Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Are there any monkeys in your life?

 MOTIVATED to do things we want to do ... for the goodness of ourselves. For the goodness of people around us ... and simply making others achieving their own goals. I want to be a motivator! Haha.

Get a goal first.

2015 is coming ... many will be listing their 2015 resolution again, in which 20% of them will achieve 80% of their list(as they are specific and determined) while 80% of them cant even achieve 20% of those in their list(as they are un-realistic and full with excuses).

Monkey See Monkey Do

1. Start with a cage containing five apes. In the cage, hang a banana on a string and put stairs under it. Before long, an ape will go to the stairs and start to climb towards the banana.

2. As soon as the ape touches the stairs, spray all the apes with cold water. After a while, another ape makes an attempt with the same result - all the apes are sprayed with cold water.

3. Turn off the cold water. If, later, another ape tries to climb the stairs, the other apes will try to prevent it even though no water sprays them.

4. Now remove one ape from the cage and replace it with a new one. The new ape sees the banana and wants to climb the stairs. To his horror, all of the apes attack him. After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs he will be assaulted.

5. Next, remove another of the original five apes and replace it with a new one. The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked. The former newcomer now takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm.

6. Again, replace a third original ape with a new one. The new one makes it to the stairs and is attacked as well. Two of the four apes that beat him have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs or why they are participating in the beating of the newest ape.

7. After replacing the fourth and fifth original apes, all the apes which have been sprayed with cold water have been replaced.

Nevertheless, no ape ever again approaches the stairs. Why not?

BECAUSE, that’s the way it’s always been done around here.

I am reading the creator of the above link. He is a DOER ... and successfully earn millions now. Grab his book, and get excited again. This is for those YOUNG non-brainwashed(by society) readers of mine.

I am excited as I am reading my latest book ... the ONLY book that I continue to read till chapter 7 now, titled

" Are there any monkeys in your life?"

So motivated as he has similar wave-lengths as me ... struggled and to heck with surrounding.

Do read RDPD(someone MUST point out he is a bankrupt, instead of reading the contents. If you check with them ... the monkeys will tell you how BAD Kiyosaki is being a bankrupt ... and nothing constructive from them. They are MONKEYS ... eliminate them from your surrounding before you are infested with shit in your head).

Yes ... time to change into the NON-normal mindset ... today is a school-holiday. If I do not change merely 5 years ago, I will still be broke ... with debt and still in classes now, teaching. It is not that teaching is wrong ... ok? I love my teaching job ... but I planned some 5 years ago, I will want to be AT HOME ... to be with my family ... bring my kids to places they could enjoy and explore.

WAKE UP ... you cant do that without MONEY. We simple need freedom ... freedom come with a PRICE. The discipline part, the PAINFUL journey ... most of the time, we are alone. We are the outliers ... as monkeys around will be hanging around, to tell you WHY you should not do what you are doing ... dreaming of and setting the goals.

They are nicest people ... concerning about us. For me, they are my aunties who brought me up beautifully. But, it took me 40 years to appreciate them. Now, I no longer need to listen to them ... she will console me(it is ok ...) while another will criticize me(I told you so ...) ... we need to FREE ourselves from the surrounding ... unless we already sitting with those successful people, looking to share with us ... their wisdom.

Listen to only those successfully done what it takes ... whatever it takes. Crazy people who will go to long extend to go against the norm ... the flow as they know they have themselves to move their A*S ... no motivational clips could do that for ourselves. We need to be in the flow ... in-sync with ourselves, at our own pace ...

FEAR of failing is another topic which I will leave that. But, it is a HUGE factor, stopping us from doing what we want to do ... due to our surrounding full with MONKEYS ... reminding us about the COLD WATER which not even there!!

In trading ... as in everything we do, there are 80% of those out there trying to plant some ideas in us. Ignoring them is a huge challenge as that takes courage to be DIFFERENT ... un-normal and many will distant themselves from us. As I said, I rather to have few logical members to share, and be motivated to do better ... rather than have the huge greedy crowd(and lazy too)

Well ... I might want to have a free e-meeting to talk about HOW I changed my financial-mindset ... and everything else is history la.


Be motivated

Motivation is very crucial ingredient to be successful, achieving our DREAMs and GOALs.

It is for us to change our MINDSET and getting out of the NORM. Do not be with herd/crowd ... moving away is difficult. The comfort zone of being surrounded with people ... to comfort us that it is OK to fail(in anything) or doing just OK ... in our trades. The answer is : IT IS NOT OK. We know it ... we all should have higher expectation on OURSELVES.

Only we could put the limit to our own abilities. No one else should tell us that.

If you are still new in markets, and if you think of quitting ... that is good as quitting is the easiest way out of our pain, our fear ... rather than facing to reality that we are weak ... that we need to learn from our mistakes. We all have our weaknesses ... and to point that we could not improve ourselves is like saying that ... that is our limitation.

MINDSET ... this is our asset. If we allow others to dictate our mind ... we could not set what we want to achieve.

I am here to tell all that the RM5 The Edge is seriously expensive for me to buy when I was in Sabah 5 years ago ... when I was very much still a newbie in stock-market. That was the struggle I have went thru ... waking up 4.30am to listen to China-biz while reading DynaQuest!!

I will attend all the market talk, I will take hours to learn those technical indicators(now I do know that the least we use those indicators, the better our trades would be!) ... and listen to those done them. I will not listen to sales-people ... but those real traders, with experiences to share.

I lost and failed in many times ... many area, including my Math ... my games. And now ... trading.

If you are too lazy, do not dream ... that is just wishful thinking. If you are mixing with majority, feeling comfortable with them consoling you ... IT IS OK ... then, you have limit yourself of seeing that you can achieve higher than the majority.

80-20 concept ... simple. Be the 20% minority that improve consistently, learning continuously and achieve some great things.

Learn and google for 80 - 20 ... and learn to get away from the crowd, the forums, the noisy surrounding.

Good morning. If I am free, I will give a short e-meeting ... telling you my stories, how I am still learning to be a better trader(while most busy with 9-5pm job) ...

The reward will come ... one day.

For a Dec one-month trial in my stock-watch, contact me at


Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I do hope you could read the above ... which spured me to write this short post ... and will have an e-meeting(free) later about 10.30pm.

I am going to talk about HOW I am good in Math. I was a CHESS and BADMINTON player ... and I am going to tell story HOW I learnt and excel. I am going to talk about HOW I am good in bowling. I am going to talk about HOW I am good in teaching.

Then ... I am going to talk about HOW I started to GET OUT OF my full-time job ... and HOW I get the s*it out of my failures and failures ... to be a trader now. I will share HOW difficult it is to CHANGE my ... it is OK ... into WHATEVER IT TAKES.

So ... if you miss tonight talk, I will share again this Friday night(may be). If you want to listen, you will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to be there.

Excuses ... and excuses.


Be a contrarian

Morning ... I had an e-meeting with my group last night, analysing O&G counters which finding bottom at the moment.

Then, I do realise that I hv over-traded, over diversified and listening to too many noisy groups. Yes ... I need to re-focus into my own trades, in order to be a good trader, my goal for 2015.

So ... I am deciding to leave those groups(to protect my mindset) who are punting into those penny-cheap counters. I have to focus in my own trading system, and to trade consistently. And the only way I could do that ... is to focus in my own trades.

Next year ... my stock-watch will have free e-meeting every week. I want to explain my trades, and making sure many will follow their strict trading rules, rather than just punt-here-punt-there. At times, we might be influenced and swayed ... but we need to recognise that and pull ourselves back to our own path. The road to success is always winding ...

Being a contrarian is always very challenging and difficult. It is doing something others wont do, wont think of doing ... and will even try to stop us from doing. Being contrarian will certainly drawing criticism from the majority ... afterall, that is why they are seen as the outliers.

So ... I want to be contrarian ... focusing on being that next year on.

5 Rules Of Contrarian Investing

Contrarian investing has a reputation for being a successful tack. The flip side of this is that running with the herd has a poor track record.

Trend following is running with the herd and it has had good press over the last few years because the trend is your friend, at least until the bend in the end. Trend following works because the trend followers look good for a long time while the trend persists. When the trend ends they can blame bad luck for their resultant failure.

Conversely, the contrarian looks like an idiot most of the time and when they clean up to the dismay of the herd when the trend reverses, they can be dismissed as lucky. Human nature being what it is, contrarian investing is hard for both professional and private investors alike. This is why it is lucrative. The market pays people to fill niches that balance the odds.

Here are the five golden rules of contrarian investing:

1. When you read about it in the newspapers or see it on the news, it is already all over

This is a hard thing to write as a journalist but sadly it takes so long for news to hit the mainstream it is useless beyond entertainment. In a world where market news moves prices in sub-seconds, tomorrow’s front page or tonight’s newsflash or even this evening’s Internet news is too late to help or save the trader. The market has repriced before it gets past the specialist wires.

So you can forget following the main stream media news or worrying about what it has to say, the price has already embraced that. It’s Donald Rumsfeld’s “unknown unknowns” that you have to try and grasp and doing so will make you look foolish to most people.

2. Buy when everyone wants to sell and sell when everyone wants to buy

To buy cheap and sell dear you have to be in fundamental disagreement with most of the other players in the market. You will be passing your stock baby onto some putz at the top of the market and liberating some cheap gem at the bottom of the market from some hapless loser. The people you buy and sell to don’t share your investment strategy and at that moment, whether it’s the top or bottom of the market, the game is full of fools. The thing is, they think you are the dunce or why else would they deal.

3. No one sees a bubble when their income depends on it 

Time and again, the market ignores bubbles because no one can afford for them to burst. To be truly contrarian you could say, no one stands up for the truth when their daily bread comes from an edifice of lies. The fundamental underlying market theories are very rarely expounded, because they are in contradiction to financial industry profits. Skepticism is often mistaken for cynicism but to be a contrarian it pays to be both. You don’t have to act like a bitter, angry old man railing “tin hat” predictions; you can still long a bubble. But your model needs to remain contrarian and at its core that means not falling for the hype of the herd.

4. Don’t take tips or advice and don’t believe research notes

Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one. Focus on your own research to have your own opinion. The market doesn't pay people to agree with each other or regurgitate someone else’s ideas. It will pay you to be right when not enough people see the real picture. If everyone is on the same page, the price is right.

5. What is obvious to you is not obvious to others 

The world simply does not catch on fast to hidden variables. If you have a contrarian point of view you are sure is right, don’t expect the world to hear angelic choirs and for there to be a sudden catharsis. If you are right, the predicted outcome will take a lot longer to happen than you think.

Allow a very long time indeed. Then when it starts to happen, it doesn't matter if it’s a good or bad thing, nothing will be said. It will be as if nothing has changed. There will be silence as the share rockets or the market tumbles. This silent pivot tells the contrarian that his thesis is in good shape.

The herd never notices. Then, of course, when it is all over you will read about it in the headlines. By the time you read all about it in the papers and everyone is shouting it from the rooftops, the contrarian will be looking to reverse and the cycle will begin again.

So ... i will remind myself to be who I am ... a contrarian and will decline to be influenced. in the end of the day, contrarian will prevail. majority of the herd will perish ... when markets collapse ... one day.

Time to get back into work ... and working on my idea. Yes, I will attend more market talks and will do my own analysis. I will want to maintain a winning-mindset group of traders and majority of them are in winning side. Maintain that. Consistency is what we looking for.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Our Better World

I will make a trip there next year or so ... and I will hope to raise enough funds to contribute to her. Great human.

It is not necessary helping the kids in Malaysia ... tho my focus should still be the local poor kids here. Those countries like Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam and such ... there are many more poor kids.

How about Zumba?

Yes ... old-folks need our attention too.

or the challenged-humans?

Thinking of contributing?


Stock Watch : Petdag

morning blue ... lost again. sigh

I am very tired today as I have a long long weekend ... having my trading workshop. It was supposed to be from 2pm to 6pm ... but as usual, some stayed back to have nice chat.

One person travelled from JB ... wow. His remisier asked him to learn from me first as he a total newbie. And he is so glad he travelled to meet me. I brought him for lunch and dinner, as I like these young newbies who will listen(before they get burnt). So ... I spent hours talking to him as he had my mindset to learn and grow ... great.

My next workshop should be in Jan ... dec is a holiday month. And going to Sabah to give a market-talk around 20th Dec ...

I longed FKLI 1811 last Friday, taken profit 1821 ... that was fast, it hit 1831 level now. So, short it again. Every point is RM50 ... that is the risk trading such. Day-trade or short term is ok ... but cannot hold as we might burst our account. 10points = RM500 is a good profit to take.

PetDag : what is going on? No more subsidy means ...? Support RM16.50 next. Do not catch the falling knife. It is at RM16.66 now ... wow.

No classes today ... first day of school holiday. Bring kids to jalan-jalan later ... to cure my Monday Blue ...

Have a nice day ahead. zzzz


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Do not quote me, please

DOW is hitting new high ... and KLCI dropping? Why is there an inverse correlation here? Could it be due to the fear of 1MDB? Hmm ...

I have sold many ... and keeping to cash. The risk of profiting ... that we have to fore-go, at times. It is a holiday time ... today is the last of the schooling-day.

Ok ... why am I being pulled into a conversation in i3? Why la ... hmm ...

First and foremost, I need to mention it MANY of times ... I am a LEARNER. I am a novice(from newbie level, recently). I have told everyone that knew me in person ... that I was a newbie. Due to my strict definition of sifu/guru, I am far-far away from that respectable level. So, please do not quote me ... and putting titles to me, ok?

I am a non-believer in sifu-worshipping. Let me share a little from those I have learnt and many good trainers, traders I knew ... bloggers and forum-kaki.

I have too many new readers(mostly from i3?) who do not even know me, or bother to read my past posts. Ok ok ... I know I am too long-winded, didn't know how to summarize la. But, at least listen me up ... read about my past and my posts. I do not delete any of my post ... I posting these spontaneously ... I do not do editing and I do not even bother if anyone reading my posts!!

It is accidental ... that I am known as a blogger? It is just happened that I like blogging and happened that I am a KLSE trader? And happened that I like teaching ... so, happened that I have followers ... to learn from me, my cheap ah-pek way of trading?

Do you get me or STILL thinking I m twisting my words?

Check my post since 2008 ... when I was naïve and NEW in stock markets, lost so much of my small initial capital? Read my posts and see how I have grown to be a better trader ... simply because I am PERSISTANCE and worked hard on my quest to be a better trader. THINK of it this way ... I am an open book for you here to WATCH me grow ... and you may take my trading journey as a STORY which might inspire you to be a trader ... or learn from my posts, indirectly? Otherwise ... think again ... you may not read any of my posts, right?

Blogger : I am a blogger since ... 15 years ago. You got me there ... I blogged about my past relationships in a Canadian page, and many caring readers share their experiences in relationship and advice me back then. I blogged about chess ... as I played online chess(yahoo) in daily basis ... I blogged about bowling when I took up the game some 15 years ago ... how I got into the games and how I improved. I can play 200 games, do you believe me?

This is a score I recently played in one of the tournament ... after 5-6 years I didn't participate in any(busy with learning to trade!!) but unfortunately, I injured my knee. You may follow my personal life-stories in my facebook as I blah-blah everyday in my FB. haha ... and yes, I do not bother if you read, like it or not. It is my personal space.

It is not easy to understand WHY am I blogging everyday, right? I used to blog WITHOUT a miss since 2008 ... but 2-3 years ago ... I could not cope up with the pace, and got myself very emotional due to the un-wanted attention thrown to me. I DO NOT need followers, ok? So, many times ... (PLEASE read my previous posts la ... I said many of times leh) I said liao ... I am just blogging for MY OWN read pleasure ... and I will appreciate it if anyone feeling offended to NOT read my posts.

I do blog about my college ...Inti College Sabah(at Putatan) ... I blogged about my kids .... and Sinaran Institute. These were days way before I m in stock market!! I blogged about my keropok-biz ... I blogged about Mathematics ... about Liverpool(Rafa Bertinez back then) ... about my Sabahan friends ... and my emotions, my struggles ... and views. Hey, that is what a NATURAL bloggers will do ... we blog because we are bloggers, ok?

I do not blog about stock-markets because I want to show I am a sifu? Err ... excuse me, you get me very wrong here? Can I put it straight? I am a blogger BEFORE I came into trading la. That is why I can have so many things to write about ... and if you allowed me to be FREE to WRITE(nowadays ... less freedom due to preying eyes, and disgusted brain twisted my words) ... I could expose many things and put it in words WHAT I think ... blog-post is the way I express myself as I am an introvert. I repeat ... I am an introvert, a person who do things by MYSELF .... and prefer to be left alone!! Again ... your brain jumping into conclusion that I am not ... by not knowing me, by not reading my previous posts ... and judging me. It is your ways of seeing me ... nothing I would change myself to be looked good in your eyes, ok? I am NOT a sales-person ... so, I do not need to polish my words, to suit my audience. Old readers might see how I am growing ... to be a better trader(one day, I will) ... but new readers, help yourself with my 2000 plus posts, ok?

So ... you see, I am a blogger ... and I am NOT those blog to gain popularity .. so that they could do biz and be sales people, ok? I attended an internet marketing course, teaching people how to blog, why they should blog ... to PROFIT and EARN money, thru blogging?? I was like ... WHAT THE ... you mean, you don't blog for passion? What is wrong with this world la? Cannot do things because we love doing meh ... must always talk about money? But .. that is the FACT these days. People go into blogsphere simply to gain attention and profit!!

I do not even put google-adsense till a blogger(Edwin) taught me how and said I SHOULD. Haha ... but, hey ... even I do not have that, I will STILL blog, you see. Then ... some people want to put up some ads in my blog ... and I said ... no way, sorry ... this is a personal blog and I do not want to associate with any companies, ok? I want to be independent and able to blah-blah ... haha.

Ok ok ... where am I again? I am a blogger, whether u could understand WHAT a blogger do.

Teacher : I am a teacher ... I teach Math for past 25 years. I taught A-level Math, STPM ... SAM ... pre-U Math. And, yes ... I am very good in teaching Math because of PASSION. I live in-out my teaching of Math. I was passionate about Math since form 4. Again ... read my previous posts, I believe I wrote it somewhere ... repeated a few times, I think. I am not surprise if anyone could not understand PASSSSSION.

You mean, even tho you are not paid ... you will still teach? Yes ... that is how naïve and stupid I was. I was being used kaw-kaw by colleges(cant blame those principals la) as I was financially-idiot and wont even mind being used!! Haha ... how I have changed to protect myself now.

Do you know that a teacher is someone who TEACH? Think again ... someone who impart knowledge, someone who find the joy of seeing their students succeed and score? Helping those weaker students to achieve certain level ... and finding the satisfaction thru their hard labour? And lowly paid? That is a passionate and dedicated teacher!!

So ... I have to repeat it clearly here. I am a teacher .... and will ALWAYS be. I love teaching. I love Math. Hence, teaching MATH is part of me ... even for free. By the way, I do volunteer to teach in orphanages. I was with Pure-Life society(Puchong) and Ozanam(PJ) when I was teaching in Stamford(PJ) ... and yes, for free .. of coz. Do you understand JOY of seeing those kids, appreciating you? If you wish to experience that ... please contact me( ) as I am going to form a teaching-panel ... and reach for those who could not afford any tuition classes. Teach ... because you love education. Believe that education could CHANGE the kids lives ... and make a small difference in others ... by simply being a teacher!!

So ... I am a teacher ... I am a blogger. I blogged about my teaching. Natural, right? Still cant get it as there is no such human who like teaching others, even not paid? Still cant understand why a person spent hours typing and typing in an open cyberspace called BLOG? By the way, last time we don't call it a BLOG. Blog is kinda new word, fyi.


Yes ... please do not judge me from one-two posts I have written? I will sincerely apologise to anyone if I have un-intentionally offended anyone ... and please move away. I have moved away from preying eyes of i3 leh ... but someone posted me this in our chatbox.

See? sent to my FB chatbox la ... not that I want to know. I do not read those comments, anyway. Just a request(can I ask nicely?) ... DO NOT put my names in anywhere as I am not most of you said/mentioned. I never a stock-guru and I never go into i3 or even go out of i3. I am here in my BlogSpot way before i3 was there! Get me? Phew ... no need to justify why I am not a sifu, right?

Trader : I am a stock-market trader ... hmm ... how to explain this one?

Ok ... about 6 years ago ... I got myself inside a casino-liked place called KLSE ... or named BURSA. It is not accidental ... I planned ... 2 years before finally took the plunge. The year : Dec 2007. With capital RM10k that I borrowed, I started my journey when KLCI hitting new high. Err ... I do not even know what KLCI stands for back then ... not a single financial-related vocab ring inside my stupid-financial-idiotic brain. It is full with dungs ... haha ...

I started to read ... and I read a lot!! Haha .. I have to re-wire my brain, change the way I see money(money is the root of all evil ... into proverty is the root of all evil. Without money, how am I going to help myself, my family ... and those orphaned kids, ok?)

I could not really afford RM6 for The Edge (see ... u need to read my previous posts ... how excited I was every Sat 2pm, waiting for The Edge to hit Sabah) ... but, I make sure I read pages by pages ... I cant understand most of the things I read, so I needed about 4-6 hours in daily basis to READ. It was a huge struggle ... I got to know few bloggers ... Greptrader, Remnant, Jackie, Edwin ... who guided me(tho little ... I appreciated their help till today). I read blogs such as Dali, Alex Lu, Sam and few more(some have stopped).

So ... I told myself. One day ... I want to be as good as them ... as others, who know what trading is. I was naïve ... but, I never give up. I structured my own learning curve, preparing myself to be a trader in 5 years planning!! Yes ... 5 years! In the first year, 2008 ... market crashing ... was a good experience for me. I do think God has been very fair to me, to let me bite the bitterness of losing 70% of my capitals which I could not afford to lose as I borrowed. Looking back, I think any normal human would have quitted. But ... a stupid me, pulled myself from the brink of failure ... and borrowed more money(do not follow my footstep here as we could get ourselves into deep trouble!!) and market recovering so so well since 2009. Buying anything in 2009 was ... easy!! Haha ... I bought Annjoo-wb at 20cents, it went to 35cents for me to sell in weeks!! The thrill ... gosh ... that is what market could do to us ... the UP and the DOWN.

The rest is history ... I am turning myself to be a stock-trader. More books and more reading ... more resources ... and my blog gathering momentum too. I used to have 30-50 readers(serious leh) ... it grew to few k viewers per day. And one day ... i3 contacted me, asking permission to put my blog in their new portal. The admin travelled from Spore to meet me personally ... and how can I say ... no? But, I did warn him ... my blog is my personal space. I do not and will not write for i3-audience. I want to write about washing dirty laundry can I? He laughed and said ... of coz, anything!! And still appreciate my passion of teaching others about trading, investing ... err... I think he valued my REAL journey of becoming a trader. How a person .. teaching Math, know nothing about finances, getting himself passionate about trading.

Do I need to explain PASSION again?

Do I need to repeat that I am a trader? You know that, right?

Do you remember I am a blogger? So ... I will blog about my trading adventure, right? That is how the name of this blog came about leh?

And add these together : A passionate person ... liking what he is doing ... blogger ---> trader.

So, this blog is born NATURALLY leh. See?

How I started to teach trading? Do read my post FIVE years ago ... I planned to teach trading way BEFORE I know what trading is!! Read la .. I do not delete or edit.

3 years ago ... I started my cohort-1 ... I was still an anti-social kinda introvert. I get upset with my ''students'' ... but these students are adults!! I am just a passionate teacher. I want to teach basic charting, paid or not. I charged RM50 per session, for 5 sessions(5 alternative Fridays ... sacrificing my Friday night tuition class!!) ... and I have a group of 10 to start with. Do you want to know how it started?

Someone kept pestering me ... asking me to teach him trading, He was following my blog!! Do you know that even before I started teaching ... I do have few "clients" asking me to analyse some charts for them and willing to pay me for that? Hey ...I  am a teacher, do you think I could say NO to these nice people? Again ... read my previous blog ... back in Dec 2010, I think. Before IJMLand crashing down due to no-deal with MRCB regarding the Sg-Buluh development. Were you there then?

I don't know how to charge ... I charge them the rate I am charging my tuition students!! Haha ... because ... all I want is to teach la.

Wait ... before you forgot again ... I am a passionate teacher. I LOVE teaching. If you don't know or understand that, you DO NOT know me at all.

And before you forgotten ... I have to remind everyone again ... I am a trader. That is no accident ...

So, teaching trading comes NATURALLY to me. Can get it or not? You want to learn, I am so glad to teach. And I am having my cohort-14 later(now is 2am) Sat-Sun 2pm to 6pm. I am still the cheapest in town tho I have increased my fees(being said to be too cheap and cheap will be seen as not good ... I still wonder, why should I charge few thousands for?). I will want to maintain my fees ... RM800 for 8 hours. You do not need to pay thousands for few days ... to learn the indicators. I could give you the websites, resources to learn and such. Just join my free facebook group I have created, with objective to TEACH trading. By the way, I am still charging the rate I am charging my students for tuition Math ... and teaching people about trading?

Why am I cheap? Because I do not have compile notes. I do NOT believe in giving notes. One could buy books to read(ask me, I will share with u. I wont mind buying the books for those could not afford and want to learn, ok?) .. reading books is good but WONT make us a good trader. I do not use software ... as I am a non-believer of such tools. And ... yes, I am cheap because personally, I feel I am not a sifu-level, to demand high charges. I want more to learn ... LOGICAL and affordable way. I will donate some parts of my earning here ... that is what I am doing. I prefer to focus in my own tuition biz and my own learning curve ... in the quest to be a better trader.

I do have a stock-watch group, for them to see my trades and LEARN from there. Not just profit-loss, but to LEARN. See ... I told you I am a teacher, it is 2.30am and I am still blogging. See, I told you I am a blogger and get excited when I do things I love doing? Whether anyone read or not, I m doing many things FOR MYSELF. Yup, I am a selfish person!! Haha . By the way, my stock-watch is a learning page too ... and I never increase the member fees. Old members will always with old fees. Don't believe? Ask them!! I have intention to make it free for those old members, in appreciating them for being supportive ... yes, after 2-3 years with me, we should appreciate those support us ... our roots, ok? To show that, I will definitely wont increase their fees and phasing out the subscription fees ... into give whatever u wish as I am donating them to my charity-fund I am creating? Watch me ... I am moving into that direction!

Put it this way... one day, I will be teaching trading and transfer all my proceeds into my charity funds. Yes, a robinhood kinda idea ... a child in me!

Still do not believe got such blogger ... teacher ... and a trader?

I have to state again ... I am a novice. I never claim I profit a lot from trading as I am still learning. I just want to be myself ... a blogger. I want to do what I am passionate doing .. teaching. And yes, I m into trading ... will you want to join me for traders yam-char talk ... free, of coz.

And ... yes, my main biz is my tuition centers. I need to focus in expanding my biz, so I will be too busy to have my cohort trading workshop. I do not like promoting myself ... so, please leave me, ok? Do not compare me with others ... as I am unique. For sure, I am not a good promoter, not good in marketing, packaging ... sales gimmicks blah-blah ... Perhaps, one day ... I will employ someone to promote/sell me? Till then ...

I am a teacher.

Have a nice weekend.

night zzzz


Friday, November 21, 2014

That sinking feeling ... again

KLCI is dropping 12 points. I managed to short FKLI yesterday, and triggered my profit-taking.

Longed FKLI 1811 done. FKLI is very very volatile and risk ... every one point is RM50. So, 10 points going against our predicted direction will cost us RM500. We can short FKLI to hedge against our equities.

Yes ... that sinking feeling yet again ... as all worrying of the recent dropped to 1770 level. This time, will it break 1800 again?

CIMB and Petdag broken support and heading lower today.

PetDag : Trading at 17.50 level now, it broken RM18 today. That is about 4-5% drop in a day!! Wow ... wait for signals ... buy.

could it be because of this piece of news? Now we will be squeezed. With GST coming ... we have to thank of VERY in-efficient government. Well, at least they are corruption-free.

Another culprit is CIMB, broken RM6 yesterday. Are they going to support the price at RM5.50?

DNex ... hit 40cents level resistance and at 32cents now. Will it sink below 30cents level?

Feel the sinking ship now?

KNM : The fav of many ... last month, someone from i3 came for my e-meeting, asked me about KNM. I asked him/her to sell as this is not for newbies. Next support 50cents. If PetDag is also diving ... what is KNM?

AMBank : Gapped down on 12th Nov ... I dared myself to buy at RM6.35 and selling would be at RM6.55, for profit taking.

And since I sold my banking AMBank and Affin too ... I want CIMB now.

How about Takaful that once I like much?

Takaful : Oversold ... watching for entry.

Yes ... I prefer to buy these stocks ... CIMB, Takaful ... AMBank ... BJToto(entry was below RM3.40 ... now RM3.50, sell RM3.60)

Not PDZ ... or XOX ...

PDZ is giving many that sinking feeling ... I received few e-mail asking me about their portfolio and most of them have PDZ or Sumatec in their losing portfolio. Others .. such as Iris, KNM ... Nextgram, Kinstel, Frontken ... such cap-ayam la.

Tmr I will have to emphasize in my trading workshop again ... never to touch cap-ayam lousy stocks.

KLCI down 13 points today.

Time to go for cycling ...


My focus in 2015

It is 3am ... I just ter-woke-up as I ter-sleep early. Last night no e-meeting after like almost everyday giving lecture. Haha ...

Cohort-14 : This weekend, I will have a group to share some pointers in my basic trading workshop. I don't know when will be the next one ... if I m free. Planning for one in Jan before CNY, then I will be very busy with my tuition classes till July?

Penang trip : I am going to have a good lunch with some of my trading-kaki next weekend(Saturday) . Yes ... those in Penang, we can meet for lunch next Saturday(on me, no worry) but you need to let me know earlier. So far, there will be 8 of us.

Langkawi trip : I will be giving a short market talk in this nice Island on Sunday(4pm) ... and have nice seafood dinner.  : It is time for me to check on the dormant site, which I am planning to keep my trade records there ... some trades I have taken (good or bad) and also for members to check on the trades. Yes, I hope to utilize the site as it is a waste. It shall contain ... a public page(a blog) and a member-only page. I will post some e-meeting clips too. : An open page for me to share my activities. Do click on it and LIKE my page. Thanks : A closed group for my blog readers, sharing of resources such as motivational clips, investment/trading articles and such. It will be free for public. Just don't call me sifu/guru, ok?

These are related to my trading activities. I do hope to be more organize next year as I know I m such a disorganize person. Haha ... I do hope to join few trading-training next year too ... to learn and improve myself. Yes, we are all in learning stage as market is too large for us to grasp. I am a slow learner ... but I will persist on.

When I learn something, I will share in my closed group. I will give opinions and hope members will share theirs too. That is how I learn and grow ...

I am humble that I do have many followers. I do hope I wont disappoint them ... as I do wish to make myself more relevant ... yes, I have a child in me(been like ... always) ... and I do like playing with kids. I like simple things.

I dislike quarrels, disputes ... and create a hostile situation. So, being a so-called public figure, I have to toe the lines which I DO NOT like. I prefer to be free and independent. But, my opinions becoming ... emm .. heavier on shoulder as I realized there are followers .... and I might un-intentionally influence them. I hope it is a good influence tho.

I am not a motivational sifu/guru either ... I just want to motivate MYSELF, in my writings and doings. It is to encourage everyone to be to motivated, persistence and work-hard. Here, in my blog ... I am just writing about my Trading Adventure, how I came from the newbie zero-level to my current novice level. My struggles ... my failures and successes. I am still seeing a long learning journey in me, while creating those groups or pages, I am still hoping to learn from many.

I need to mention that this is not my main "biz" that I am focusing ... it is just out of pleasure of being a teacher. So, I have no intention to compete with anyone out there. I want to do things MY WAY ... and like it or not, that is not my control/choice. We all need to have our own likings and ... if we dislike or disagree ... we just need to move on.

This is what I am focusing in. My own wiring ... need some clearing up. haha. I want to focus in my main biz --- TUITION. From renting tuition spaces to teachers, giving tuition personally, employing tutors for my tuition centers ... employing some workers to run my centers, to expand another center next year ... and create a website(blog and facebook) to promote my tuition-biz.

So ... that is my main things up in my head. While I will still check market in daily basis, and sharing with my group ... protect their interests. That explain why my group is cheap(fees) as it is my second-task in my busy schedules. I want my trading-journey to be shared with many newbies, and they will learn about what it takes to be a trader.

I have quit my full-time teaching since July 2014. It is taking this few months to shape what I needed to focus in coming 2015. Yes, I am preparing for 2015 ... mentally. I am also planning a trading space(those wish to trade together in the morning?) ... and a traders meeting(those wish to meet, yam-char to talk about their experiences) ... while I will be learning about public-speaking!!

Correct .. public-speaking as I am very bad in that. Haha ... I do not have patient with my audience, especially talking about share-market. Yeah .. it is a place where many simply refuses to use their logic(covered by GREED). So, I will like to organize more free public-talk, in the view of educational sharing. Hey, Bursa ... I am taking small bit part of the responsibility now ... in educating retailers. Yes ... we retailers are not always the losers to those operators. I am going out to spill some beans.

Toastmaster Club : I joined this last weekend. It is a good experience, seeing how some people learning to speak publicly. It is giving us the butterflies and the bees in out stomach. I definitely need to improve my English ... vocab, grandma ... punctuations and expressions. Heck ... everything about public speaking as I have been doing it all wrong. Haha. Here I wish to thank a FB friend, Ricky for inviting me to his toastmaster club. Thanks.

This is one excellent one. Admired him. The message too.

With the care-taker lady in the Rawang home. She said I am the very rare Chinese to contribute to her orphanage. She got aids from neaby masjid and recently, from UIA.

With the care-taker of a home for 40 boys. Education is what they needed, to get out of poverty and feeling of dis-owned.

I noticed that I wore the same t-shirt this year for both occasions? haha.

Charity : This is another small part of my busy lives that I will like to extend out to ... to form a fund-raising group, getting some volunteers to help me in reaching out for some under-privileged kids(homes) and bringing some cheers to those kids ... and that will give me the cheer in my heart that I needed. So, do leave me alone and do not judge me on my quest ... it is not something new to me. I started with my groups/org since I graduated 25 years ago. WorldVision, Purelife Society, Ozanam, WAO, Be-freinders, Hospis to name a few that I have volunteered and help. I was personally financially tight back then ... and promised myself to go back to contribute when I am doing OK financially ... we do not wait for us to be rich to donate, u know. I have known so many great human ... they are rich INSIDE them, not financially. So ... to do charity, we MUST have the passion for our cause.

So ... please leave me alone. Do not judge me if you do not know what I am doing, do not know me in person ... and un-fairly seeing only one-side of me. I do need my energy and focus to do what I wanted to carry out ... as I am planning for my 2015. Yes, I will be busier than when I was teaching in Taylor's college ... and making my dreams into reality!

So, I have to do the work.

It is almost 4.30 am now ... I do need to take a rest.



Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stock Watch : CIMB

CIMB : Broken the important RM6 support. At RM5.90 now. Need to watch for reversal to buy.


Newbies : Be aware of media

Good morning ... I have a good talk about newbies should not buy 7 types of stocks. I added an extra one : SPAC. Yes, newbies ... people like me who think we know trading but actually very little about it.

Fundamental analysis is the most crucial part ALL newbies/novices should learn. There is one good and kind person in i3 who is teaching and sharing about FA --- kcchong. Yes, I wish to find some time to read about his articles and comments. I did read some ... and kcc, if you are reading this .. thanks a lot.

We all have our opinions on FA or TA. So, it is ridiculous to argue which is which ... but I do still believe in trading good fundamental stocks. So, what newbies should be doing is ... LEARN about which companies are good and sound, ignore those speculative get-rich-quick stocks. I have said many of times that newbies will be lost punting in-out into those ... and strongly advise those who wish to learn to get a good mentor. Not me ... I do not know anything much about FA ... or TA. I am still learning ... from many.

When the years to come ... unfold, many punters will realize that ... trading is too difficult. No one get rich by trading short-term as the emotion control is too difficult for most of us to handle. Remember, when market dives ... nothing could stand still ... many over-valued stocks will dive too.

EGO ... this is something we all could learn to eliminate. I wish I do not have that in me ... I wish to be more humble ... as market will humble us. It is those days and those time when ... when we thought we are good enough, we fall. We are too complacent ... and exposing ourselves to too high of risk. We might be leading others to that situation ... and we could think that it has nothing to do with us.

We lead each other ... like it or not. We are influencing each other and create the crowd. Whether we are saying or doing certain things ''differently'', we still being influenced by people who get to know us ... and influencing people we know. I am very aware of my words here being followed closely by many now ... and as I blog without preparation ... or editing ... I do not delete my posts. I do have my UP and DOWN mood ... in a year, of coz. The high ... and the low tide. So, I will want to write it in my own close blog ... away from preying eyes. Well, because I like to write ... and being seen in public(many followers?), I am supposed to be professional? Nah ... I dislike the rigid restricted ways of things being done in the whole society. We should have our way of doing things. But most important thing, we should not offend anyone, cheat ... or perhaps, mis-lead?

So ... yesterday, when I mentioned about those lousy stocks ... I do put it nicely. Newbies. Yes, people of my level, who still humbled by Mr Market ... should not touch those stocks. I have learnt many lessons(painful ones too) ... and I just hope to reach out to many more newbies who just came into stock market, and un-aware of the risk they are exposed to. Being a teacher, I do hope I could impart some of my experiences that I have gathered for past 5-6 years ... of struggling in trading.

Everything I wrote here are meant for my personal reading, my personal opinions and not to oppose anyone in anyway. But, people like to judge ... without knowing what it meant. If one thinks he is not a newbie, and earning well from those speculative counters, WHY NOT? So, I m not pointing to anyone. I have no personal attack on anyone ... just my opinions(novice level) on things going around in the noisy market place ...

When I said aunty-uncle, I am referring to retirees who are just too free and came into stock-market. That is a category I m most concern about as they are exposed to high risk. Yes, if for youngsters(below 30) to be in market ... it is OK for them to learn thru trial-error, as those experiences will bring them good in future and they could still have the time to re-coup their losses. But ... what about those above 60 years old? If we have lots and lots of money, burning some for the excitement ... err .. I think it is ok(why not donate it away to needy ones?) ... but if we are using our retirement funds(EPF, pension etc) ... that is the risk I am talking about.

I do hope I do not offend anyone by stating such ... it is just my opinion that those can't-afford-to-lose group should not buy into those penny-speculative counters. And do not follow blindly into buying those hot-stocks. It is hot for a reason ... if we do not know how to exit, we will be cultivating greed in ourselves, without knowing it.

Simple summary : Never touch these "things"

1. PN17 stocks(potential to be de-listed)
2. Losing money companies(every quarters bleeding)
3. Over-valued stocks(up few hundreds percent)
4. Buying cyclical stocks(at peak)
5. China-stocks(polished balance sheets)
6. Call-warrants(short expiry, not liquid)
7. Pump and Dump(speculative ones)

Here is the reminder and summary again ... if one is newbie(less than 3yrs in KLSE) and above 60yrs old ... as a age guideline, these are too risky for you to touch. Just promise that you will not buy into them. If you do not know which is which, ask around in the forums ... I do believe many good souls will guide you. Remember ... ask those 20% winners. Ask your good friend who are in market long enough to advise you.

This was taken yesterday ... the most actively traded counters. All the penny, like what RI said ... cap ayam. Haha ... this are for experienced good punters who know the movements and their experiences could give them good profits trading these kinda stocks. I have to admit that I do not know how to buying into these ... so, I just given them a skip. My trading system just failed ...on these stocks. Do remember ... the stocks are active for a reason(THINK) and they are cheap for a reason too(THINK).

I do hope remisiers/dealers will be more responsible too. If your clients are newbies, advise them not to buy into these cap-ayam stocks. Give them good stocks to trade. If they are ignorant and stubborn(many of them) ... then the risk is their. We all should never blame our remisiers/dealers if we lose money due to their recommendation. We should take responsibility of our own trades, asking them opinions and guidance.

Analysts too .. should be more responsible ... we newbies do read broker reports to buy/sell. When we see the high target price, we will be tempted to ADD. I do know analysts are just doing their jobs ... but we, newbie retailers do follow those reports, ok? Again ... we should not blame the analysts for our losses, right?

Bloggers should be more responsible in their sharing? Especially they know they have followers? Ok, for my blah-blah blog, how about not following my writing, please? Unlike many bloggers, I prefer to be on my own ... writing whatever I have in mind. I like the freedom of writing, and I have nothing to show ... I like putting in those nice songs, those valuable clips to share ... or perhaps, washing my laundry in public, ok? I cant speak about other bloggers ... but if you are buying stocks due to their writings, just understand that they are very much a human. Perhaps, they do have personal agenda or interest in the stocks?

Anything written in media should be taken on the surface. WE ... yes, readers ... should be aware of internet(scams, lies and such) is a place where many un-true things being thrown in. We have to filter. For sure, I will protect my mind ... and that is the most important asset. Media certainly influence the movement of stocks ... good report, bad report ... and more.

Politics is another area I will not want to write or get involve too ... too many people spreading rumours, lies, hatred. So, leaving politic aside ...

Time to go for my morning jog. And to reflect on my words.

Nothing written here should be taken seriously ... relax-la .. afterall, I m not even a stock analyst, ok? I am .. just a blogger.

Have a nice punting day


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We are the expert

I have tried to pull myself out of the cozy bed ... and to plan for the day. Good morning ... 5am ritual need to kick start as 2015 new year is nearing ...

Yesterday, KLCI giving slight cheers to many retailers as it rebounded well. We shall check 1840 level, while I have been busy buying since last Thu-Friday. So, time to slowly un-load and moving to end of Nov ... the holiday period is here.

Muhibah : I have sold all yesterday. Part in the morning at 2.32(hit 2.36) and day-trade her as it came down to 2.22 ... bought back and sold all 2.28-2.29. A good trade indeed as we bought below 2.20.

I will take the trade again today as the expert mentioned target price RM3.64, ADD call.

Expert : What We Think We were surprised by the selldown, which could have spilled over from investors' general concern over the impact of the decline in oil prices on upstream pure oil & gas players. The fact that Muhibbah did not benefit from the award of the regas plant in Pengerang should not be a major concern as 1) the group did not tender for the job, and 2) Pengerang and Rapid are two totally different tender areas. Management clarified that the group's tenders in Rapid for more than one refinery subcontract works remain intact. We expect it to land a contract in the short term, worth up to RM500m based on a recent article in The Edge Weekly. Muhibbah could be in the running for up to c.RM1bn worth of projects in Rapid. This excludes new infra tenders in Pengerang which have emerged in the last 2-3 months.

Like my page : here.

As I am trying to re-activate my, I will have to start to promote the page and site. Well, I will create a member only page there too, to post my trades and for recording purposes. Will also post some stock-analysis there ... and some of my e-meeting(recorded).

As market is getting hot ... I will want to do the opposite of most so-called sifu/guru. I want to discourage newbies/novices from punting into those speculative counters ... those losing money counters. Yeah ... sound kinda negative, but it is for their own good as they will get themselves GREEDIER and ... as market going to come down sharply(due to GST? due to 1MDB?) due to high risk ... many might get caught. Be aware of these, ok?

So, tonight I will talk about stocks we should not be buying if we are newbies/novices. Of coz I do know 80% of them will not listen ... after all, we only have 20% non-losers in any given markets, right?

You see ... when things are NOT as it seen to be ... these so-called sifu/guru aka sales-people will be trying to draw us to their points, making things more complicated so that newbies being confused and we think that is the only correct as it is given by an expert? Haha

Listen to the simple clip above, newbies. Don't be so naïve ... if all those indicators salesmen telling you that you need SEVEN indicators, in line with BUY signals ... and then, u are believing those signals? THINK ... if that is so simple, don't you think so they would have done that trade well, and perhaps ... get rich?

You are the EXPERT.

Serious issue in trading/investing. It seems that everyone want an easy way out. Why cant we learn first ... see what is possible and alternatives. Then, see if that is LOGICAL to us, ... rather than taking their words in total. PERHAPS ... they are selling you their software? PERHAPS ... they are selling you a sure-win stock tips(and they wont buy it themselves, right? Must give to u, and you pay for that?).

PERHAPS ... they earn commission from your trades, if u win or lose?

PERHAPS it is time to use common-sense that is NOT there?

Welcome to stock-market ... where SEVEN lines could be drawn perpendicular to each other ... and we can draw a straight line, in the shape of a kitten? Haha.

Listen to the clip, you will UNDERSTAND why so many suckers buying softwares, paid thousands in those trading courses ... or even paid for stock-tips. Oh yes, by the way ... I will be having a trading workshop this weekend( )... to explain WHY it is silly to believe those salesmen. Attend those preview talks, perhaps JOIN them(pay your thousands, please) ... perhaps, you might know what I mean.

Task : Try to draw 7 lines ... and they must be perpendicular to each other, ok? Perpendicular = right angled = 90 degree = sudut tepat = 90 darjah.

Have a nice day.