Saturday, April 29, 2017

e-meeting : Habits of self-made millionaire

Habits of self-made millionaires Sat, Apr 29, 2017 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM 

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

  For those YOUNG ones who inspire to be a 'millionaire' , it is definitely possible with few good habits of those successful ones.

Wanting to share few of those habits which I learnt and acquire since some 10years ago, when I decided to change my whole financial-mindset ... and yup, I did it. I have not reach a 'million' dollar in assets ... but I do know I m heading that direction, a matter of time.

As I m not speaking about stock-trading, here ... I share the link.

All links to my e-meeting will be sent to  

Ok ... needing to rest and waiting for 10.30pm.


Friday, April 28, 2017

Haha ... for weekends

You need to know the original songs and check the DETAILS they placed ... to laugh. haha.

hahaaha ...

ok ok .. in case you missed the older-ones ... as good. haha....

You can't laugh if u don't know those songs ... or you do not understand B.Malay ... haha ... or you just too old-serious with no humour inside you. Get a life la. haha

Ok ... have a nice weekend.... haha


Long weekend ...

Learning Corner : Stochastic Crossover

KLCI is showing bearish crossover today ... was trying to teach my group this morning while showing them 'live'...

What is more important is ... ok, we know it is bearish-crossover? SO WHAT?

Actions is for category level 3 personalities ... while many in level-1 ... DONT KNOW act know .. some at level 2 ... know but no action. Come to level 3 ...

e-meeting : tmr night 10.30pm ... talk about Habits of self-made millionaires. All welcome but the link is no longer here in i3 (if you are reading from there) ... you have to click on MY BLOG

what I can do is send the link on the side of my blog!!

Ok ... have a long weekend. Night.


Bearish Harami

morning ... spending my days .. over-hang. haha.

Learning Corner : Bearish Harami

Bearish Harami : I was trying to share with my group this combo-of candlesticks where they called 'harami'.

I took a picture of Bearish-Harami formed in FKLI to show them ... and then, it is at resistance after 4 strong day of gap-up. You could see 3-white-soldiers formed la.

Then ... you may search further from internet ... what do we mean by 'bearish harami'?

This is from free ... // ... ok ok ... you got to know these candles called bearish-harami??


Today is last day of April ... moving to MAY for my FKLI now.

Ok ... I shall leave that for all to interpret. Got to get busy again .... read the below :

1. They read consistently.

2. They exercise.

3. They hang out with other successful people.
4. They pursue their own goals

5. They get up early

7. They find and check in with mentors
8. They’re positive

9. They don’t follow the herd

10. They have good etiquette

11. They help others succeed

12. They dedicate 15 to 30 minutes a day to just thinking
13. They seek feedback
If you are not so successful ... in anything you are doing (including being a good husband or father), try to read the above to REFLECT.
Have a nice weekend ... wheeee

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Trading is very difficult

Bursa : The tai-kor going higher ... hitting RM10 now.

Tech-rally continues today with MPI breaking RM12, the beloved Dnex breakout of 50cents (at 54.5 cents now) and Myeg hitting RM2.16. So ... tech-rally should continue?

Many in my group still holding VS-wa, some holding to Inari-wb ... and those tech-tech ... I started to move to tech in Jan (moved out from last year construction : ChinHin, OKA, Econbhd, Gadang, Gamuda, GKent and such). The trend is tech-tech ... so, will be trading tec for 2017.

Well ... the get-rich-quick Seacera-wa down 30plus % ... another get-rich-quick Anzo in play ... I didnt realise Anzo was the ex-Harvest .... I laughed when I got to know. haha ... those in 2011 would know Harvest's stories where many harvesting her till RM2 plus.

Last night ... I managed to capture this ... 222.22 ... nice or not?

2 = yi = easy

So ... get-rich-quick?

JJ poor-to-rich ... what a name?!!

No way ... we could not alert those involved. Can you teach others not to be GREEDY and be logical? It is MONEY leh ... how do you explain many sucked inside? Sad to know, actually .... but move-on, learn the lesson... move on. Use brain, next time.

FCPO : Gapped down 40points in opening ... minus 55 now, great.

SOY : Profited USD100 last night ... (half-drunk) and went to sleep. haha

Cohort-24 : Glad that I had a trading workshop with few of them (one repeater ... allowed to repeat for free, ya ... if you are still in the trading group) ... so, my next cohort-25? I don't know ... perhaps in Nov ...

I have taught all ... the fact. Trading is very difficult. Don't try to trade AFTER retired (start trading after that ... crazy ... go for investing la ... buy during crash, cannot ar?)

Those get-rich-quick trading system, I do wonder why are they selling to public since they could get-rich from trading so quick (come to FCPO or SOY, ya).

So .. aftr believing in hard-work in learning ... doing, experiencing ... and failed ... wake up ... re-define and move on ... that is difficult part as it needs 10, 000 hours of deliberate practice.

One may attend those preview of trading-courses or softwares, we could hear those promoters trying hard to convince some greedy-ignorant about how we could CATCH those stocks before it goreng-up ... huat-arr

Ok .. i rest my case.

It is that difficult. period.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Stock Pick : Uchitec

Uchitec is always in my list as it is a good dividend stock ... and the trend is obviously UPTRENDING.

Complying to the fundamental-analysis (my FA mentor said it is one of the investing-quality stock t hold) ... I am learning to analyse Uchitec in details.

From the technical chart (weekly)

Trade at your own risk.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Bye-bye Perwaja

Thanks for being around ... to help many punters and gamblers into their excitement and .. lose all their money.

Nah ... they will NOT learn.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

e-meeting : a day of uncle-trader

tonight 10pm to 11pm : Will share my Monday to Wednesday

The link is given here :

Time to rest.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

e-meeting : A day of a trader

Morning ...

tonight I will like to share "My Typical Monday" ... a day of a trader. I shared these 'live' with my trading group yesterday ... and I found it 'interesting'.

Added 50 new members in the group, total 1909 members now in my 'free' closed-group ... yes, I will send the e-meeting links there. As I m kinda free today, I will like to delete some 'dormant' and 'unreal' members later. You know ... free group means you will be attracting those 'promoters'. hmmm ....

DOW up 183 points ... bull bull bull ... and SOY shot up (I longed FCPO overnight).

ok ... today is relax day with wife, go jalan-jalan while having a class later in evening.

Have a nice day