Tuesday, September 30, 2014

RSI : How we could use RSI

I will be having an e-meeting around 9.30pm later for all those in my trading group :


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Monday, September 29, 2014

A good trading day

Scicom : It hit 1.96 higher, before retracing last week and I grabbed at 1.90 average. Luckily many followed ... and for those who missed, today is a buy too ... as it breakout of 1.96. When to sell? See if sky is the limit ... but as a trader, I will sell ... only to buyback, if possible.

SKPres : This is one good catch in the morning 0.64-0.66 ... but I dislike the attention, so I sold before closing price at 71cents. Then, only they suspended the counter!! Something up?

SKPres-wa : I sold at 22.5, 23 cents ... as I bought last week at 20cents level. Then, it breakout of 23cents ... so, I grabbed back 24-24.5cents. Still holding ... will it gaps up tmr? SELL and saying thank you.

PMetal : Simply like the selling volume last Friday. So, I bought RM5.51 ... sold and bought back closing price RM5.85. Well, this morning it was sold at opening price RM6.10, it came down and I bought back RM6.05 average, only to sell again at RM6.25. It went to RM6.37 high ... and I let her go as I was busy with SKPres.

PMetal-wc : Nice rebound ... sold at opening RM4, bought back RM4.15 only to sell at RM 4.28(some bought last Friday with me sold at RM4.28 too). It hit RM4.34 ... but closed RM4.20.

At the moment, I am out of PMetal but it will still be a good stock to watch to trade. This is what I was teaching others about technical-rebound and last Friday, PMetal satisfied most of my rebound play. WHACKED.

GHLSys : I started to trade her when it broken the resistance 1.03 ... then, it gapped up, I sold 1.15. And waited for it to break 1.15 ... grabbed back last week ... and today sold RM1.29.

Add positions to good trades, SELL those lagging and/or not good ones. Ride on the trend.

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Stock Watch : SKPress and wa

Monday morning ... zzz ... kinda sleepy.

PMetal : Sold during opening RM6.10 ... good trade, and will be buying back later.

PMetal-wc : Sold during opening RM4 ... another good trade done. Wait.

SKPres : Breakout this morning ... bought at 64-66 cents so far today.

SKPres-wa : Bought 19-20cents last week. Today added at 21.5cents so far. Sell part at resistance 23cents ... still in q ...

For those interested to join my stock-watch, contact me at cpteh@yahoo.com as it is a new October month!


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stock Watch : PMetal and wc

PMetal : two long black-candles ... catching a knife? Lower could go lower ... but, it is killing many retailers and some panic selling seen last Friday. Some acquired below RM2-3, still good profits but those chasing up above RM5-6 could be selling for smaller profits ... those just bought at RM7, now it is below RM6. It closed at RM5.85.

On Friday, it hit RM5.32, that is about 15% down in a day. Support at RM5.20, so ... I queued at RM5.20. It was there around RM5.40 level for a while before some buying coming in, it shot to RM5.50 when I told the group I am buying. Done ... and I parked to sell RM5.65 ... done in half hour, and bought back RM5.72 and sold RM5.92 .... it was very fast-furious.

I bought some during closing RM5.85. Yes, I have warned all of the risk. So, if some following ... trade at your own risk.

PMetal-wc : Tracking the mommy, this is the baby ... for risk-takers, we could consider to trade the warrant(s). But it is sharply down ... so , the risk is very high. The rebound from the lowest 3.36 to closed at 3.79 = 46cents. That is 10% trade in a day? Why not?

If I have the time, I will want to read some comments from some forums related to PMetal. I believe there is some sell call around, and some might have panicky sold their stakes on Friday. The volume was huge!!

Having running nose, red-eye ... I need to sleep.

Trade at your own risk.



Being easy and being right

It is not easy to be right, so it is right to take it easy.

"How to simplify your life" ... reading this book again.

It is not easy ... to take it easy. So, I m listening to move my life into easier ... rather than trying to be right. There is no right-wrong.

1. ENOUGH : Yes, I have more than enough. That is ME .. I m easy to be satisfied. Riding a 'kapcai', makan at kopi-tiam, simple t-shirt ... and books for me to read, internet for me to blog. So, due to my ''enough'' ... I do not have the wants to have more. As I could afford a little better now, say ... to buy a bigger bike(I do like bikes) or having dinners at restaurants ... I do not see it as a necessity at all. So, I still continue to ride my old kap-cai and when I m alone, I will have simple wan-tan mee at any kopi-tiam.

2. GRATITUDE : Yeah ... I always remind myself to be ''thankful'' ... from not having anything much, to more than enough. So, feeling thankful to many around me ... making me a happier person. I do always remind my wife too, as we do not have what money could buy merely 3-4 years ago. Now, she could have what she wants ... kids could have what they want too. Being thankful ... then only we could feel happy.

3. BE YOURSELF : I want to maintain being myself ... and the way I write here, in my own blog. I do not wish to follow other ''styles'' and writing with hidden agenda. Those so-called more professionally written blog. I prefer my blah-blah blog ... as that is ME.

4. PRESENT : This is easier said that done ... as thoughts still in some past experiences and/or thinking of future planning. That could cause anxiety ... so, I need to keep moving ... and stay in present.

5. BE FLEXIBLE : Yes ... something I need to learn and learn it well ... there are nothing I could do to change others or the way they think. I have to accept that ... I could not please everyone, but I should please myself.

6. SAY NO : This is something I need to learn to say ... NO. Being too good to many will take my TIME and ENERGY. So, I do need to protect myself ... by saying NO.

Well ... I have red-eye for 3 days, cancelled classes. Luckily I have postponed the trading workshop(to next month) ... and having so much time ... napping ... and thinking ... I have to decide to SIMPLIFY my life.

It is not easy to stay simple ... but that is the right way of living. Having life too full with tiny matters will drown us ... while we might miss the main matters.


Have a nice week ahead.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

My oh MyEg at new high

Chart of MyEg : I was collecting at RM3.20 level after the inverted hammer. Gap-up and I just sold at RM3.65 ... at RM3.71 now ...how high could it shoot-up? RM4 is coming ... something is up, might be the budget-rally?

worth watching to trade.


Comments on my blog

There are about 15 comments in my blog, and I didn't realize it till just now, when I was resting ... nothing to do much except checking my own dashboard. Arrghh ... sorry for the late ''approval'' as it is not that I want to ignore some of the comments, but I didn't check. Really. I am such an IT-idiot, absent minded too ...

Relaxing ...

Anyway, I will like to reply to some of the comments

On JCY by Dom : Good piece of eye-opening advice.

Glad that you like that ... yes, you may go to the dates I have shown, check in i3(JCY post) ... and you will see me commented there before. As I no longer in i3, I do not know the latest stories there regarding JCY. But, yes ... the post is meant for newbies who might be blindly following some stock runners there. Remember, stories are meant to push up or down a stock.

Got to run .. will come back to reply a few more comments.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bear Day, Lazy Day

Morning ... at home. Getting lazier ... listening to some clips regarding trading.

KLCI dived  ... minus 12 points, recovering to minus 7 now.

I wanted to write about 'life' being a trader ... but I could not gather my thoughts. clustered. congested.

I feel that without self-discipline, self-employed(S) is difficult for many. We are so used to being employed, hectic days ... packed with schedules. Now, I m free to make my own schedules. Many things to be done ... but, we will get lazy if we stay at home ...zzz ...

According to Jesse, never say it is a bullish or bearish market. haha

ok ... let us search about Jesse Livermore.


To give you a brief taste of where we will go, here are some comments from Jesse Livermore himself:

"The game of speculation is the most uniformly fascinating game in the world. But it is not a game for the stupid, the mentally lazy, the man of inferior emotional balance, or for the get-rich-quick adventurer. They will die poor."

Those are words from Jesse which has been with me for 3-4 yrs now. Each time I am getting lazy, I will remind myself of him. Haha ...

I do many stupid mistakes ... and if I continued to be stupid, I will die poor.

I will always say NO to get-rich-quick ... thanks to my sifu, Jesse's words.

Inferior emotional balance ... interesting topic to write about. Many in markets having this issue, and over the years, I have to remind myself about not being inferior. It is a mindset shift.

"...the fruits of your success will be in direct ratio to the honesty and sincerity of your own effort in keeping your own records, doing your own thinking, and reaching your own conclusions."

So, we must keep our records. I called it trading-journal.

"I am tired of hearing the public and papers blame Wall Street for parting fools from their money... It's the successful business man who is the biggest sucker of the lot. He has made a fortune in his own line. How? By being on the job for years; by learning all there was to know about it; by taking reasonable chances; by utilizing his knowledge and experience to anticipate probabilities. He wants to increase that fortune at a faster rate and with less effort."

Blame ... blame ... blame. Blaming the remisiers/dealers, blaming the IB's reports, blaming those given them tips, blame bloggers for pointing guns to their head to buy, blaming someone's analysis in-accurate as they are losing money ... emm ... blaming the media, the companies'management ... blame on the not-so-good market sentiments ... blame on the anything and anyone EXCEPT themselves.

On the other hand, we should learn the tricks-n-trades. Media may be yelling at us to BUY or SELL, we learn to be analytical ... and use our own judgment to make decision. It is fully our responsibilities. We use our knowledge, experiences to take reasonable chances and think in probabilities. Yes, I do learn well from Jesse Livermore ... and will read his book "How to trade stock".

Ok ... one may buy that good book to read(I prefer books) or read from some websites.

Time for lunch ... and hope to pick up my pace!!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Good and Bad Habits of Smart People

Morning ... it is Monday blues ... and I m feeling it.

I know I m no longer rushing to 8am class ... it is that feel when Liverpool lost, and this is consecutive two losses now : vs Villa and WHU. sigh.

Then, I didn't realize that I was wearing 'blue t-shirt'. So, I took a selfie. haha.

Ok ... let me see ... KLCI is not going anywhere ... so, let us listen to songs, read some books and take a nap?

Listen to the clip above.

My IQ was around 125, the last time I tried online-IQ-test. It was comprehensive and paid-version. I tried few times and that was the average. So ... ok, average IQ is around 100, I m slightly so-called higher IQ than average. So what?? Simply because I m very good in Math? By the way, the IQ-test consist of 6 parts ... I could easily failed in the ''language'' section. haha.

I was NOT good in Math during my younger age, before form 4. But, I worked extremely hard ... doing Math questions in daily basis for hours!! Silly me ... but, I was persistence. I do not want to be seen as ''bad'' in my Math grades. I have mentioned many times on how I worked my a*s-off during my form 4 ... to be good  ... then, excel in Maths.

Persistent : That is the attitude. I am very persistent in what I m putting my focus in. I have mentioned many times too how I started to be in KLSE merely 6 years ago. VERY persistent and learning in daily basis. Still do ... so, I m a persistent person. once my mind is set, I will put my efforts on it ... I can write a whole blog-post about PERSISTENCE

Set Goals : Yes, I do ... and I don't mind sharing with others. When I said I m going into stock-markets, that could freak-out many closed to me(my family) ... and I shared my trading goals here for past 6 years?? One new reader may read my posts written in 2008-2009. I have evolved. Haha ... ok ok ... 76% more likely to achieve my goals. So, I am going to write few blog-posts on my goals!! I wont mind the whole world laughing at my goals ... as constructive comments will give me good ideas and majority (80%) of the population are non-achievers, losers in stock-markets ... hmm ... so, if they laugh ... we shouldn't bother, right? Just share our dreams la ...

Avid readers : Yes ... I have more than 100 financial, trading, investing related books ... I do NOT read all, NEVER pages by pages, of coz. But, I scanned thru ... read pages that will make me to THINK. Do read.

Self-discipline : That is difficult to define. But will be glad to write about my lack of self-discipline.

Think about thinking : That is me! Haha ...

I do not drink OH-group or do drugs la. Unless Panadol is a drug, caffeine is a drug ... i m on drugs too zzz.

got to go ...


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Oversold and Overbought

Relative Strength Index (RSI)


Developed J. Welles Wilder, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of price movements. RSI oscillates between zero and 100. Traditionally, and according to Wilder, RSI is considered overbought when above 70 and oversold when below 30. Signals can also be generated by looking for divergences, failure swings and centerline crossovers. RSI can also be used to identify the general trend.

IOIPG : I am still holding this one ... recently shown good profits, and it reversed. At the moment, it is OVERBOUGHT as the RSI is above 70. So, it just means that we should be ready to take profits. With resistance at RM2.83, that will be a good level to exit.

While RSI is a good indicator for swing trading (buy when RSI at low and sell when RSI is high), it is not a signal for buying or selling. Also, I do not use RSI for speculative stocks such as Sanichi.

For those strong uptrend stocks, breakout into new high ... RSI will also at the high-level. Overbought. That is normal.

HapSeng : Take a look at this weekly chart. It has stayed overbought with RSI above 70 for so long, except for a week. RSI(14-week) at 90.2% now ... another long white candlestick will see RSI reaching a historical level.

FGV : This is a weekly chart, to show the sell-down. RSI at 28% now. So, it is considered as oversold. I bought at Friday, closing price RM2.55. The low is at RM2.46 now. If next week it rebounds, RSI will show an early sign of 'hooking upward' and out of oversold region. That will be a good level for entry.

I have maintained that RSI is just a momentum oscillator, and not a signal-indicator to buy-sell. We need to check on other technical signals. RSI low could easily go lower after a short rebound, it might dive further and its RSI could be at similar level(at lower price).

But, it is a good sign for us to prepare to make a decision, using weekly RSI : IOIPG (RSI 57%) is prepare to sell, HapSeng (RSI 90%) is to sell and FGV (RSI 28% ) is to prepare to buy.


I was checking on charts ... and found this chart is a good one to explain RSI-divergence.

I will share more about how to use RSI in our trades with my e-meeting group. This is a learning group through online, where I will explain my trades.

Those interested, do contact me (cpteh@yahoo.com) for details.


Success : A video to share

Good words for a Sunday.

note : many F words there, in case u will be annoyed.

Be motivated. It is a long journey ...