Monday, December 22, 2014

KLCI rebounds

Noon ... as KLCI rebounded sharply. Is many out there yelling BUY or BYE?

Yes ... kinda glad to sell many this morning. Again, it is so difficult to buy hugely last week, especially last Tuesday.

I bought 10 penny-stocks last week ... err ... 11 actually.

So, I have sold TWO this morning. Left 9 now.

Alam : Entry at 54.5 cents last Tuesday(16th). Target at 65cents ... sold at 64 cents done this morning. Went to hit 67cents.

Malton : Entry at 78cents ... sold at 88cents done. It hit 89cents ... my original target is 94cents resistance.

I told the group ... this is just a trail-basis. Testing out the cases IF KLCI going into sharp correction.

Yes ... we need to test out many things to gain experiences.

Will write about another two experienced traders I met.

KLCI closed for lunch ... up 24 points, at 1740 now. WOW ... well, 1770 still a strong resistance.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Getting out of E-quadrant

Last night I spent some time and had a good talk with an ex-colleague. We had dinner at Lintas.

With 2-3 hours ... I started to talk about my current situation. What I have been doing after exactly 5 years I left Institute Sinaran. And what I am planning to do in this coming 5 years time, to enable me to retire by then. Yes, retire ... financially independent.

Yes ... I was just like him ... 5 years ago. I was a Math teacher there, giving tuition to some of the students. He is doing that now too, and has been doing that for past 20 plus years!! And still with Ins.Sinaran ... and without any changes, he will most probably retire there. Mind you, it is not wrong at all ... retire with the college, tho one may never retire ... financially free. Most lecturers staying in the education-line till retirement as they do not have the courage enough to pull themselves out from the E-quadrant.

Let us put it in more general point ... most of those in E-quadrant simply think it is more secure(financially) to stay employed as we were taught to be ... employee.

So ... I told him how I started some 8 years ago ... by reading the RDPD book! I was in huge debt after wedding ... I was broke with my young baby boy. Life was tough ... very very tough without simple financial basic, without money to support the young family. As I married late, and financially broke ... it is more reason to work extremely hard ... twice harder than all my colleagues.

What do I do?

I read RDPD. I was so focus and serious about moving out of E-quadrant. I m having the S-quadrant ... but not in B or I side. So ... I forced myself to be in I-quadrant, moving into KLSE (unfortunately, it was 2008 ... today, I do see it as fortunately!) and forced myself to be in B-quadrant(goreng keropok to sell). I failed in both in 2008 ... quit my keropok-biz ... lost few thousands invested in some equipment. I lost about 70% of my small initial capital(always start small when we are new in markets)

I re-read RDPD and started to buy more investment books. I read Azizi-Ali's "Millionaire In Me" and how we could be millionaire by changing our mindset. I remember I read Adam Khoo's book whenever I am free ... to understand how market works(so I thought, my views have changed) ... I continued to buy more books, money-financial related magz ... and more. Yes, I was totally broke with 3 credit cards to clear ... the financial stress was tremendous and the ripple-effect on other part of our lives is definitely being felt.

2008 was the nightmare year for me ... but, thank God for helping me, guiding me. I continued to stay strong ... walked to college, planning my path to be a trader ... planning how I could build a biz ... and planning how to clear my debt. While tuition-classes picked up then, it is still not sufficiently enough ... my baby girl was born.

I was barely surviving ... trying to make ends and month end salary is a MUST for me. I have to pay RM500 for an apartment where I could not sell(or rent out) ... paying RM450 for my Kancil. I was renting a house to give tuition nearby school(and rented out my rooms). With my small salary of less than RM4k, I am certainly struggling ... financially and emotionally.

Staying positive, staying strong and persistent ... those are characters that majority will fail. We have too much of negativity news/people around us. I slowly distanced myself from my colleagues ... my surrounding people who are financially not doing well. It is all in the mind ... yes, I learnt that from some of my financial books, telling me the different mindset between the rich and the poor.

The poor will dream ... day-dream and envy about others successes. They give excuses and blame others for their short-comings.

The rich do dream ... take actions and put their dream as goal. They duplicate other successes and admire successful people. They give reasons why they need to change and take responsibilities for their mistakes, and wrong-doings. They understand that mistakes are stepping stones for them to be experienced and wiser.

These are what I told my colleague ... and he was very motivated to change his mindset ... and financial live. I do hope I could give him some guidelines ... but I could only tell him what I have done, and what I m going to do.

I am still far from my personal goal ... my dream of being financially independent. But, at least ... I have moved away from E-quadrant. So ... I shared with him my 2015 goal ... and 5 year goal. By 2020, I will want to retire!

What is my next step? To move away from S-quadrant.

S = self-employed. My current tuition classes where I have to be there physically to teach, and to manage my classes. In other words, those in S-quadrant are those changing their TIME with MONEY. Again ... nothing is wrong with that, ok? Just that we need to be there ... physically and have limited income(due to limited TIME). Each day, I will be teaching about 3-4 hours, averagely. If I have the energy, I will teach at nights or weekends too(I hv stopped teaching on Sundays ... that is for family time). I am not a lazy person ... I will work and work ... besides, I am teaching Math which something I love very much!

Being able to generate income from my trading is also very important. I hv spent 4-6 hours per day for past 6 years in market, invested thousands in myself. This is a serious biz for me. So, I know I could only continue to improve. While majority looking for tips around the forums, yak-king around talking air-water, I m working on my charts, trading system ... learning new trading idea. And meeting more and more traders, to share their experiences(going to meet another two traders who are working in IBs later).

So ... my ex-colleague(call him Mr C) was very impressed with my total change of my mindset. Yes ... he knew me personally ... we are in same Math Dept ... and he was far better financially than me, some 5 years ago. Today ... he is still there with some increment in his salary, while tuition-classes slowing. It is never to late to change and motivate ourselves, to do better than what we are doing today. BUT ... we need to take ACTION.

Haha ... I told him ... if I can do it, you can too!!

Am I pulling him to move to KL? Hmm ... I have no control on what others wish to do. It is our own lives, our own choice.

My choice was obvious ... I have to uproot myself from KK, and to moved back to KL ... there are more opportunities there. So ... the change is needed. No matter how hard, how scary it could be ... if I want to move away from E-quadrant(remember that was my goal?) I have to move away from the beautiful KK ... yes, another sacrifices I have to make to achieve my personal-goal. By the way, I have sacrificed the time watching TV, stopped bowling in total ... no time-wasting talking to colleagues or so-called friends(unless we have similar goals?).

Leaving Ins. Sinaran ... leaving my colleagues, no one actually knew why I am doing such. No one! No one giving you a chance when you are poor ... when you are struggling. In fact, we could use their criticism to propel ourselves higher!! Newton's Third Law applied here, fyi.

Law of Attraction : This is something I shared with him too ... we must be able to attract what we want ... as that is OUR CHOICE. It is not by chance or luck, where many non-performers believe. We create our LUCK ... we create our own opportunities. We need to be pro-active and go out there to do what we needed, and yes ... do mistakes, meeting wrong people ... be disappointed and being crushed. Being envied ... and now, many talking bad about us ... that is the sign of us moving ahead of them.

Small minds talk about human. They stay small. We could move away from them ... it is a choice.

Letting the average minds be where they are is important. So, my ex-colleagues will remain in E-quadrant as they are average. They fear RISK ... I was one of them 5 years ago, ok? And again, it is VERY OK to be average. It is just me ... my personality not allowing myself to be in the herd. I like to challenge myself ... and see how far I could go.

I no longer talk about people ... about events. I will like to meet people to discuss IDEAS.  That is why I meeting more people with like-minded. They could enrich my mind ... and I do admire many of those successful people.

Ok ... back to Mr C. While I knew him for 5 years in Ins. Sinaran and I have no contact with him for past 5 years ... he is not even in my facebook list!

He could appreciate my stories much more than anyone else as he is still teaching Math and been there with me. He was my Math Dept head back then too. Salary-wise more than me ... tuition-wise more than me. But, today ... he could see my changes ... and my goals(which I shared with him) ... he knew I am going to move ahead, irrespective of obstacles, fear of uncertainties ... and failures!!

As he is my friend ... I am more open to him. I could feel more comfortable to share with him my goals .. my dream and my motivation. We all have different personalities ... so, it is very important to know our own pace, our own risk appetite ... while we try to struggle thru the thickness of ujnknowns, criticism ... difficulties ... adversity?

If we are not passionate enough with our goals ... we could not go far. If we are not motivated enough to move even during difficult times, we could not move far. Think of that for our 2015 resolutions.

We talked till the restaurant closed around 11.30pm ... and continue to talk before we call it a night.

I do hope to help a friend. But, we could only help those who wish to help themselves. Many of them do not have the direction of what they want to achieve. As for me, I was financially-idiot ... and realized in a hard way that MONEY is essentially important for me to get out of below-average living. Without money, I could not treat my family, my friends nice meals. Without money ... I could not donate much.

But ... I do still wish to stay humble, while sharing with  some of my friends how I pulled myself out of the E-quadrant ... and now, going to pull myself out of the S-quadrant. I could only hope I could inspire them even in small manner, to change their lives for a better --- financially --- at least.

I will want to stay frugal as I am now ... I will want to help more people to be motivated and taking a venture out of E-quadrant. It is a VERY difficult journey, no one telling you get-rich story here.

I will want to keep my blog here ... tho I will be blogging more about stock-analysis in my site ... so, I am still very much myself, a Math teacher.

I will remind my close friends to tell me off if I started to show-off, to let the air up in my head ... or perhaps, being boastful. Because ... money changes human, they said. I want to remain my humble self, doing things in simple way. Money supposed to solve our problems ... not changing our characters. We must remember our roots ... always.

Well ... I have offered him to replace me ... to give my tuition students to him. Yes, he appreciated my offer to help ... we should do things in sincere manner. And not to mis-lead others, not to have personal agenda of using others.

I have only achieved first level of success : Out of the E-quadrant.

My second stage of out of S-quadrant will come ... when I am involving more in my B-quadrant. While maintaining in I-quadrant ... I am certainly could only improve(because I WANT IT BADLY).

This post is also to motivate those YOUNG ones(older ones more difficult to motivate to change due to bad-habits die hard) ... to plan to get out of the E-quadrant. No one telling you to steal... to lie. Do it the hard way ... believe in God, believe in yourself. Then .. learn! Never stop learning.

If you are too lazy to find out what you personally want to do ... no one could find that for u. Your laziness amazed me.

Get out of forums, if you are in trading-investing. Get out of the negative environment, and LEAVE your friends(so-called) who might be pulling you down(dragging you, emotional baggage etc etc).

Do what it takes ... to be your own SUCCESS.

I will end my long post here with what late Dennis Ng shared.

Change your thoughts ... APPLIED KNOWLEDGE is power.

To in-touch with me :


Saturday, December 20, 2014

LOGIC : A must to have

Good morning from Kota Kinabalu ...

Yesterday, spent some hours at Pulau Sapi. Nice island ... have not upload some pictures to share it here. But, believe me ... it is nice!!

Main islands here are Gaya, Manukan, Sapi and Mamutik. Google them.

We will take a boat to these islands, from KK's jetty. It will be less than half-hour ride. Bring some money ... you may want to experience para-sailing there (RM65 each person for 15 minutes). Bring your own food.

Today's programme : Go fishing later at Sg Papar.

Ok ... I met two young ''dealers'' last night. They are very new in stock-market. So, I spent about 2-3 hours giving them some lecture on how to start to be good in trading-investing, and to survive in the industry. Yes ... if you are to be dealer with IB, where do you move up from here? Turning to be a remisier? etc etc ... that is not important just yet.

What is important ... is to accumulate knowledge and experiences. Use it as a stepping stone, while learning from many experienced seniors in the line. And make sure we track our own learning.

Two main points I shared with them : LOGIC and PASSION.

No one could sustain their learning without these two ingredients. It is simple to understand, yet most difficult to put in practice. Yes ... why 80% of retailers losing in stock-market? They have lack of common-sense and logic.

Trader #1 : A finance grad, looking for a job and landed him with a local IB. Been a dealer for past 8 months, highly admire me ... and my blog reader! Lost some money recently buying into Sumatec, and from what I could gather ... he is wiser now. Appreciate my e-meeting that help to ring some logic in his new-trading brain. But ... he didn't show to me his enthusiasm in going very far in the trading line. So, I will be watching him ... perhaps, be his mentor.

Trader #2 : A marketing grad, went into the job ... and not of his choice either. Father in stock-market recently lost some money too, holding to KNM. As this is only his first month, he needs more time to develop from there. He believed the INFLUENCE of others too strong for normal human to be independent.

LOGIC : Yes ... I m promoting something that is most difficult to put in our head or mind. We are engineers, biz-man ... teachers and more, we are logical in our normal daily lives .. but when we are in stock-market, GREED take over! Imagine ... a question like "Tmr the stock can hit my TP or not?" or buying thru tips given in forums? haha ... defying logic, read my recent post.

Without LOGIC ... no one willing to learn. They took 3-4 years and hours to get a degree ... to be employed. Hmm ... somehow, the learning stop there ... why?

Stock-market is the ONLY place where people going into to PROFIT without learning, without experience ... and being lured by many SALEMEN easily ... how easy they profit. Haha ... I do always amazed with human mentality. Amazing!!

Stock-market is the ONLY place where people do not think learning is needed. They will buy software or ask around what to buy-sell. They think of getting-rich ... that is called gambling?

So, now ... guess how many % losing money again? Yup, the statistic 80%! Still want to go to KLSE? Sure?

There ... here is a diagram to show why most retailers will quit market, OR stuck with those lousy penny-stocks and could never understand why.

Got logic or not? If not ... how about QUIT now?

PASSION is another important ingredient to sustain in market. That will be for another post ...

off and have nice weekend.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

KLCI rebounded ... finally?

KLCI : Moving above 1700 now ... so, are we seeing V-shape rebound again? 1730 next level of resistance to watch, as DOW rebounding sharply now too.

Penny-stocks : During market diving ... I was busy buying ... and grabbed 10 penny-stocks so far!! Crazy theory struck my mind. Wont share it here ... but shared with my stock-watch group. Haha ... will want to see if my theory works, and need to practice that as when market REALLY crash one day(wont be 2015 too, in my opinion) ... I will know how to catch knives!! Well, I will post it here once I have sold most of the counters?

Stock-watch : One may join my stock-watch for Dec, for half-month.

Trading workshop : Will be on 10th and 11th Jan, to learn basic trading skills using charts.

contacts :

do visit me at : from 2015 onwards

FGV : New low ... 2.31 ... what is next? BUY at low?

well ... 2015 soon. I will move to more often, tho I still feel very much at home here in my blogpost.

Went to Kinabalu Park today but it rained the whole day!! So, we missed the fun ...

Tmr morning ... going to Islands and meeting few traders from KK. Do let me know if anyone in KK wish to meet.



Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Defying LOGIC

Morning ... it is 4.15 am now. I am at Kota Kinabalu at the moment. Excited.

KLCI gapped down for TWO consecutive days. Crude oil price below USD60 now ... while Russia making drastic calls. Currency war? Ruble dived ... MYR down too. Oil-dependent countries are having the pinch. Read about Venezuela too ... and the stories on 1MDB continue ...
What should we do in stock-market? Staying sideline is an option. A good one, indeed.
What about those bought at high of PDZ at 30cents, DNex at 40cents, Sumatec at 50cents, KNM at 60cents, THHeavy at 70cents, Alam at 80cents, IfcaMsc at 90cents, Mitra at RM1, TAS at RM1.10, Armada at RM1.50 ... Boilermac at RM1.70 ... and so on?
If there is no cut-loss level placed BEFORE we took the trade, the losses could be ... huge now. Many are tumbling done ... and we are wondering why?
First simple question : Why are we buying those stocks at THAT level(whatever level we have bought into)?
If there is not valid reason, we are actually just ignorant ... and took a bet(gamble) and lost. That is the whole thing about RISK ... and why I have been so active having e-meetings with my group for past 3-4 months ... telling them the importance of viewing about RISK ... before we could even think of profits.
If I ask the question : "Do you know that 80% of retailers losing money" in May-Aug period of time, many newbies who just came into stock-market ... who boosting their huge profits in punting into PDZ(now IFCA is a must to buy ... to boast) ... and laughing their way to banks ... who even take a heed of the word RISK.
But ... it is easier to send a message about RISK today. Yes, today is the day I m out here again... talking about RISK again(like everyone don't know about it ... hmm ... knowing is one thing, doing is another ... ok?)
To send the message, and to help many newbies to understand that losing money(lots of it) ... to ask them to LEARN first .. is VERY VERY difficult if market is bullish and anything we buy into also giving us profit ... we will tend to FORGET that trading is risky. GREED in play ... and forums becoming noisy ... remisiers/dealers happily recommending stocks to buy/sell ... to earn commissions from their clients trade. In daily basis ... we will be bombarded with e-mail, sms, watsapp and media ... telling us to trade. Heck ... so many sifu-guru came out during early of this year ...
Did you notice that software salesmen were out there with NEW trading software, while more promoters telling you that we should take advantage of their powerful software(programmed trading signals ... blah-blah) ... ? That could also use as a sign or indicator that market is BULLISH and many newbies drove into the KLSE-hole. Welcome to Bursa ... with our newly improved software, we could detect XYZ and profiting from market is as easy ... and now, everyone can trade?
I do also observe those trading-groups ... mushrooming during beginning of the year. Same old tactics ... same targets. Yes, they are targeting greedy retailers ... some earn commissions for things they are doing!! Remember, anything TOO good is not true ... as if they are THAT good, they will be using it themselves. Perhaps, banks might BUY their systems for millions? Perhaps ... banks would have employed them, with fat wages?
LOGIC ... is something not there for most of us in market. It is the most difficult to stay focus ... and use our common sense. Since when we are LOGICAL when we first fall in love with the most charming guy/lady? Think you could control your emotion ... the first time you kissed? What if you have few relationships ... experienced few break-ups ... and cried over it? Do you think you could think straight and LOGIC when you are in love? Or could you just put your sadness aside the next day you broke-up with your gf/bf?
LOGIC ... means putting our emotion aside. That is difficult. Otherwise, how do we explain people part huge money(hard earned) for a scam? Or believing into what a sales-promoter sweet talk us to buy their products? Only for today ... we are giving you 40% discount? Or ... hmm ... today is your lucky day, sir ... you are picked to join our sure-win contest ... all you need is to buy our XYZ product, for a fraction? See ... they will give you a SMILE.
Everyone will learn their LESSONS ... some who too egoistic will not be in markets for long. Mr Market is too huge for us. We could only learn from mistakes ... learn to control our behaviours, having correct mindset and positive attitudes ... if we are to survive in trading markets. No one could help ourselves if we DEFY the logic ...
If we cant even drive a car yet, no driving license ... will you be doing 150km/hour in a kampong-road?
Do think of LOGIC I m trying to drive ... to the whole trading public out there(if u are still losing money and insist to be still in market).
It is almost 5am now ... I will want to do my 5am ritual.
Going to Mt Kinabalu park today.
Have a nice trading day ... anyway.
Note : This is my post #2999

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sabah Trip

Morning ... I am trying to put myself up. Seeing it positively, I do not need to watch football for 1H2015.

I am flying off to KK in few hour times. Excited. It has been 5 long years my wife-kids left KK with me to live in KL here. I am bringing my mom too.

Will want to see few of friends there(if they want to meet me la).

Ins. Sinaran : Will visit the college .. the place I left some 5 years ago. Few old-timers are still there, and will be glad to see them.

Mt Kinabalu Park : Will be there on Wed-Thu. One of my fav place. But, wont be climbing Mt Kinabalu this time around. Will plan for a Mt Kinabalu trip next year with my trader-group.

CPS Bowl : Will certainly glad to drop to the bowling alley, a place where I spent my hours there ... playing competitions and bowling leagues. Whoever there to meet, I will be glad.

Islands : It is a must for me to go to the Islands .. Manukan, Gaya ...

Gaya Street : Haha ... I have put-up a stall selling my keropok some 9 years ago, what a memory how I started to change my life --- financially. Will love to see local people there.

Traders : I am meeting some of them (3 so far responded to meet me), and will spend few hours have a coffee-talk with them ... as my initial Project(meeting traders) and interview them ... for sharing experiences.

Melinsung : Will need to check on my beach-apartment which I have ''abandoned'' for 5 years now. No intention to rent or sell. One day, I might be back to stay in KK ... this small apartment is the place I wish to stay ... nearby the beach.

Time to go


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Preparing for 2015

2015 ... yet another new year in coming days. Less than 3 weeks. As I will be spending 1 week in Sabah ... I will use the time away from markets, tuition classes ... business discussions etc etc ... away from all the busy-packed KL-live.

KK is the best place to be in whole Malaysia. That is my personal opinion ... so, I will be very glad if I could retire in Sabah. I heard that KK is full with modern shopping malls now(sigh ... must they?). Perhaps I could still consider Kudat or smaller towns? Will be back to plan on that ...

But now, we talk about 2015.

To stay positive ... I have been focusing on my surrounding. Yes, MY ENVIRONMENT. I am a believer in positive thinking. I am a believer that environment will shape my thoughts and to protect my mindset ... I will only mix with positive thinkers who supporting my works, my values and my cause. I will definitely eliminate those with negative thoughts ... those criticize me without grounds, deleting those complaining and telling lies ... making sure I m directing my path with positive-ness.

So ... I am shifting to a larger space, and with planning on good work-station in order to work better. Environment will be important for the growth of our MIND.

This photo is taken ONE minute ago ... as I want to improve my home work-space. So, next year ... I am shifting my home work-space. Our MIND is more important to protect. INVEST in that ... and INVEST in ourselves. That is how we grow ...

Will comment on the above clip ... relating to my 2015 HABITS I want to acquire.

We need to be determined enough to make the CHANGE.

Begin with the change of NEGATIVE PEOPLE around us.

Begin with the change in our WORKSPACE.

Begin with the change ... in our HABITS.



Facebook Page

Recently, I created a FB page ... yeah, I created that some 2 years ago, but did not manage to updates etc etc ... 2 years ago, I am still have a full-time teaching job at Taylor's, was busy opening my tuition center and developing my trading workshop! Well ... it was 2 years ago ...

Today, I m no longer having my full-time (E-quadrant) ... so, in the morning .. basically, I am sort of free. Actually, I will be busy by 8am ... preparing for market opening, chatting with some of my trading members while checking some news related. Again ... we do not need to glue ourselves to the monitor all the time as we could not control the prices, anyway.

Note : I do still teach A-level Math tuition ... so, those looking for tutors can contact me. I do have contacts with most GOOD tutors for all subjects too.

Click on the page and LIKE my page there ... more online market-talk and educational(about trading-investing) will be shared there.

Time to go for lunch with family ...

Have a nice Sunday.