Sunday, June 26, 2016

Short US stocks?

AXP : American Express ... downtrend.

AAPL : Apple Inc --- downtrend, short if below USD90

BA : Boeing Co  --- sideway, downtrend biased.

CAT : Caterpillar Inc --- downtrend.

To be continued and will be kept in my US30 page



Index-Linked Fund(ILF)

One more week of June to go ... I am not prepared for JULY, actually. Looking at many charts Brexit ... many rebounded from the Friday morning selldown.

Earlier, I have sold Maxis, IOICorp, UMW, BAT ... after the buy in mid-May call.

CIMB : I managed to sell all my CIMB in the morning RM4.30-RM4.33 before it dived to support RM4.20 ... but recovered.

SKPetrol : I sold her off in the morning too ... at cost price.

ALL the stocks for the funds generating profits tho small ... and with SK my last selling, I m fully in cash again.

I have created this funds mid-2015 ... so, it is one year old. I will be updating the performance by end of June. So, I will not be buying anything till JULY.

KLCI : 1st JULY opening at 1709.77 and currently at 1634.05, down by 75.72 (or minus 4.4%)

Conditions : Only buy 30-index-linked counters (Hapseng replaced UMW, by the way) when KLCI having selling down and oversold.

Simple conditions ... doing good and could improve. Market is challenging and I would rather trade-less ... and focus in fewer stocks.

At the moment, I will be focusing into DOW30 and the counters trading in the 30-index-linked. This one is better as I could short-sell any of the counters which overbought.

Another week to go ... I have many things in mind. I need to be discipline to make a routine to be more efficient.

We shall see if tmr it is crumbling down as DOW minus 600points... our KLCI is the best index around!!

Till tmr ...


6 Important Skills of Self-Made Millionaires

There are ambitious individuals all over the world working hard to achieve millionaire status. It is a status that most would agree epitomizes financial success. We’ve all heard countless success stories of people who have become millionaires, some even at a young age. We also know that many of these people started with nothing, which is likely where the term “self-made” comes from.

TEH : My parents was mee-hawkers. I have to self-support myself during uni-years (by giving tuition and skipped some of my classes). But due to my financial 'ignorance', I was always in debt. So ... I took a bold step to re-invent my financial mindset. Glad I done that some 10 years ago.

There are many paths a person can take to become a millionaire. Some have become millionaires by investing in real estate. Some have done it by building and selling a business. Some have done it by investing in other businesses. Some have done it by creating and selling digital products such as software, mobile apps or information products.

TEH : Real Estate (properties) investment is something I m learning ... want to diversify into that AFTER market-crash. At the moment, I was lucky to be able to grab an apartment in 2012 before the price doubled.

Yes ... currently building the tuition-biz (that is why I needed to stop my full-time teaching job) ... no intention to sell but expanding my second center is 2016 priority and recently ... I got some positive movements on that. More on that in future once all 'settled'.

Yes ... I m investing in MobileWaiter, a start-up ... diversified some cash out into this-biz as I m believer that delivery-online biz is the next leap-trend. Just line those online-purchasing in-trend (benefiting logistic-delivery companies such as Gdex and those packaging too).

Visit here to order your food delivery to your doorstep for RM1 fees

I do not know how to create apps or softwares ...but I have information products here where I could sell. Example : I m ''selling" my e-learning course which I m planning to start mid-July if the numbers are there. Example : I wanted to create a new website(homestay in mind) with few tech-guys ... as I do not know anything much about internet-marketing and how to create a site.

Oh yes ... I think I did not write about which did not take off, after few meetings and discussions. It was beginning of 2014(Jan) ... where our 'competitor' could be, a service market-place. OURS was ... more of guru/sifu market-site ... those who wish to find mentors? Example ... if you wish to look for a yoga-teacher (reputable ones), where could you find ... online? There are few new sites coming up ... to 'compete' with kaodim ... such as service-hero, recommend ...

I cant even update and handle my own ... it takes lots of efforts.

Heard of UBER or AirBnB, right?

So we know that it’s possible, and we know that there are many ways that people have done it. But what we don’t often hear about are the specific skills that these self-made millionaires possess that are paramount to their ability to create substantial financial wealth, regardless of which path they take to create it.

TEH : I think IQ, skills ... knowledge etc etc are over-valued. Haha ... while we do need specific skill and knowledge in our field(s), we definitely need MORE than that ... to do financially well.


#1 : They know how to manage money

Self-made millionaires know how to manage money. They know how to use the money they make to make more money. They multiply their wealth by getting their money to work for them. Most people don’t know how to make money work for them, so they never stop working for money. Most people spend the majority of their income on personal expenses and whatever is left will typically sit in a low-interest savings account.

TEH : This is hard ... hardest for me as I was a teacher-mindset. But, when I decided to change ... I definitely need to learn how those well-to-do individuals done it ... how to make our money work for us when we do not even have 'extra', right? Stock-market is a vehicle we could generate that ... buying good dividend stocks, for example. Or better ... wait for crash and buy cheaply?

While most self-made millionaires began by working for money, they kept personal expenses low and put their remaining income to work. They didn’t let their money sit in any one place for very long. They put it work by using it to grow their business or purchase investments that would yield a return. By minimizing personal expenses consistently for several years while continuing to re-invest as much money as possible into income-generating activities, these individuals were able to compound their wealth in relatively short periods of time.

TEH : Yes ... easier said than done for majority of us ... who work-hard for the monthly salary. While my monthly salary with Taylor's College was below RM5k(with 20yrs teaching experiences, mind you ... new lecturers being paid RM2.5k) ... I have no choice but to work-hard on giving tuition ... lucky for me as I love what I am doing ... and do not feel the 'burden'. Remaining for investment?? That is also another DIFFICULT for most of us ... with lacking of funds and knowledge, we are potentially lose our hard-earned money ... instead of generating us profits??

I am still and will be in the thick of market activities as I m preparing for the coming crash. Yes, I m in "capital preservation" stage ... where losing 10-20% is ok with me rather than stuck 50% inside during crash.

Re-invest the profits ... yes, if our biz could break-even in first few years ... and we could remain prudent to look for new opportunities, to invest. I was told that more than 70% biz could not sustain 3 years and have to close down due to 'losing' money. I will like to talk to more biz-owners ... how they failed and succeed to navigate themselves out of biz-failures. Amazing stories ... worth listening to. 

#2 : They know how to create win-win relationships

Self-made millionaires know how to build and cultivate win-win relationships. Believing that their network is equal to their net worth, they make a commitment to cultivating relationships with people who can help them achieve their goals, and in exchange they help those individuals achieve their goals. By continuously expanding their network, they can create opportunities by connecting the right people together. And as their network expands, the number and quality of the opportunities they are presented with also increases.

TEH : I was a loner ... introvert too. But ... slowly over the years, I have to learn the skill #2 ... BUILD win-win relationships. Yes ... I attended many talks, in-touch many with similar interests and see how we could work together to benefit each other. WIN-WIN is always in my mind ... if the person is not moving in similar path(and beliefs) ... then it wont work for long, anyway. Yeah ... many painful 'friendships' broken along the way ... hurt me lots, at times. But ... I have to let go and see that as lessons ... as my failures fold.

At the moment, I do still hope to connect to few investors who trust me enough ... to invest for them during market crash. Yes ... win-win ... I will help others to understand the crash ... preparations needed and how we could capitalise on the event. It is l... after-all a 10yr once event.

I do still wish to meet more for coffee-date and market-crash talk ... to understand better how I could prepare for the coming crash. Easier said than done ... as most retailers will be badly burnt and forums will be quieten.

Watsapp/call me up for a drink (on you, ya) ... we shall meet. Win-win, ok

#3 : They can delay gratification

Self-made millionaires have the discipline to delay gratification. Most people are very impulsive and entertainment driven. They often spend money on unnecessary things that give them immediate pleasure but have no real long term benefits. Most self-made millionaires had little interest in short term pleasures as they built their wealth. They had the discipline to not waste money on unnecessary items or waste time on unnecessary activities. They made plenty of sacrifices that the average person doesn’t make, and as a result they are now able to enjoy life at a level that the average person can only dream of.

TEH : I have to admit that I m lax in the "delay gratification" ... there are few purchases, which I see it as impulsive ... also the pressure to ''give our family the best". Example : I bought my foldable bike, another one for my son and girl. Those items sitting idle after the hype of riding bike as one of family activity!! I do ... once a while, cycle. But I over-paid ... few k for bicycles??

Or I changed my 3year-old flat-TV (I was having 21" tube-sony TV which was 20years old when I first came back to KL, broke) ... into the larger 'smart TV' ... just like that!!

While I do not have much entertainment (watching candlesticks and reading investment books are my fav past time) ... minimal in spending kids for playgrounds, games or movies.

So ... I really need to get-back into this SKILL : DELAY GRATIFICATION.

Thanks for the reminder.

#4 : They know how to influence others

Self-made millionaires know how to influence and persuade others to help them do what they need to do. Even though the term “self-made” implies that no one else’s help was used, in reality we all require the help of others to achieve our goals. For example, a real estate investor will likely not build wealth in real estate without the help of real estate agents, appraisers, mortgage lenders, contractors, or tenants. A large goal often requires the involvement of several people. Self-made millionaires know this, and have therefore become skilful communicators. They are able to effectively persuade others to willingly contribute whatever services they can.

TEH : This is definitely my weakest skill ... dealing with HUMAN .. oh boy. I do not even know how to persuade people to join my trading-group or readers to follow me. Because of my own belief ... I believe everyone has their own likings, beliefs and interests. Also ... I do not even able to ask many readers to attend my free e-meeting ... most of them are my own trading-members.

I am not good in communication and speaking ... that is why I joined a ToastMaster group. Those interested in joining me in our TM group, let me know too. I do need to improve my communication skills ... hmm ... wonder how.

#5 : They are resourceful

Self-made millionaires seldom let a lack of resources stop them from achieving their goals. If they didn’t possess the resources they needed to seize an opportunity, they found someone who did and negotiated a win-win arrangement for both parties. If they needed money, they found where to get it. If they needed certain talents, they found the right people. Self-made millionaires know that a lack of resources is rarely the problem – a lack of resourcefulness is. When resources were scarce, they learned to be very efficient with what was available to them. Being efficient with a little was practice for being efficient with a lot.

TEH : Yes ... I do not have much funds to fully capitalise in coming crash ... so, I know I have to speak to more of my 'friends' who could trust me enough to invest their money during crash and I could earn some commissions from the profit?

"Being efficient with a little was practice for being efficient with a lot."

I like this word ... we need to learn to manage small-funds efficiently to be able to manage a larger funds. To earn 10% p.a with RM10k is not difficult at all ... but to manage RM1mil and profit 10% (that is RM100k for u) would be greater challenge. Understand that helps me to grow larger now ... reaching out to many 'well-do-do' friends ... or any readers out there who wish to meet-up to discuss on this? I will be very glad to be given a chance (recently, I was given a chance to help to manage a huge amount of money, and I m still excited about that ... hope TTB or KYY will call me up too).

#6 : They know when to delegate

Self-made millionaires are conscious of the value of their time. They deliberately spend the majority of their time on high-value activities (activities that yield the greatest return). For example, an entrepreneur whose goal is to earn $1,000,000 in a single year and is prepared to spend 2,000 hours on work-related activities, calculates that the value of one hour of his time is $500 ($1,000,000 divided by 2,000 hours). In order to achieve that goal, that entrepreneur must spend his time on activities that are worth $500 per hour to their business. All other activities need to be delegated. You can’t expect to earn $1,000,000 in a single year if you spend the majority of your time on activities that can be delegated to someone else for $20 per hour.

TEH : TIME = MONEY ... that is what many said ... but many people spent their time ... doing nothing much ... related to their GOAL. To me, it is financial goal to be free ... in order for me to retire(rich enough, if possible) and do my own charity setup. Financial goal comes first ... then personal goal.

We need to increase our VALUE ... for the time we spent. I still like spending an hour or so ... writing in this blog. Yes ... it is creating awareness in myself too .. like a check-point on what i m doing right ... swayed or diverted ... and re-focus. That is my blog for ... for personal motivation too, besides inspiring some young readers.

Self-made millionaires identify which of their daily activities are most productive in terms of growing their wealth. They focus as much time as possible on those activities and they delegate the other activities (paperwork, administration, running errands, etc.) to other people. They abide by the Pareto Principle – also called the 80/20 Rule – which states that 80% of results come from 20% of activities. Self-made millionaires invest their time in the right activities.

TEH : Oh yes ... a strong believer in 80/20 ... so, I will like to write about  that too. I have to invest my TIME ... and focus in things I do ... towards my financial goal.

At the moment ... my focus will be preparation for market-crash ... it will takes awhile for me to be equip with knowledge and experiences.... and I will use my TIME to move into that direction.

Have a nice weekend ... sharing my comments on my personal thoughts ... on the article I read. I do read many of these articles.

Do read.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Learning Corner : Acostec

Learning Corner

Example : Acostec (code : 7120)

Stage 1 : Not liquid ... no publicity. No one knew much about this company.

Stage 2 : Gap up with huge volume .. 8th April. What was going on? Go to BURSA to check on the announcements and/or news. Something was going-on.
Stage 3 : From Apr 2014 to May 2016 ... a very long consolidation period ... TWO 2yrs ... too long for any non-investors .... and ranging from 60cents to 75 cents. Low liquidity ...

Stage 4 : Recently, on 5th May ... breakout of the TWO-YEAR range ... with huge volume. Now ... we are at stage 5 ... consolidation again?

We shall watch ... and remind me to update : For learning purposes.


What analysis are we using?

Morning ... Saturday ... will update the funds report (over-due) as we are going into end of June.

Also ... need to update details for the e-learning (still needing few to start. Contact me).

It is difficult to think straight ... to be logical when market at chaos. For one, the Brexit created many stories ... from the collapse of EU itself ... to the recovery of the UK, in power in future.

Everyone seems to be an analyst ... having their own opinions, based on what they have read. Confusing, right? Yes ... be VERY confused.

To reduce that, stop reading from media. Let it go .. we will never understand that, right? Focus in our own portfolios or things we are doing right now ... for me, blogging. haha.

Oh yes ... I do think UK will be stronger by choosing Brexit. I will if I have to vote. EU is dragging on ... politically and economically drained. So ... we shall see the RISE of UK ... was thinking if I should be changing some cash into british-pound? MYR weakening too, anyway.

Let it go ... go jalan-jalan.

It has been ages since I last heard of people arguing on FA vs TA ... because more and more so-called traders learnt FA ... and TA.

FA : To me, I knew very little about FA (PE, PB, NTA, RNAV, ROI, DCF, DY and such ... jargons) ... I do not hide and telling others I knew these. I read loads of it ... yes.  I used it as guide-line ... as NONE of these are so-called correctly pointing to us ... if the company is UNDER-valued during market correction or crash? But ... these are signals I use to drive in such a winding road ... to investing in stock-market.

TA : To me, I knew little about TA (RSI, MACD, Stoc, MA, MFI, BB, FR, OBV, ADX, VSA ... and such). I went for a trading-course to learn these ... spent hours reading many books!!

So ... due to my limited knowledge in FA ... and little knowledge in TA ... I m building up strategies, in the preparation of market up-coming market crash. Very little ... I m not being humble, but stating FACTS. I do not care what others seen me ... being humble or boastful. I do care to share with others ... SOME truth.

So ... you knew about FA ... ok, ok. You are an analyst of an IB. Great ... I do respect most IBs as they are highly paid and they must have been one of top-students, graduated from respectable Uni. But ... why analysts made MANY bad-calls on the reports and those target-prices seem to be 'unrealistic'?

I am in favour of FA ... as I do believe that lousy losing money companies will be used to goring and benefit the major shareholders and/or some operators. If one is fully trade using TA ... ignoring FA, one might get caught when there is a huge sell-down. Of coz, we place a cut-loss where we assumed to be DISCIPLINE to cut-loss.

TA ... didn't give us a strong conviction in buying HUGELY in a stock due to the position-sizing and RRR calculation. Many of the times, it fails to hit our target-price and coming down ... it takes years of experiences for me to understand that ... if you trade in-out, you will only earn peanuts due to 'small' position size.

If one is to sai-lang any stocks what moving higher ... earn hugely and put trailing stop, it sounds to be most logical thing to do ... for traders. That is in THEORY ... as most technical traders(if they are really good, they will not be trading KLSE, ok? Go to trade oil, gold, indices ... higher leveraging there!) are not as mechanical as they should.

Bear with me ... whether one from FA or TA ... take everything we read with a pinch-of-salt.

Pause and think.

If we buy a stock with PER at 4, is that under-valued? By the way, most China-stocks trading in KLSE are of lowest PE value ... or go to HKSE, we could find many blue-chips trading at single digit PE. So ... PE is not the way we value stocks, ok?

If we buy a stock due to breakout ... do you see them as over-bought? Buy high and sell high, right? Yeah right ... easier said than done ...

Add the FA and TA ... the best of combo... but that will still be VERY lacking. I don't know about others ... I do know I have very shallow knowledge of FA and TA, so .... please never call me a sifu, ok?

I m learning NA ... news analysis. Stocks move due to publicity, hot in forums or media ... example how they pushed IFCA up by writing about its biz-model and related IFCA to large property-companies in China ... and Malaysia. Great news story-telling back then to move it up way beyond logic. While those TA-kaki ... might trade on breakout, FA kaki will not touch.

Combine FA + TA + NA ... could we find the formula then?

Unfortunately, market is too complex to simple put figures in it. Check how those export-oriented stocks being PUSHED up way beyond their fundamentals... and the trend, technically speaking is over. NA? Yes ... we need more news to come in .. example : due to Brexit, MYR will be down vs USD ... so, the USD play again.

How about it is biz-model ... that is biz-analysis, BA. To analyse that ... we need to have a qualitative checking on the management (how do you know that CEO could drive the company further?) ... right sector ... prudent and competitive models?

Now we have FA + TA + BA + NA ... I will like to re-write the order ... BA + FA + TA + NA + ...

This is part of my preparation of market-crash. I will recommend reading of DYNAQUEST (a catalogue of listed companies, with brief FA ratios) ....

Yes, biz-moat ... the reputable management. That is BA for you ... which I read a lot, but being not a biz-man, I have lacking in understanding how some biz could be doing so well while others fizzled off and tutup-kedai.

Adding in punting analysis ... PA. After all those so-called traders or investors in stock-markets, basically are punters too. Including me, of coz.

Punting or gambling ... came from lacking of BA + FA + TA + NA ... just buy due to hearsay or some recommendations ... one day, win-win ... happy. Next day ...losing ... blame the tips-givers!!

BA + FA + TA + NA + PA ... there you are. Looks too complicated now if we are to learn bits here and there. Using my 8 years (very short experiences) in markets ... it is MORE than all I have read, done ... and I do not think so I could ever reach 20% of any of these in my understanding ...

20% of each ... we have 100% then. Haha.

Logic analysis ... called it LA is very important in stock-market as it doesn't make senses.

Emotional analysis ... or psychological sense ... EA ... analysing on human behaviours or the studies of behaviourial-finance ... why human are not rational when face with their fear-greed.

Now ... Analysis = BA + FA + TA + EA + LA + NA + PA ... wow. The list is getting longer now.

Yet ... many still arguing about FA vs TA ..endlessly trying to PROMOTE their courses, softwares and such. If the systems work so so well ... are they VERY rich by now? Hmm ... think needs LA.

If one is to check forums ... many are emotional when they are winning or losing. Markets play on GREED and FEAR. Understand that could make us ... avoiding the crowd. It is called HERD mentality. Read that? I have written about all these analysis ... too many of times.

But ... again, there is no right or wrong. The person who takes time to understand how the GAME is being played ... learning from the bad-experiences and know the rules will prevail. They will be wiser ... or perhaps, disappear ,... quit in regret.

I am a NOVICE ... take it from me. I am too small and humble by markets. Many of times, I am being punished. Yet ... one day, I will be wiser .. to share experiences to many retailers and newbies out there.

Don't worry ... there will always be greater fools around to believe they could beat the markets, beat the syndicates and ... some system works wonder. They will be disappear when crash.

While waiting for that ... have a nice weekend. I could have written in greater details, but ... I have to run again.

Hope the above will give little insight of what analysis we need. Use whatever works for you ...

Comment : Leave comment HERE (click ) and not in i3. I do not go to i3 or tradesignum forums anymore). Thanks Edmond of TS to leave some comments. I will reply you in a blog-form.


Friday, June 24, 2016

Tonight e-meeting : Brexit

KLCI recovered brilliantly ... magic-hands.

If you wish to join my tonight's e-meeting go to :

See all tonight.


BREXIT .... markets tumbling

1.20pm : Noon ... reporting that Brexit wins ... markets dive and gold surging ...  good opportunities ahead.

Will be busy again tonight ... I shorted DOW yesterday ... and covered too early. What a test of patience if we want to earn huge ... and to BIG SHORT it? Nah ... one minor lot earn us 'small' but good for traders. I need to learn to short larger and hold longer. This is one of my practice and preparation for market-crash ... yes, that is why I m moving to US where we could short.

I see this as hiccup and opportunities to buy. Yes, I exited most of my stocks ahead of this uncertain times ... no joke, we don't know which way it could go, ok?

It is so difficult ... to go for BIG SHORT. In theory, it sounds great idea ... in reality, we are too small ... too naïve and too emotional.

I shall leave this post as a note that this is NOTHING ... we have yet to see the crash.

No worry ... we shall watch it together.


Brexit ... a green day?

8.15 am : Morning ... all the Brexit news around. DOW surged 230points last night. See GREEN DAY later?

KLCI showing good indicator of MACD and above 20MA resistance. I bought TWO index-linked for my funds ... days ago when I shown the stochastic crossed. But, I have exited most of small/mid cap ... too volatile. Waiting on side-line as trading will be too difficult with uncertain results pending to be announced.

Green Day's song ... the best around as we shall come back after September ... hehe.

Stay alert ... do not PUNT into speculative counters as #1 rule is important --- CAPITAL PRESERVATION . CUT LOSS arr ...

Will write later.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Post # 3323

Morning ... still blur-blur as I slept late, watching DOW surged up only to dive ... it closed minus 48.90 points ... but but ... DOW futures GAP up this morning ... WOW ... ahead of Brexit.

Hapseng : Welcome to KLCI .... you are the man.

UMW : Buy ... I mean, bye-bye.

As I could not think of a title of this morning post (still blur-blur) ... so, I saw that this is my #3323 post ... and stay as that as my title. Haha ... that is how random I am ... not your usual stock-market or financial bloggers leh. I am not ... I m just a teacher, happened to be involved in trading and being a blogger!! Didn't I said that many of times?

Anyway ... I searched for the code 3323 ... there you are. None in KLSE but could be found in HKSE ... is "China National Building Material Co". Don't know what this company or counter about ... but the word BUILDING MATERIAL and down so much ...

Let me search uncle-google for more info ... (I could just go back to sleep rather than writing this post, right? But I will not ... I rather write this post and share with NEWBIES and readers how we could search and do some homework on counters we know nothing about).

OK ... a glance at google-finance search ... giving me PER15.3 and no of employees 134k. Wow ... so, this is a huge company with market cap HKD18.5bil.

Next ... check the website. Type code 3323 or the name into google search.

There you are ... next ... download the quarter-reports and annual reports. Learn to read these etc etc ... and if some alarming FINANCIAL red-flag there, no need to continue to bother. Move on to code 3324 then. haha.

By the way, if you see these giants in China in downtrend ... what do you think of the economies? How about our recent rally in STEEL sector(I SKIPPED the who rally in Annjoo, LionInd and such). Let me show HIAPTEK which is ACTIVELY trading at the moment (9.50am here)

HiapTek (code : 5072) recently was VERY active ... as the whole STEEL sector steals the show. The above is the WEEKLY chart. WOW ... can see the VOLUME and rally of above 40%? Go go ... go to forum and you will see many retailers, those with free-time will talk about the sector etc etc.

To me, it is a NO NO ... a sector to avoid in total.

There you are ... this is taken from my screen-shot of my smartphone ... since 2015, consistently losing money ... see the chart too.

FA : Fundamental Analysis ... use common-sense ... EPS (stands for Earning Per Share) dropping from quarter to quarter ... then start to make losses for past FIVE quarters ... what is the senses that it SHOULD recover?

Think. Pause ... think for a while IF YOU RECENTLY bought HiapTek(or any steel counters) and TRAPPED up there ...

So ... to educate the public NOT TO PUNT is near impossible ... it is the game of gambling attracts many punters.

Ok ... I will write about Ho Kok Mun's book ... I have the older edition (second book) which I bought at 2010 and disagree to be conservative as market "just" recovering then ... now, time to check back his very good book.

For my collection, I bought the latest edition ... yes, will write more about some concepts he shared. He is a fundamentalist ... and in falling market, fundamentalists will beat those chartist ... hands down. Hey, I m more of a technical person tho I started from fundamentals.

A strong advice to all newbies and decent readers out there ... check the fundamentals of the company we are buying/trading. Read that book ... and I shall have a book-sharing when I m 'free'.

Have to go for gym now ... off.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pump-n-Dump : Stages

Morning ... we are taking a break from KLSE today ... but I will still be trading DOW after 2pm later when it activated.

Since I am free today, I will write a post about PUMP and DUMP. This is for newbies who got trapped into these goring stocks. Strong advise is ... DO NOT TOUCH these stocks. If one needs to be greedy, you will NOT survive in long run. Trust me, I have been there. Haha.

I am going to use the PUMPed ... and DUMPed Aturmaju (Comcorp still have few rounds to go)

Aturmaju  (code 7181) : Click on the chart above to ENLARGE.

Stage 1 : Huge volumes of sudden ... activated to be in one of the MOST actively trade counter and announcement to traders ... I am here. Do notice me. It was a sign of MARK UP of stage one, and if we are aware, we could TAKE the trade. Pushed up 70% for the time being(one month Jan2016) ... that will create interest in many traders ... especially retailers. INI KALI LAH ....

Stage 2 : A pullback of 20% for 2 weeks ... killed few weak ones to collect more at lower price ... must make more noises in forums, media ... and/or employ some runners!! Make sure it has great coverage .... make sure those in social-media(facebook, blogs, telegram, watsapp etc etc ... tweet it) ...

Stage 3 : Another huge volumes detected ... round 2 coming ... this time from 80cents to RM1.60 ... doubled our money!! I told you so ... coming out from many in forums (i3, investlah etc) ... everyone talking about ATURMAJU (silly me ... I was NOT aware since Jan2016 ... till recently when someone in my trading group told me to watch diving ... just like Comcorp yesterday). Anyway, stage 3 lasted till end of April.

Stage 4 : Enough of the game ... lets DUMP ... almost vertically down from RM1.60 to below 80cents in A WEEK. Incredible nice to watch ... but I have seen so many of these (for being in market everyday in 8 years, these are common show for us).

Stage 5 : Rebounded 60% for this stage at current level ... game is over? Consolidating with low volume. No buying-selling. Retailers suck inside. It could drifting lower ... as many try to sell but without buying volume, it could be difficult to sell if we have huge position inside these non-liquid(no longer as operators exited).

Stage 6 : Left to be seen if they are pushing for last round of distribution and letting those greedy retailers to average down (and trap inside more). Otherwise it will drift lower and lower ... till the base around 60cents level and ... volume will dry-off from there ... and we might nit hear of Aturmaju for loooong time.

Remember IFCA? Anyone remember the glamorous Sumatec?

Sumatec : NOTHING to do with the O&G in Kyrgyzstan ... I don't even know how to spell the country name ... perhaps we should know who Halim is ... today, Sumatec drifting lower after the operators left? Hoping for stage 6?

IFCA : Hmm ... RM1.70 to current 50cents ... drifting lower. Those good and experienced traders ride her up from 50cents to Rm1.50, perhaps ... and exited. Those without CUT LOSS traders stuck somewhere up there ... and could NOT escape the killing.

I shall leave here ... with a note. Do understand that these are for trading, not to buy-hold. Take your profit and run.

This is BIG ... do you get the BIGGER picture ... how stocks being operated?

Have a nice off-day.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pump and Dump : Comcorp (code 7195)

This is just a classic example of how a stock ... from no where PUMPed ... from 30cents level, unknown ... to become a talk-about HOT and SEXY stock ... it went to 85cents resistance and recently ... pumped further up to nearly RM1 ... today is a dump day.

I feel sorry for those greedy ones ... forced selling is a must. I will try to make a short clip on how to see that this is a NO NO speculative counter to punt.

There are many more ... JHM in mind. See how they dump JHM ...

Note : If you wish to learn, join my coming workshop or e-learning.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Benefits of failures

Benefits of Failures

A good speech by the billionaire author of Harry Porter.

If you want to be a good trader, learn to fail ... take responsibilities and learn. Only by failing many of times, one will be wiser ... and a strong person will succeed.


Brexit fear : A buy?

DOW futures continue to surge ... ahead of Brexit decision.

Some asked what is DOW-futures and where could we view that?

I think the WHERE to find is ... basic. With internet world, everything is at our finger tips. But ... to understand HOW the DOW futures related to our index or particular sectors/stocks, that is the greater challenge.

MBSB : As warned to cut-loss if below RM1.10, today it is hitting RM1.05, many investors viewed the right-issues as NOT good ... and exit instead of paying more money to support the company they invested. Technically, once the support broken last Thu, it is a sell.

This is reminded me of DRBHcom ... Armada and many more. They may never recover to our "cost price" if we bought much higher. If we are at 50% paperloss, we need the miracle of the stock to recover 100% ... Think of it that way.

Market NOT crash yet ... where are we going to find fresh-funds to average down many of those stocks we are stuck into?

Once this logic strikes us ... we will know that many of the current price of stocks WILL be lowered much more when market is to crash.

We could only watch ... without plans, we could not 'survive'. I have that 2008 experiences ... it is bad and painful ... but valuable to understand the current situation ... trade less, trade good fundamental blue-chips ... trade those in THEME play.

Let go of those where the theme is over OR those speculative counters where we do not to HOPE it will ever recover. During crash ... some of these counters might be de-listed. Understand fundamental is basic ... for investing and trading.

Just sent out an ALERT about Vivocom to my trading group as some of them might be goring-ed her. Once breakdown 22cents .... we shall see huge downside.

Yup ... there are many pushing it up and promoted it. Sure win? Someone asking me should he be buying? It is that HOT.


DOW futures up 150 +

9.30am : Monday morning ... DOW futures up 160points as I m writing here, settling down after watching FKLI gapped up(my short not done) and now ... back to reality, and I just longed. FKLI.

KLCI daily chart showing a bullish reversal candle nearing to support. With stochastic going to be bullish crossover, it is a LONG for FKLI. When it rebounded well some 2-3 weeks ago, I sold all my index-linked counters and started to buy into second-liners such as 3A and Econbhd. I didn't manage to sell for profits and they came down .... and I have to cut-loss instead. Yes, I m still needing to learn to be DISCIPLINE to CUT LOSS.

If one is to learn candlesticks reversal patterns ... do not need to pay money to those trainers in the course, ok? Search internet ... "reversal candlesticks" ... the list is long. is one good website for us to learn (if u wish to, but by reading these .. it is NOT enough. It provides us with basic knowledge)

Many of times we wondered ... WHY candlesticks failed, especially in KLSE? The answer could be liquidity and time-frame.

Anyway, we have a reversal candlestick there in DAILY KLCI chart. I longed FKLI and we shall see the results later (or in few days time).

As for FCPO ... I longed overnight during closing last Friday. As I said, these futures is too difficult for me to understand. So, I tried my best to follow candlesticks and few(minimal) indicators.

Ok ... it is Monday morning ... I m going to gym, back for FCPO ... and going to be more hardworking to reply ALL e-mail, updates the KIV groups for e-learning and details of my coming workshop.