Wednesday, July 01, 2020

1st day of JULY : Some waterfalls

Good morning to JULY ... staying positive, DOW plus 217 but still formed the shooting star in monthly chart.

A look at some of the waterfalls (we have more than 900 now)

ASTRO (PER 7.83) : Trading at 83cents ... a penny now. The AR just out ... so, I have not checked yet, except to see STILL got 17k retailers STUCK inside her!!

CScenic : strong downtrend , obviously. Good DY counter to consider during crash

to be continued ... come to

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10pm : e-meeting with members (and those read my updates here)


Monday, June 29, 2020

DOW minus 730 last Friday

Morning ... expecting further SELLDOWN in KLCI and many stocks as end-of-June ... end of quarter selling pressure in place.

Already WARNED enough to all members and readers here to EXIT and keep cash ... so, what I do while waiting for stocks to tumble in July-Aug?

SHORT FKLI if you can to profit ... if KLCI to dive from here. Technically, once KLCI diving below 1490, we are on the way down. DOW and KLCI monthly showing a cool shooting star!!

If you dont even know that, search ... then decide if you still want to buy/hold on to stocks ... prepare to buy more then. Good luck

Cut-loss : a capital protection mechanism. Learn that early, you would be OK. I have been teaching my group since 2016 regarding the importance of CUTLOSS early and most of them survived. Phew.


BAT : See the IMPORTANCE of CUTLOSS  ... not to be stuck up there when the TREND is over? Now is WAY too late to cutloss ... as so so many down more than 50%. UNDERSTAND?

Get real ... get a real mentor. contact me if u wish. Talk to those survive the market crashes and also NOT stuck inside so many downtrend stocks.

If you are stuck in BAT or any of the 900 plus downtrending stocks, you NEED to wake up to reality : FACE THE MUSIC ... and TAKE ACTIONS!!

All the best to those newbies who is listening to so many Facebook-sifu-guru ... many of them young CHINESE guys (full of bull-shits).

But you must be naive or pure stupid to believe them ... those scammers. No one can help if you are one of them. Unless .... unless ... ONE DAY, you decided to get real.

Grow up

Good day for me .... Short another later.

9.40 am : KLCI minus 10 points at 1478, we BROKEN the important 1490 and forming a shooting star. Have you search what a monthly SHOOTING STAR means? Then ... still holding dearly to stocks?

GET OUT la ... ai yo ...


Thursday, June 25, 2020

Keep cash : DOW minus 700 plus

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Will try to find time to blog and only interested to blog during RED RED day as only during RED day, perhaps I hv something to buy?

A morning clip I done with my group on TUESDAY 8am, letting them to know to KEEP CASH ahead of selldown end-June.

Good luck to those holding stocks. Cutloss if you are bearish. Averaging down is most ridiculous kinda brain.

Short FKLI or buy put-KLCI if u can absorb the risk (I m inside here)


Monday, June 22, 2020

22nd june : A week to ending of June

Good morning ... as DOW minus 280 points last Friday. Just now saw Dwo futures minus 200 points, recovering well to minus 50 now.

So ... I am heavy inside SHORTS and only holding to JFTech, I have nothing much to do on trading, except waiting for markets to drop further. PULLBACK. haha

Bears : Saw this in my facebook ... haha ... yes, we are still waiting ... for the crash to be here ...only got excited in Mac/Apr ... then zzz ...back to hibernate as markets giving a V-shape kinda hope to those bull-camps haha.

I m going to do only short term trades and stay aside.

Youtube channel : Oh yes, I done a 'plantation' clip on youtube ... u need to go to my youtube channel ... SUBSCRIBE to the channel to get notifications whenever I posted a clip ... I do have regular e-meeting (but only for members and sent to the closed group) as I needing to update as things moving ...

So, this week is PLANTATION ... possible to be in play as CPO up 100 points last Friday.

ok ... you have to come to my blog here : for updates as it WONT be refreshed if u r reading from i3 or third party-platforms.

Later continue ... if have the motivation (click on the google ads there ... )

9.30am : covered one short and shorted higher. RM300 profit, also RM500 profits from JFtech. Full time trader ... must profit in daily basis. Cutloss those non performing trades.

JFTech : sold 2.14 done. trying to buyback 2.10 ... and update later


Saturday, June 20, 2020

Clips : Charts on DJIA and KLCI

Done a morning clip on weekly chart of DJIA and KLCI. Every week (daily too) would update my groups ... to show then, traders ... take profit time, get out.


Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Profit taking day

Today's trade

D&O : bought closing yesterday, bad QR ... gap down, cutloss small 74.5, then it shot up 80cents haha. wasted my few hundreds for the morning.

Ataims : sold 1.31, didnt follow plan to sell at 1.34. arghhh ...

Greatec : sold 3.95 done as I took yesterday. this is a good one.

VS : bought RM1.04 morning ... sold RM1.11 ... good profit. done

GPacket and Presbhd : done too for morning trades, glad many members followed and profiting too.

will TRY to update with charts later ... but WONT BE REFRESHED in other platforms (i3 etc) , so one need to click on my BLOG ...

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Anyway ... see u later, needing to go for free-lunch (someone treating me)

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Trade of the day : Presbhd

Today ... market is up. Rebounded from the minus 50points ... that is common.

Rebound is a sell.

Trade for the day : Presbhd

Took breakout of 38cents, but sold 44 and 46 resistance. Then, took back 47.5 ... and sold after lunch at 52.5 (my last 100lots) and it shot up to 57 haha.

Good trade and update tonight. Perhaps giving an e-meeting on her haha.

Thanks for the good trade.