Wednesday, May 25, 2016

UMW and UMW-OG retracing further

UMW diving further ... at RM5.25 at the moment. No catching a knife ... but watching ...

UMWOG : Bad QR again ... dived to new low. It is unfortunate for those still holding .. especially those without knowledge much and bought at IPO level.

I prefer my Digi and Maxis ... Digi ex-dividend 5.1cents today ... DOW up 200points, thought I could sell her up-up ... but KLCI is disappointing.

Anyway ... buy into good dividend stocks is always good. Wanting to write about it ... perhaps later.

Note : I m trying to be consistent in my blogging ... coming back as I have dozed off for too long ... haha.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Stock Watch : CIMB

9.30 am : Morning .. KLCI minus 9points.

This morning stock to watch is CIMB. Saw it hit RM4.30 moments ago.

CIMB : Collecting at current RM4.30 level.

Trade at own risk if one is collecting a potential knife.

Have a nice day ... it is a lazy-day for me.


Monday, May 23, 2016

Short term trading

3A : Missed the breakout last week ... lost focus on her and it shot up higher today.

Three white candles ... have to wait for retracement if we are going to trade her. Support at RM1.23 level ... so, wait.

Still holding on to my "treasure" ... but should it break 20MA @RM4.13 , I will be forced to take profit and clear her.

CMSB showing some signs of recovery but due to very bad QR, I will not take the trade. Resistance at RM3.55 level now ... we shall see tmr.

GORENG kau-kau stock ... Aturmaju (code : 7181) ... crazy killing-field for those naïve retailers ,.. those good in goring will be glad to trade her!!

But .... I prefer to trade FCPO (day-trading) and glad to gain 22 points today!!

Those who like to day-trade, do consider FCPO ... really. But one needs to be DISCIPLINE to wait for signals ... and put cut-loss. I will start a FCPO trading for those wish to join. FCPO still my focus as I have been doing well for whole year since 2015 ... a year plus of consistency. Need to put more effort to focus ... and not over-confident.

Will like to write more on day-trading ... FCPO and US-stocks ... for me are good instruments as they are liquid enough to trade.

US-stocks group : I do received few e-mail ... requesting to join. Give me some time ... to adjust my time ... and we trade together, ok?

Time to rest .... and e-meeting with my trading members (every Monday night). I am glad that an old-member re-joined my trading group today and said that ... I m still the best 'teacher' to guide newbie-traders. That makes my day ... and motivated to teach again later ... during e-meeting.


Stock Watch : Harta (code 5168)

Harta : She was lagging behind Topglove and Kossan the day I bought at RM3.92 ... and added more last Thu at RM4.02-RM4.04 ...

9.15 am : Sold part at RM4.35 done moments ago. Keeping the another portion to sell above RM4.50. I am asking members to take partial profit too.

Harta is another of my very good trade after BAT recently ... for the technical rebound. The bad trades were in CMSB and GTronic where the rebound failed and I have to cut-loss.

While gloves counters recovering due to the 1USD = MYR4.07 level ... furniture stocks may not.

9.24 am : FLBhd diving 11% ... down from RM2.34 to RM2.06 at the moment, hit RM2.01 .... speculations will follow that KYY selling his stakes?

Checking on the chart ... this is the 4th time it is hitting below RM2.10 ... but today is HUGE long black candlestick.

I am going to avoid the whole sector as I have told all members in the beginning of the year ... the speculation on strengthening in USD (vs MYR) has rallied the whole sector beyond their fundamentals.

Trade at own risk ... it is Monday. I m going to lazy-ing at home ... reading today.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sarawak counters (updates)

Updates on S'wak counters : CMSB, Dayang, HSL, Naim, Scable, WTK

MAY 2013 news :

CMSB(code : 2852): Another black candle for the week. Though stochastic showing the stock price is oversold, no sign of reversal(yet). Watch.

Dayang : Peaked around RM3.75 ... dived to RM1, rebounded to RM1.35 level(which I missed) and now ... coming back to RM1 level. It closed at RM1.12 level yesterday. I have avoided O&G counters for few months now, watching as crude-oil above USD48 now (from the low of USD30 level)

HSL : I was watching yesterday for it to hit RM1.60 level to consider to buy but it rebounded to close
 at RM1.75 instead. Technically RM1.60 is a strong support. Reversal in making and we could take the risk of trading HSL next week. Cut-loss if RM1.60 broken, of coz.

Naim : Peaked around RM4.30 ... going below RM2 ... more than 50% retracement. Cut-loss is a MUST if one is buying at high level ... say, place 10% below your entry price, CUT LOSS.

Scable (code 5170) : Closed at RM1.44 .... shall only check at RM1.25 support level

WTK : Currently at RM1.15 level ... not attractive.

Note : I may consider HSL next week. Trade at own risk.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Waterfalls : Swak counters

It has been in alert that Sarawak counters been diving since ... before Swak election. Triggered by the giant CMSB (Cahya Mata), many more tumbling down and created the domino-effects.

CMSB : The weekly chart showing the selldown, which I tried to catch ... and have to cut-loss when it broken RM4. At RM3.30 level now, it is still in my stalk-list ... waiting for rebound to come.

Note : CMSB came up from RM1.40 to RM5.80 ... that is huge move. Anything price moves so high MUST be supported by earnings/profits. If not, it will be punished.

Taann : Bad QR out ... and it continues to DIVE ... closed around RM3.90 yesterday and rebounded to hit RM4 this morning. Support at RM3.80 and I m still watching.

Naim : Going into new low level ... at RM1.92 level. No catch for me yet. Wait

HSL : Another counter being bashed up ... waiting ...

DO not try to catch knives. Trade at own risk.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Stocks : BAT, UMW and CIMB

BAT : Closed above RM50 today (after ex-dividend of 55cents, mind you). So .. when such good counter DIVED ... be greedy. There are many reasons why a stock price plunged.

Let's update the UMW, which going lower and we should not catch yet!

This is weekly chart of UMW ... and I am still watching.

CIMB ... read that Nazir will resume his position as chairman? CIMB at support, so can consider and wait for tmr's candle ...

Note : These are in my index-linked fund list. Trade at own risk.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Stock Watch : UMW (code : 4588)

Weekly chart of UMW ... waiting for Friday for the completion of the third candle.

Daily chart of UMW ... going below RM5.70 today. It came down from the peak of RM13.50, by the way. BUY and HOLD not applied in 2016? Imagine market crashing ... UMW could be at RM3 or below, right?

Cut-loss WAS at RM6.50 when it broken the strong support (check weekly chart above).

Note : To me ... it is watch and no catching at the moment. I am eyeing to technical rebound.