Monday, July 25, 2016

Hot Stock : TH-Light

Monday morning ... good morning.

KLCI green ... no more Brexit fear, no more 1MDB news to create the fear ... 1USD = MYR4.07

Gadang hitting resistance after running up like crazy due to good-reports news. Sell ... or wait for breakout.

THHeavy : The crazy fella shot to 14-15 cents now ... haha ... see the two pieces of news ... one was in The Star .. another The Edge ... helping the stocks to recover? TH = tabung haji ... the operator?

KLCI at 1662 level ... DOW going into BULL rally ... so, I still feel we should BUY into US rather than KL.

As I have sold most of my stocks, I am not chasing any ... just wait for the correction to be here. In the mean time, more time to READ about fundamentals and trading strategies, while listening to clips ... about investing-trading.

We do not need to be active to trade in daily basis. We have to let-it-go ... and to clear our mind.

Wait for opportunities.

Time to go to gym and a dip into the swimming pool.


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Trader : Anton Kreil

10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success

1. Respect Money and be Indifferent towards it (20:59)
2. Rent to Own – Define Assets and Liabilities Properly (42:33)
3. Build and Own your own Infrastructure (50:16)
4. Go Travelling, Get Perspective, Get your Dream Life (1:01:00)
5. Know that Risk is Subjective not Two Dimensional (1:07:33)
6. Seek out Alternative Education (1:17:45)
7. Learn to Value your Time Properly (1:24:30)
8. Ditch the Smart Phone (1:33:12)
9. Mainstream Media is Useless. Don’t consume it (1:40:51)
10. Choose Role Models that suit Your Objective (1:45:09)

A good collection.


RM1 : Evergreen

There are many stocks trading around RM1 ... I called them RM1-stocks. It is a critical value of being called a penny-stock. Any stock trading below RM1 is a penny-stock.

I shall start with our first candidate : Evergreen

Actually, this is an adjusted chart : bonus 1-for-2 in Jan2016.

In Jan2015, Evergren breakout of 45cents ... and started to rally. The whole furniture or so-called export-oriented sector moved. It peaked around RM1.60 level ... around Jan2016, after a whole year of uptrend.

So ... last Dec, I have asked my trading group to exit the whole sector!! Do not fall in love with our stocks once the rally is over ... catch another theme, instead.

It dived to RM1 ... and now, our RM1 is the strong support. Once RM1 broken, technically we shall see huge down side (reminded me of FLBhd broken RM2 strong support and now trading way below RM2)

Next support for Evergreen is seen around 80cents.

Can we buy Evergreen around RM1 level now? YES ... we can trade it and buy around RM1, with the fact that we MUST cut-loss if RM1 support broken.

If I have caught it much higher, say RM1.30, should I average it down?

Answer : NO. Well ... it was a mistake to buy around RM1.30 without exiting point. If one bought RM1.30 when it was uptrend, take profit in stages and one could use trailing-stop to able us to exit with profits as stock moving higher. BUT if one bought RM1.30 as it dives ... that is a mistake too. We should not be catching a knife .. but ... averaging it will not be right, either. We could try to cut-loss if it rebound to resistance around RM1.18 level, or if RM1 broken ... we have to sell.

Trading is THAT difficult ... making hard decision.

Hope this post will be used as a learning-experience.

Note : I will be watching here and make an update.

Have a nice weekend.


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Stock Watch : Acostec (update)

25th June :

On 28th June, it ex-dividend 2.5cents. This chart is adjusted. Sideway now ... support at 75cents. Buying around 75cents to sell around 81 cents. OR wait for next stage of breakout of 81cents.

Note : Trade at own risk .. this is just an update ... watching stage-5.


Preparing to profit

What are the best things to invest in if you think the market will crash?

Francis Hunt a technical analysis trader and coach comments. In the long run this becomes a fundamental discussion; we are currently in a fantasy kind business environment where no real interest is being paid; the liquidity this is creating is not finding its way to small businesses. In the long run we will likely have a black swan event; a market reset correction if one may but it will be unexpected. Keep cash alternatives in intrinsic physical metals; do not be highly leveraged in property. I think anyone that resets an imbalance is beneficial in the long run.

Replay the old clips ...


Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday is a rest day

Morning ... KLCI in red, minus 4 points. Nothing much ... no panic selling. DOW minus 77 points, red after days of green since breakout to new high.

FKLI is green @ 9.45 now. I just came to café ... for nice music and nice coffee.

I have sold most of my holding yesterday ... but Gadang shooting up higher today due to 'good news' report. Sitting on cash ... listening to music, smell coffee ... and relax ... while blogging.

Talking about coffee ... I do have two coffee-date next week. One with my ex-tratle ... who wish to meet to discuss about market-crash preparation and another with a reader (from Sabah too ... and since he said he really like my blog posts, I make a point to see him). I do still have 10+ in list ... will call them out for my free coffee ...

Two Sundays ago ... I had a coffee-date with an ex-banker who retired but still actively trading forex!! As I do not trade forex ... we discussed about strategies (and he is using RSI-10, which I could understand) ... time frame and some significant chart-patterns. I forgotten to write about my coffee-dates and few more too ...

Book-sharing : Tonight I will have a book-sharing session ... those interested, could come join me 8pm to 9.30pm. I will talk about my failures ... base on the book above.

Math Tuition : Got 2-3 calls from parents ... wanting to check if i could coach their son/daughter Maths!! Great!! Need to promote more. haha.

Today is my girl's 8th Birthday too ... will bring her to have her favourite pasta-with-clams.

So ... I sold off most yesterday ... so that i could relax today, to be with her and also prepare for my tonight's talk with a small group of book-sharing followers.

Time to make a move again ... till then, off


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Goreng Stocks : Be aware

Hot popular stocks yang di-goring ...

#1 : XOX

XOX resistance 17cents ... playing on the news about Macquire ... I think.

How do we know it is goring type of stocks? The chart shown the 12cents to 70cents, then slammed down. See these kinda chart, it is goring. No touch for newbies.

Check also the fundamentals ... most of them are losing-money companies.

#2 : AMedia

AMedia : See the downtrending chart ... suddenly activated with high volume. That is called goring-stock ... and some distributions to trap retailers going on. Watch.

Buy 10cents, sell 15cents for 50% ... right? Yeah right ... think you can beat the operators? Think again ... I have advised the new tratle who came for my workshop last Sat not to punt into these as he is playing with 'fire'. Being only 2 months into market, he is risking himself ... too exposed.

#3 : PDZ

Long time no see PDZ ... last time goring from 8cents to 40cents ... some MARA-news la, Halim Saad etc etc ...

There ... from 6cents buy ... sell 9 cents. Profit is 50%.

EAH : Buy 6cents ... sell 9cents? Sell 12 cents?

9.45 pm e-meeting :

Note : This is to show how the goring the stocks ... and many greedy retailers punt into. If profit ... ok. If lose ... must cut-loss, can?

Many of these losing-money companies stocks will be in play and will be in play further to distribute to un-known newbies and to those who STUCK inside. Will discuss little about it in tonight's e-meeting.


KLCI : Bearish

Learning Corner : Stochastic

KLCI as shown this morning to my trading-group as I sold most of my holdings. As it gapped down, stochastic will be bearish.

KLCI closed below 1660 level, minus 12 points. As stochastic is above 80, we considered that as OVERBOUGHT and when it crossed, we called it bearish-crossover.

It is not what these indicators showing ... it is WHAT we do is more important. So ... it is not knowledge in technical-analysis, it is our actions.

Now ... holding cash, what is next? Wait ... wait for 1620 again? That is our strong support.

With the 1MDB coming back to haunt us, it will be safer to hold cash and wait.


1MDB in news : Bad for markets

Morning ... waking up to see news about 1MDB splashing on my FB's wall ... I do not read about politics anymore as it will be depressing me further ... enough of bad-comments on our country.

On the positive note ... DOW going into new high, yet again to close at 18695.03 level. Congrats ... we are in bull-rally ... breakout from recent high of 18350 level.

KLCI is not going into new high? Why? The 1MDB news still haunting our markets ... and MYR. But ... we are well-supported ... any selling will see local funds to support that selling. So ... we are not worry YET?

Selling and reducing our positions is one of decisions we could make. Diverse away from MYR too.

Facing reality, Malaysia is going down-hill from here ... brace ourselves. It is saddening me to see the poor state of our country. I will still stay in Malaysia ... and always will. But ... financially, we need to be in good state to sustain ... locally.

Time to watch market opening.

Do read more about 1MDB ... as the stories unfold. I m not interested to know further ...


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Shifting to new office

Wednesday noon ... I m sleepy ... wanting to take a nap before noon classes.

But ... there are simply too many things to be done and in my head. To start with, I m closing off my current office (nest) as number of lecturers using the rooms reduced and it has always been under-utilised. I could save some money from that ... and use my new center as a new base.

I will be busy shifting many of my books and posting furniture to sell ... anyone want whiteboards, banquets tables (120cm x 60cm) , chairs. I have many items and will post it here soon.

Yes ... I m making decisions to save money ... and sell-sell-sell items. It is just part of my preparation for market crash. So, I will be very busy (and emotional too) ... and decided not to day-trade.

Will be busy and down for 2-3 months ... e-learning with few interested and could not get 'enough' to start by end of the month. Perhaps, I will start with those few, anyway.

This DJIA ... new high registered again last night ... inching high above 18500 level now.

Time to get myself motivated again ...


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Post #3383 Reply to a comment

2.56pm : I started reading your blog since jan 15 and i took me quite some times to read all you post.

The reason why i like to read your blog other than looking for trading info is because i could feel your passion and honesty in your writing.

thank you for some guidance in stock trading. hope to join your discussion one day.

from a newbie who is waiting to read your new post everyday.


Dear Najmie

Thanks for the comment ... a nice and encouraging one, indeed. As a teacher, a small thank-you note from students would brighten my days ... and reminding me why I m in education line --- to teach.

You really read all my posts? Wow ... I seldom re-read my own posts. haha ... I just blah-blahed.

Anyway, a simple note from you ... meant a lot to a blogger like me --- it is encouraging to know that we have an ardent follower, who appreciate our stories and sharing.

Yeah ... I am passionate about what I m doing ... I have not stopped doing what I like doing. I dislike bad-human ... so, I avoided those bad-readers.

Thanks for being a good reader. Enjoy my blah-blah ... till you are bored and you might be wondering how come I m so FREE to find time just to reply to your comment.

Now is 5.45pm ... I am at my new center, waiting for my partners to come over to have final check as we are opening for classes this week!! So, I m bored ... waiting ... I m always equip with a laptop and broadband ... I prefer hiding in my blog rather than facebook, actually ... as I could write more here!!

Yes ... I m sincere in my writing ... as it is meant for my own pleasure reading. I have to discard all the criticism and attention given ... I want to hide inside here ...

Today is a sell-day for me : Sold TunePro and KESM. Still have my MBSB to sell.  Time to reduce after the buying ... and sell sell sell.

KESM : Nice candles ... still can hold and see around RM6.30 tmr.

Ok ... time to go.


post # 3382 : Blogging

My blog's pageviews hitting 2.2mil ... well, 1mil pageviews are from myself. Haha ... Average pageview per post is only 650 is I divide 2200535 with 3381. Actually, since i3 linked my posts to their portal, the pageviews decreased to about 100-200 per posts. Most of my readers will read from i3 these days, I think ... but old-readers read from their 'favourited' link.

click ... then, you will directly view from my blog. I have created pages (I m not sure if that could be read from i3/tradesignum as I no longer there.

Anyway, thanks for being my readers ... especially those been with me for years, being supportive and appreciated my sharing. As long as I m still in markets, I will blog about markets. As I m into tuition-biz, I will blog about that. And currently my focus is to prepare for market-crash, I will blog on that.

That is blogger ... we blog about things we are doing. To me, even without a single reader (haha), I will still blog. Don't understand, right? Never mind ... because you are not a blogger!!

I do not start a blog to attract readers ... I m a blogger since some 15yrs ago, way before I m in markets or trading. But ... after few years of blogging about KLSE and markets/finances, I do know I have followers .. of coz I attracted haters and those disgusted about what I m writing (which makes one to wonder why they are reading something they dislike! stupid, right?) ... so, I m a person who

Ambil yang jernih ... those keroh-readers, let them be la.

I m blogging not to please anyone. If you are reading these ... ask yourself : WHY reading my writings?

Not everyone could blog ... especially in daily basis. I m not a writers ... or authors ... I am a blogger. How to explain the differences?

Why am I not writing a book? Because I REALLY dislike structured systems, rules-regulations, datelines ... even if one is paying me to write, I could not do it well ... it will not be natural-la.

I never pre-plan my blog postings ... it is LIVE as it is ... like now, I m at mamak-shop(aircond) while wife going for some shopping!! And ... oopsss ... my Tunepro just sold at RM1.65 done. See ... as I m writing here ... I hv to inform my stock-watch group that my queue to sell TunePro is done.

Time is 11.30am here ... 'live'.

If you check my previous posts ... I used to put time-frame ... exact time!! That time, I could post it ... and then update anytime I wanted and it will be refreshed. But ever since I knew that once I post it ... even half way done, i3-portal will not refresh my updates ... so, I have to complete the whole post or to start a new post later ... say, I want to write a new post at night!!

Anyway ... I have 'adjusted' my likings and the way I blog ... to make it a little less irritating for some of my demanding readers. Sorry-la ... itu grammar still no good ... me Malay-ed, Inggeris not so strong ... try-try my best here, ok?

There are people who blog ... with personal-agenda ... and they could employed ghost-writers ... as they wanted to send messages to the public for whatever reasons. One of the most popular blogger is Dr M ... yes, our ex-PM. His blog-posts generating millions followers!!

When will I stop blogging? Hmm ... I don't know ... and I don't think so I will stop?

After I retired from trading (hopefully after the crash), I will blog about my charity-activities and also my travelling(on my big bike) whole Malaysia ... aiming with a camera to share experiences!! Wait till I change the whole 'trading aventure' to ... my "retirement adventure" ... haha. I know what I m doing ... and what I like doing. I enjoy being myself ... sitting here to blog!!

How about this one? Kawasaki ... or should I consider HD?

I do have plans ... working for my dreams. I have dreams ... and I will continue to work hard for that. If I could not afford to buy those bikes, I m still 'ok' to travel the nation with smaller ones!!

I am easily content person ... see? that is the 'trick' to be happy, I guess.

Ok ... happy reading or not ... the choice is yours. Have you found the answer to the question I asked just now?

Why are you reading my blog ar?

Have a nice Tuesday ... I have to run.