... as it is raining. Yeah ... dis-advantage of riding bike. I shall wait for a while ... and do hope to be back home ...

FCPO jumped up today, carving a smile in me ... after the sweet victory by Liverpool. I still hv a long at 2606, now about 50points in profit ... but paper-gain is not gain to me. I should know ... FCPO is very volatile. One can lose all and more the next moment. Same as Liverpool ... they are leading but not a champ just yet  ... another important game vs Chelsea. Winning all the remaining games, that is superb showing ... after 10 consecutive wins.

So, never count our chickens before hatch ...

I will post MyEg chart ... what a dive. No thanks to the 'news' that they won't be getting the GST. Well, it was strong uptrend ... anticipating good news about GST ... no need to ask about valuations ... they keep pushing it up for retailers to fall in love ... one day, it will dive, anyway.

Property in play ... checking E&O ... wow.

other than that ... I have sold most of my holdings. Too bad, some still moving higher in spite of DOW correcting sharply. KLCI really tahan well ... but I am still short term bearish. Will wish for it to dive to 1820 level, at least ... to do some shopping again.

Will also write about 8-13 system the speaker shared yesterday.

Time to go home ... off


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Market talk

It is Sat morning ... normally, I have tuition classes but today ... I am free. So, I took the change to attend a market talk.

It was organised by JF-Apex(of Klang) ... and the title is 'sell in May and go away or buy in May and hold all the way'. Very catchy ... haha.

Just came back from tuition classes and have been out since morning. Tired.

Will go for dinner ... and hope I could find little time to share what I gathered from the market talk.

Sunday morning (7.30am)

Good morning ... feeling fresh after a good early sleep. It rained yesterday.

Ok ... getting to the point of the market talk i attended yesterday.

First pointer shared was ... 'Lack of Confidence'. He mentioned that many of us in KLSE is lacking in confidence as we do not have a system that can ensure us the 'winning' edge. That I will agree ... as majority of retailers will buy-sell from hear-say, reading blogs/forums ...emm ... or simply buy due to some news. So, that just show how naive many in KLSE ... taking a guess on what to buy-sell.

Rule of 20% : This is interesting way of chart analysis. Take the peak ... give some 20% discount and use that as support. If it breaks below that 20%, it is bearish and DO NOT buy such counters as it may either go lower or stay there ... hmm ... buy only AFTER it moves up back again.

Examples given are AirAsia and Benalec. Do not bother to look at them now(agreed).

AirAsia : This is the chart of AirAsia, adjusted chart. the peak was RM3.91 ... so, 20% discount will be RM3.12. Use that as support ... and if the price dip below RM3.10, need not to check anymore as it is downtrending. We will only check AirAsia with intention to buy at above RM3.12 ... and with RM3.91 as the target.

Benalec : The peak was at RM1.59 (x 0.8 = RM1.27) ... so, once Benalec broken 1.27, need not to check.

What stocks to check at the moment using this 20% rule? He given Daya and Puncak

Daya : The peak wass 45.5 cents ... so, 80% of that is 36.5 cents. That was the support. Now, as it is trading below this level, we should not bother to look at it but to watch now ... and check if it is going above 36.5cents ... and BUY. Target is at 45 cents.

Puncak : Recently rebounded from the support (20% from the peak) ... so it is a BUY. The support at RM2.88.

ok, will continue IF I have the little time to share ...

have a nice Sunday and stay positive(by being with positive people!!)


Wednesday, April 02, 2014

CPO bebounded

This morning, it gapped up 50points.

Kulim-wc sold ... bought 74cents, sold 79-79.5 done.

Classes ... and busy marking papers ... nothing in mind to write, just buy plantation counters that you like.


Plantation to rebound?

I am having long in FCPO ... I am starting to buy into plantation counters again, after sold most of them ... when CPO surged to 2900 ... now at 2600 level. Oversold, time to rebound?

We shall see ...



Monday, March 31, 2014

Last day of March

Today is Monday ... we are 'off' for two weeks to mark papers.

Tuition : I do still hv tuition-classes. I am teaching A level Maths and Further Math ... those who knew parents/friends having kids taking A-level .. do contact me for tuition classes.

EPL : Glad to see Liverpool won their games. Few more games, and they need to win ALL their games to be crown the league champ.

MH370 : It was sad to hear the bad news. RIP.

KLCI in slight red ... well, last minute ... it might turn green and up another 5-10 points. So, no worry ... this is a boleh-land ... INSAS hitting RM1.30, with DSonic-ca is everyone's best stock!! Yeah ... overnights millionaires been made.

FCPO should rebound from here? Will check later ... time to move back to plantation?