Thursday, July 02, 2015

Be More Productive

12 Things You Can Do Every Day To Become Highly Successful by Michael Sanders

1. Plan your day the night before

Stephen Covey stated in his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that you should review the coming day the night before. This way you have already created a mental map of how tomorrow will flow. You can make sure you have the information for your meetings and if you need to add other activities you can know where you may have time. By planning your day the night before you are being proactive and not reactive.

TEH : I do have the book by Stephen Covey but did not read much of it ... perhaps few pages. I will like to spend some time to read the book this weekend! So ... we have heard of this habit ... to PLAN at night before we sleep ... for tmr or a week ahead. But, most of us ...just do not have that habit, naturally. Ok ... it is JULY now ... I have to FORCE myself to plan for tmr/week after dinner!! I do hv many dairies ... many types too. haha.

2. Create a “to do” list

Okay, so you have just planned your day. Any thoughts pop up? What main topic were you going to cover in that customer meeting? Make a note. Were you low on milk this morning at breakfast? Grab some on the way home from work if you forgot to already. Any calls you need to make? Write it down. If you create a list of things you want to accomplish the next day you have a greater chance of accomplishing them.

TEH : Creating a to-do-list ... gotcha. Will create that but mine is VERY long list. I have a list of 30plus recently that I have only done less than 10? Haha ... time to be more serious to get moving and accomplish more!!

3. Get a good night sleep

This is easier to do after you have planned your day, feel comfortable with what you have to accomplish tomorrow and then can clear your mind of it. You won’t have to lay in bed trying to keep straight in your head what you have to do tomorrow because you have a list. You should also sleep no less than eight hours and make sure you go to bed about the same time every night. If you do like to read before bed do it somewhere other than your bed.

TEH : I do need to sleep before 11.30pm and wake up 5.30am. In my opinion, 6 hours of sleep is sufficiently good enough. So ... I will do some light reading around 11pm (half hour per day). I do need to ut the alarm on ... and making it a routine.

4. Get up earlier than you need to

Getting ready for work in the morning always seems to take longer than we think. Then there is traffic, weather and parking to deal with. If you give yourself extra time you will be more present in the moment when you load your car or computer bag and the chances of forgetting something is reduced. You will also be more relaxed when you reach your destination. Nothing says failure like a rushed, disorganized sweaty guy running into a meeting late.

TEH : I hv failed in my new-year resolution ... to wake up at 5am (Robin Sharma) and I m becoming lazier ... so, ok ... make it 5.30am, wake up and exercise ... and bath. 6am breakfast! As I m no longer rushing to college to teach(working), I still need to fetch my girl to school(nearby). I do not have traffic issue as I m still riding my kap-cai. Yes ... I need to reach my trading table in a relax mode, plan my trades while waiting for market to open.

5. Read

You have been hearing this since elementary school. It doesn’t matter what you read. You can read the Wall Street Journal for 45 minutes a day or a novel at night before you go to bed, just not in your bed. You can read business or books about hobbies. The point is that you read. Reading increases our vocabulary, makes us better spellers and exercises the muscle that is our brain… Well, the brain is an organ, but you get the point.

TEH :  I do read ... but not as much I would like to. There are many self-help books that I do like, besides investing/trading books. Now, I m reading on biz-book and how to be an entrepreneur!! Yes ... I do have goals to move into biz (an honest one, dislike cheating and lying). So, I set-up a tuition center and working on the next biz(anyone hv the idea and wish to work on it, let's have a drink).  After years of reading on investing/trading ... I quit my full-time job to focus in the B-quadrant.

6. Set goals

A goal is a dream with a timeline. Not only do you need to set goals, but set different sized goals. If your goal is start your own company you need to set goals about gaining skills that will help you run a small business. Start by getting a job in the industry and then try to get promoted in the first year. Or if your goal is to write a book set a goal of having a certain number of chapters done by a certain date.

TEH : I have placed 5 years to learn about trading. I m still learning much. So ... I am placing another 5 years to teach trading, and have started that earlier than planned. In my 7th year, I still have 3 years to prepare myself ... as a trainer for traders. Yes, we need at least 10years of consistent learning and experiencing trading before we could be well-verse in trading. That also, we need to be very hardworking and focus in our trades. Learn along the way ... another goal is to write a book in 3 years time!! Yes ... finally, I hv the guts to plan to be an author, besides I m a blogger. What is it about? Haha ... I don't even know what I want to write about but definitely not on trading. Perhaps, I could write about how I struggled financially merely 5 years ago, being a college lecturer ... and my struggle of educating myself about finances. How I moved from E to I ... and B, and still hanging on S (tuition). That will be easier to write as it is about myself, nothing2hide. Hehe.

7. Measure your goals

How do you know if you are on track if you don’t measure your goals? If you are six months into that job and things are not looking like a promotion is going to happen… Why? Did you underestimate how much you needed to learn? That’s fine – adjust your timeline. If you are not doing what you need to be doing think about why you have lost interest or momentum. Maybe this line of work is not for you?

TEH : I have quitted in many ventures ... people come and go. Things have to move on, get to know new people ... create new ventures and work from there. While past mistakes could be used as a guidance, we need to recognise if it is suitable for us. Is that what drives us to be passionate and we will be persistent on it? If not, we will lose interest or momentum ... it happened to me many of times, as when I failed ... I have to move away to reflect on my failures. So ... failing is common. Get use to it ... and pick-up ourselves, move on. Set new goals.

8. Reflect

Our lives are a story, not a plan. A plan is linear and a story does not follow a straight path. Your life is a story with subplots and surprise characters. It is okay to re-evaluate your goals and where you think you were headed and change direction. That is how you learn and figure out what you are good at doing.

TEH : Argeed. Yes, sir.

9. Get a mentor

A mentor should keep you honest. If you are not hitting your goals they should call you on it. You should have regular meetings with them and let them know what your goals are and the time frame you have given yourself to accomplish them.

TEH : How I wish I have a mentor ... guiding me when I was a total newbie. So ... I created my trading group, e-learning, trading workshop ... to reach out for newbies who are in stock-market trading. Yes ... I a being a mentor to many in my trading group, most of them appreciate my teaching(of trading). That motivates me to reach out for more. How about mentor ... in changing our MINDSET? Financial mindset, in general. I read books ... acquiring as much knowledge as I could. But ... if I have a mentor, at least he will help me to shorten my learning curve!! So ... I joined Dr Peter Yee's group recently ... WMT. It is great to find a mentor!! I m still looking for a mentor in entrepreneurship ... so, I joined the ToastMaster group(comprises of mostly self-employed entrepreneurs) recently ... and will be joining them for talks/training. We are going up Genting for training on Teamwork in Aug and I am excited about that.

10. Stay healthy

Sick people find it difficult to be successful because they are just trying to stay alive. Take care of yourself. Exercise, stretch and eat right. Exercise is a great way to keep you mind fresh by letting off stress. It can also give you time to gather your thoughts. Stretching is important because it keeps you from getting injured and then not being able to exercise. I am not talking about running a marathon – A long walk on a regular basis counts.

TEH : A must to follow as I am slowly changing my diet. Yes ... wake up 5.30am .. exercise. Do simple stretching after hours sitting here!!

11. Focus

Multitasking is a lie. Successful people focus on what they are good at and leave everyone in their dust  Look at what you are interested in doing in life and see if you are good at it. If you are, you are done looking. You have found your ONE thing. See you on the other side!

TEH : Ooppsss ... I failed here. I have so many on my plates that at times, I do wonder how I cope. From trading, maintaining my trading group ... giving tuition .... to blogging here!! Hmm ... ok, clearing off more responsibilities before I burn-out!! Perhaps, that explain why I am doing things so slow ... and not moving higher or faster. FOCUS, ok?

12. Rinse and repeat

Consistency is what makes people successful. I’m sure you have all had that coach who told you, “what you do in practice, you do in a game.” That person is a genius, listen to them. Practice makes perfect… fake it ’till you make it. Whatever saying you want to use it all means the same thing. Once you have found your one thing keep working on getting better and better at it. How do you do that? Start with number one on this list and do all twelve steps over again, day after day until it becomes second nature. It takes 21 days to form a habit.

TEH : I have found trading/investing. I am getting better and better as I want to be a good trader, in future. To be a successful trader, I need to comply to ALL the 12 pointers above!! Yes ... let me be more discipline and do that for my own sake.

Have a good productive day, week or year ahead.


Wednesday, July 01, 2015

BULL DAY : Thanks Fitch

KLCI is shooting plus 30 at the moment!! Hurray ... sell day!!

KLCI dropped about 170points ... from the recent top. MANY risk-factors ... foreign funds exiting, MYR weakening, 1MDB at risk ... Greece in the brink of exiting Euro ... many bad-news and stories to create FEAR ... but, retailers are smart these days. We do not panic selling ... and today, it rebounded sharply. Wow.
Bottom-fishing : I do have a good e-meeting last night (for public and free). So ... for those missed the bottom-fishing talk ... I wont mind making a repeat (as some of my members requested). Join me tonight
9.30pm ... as usual ... go to
Note : Dear Mr Murali(of i3) ... do come for tonight e-meeting if you are free. I have not receive e-mail from you or your number (to send u the link) ... so, you do need to add me in facebook so that I could get in touch with you. Hope you are free to attend my humble talk. It is free, anyway.
e-learning : I hv not replied to few e-mails regarding my e-learning which will be starting NEXT TUESDAY. Yes, it is ON ... please go to the facebook link above or sms/watsapp me at 012-8210129 for details.
I will be sharing from very basic level of trading besides teaching the application of technical-charting. It is from July to Dec, every Tuesday night(online learning). We will also analyse LIVE charts as we move together ... guidance for newbies/traders-alike.
So ... I do think by guiding newbies about trading for 5-months, they will learn better. They could ASK questions ... and need to provide a platform to compile those Q&A for learning purposes.
Yes ... a teacher in me. I am back to teaching!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Jack Ma's rules

Monday ... end-of-june. Just posted in on KLCI below 1700.

I will list the pointers out. In fact, I will like to elaborate on them.

Then ... to create a meeting with my tratles this coming Friday.

Discuss. Dissect. Discover.

Those sincerely to join me, get in touch. We might be able to work together into something new.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

KLSE at risk

9pm ... done for the day. Flying off tmr morning and it will takes awhile to get back into move. By next week ... many new things need my attention and end of June now.

I will be back to KK in Dec and will be planning for a market-talk or a short workshop.

I was away from my trading terminal, only able to check during the opening. FKLI red ... tho DOW up 100 points. We are talking about fitch rating today, I guess.

Yesterday was a selling day for me as today I will be busy with my FIL's funeral. KLCI shot up yesterday ... and I tried to sell many.

Armada : We bought at 1.11 - 1.13 last Friday or yesterday morning, not bad ... it hit 1.18 as targeted today. But I sold at 1.15 yesterday.

MMSV : Sold 79.5 cents and it hit 80 plus, I think.

OKA : Bought at 82.5cents and sold 88 cents yesterday. It hit 90cents today. Note that 88cents is the resistance. We bought at 82.5cents last week when harami formed.

YTL : Bought 1.52 level and sold 1.58(peak) yesterday. I think I saw it came down today. Will try to buyback tmr around 1.50 level.

I still have AirAsia which I bought at 1.50. This morning, I was queuing to sell 1.68 but it was not done. So, I will still q to sell at 1.68 tmr morning.

Yes ... I was in selling spree yesterday and glad to be able to off-load some of my stocks.

China : I m moving some funds to HKSE as China is in bull-run. In my opinion, China's market is in the bubble-in-making stage. Jump into the bubble ... and get out before the bubble burst? I do not see any upside or new high-in-making in KLSE, tho ... when KLCI at 1860 level recently, someone yelling it to be at 1900 ... or even targeting 2000.

got to go


Monday, June 22, 2015

Time, Energy and Money

Sunday ... Happy Daddy's Day to all dads .. including me.

I have two lovely kids ... my son, Er. He is smart but the teachers are complaining that he is 'lazy'. Well, he has his daddy's trait, I guess. And my girl, Sher ... who was born not so normally physically. She still struggle to speak at age 7 now, and we have to send her to special school. But, she is able to run and climb now, that is the joy of daddy ... who was afraid she cant even walk when she was born (crooked toes and feet : talipes).

Now ... being daddy is my greatest venture! I have struggled from the extreme (financially broke merely 5 years ago) situation ... thanks to my kids being my inspiration. They are my internal motivator ... my fuel. To provide a better living for my kids (as I do not have good childhood), daddy could not afford to lose ... could not afford to be lazy ... but to change in total(financial mindset) ...

I am always feel very glad to have them running to me, each time I am home .... daddy is home!! And having them both in my arms. What a feeling, only daddy could understand.

Let us talk about LIFE's three components which I shared with my wife recently.

TIME : We all have 24 hours. That means ... we are all equal here. So, time management skill is essential. Over the years, I have learnt to manage my tight hectic schedules ... and wearing many hats. Yes ... without that, many things could not be tried or carried out.

ENERGY : We all have limited energy (that explained why I bought Tenaga on Thu?) ... working from morning to evening and even into night. I could only say that I have so much of energy as I have a goal --- to be financially free. I ''used'' my family as my motivator and it derives tonnes of energy inside me ... and I could continue ... I am motivated to change my life and have a better living my family. That is where energy is derived from ... PASSION and LOVE.

MONEY : We used our time to earn money ... we used our energy to earn money. So, to say MONEY is not important is simply living in denial. Tho money is not everything, everything is money. With limited money ... we need money MANAGEMENT skills. Unfortunate for most of us, we are not taught about financial ... not even about personal finances such as saving and investing.

10.45 am : Morning ... KLCI surged as many oversold index-linked counters experiencing technical rebound. Tenaga moving above RM13 today (I still have it at RM12.44 tho I have sold part last Friday at RM12.90, queueing to sell at RM13.30 this morning but ht RM13.16 at the moment).

Let's continue to talk about LIFE. Life is worth living in fullest. If we recognise how to live lives in full, we will not bother to argue, fight and mixing with negative people. We would not be in sorrow for too long, self-pity and envious of others success.

To start with, we need to learn to APPRECIATE life. Without this simplest basic ... we do not need to look further into the TIME, ENERGY and MONEY we are having.

Some have all the TIME ... doing nothing much .. perhaps do not feel motivated to live or not much money to spend? Well, it is not the money that matters. It is the appreciating what we have and work on how we could earn more money, learn to save and invest. Then, we need to learn to give ... donate some.

Use TIME to the fullest ... learn the skills needed to make more money(respectable ways). To do that, we need ENERGY ... and learn to manage our TIME. Energy to move ... to continue to learn and placing our objectives/goals in life. With given 24-hours and with tonnes of things to do(busy is an excuse we given ourselves, by the way) ... we have to learn to prioritise. That explain why I will never have TIME for negative humans, senseless arguments and engaging in empty talks.

Limited TIME ... we could go anytime ... life is short. I am in my late 40s now. Kids still so young, I have limited time : to balance between trading markets, giving tuition and many more things I m currently commit to.

ENERGY needed to move ... force x displacement. That is work done. So, we need to FORCE ourselves to move some distance. It is more complex than that, obviously. If we love to do something(for me is trading and teaching others to be better traders) ... it is easier as we do not really need to force ourselves. That is why many could not find the energy naturally as they are doing things not closest to their hearts, or of any interests.

To move ... we need TIME and ENERGY.

To move further ... we may need MONEY.

Think of it this way ... in order to live life in fullest, we have to appreciate what we are having, be positive and optimistic about our future, move the present.

TIME ... manage it.

ENERGY ... manage it.

MONEY ... manage it.

Have a nice day.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Life is short

It is 1.20am ... I am in KK. Yeah ... flew in this morning as my FIL passed away. It is sad day for my wife's family as everyone's celebrating Father's day. But, we see it positively. He has been fighting against cancer for past 6yrs or so ... and may him rest-in-peace.

I did not check much on stock-market ... but I do know I sold off GDex at peak (1.41) and we bought at 1.30 level. That is one good trade. As for Tenaga, I sold off half at RM12.90 but will sell another portion at 13.20 level (averaged at 13.44 ... see previous post). In fact, if u wish ... one could still get RM12.44 on Friday morning before bargain hunting was back.

I have replied to Mr Murali(of i3) regarding AirAsia's trade since he is very interested to synchronize my trades ... and making many un-ture statements. I have not received an e-mail from him (to ) or sms/watsapp to meet me. I went to i3 to check on the comment, hoping he will reply. But ... just some comments there. So, to update here ... it hit 1.71 but retraced to 1.61 closing. With average at RM1.50, and my queue to sell at 1.78 was not done, I will keep for a while. We wait for some senses back to market, while many holding to paper-loss or dare not to buy into it due to fear. We cant tell how low of high it will go ... but, placing at 1.48 cut-loss, I might need to sell for a loss instead of profit. But, that is trading ... the only winner is your broker!!

I rest my case as I m not answerable to anyone in forums etc etc. So, I m exiting the noises again.

Missed Evergreen when it dived to 1.14 ... zzzz ... what a waste. I was waiting at RM1.08.

Many more trades might take a while to rebound ... sit on them. I bought YTL 1.51-1.52, and I mentioned it last week during my free public e-meeting. I bought Digi RM5.50 level ... am I supposed to write all my trades here to show? Am I obliged to? Why? Why should I?

But I m very willing to teach trading, how we traders could improve and move-on to be a better trader. Give me another 3-5 yrs, I promised myself to be a good trader enough to give free trading lessons to ALL my current members, if they are still with me. By then, all of them could see how they have improved. I am just a cikgu ... and happened to be a trader! Oh yes, I am a blogger too, in case you do not realise that?

Tired ... I take a rest from markets for a few days. Will want to write more about LIFE. Life is so short ... anytime at all, we might be ''leaving'' the space ... and off we go. As I am writing here (at FLS) ...  appreciate life a little better , yet again. Each time .. reminding myself how lucky I am being around with many nice people. I even postponed next Monday e-meeting and all my members are very understanding. I will excuse myself from trading for 3 days ... and with my condolence, I knew my trading members are nice people. Some even sent me ''pak-kam''. One member (of KK) even came to pay his respect. Feeling grateful having nice people around ...

Hence, I have left those noises, those haters ... and empty tins. Many more those not supportive people, negative humans ... I have eliminated many. I have been a wiser person now ... over past 10 years of transformation(to myself), I have learnt to be a better person. It is not easy but worth all the efforts.

Negative human around us ... that we need to avoid, let them go ... and making sure they do not influence us, if we are to be successful(and have happier, more meaning lives).

Anger ... arguments ... quarrels ... these are not needed too. No point trying to justify to those not relevant to our lives. We live our own lives, make sure it is a good one, bring joy to many around us and contribute as we live. Spread LOVE ... not hatred. No point being angry or retaliate. No point answering many around. No point to making our point, simply because we want to be MORE right ... or perhaps to prove someone wrong. No point ... life is SHORT.

So ... I have decided not to argue ... accepting things as it is. It is wiser that way. I used to be person who insist on my view-points ... while I could get away with that teaching in colleges, I will definitely insane enough to expect that in stock-markets. Market is a very noisy place with all sort of people coming from different financial backgrounds and experiences ... it is simply amazing to engage in a discussion about : FA vs TA. It is endless ....

So ... we learn to embrace differences. We could easily choose to LOVE. That is the wisest view I have taken ... slowly changed myself so much. After-all, life is short. Be happy.

It is 2.30 am ... I am staying awake tonight, to man the place.

As life is short ... live it to the fullest.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Stock Watch : AirAsia

This is reply to Mr Murali of i3.

Dear sir ... I have invited you to my e-meeting few times and I had my e-meeting about AirAsia last night ... opened to public tho most of them are from my own trading group. Tonight, I had an e-meeting about AirAsia(selling 1.80 tmr) and Tenaga.

Did you missed the e-meetings again?

Click on the link above. I have the e-meeting recorded (it is free, anyway)

In the case of you are not using facebook, please give me you e-mail so that I could personally e-mail you the e-meeting link to your e-mail ... so that you could attend, whenever you are free?

This is my number : 012- 821 0129. Should you want to contact me in person ... let's go for a drink. It will be on me.

Now ... I have tried to reach for you, sir.

Allow me to share with you my trades on AirAsia. You may want to join my trading group for a month (trial) and check in daily basis my trades, right? You have nothing to lose here ... I will invite you to be in my chatbox, no worry. I welcome you, if you are sincere and real. I am.

Murali : Got cut loss on Airasia or not? Dont tell us you bought today at RM1.43..... 17/06/2015 16:47

TEH : Our group bought at 1.80 during the HAMMER. That is 12th June, last Friday.

But the hammer failed, so I have to cut-loss the next day at 1.77-1.78.

My trading members are my proof ... so, you are again invited to join me(for free) for a month. Deal?

Murali : Are we going to see CPTeh jump out today, to be King Of Technical Rebound again, telling us his another success trading gain on AAsia?? Gain 9 Lose 1? 18/06/2015 09:03

On Monday, during our weekly e-meeting ... I told the members that the support is at RM1.48 .. On the fateful Wednesday, it dived ... fantastic. I started to queue to buy at RM1.55. It was trading at RM1.65 level then ... zrooom ... 1.55 and my 1.50 queue were done. I quickly queue to buy at 1.45 and 1.40. Then ... it hit 1.43, my 1.45 was done, it rebounded and dive again ... but the 1.40 was not done. I do have another block at RM1.35, for your info. These are shared in LIVE in our chatbox to all my members. I do not have much money to buy. I was only preparing for 300lots (about RM50k max). If the 1.35 to be matched, I would have 200lots then. The next support is at RM1.20, actually.

They said ... fear is a buy. So, extreme fear = extreme buy? Yes? No?

So ... I only have 120lots done with average at 1.50. I know it has nothing to shout about, but I m still glad that the trade turn out to be good. This was taken in the morning ... to me 50 x 8 = RM400 gross is a good profit for a day trade. The RM1.68 is not done ... it hit 1.68 actually.

I am going to sell around 1.79 tmr ... but could tell now but I will have to check the momentum or if I need funds to buy more in my Tenaga (I caught at RM12.44 today). But, yes ... I will sell 1.79 all the 70lots. That is 29cents x 70 = RM2000 . So, being a small player ... to me, RM2400 for a contra is considered as good. I will sell her if it not rebound, anyway.

Let's face it ... no one could get to the tip(bottom) and sell at the top(I always sell too early and I am ok with it). Being a trader, we have something else to check on (I have my aim at Tenaga now, fyi).

Sorry that I hv lost track on my score ... zzz ... you may ask my members or check our group's page for details (buy and sell). But ... u need to take the first initiative step : Add me in facebook and I will add you in the closed group. My score for June should be around 25 - 8, I think. That included recently selling for profits in IOICorp, UEMS, WellCall, MNRB ... but cut-loss in MBSB.

Murali : Bought 1.43 yesterday n sold 1.62 today? 18/06/2015 09:08

Nope, sir. Sorry to disappoint you that I have average at RM1.50, not RM1.43. One of my member(who came for my recent trading workshop) caught at RM1.44. He is the lowest I got to know off. Many just bought around RM1.50 ...I sold part at RM1.58 this morning (as shown above) and it came down to RM1.54 (I was ready to buyback at RM1.48 .... as I mentioned above, RM1.48 is a support, ok?) .. then shot up above RM1.60 ... I was busy with my FKLI and classes (I have 2 tuition classes today 11am to 3pm). By 10.30am, I will be busy with FCPO.

So ... at the end, RM1.68 is not done. Technically, not done is also good as it will rebound tmr. We shall see if the plane will go to Dubai or Amsterdam. This is flight AK2015, captain TEH reporting here to his superior, Mr Murali.

I will invite you again ... as I have nothing to hide from you(or others) .. so, I hope you wont let me down, sir.

Thank you for your time to read my trades in AirAsia. I have no intention to write about AirAsia as it is not my best of trades. I have many more which I derived greater pleasure. Trading is not only the money-rewards .... it is PASSION


With that, it is 12.40am. I am signing off.