Saturday, October 25, 2014

Stock Watch : DRBHcom

Morning ... what a good rebound last week and after the Deepavali off, we are expecting more retailers to be back in force to market.

So, KLCI recovering from 1767 to 1819 ... cool rebound, right? But many stocks have not back to the level before they dived. So, the party is going to start again. Do observe that KLCI is hitting resistance now and we may see some profit-taking next week.

DOW up yet another 127 points. What else? Amazon dropped 8% yesterday!

I have asked my group to SELL those stocks we bought at the dip.

BJToto : As we moved in at 3.40-3.50 level, as it rebounded sharply to RM3.70, it is a SELL to me as it is hitting 50MA resistance. And not much as upside in BJToto ... moving the funds into something better, such as DRB?

Boilermac : It hit 20MA resistance yesterday ... so, it is a sell. We bought at RM1.50 level, so RM1.68 is a good level to sell after sharp rebound.

Yinson : Hitting resistance 20MA at RM2.90. I have asked my group to take profits as we bought at RM2.50 level. I sold too. See if I could buyback if it retraces?

Yinson-cb : As the mommy is expected to rebound, I bought into the call-warrant for short punt. Bought 0.07-0.075 and sold at 0.085. That is more than 10%, but risky.

Stock-Pick : DRBHcom

DRB ... I sold at 2.28 before the ex-dividend. And I bought back yesterday as it break the RM2.06. RM2.20 resistance is taking as a target to sell next week. If one has the holding power, which I do not ... one may hold to resistance of RM2.25. DRB is less volatile ... so, it is suitable for those BUSY(and lazy) ... who want to buy into lagging good counter. It is one of the easier to trade counter where I buy when it oversold(RSI below 30) and sell when RSI reaching about 70.

Disclaimer : This is not a buy-call. I am just sharing one of my buying which I shared in my stock-watch.

If you  wish to join my stock-watch, do let me know ( I do buy good stocks and at times, I do buy few speculative counters. I prefer trading, rather than gambling.

Time for breakfast ... then prepare myself for my cohort-13 workshop this afternoon! Kinda excited!!

Have a nice weekend.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Greed is back?

It is almost 4pm ... I just finished with a class and busy chatting with my trading group about the trades we took.

Asking them to take profits on Armada, Boilermac, Yinson and BJToto. Today MPHB is flying off .. SMRT hitting resistance 73, and DRB showing reversal. These are few trades we are taking ...

Day-trading Opensys and SMRT. Many more ... cant recall ...

I will be discussing simple trading plan with my new tratles tmr(cohort-13). Kinda excited to meet more traders, especially those newbies. It takes more years to understand ... and it is a serious business.

Boilermac : So ... do check my last post, I was jokingly said buy Boilermac due to signals given to me by the person I saw during lunch.

Given to my stock-watch ... we bought at 1.40-1.50 level. That man given me the signal, I just need to plan my trade, right? Boilerm at 1.67, hit 1.70(SELL) today. Thank you.

Going to nap .. while waiting ...

Last call : those interested with my trading workshop tmr, do contact me at

By next week ... greed will be back. Retailers who just lost so much or stuck, will put their fear aside ... and once they are back ... it is time to sell to retailers again. And the cycle continues ... FEAR&GREED.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thu 23-Oct

Morning ... lost at home 0 - 3 to Real Madrid. Sigh ... simply outplayed. Putting that aside ... market is opening ...

Work-space ... I have not created my personal workstation for trading. Been floating ... moving around, even to café/pastry shop ... so, it is time to get a little serious and discipline. Will create two work-space ... one at home and another at office. It is a MUST if I am going to take trading seriously. Yes, I am willing to spend money on these ... to improve my knowledge, to improve my working environment improve my trading. Tools ... something I have been not using fully to my advantage ... forums, something I have abandoned, which I should spend little time to read to learn from there(bear in mind, forums are noisy places ... we need to know how to filter).

Then ... activating my is another possibility ... to record my trades(good and bad) and I will create a member-only section where only my stock-watch members able to access to my trades. Time to get busy .. getting these ready ... for another year 2015. i believe I will be doing better as years passed ... as I more aware of what is needed, and what is not.

ok ... will continue here ... will blog the way I was ... where I edit regularly "live" ... those reading from i3 will NOT be able to see any updates(you may read direct from my blog rather than i3, ya.

Time to go ... 8.45am ... FKLI opening ...

HWGB : New low ... want to rant about it later. haha

9.55am : KLCI up 8points at the moment. Taken profits from my recent long at 1801.

Armada : Sold again at RM1.50, will buyback RM1.47 ... or else it might break 1.50 today?

Hapseng-wa : Q to sell 2.52 this morning, done. It hit 2.55 as mommy hitting new high. Take a look at Hapseng chart which I shared in my group

Got to go .. tuition class 10am.

12 noon : Done with class ... hungry. Time for lunch soon.

Workspace : I m creating my own workspace ... this is office.

Armada ... sold 1.50 and 1.54 ... been collecting at 1.40 level. Since it has broken 1.54, I bought back some at 1.56-1.57 ... closing for lunch at RM1.60 now. Check later...

2.30pm : Back home ... had home-cooked lunch by wife. Nice. Now, waiting for second half ...

My position I created not good for workspace. So, will rearrange it so that it is NOT facing a wall, but with strong wall behind the back.

Alam : Going to see I could take the trade today

6.35pm : KLCI so bullish, up 14.46 points. Wow. Suddenly they forgotten that KLCI donw 130 points and MANY retailers still stuck there? Cut-loss few weeks ago and going big last week was a good strategy, right? No?

Well ... somehow it is easier said than done. If one is stuck in front of forums, how are they going to profit as they are influenced by 80% losers retailers there? So ... think again ... if u really need to make noises in forums, that is your time. But, if u r newbies and novices ... who wish to improve, then I will suggest that you leave the noisy forums ... and learn to do your own analysis. Learn the fundamental analysis first ... then talk about technical.

Inari : Reaching back to RM3 ... yeah ... from RM2.05 I bought? I know I sold way too early, and was heavy in O&G.

Yinson : Great rebound ... we bought at 2.40-2.50 level .... today sold RM2.84 done, with 2.88 is my resistance. When oversold and market selldown like crazy ... it is a buy? No? Something is missing here. And I told my whole group Yinson is the best chart I have seen ... since TWSPlant when it dived? TWSPlant was taken private.

Armada : Such a nice rebound .. breaking my 1.54 this morning, and closed 1.63. Anything up too much is a SELL to me. Retailers will be coming in soon ... will be glad to sell to them. This is one chart I will share with in my workshop this weekend.

BJToto : I started to buy at 2.50 ... all the way to 2.40. Sai-lang ... buy as big as possible. Sell in stages ... a no brainer ... no need chart or brain. Just buy and sell. Today is RM3.70. How is that? Too bad, I sold too early again. I will initiate a sell call to my group tmr ... as it rebounded well. Use the funds for something nicer ... not much upside after shooting too high.

Elsoft : I missed this fella ... hmm ... bought 1.20 level and sold 1.30plus, then it came down .. today flew off!!

This Sat and Sun will be my cohort-13 ... my trading workshop. I will share how I trade, using basic charting and indicators. Those still interested, please let me know ...


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

21 Ways to Achieve Wealth and Success

October 17, 2014

In his book, Rich Habits -- The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, Tom Corley outlines several habits that distinguish the wealthy from the non-wealthy.

It got me to think, How many people operate on autopilot and don’t stop to monitor their everyday patterns? Below I've summarized 19 of his habits for success (nine culled from his book and the next 10 from his recent article in Success) plus two of my own. If you're not actively engaged in these 21 things, you are, in effect, leaving money on the table.

1. Setting good daily habits. Good habits are the foundation of wealth building. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people lies in their daily habits. Simply put, successful people have many good habits and few bad ones. If you understand that your bad habits may be preventing you from becoming wealthy, that realization will be the first step in your improving your circumstances.

In his book, Corley invites you to take out a sheet of paper and list your bad habits in one column and then invert each one to place under a new column for good habits.

Then for 30 days, follow the guidance of your new good habits list. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.

TEH : Ok ... will be listing out my bad habits, which might affect my effectiveness as a trader. For example, need to sleep early and wake up early before market opens. Or I need to exercise ... keeping myself fit is very important. I have not been cycling for 1 month plus ... excuses given was my red-eye ... so, hit the track again more consistently. Distractions is another thing I need to control ... to keep focus. Many little bad habits I do have ... and deterring myself to be a BETTER trader. Yes, I need to do anything possible to give myself the edge ...

2. Regularly creating goals. Successful people are goal driven. They create goals all the time. They plan their day the night before with to-do lists.

People who are headed for success think for the long term. They have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. But what’s a goal without a plan to reach them? So not only do successful people have goals, they also come up with ways to achieve them and hold themselves accountable.

TEH : I do need to re-fine my trading goals ... and have a to-do-list planned the night before my trading day. I do need to get into this habit, if I am to trade well. Nothing comes easy ... so, I need to be consistently checking on my trading goals ... yes, planning is everything in trading. Planning on how to improve and to trade well ... planning on the progress and check-list on achievements. It is a marathon ... which majority retailers will not understand. Most of them wanting a quick profit(who don't ?)

3. Engaging in self-improvement daily. Successful people are always looking for ways to improve themselves. They read every day and are students of their profession. They don’t spend their time on activities that don't bring them closer to their goals.

I recently attended an event hosted by author Brendon Burchard, who said he consistently blocks out time to create. Successful people like Burchard know that time is too valuable a commodity to waste. They spend their time on the things that will move the needle for them in their business: Being committed to self-improvement means you engage in activities every day that will stretch you.

Seek ways to expand your knowledge. This won’t always be easy, but people grow from things that pose a challenge. Once your knowledge grows, opportunities appear.

TEH : This is my daily activity ... I will get myself motivated, staying positive ... read anything related to trading, spending time to increase my knowledge about trading, understanding that it takes time to connect the bits-n-bits ... the more I know about instruments and how it works, I am opening more opportunities for me to explore ... it takes time. And ... lots of determination.

I have spent hours and more hours ... listening to clips related to trading. It excites me much more than any movies ... and I have to force myself to move-out ... and watch some movies. It is a force ... and it is not easy for me to sit there 2hours watching Transformer or Pacific Rim?

I could sit here for hours ... commenting on each of the habits shared here. But, I will prefer to listen to the list .... and check on which one I am lagging behind. Yes, I was to be successful trader. I want to be independent. It is very challenging and I simply enjoy that.

Time for me to check on my trading plans ...



Trading for living

Episode 1

Episode 2

Do listen to these simple clips for few times before thinking of trading for living. It is definitely not for everyone.

This weekend I will have my short trading workshop and could share with those registered on how I trade and some basic knowledge needed if we are to trade ...for ourselves.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Put Warrants of KLCI

Recently ... as KLCI diving down, many ''promoters'' taking the opportunity to talk about the put-warrants. This is an un-known instrument to most retailers. Heck ... it is a gambling instrument for us to buy into it.

Many may have heard of call-warrants(and get burnt in it too ... and lost ALL when it expired with premium .. don't worry, it is rarely that a call-warrants will expire at a discount(in-money)) ... and it you don't know that these are NOT companies' warrants, then you should NOT touch them at all. It is issued by local broker houses, to earn money. Yes, when we trade ... win or lose, the IBs earning money. They are the one laughing ... as we all trade. Sigh ... I might as well be remisier or dealer myself, or own the bank rather than trade. Sure win biz ... haha.

Ok .... here I m going to show some of the hot put-warrants of KLCI. It is tracking KLCI and if you think KLCI will go lower, you will BET on these put-warrants.

KLCI-hb : Issued by CIMB in July ... with 1 year tenure ... so, expiring next July. Issued at 15cents(standard for structured warrants). Low at 8cents (when market bullish) and high at 19 cents(last thu when KLCI dived).

IF KLCI successfully rebound, this put-warrants will be dive.

So, could we use it to hedge? Probably ... but, I do not understand the mechanism. So, I will avoid.

If we need to hedge or trade the index, one could consider FKLI too. Yes, we may long or short the index. I am still learning more about it ... but, it is definitely not for majority retailers. We need to be strong technically and able to make decision rationally, which most of us retailers fail badly. It is a big-boys game ... when index being pressed down ... and pulling them up!!

 Anyway ... just avoid the ha, hb, hc and so on ... those are put-warrants.

Time for lunch ... and more classes.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Post # 2918

It is Monday now ... what a dramatic ending, with LUCK ... they beat AirAsia. Saw Tony just now when QPR equalized in last minute.

RHB's talk : It was a last minute change .. instead of attending the talk at RHB, I went to Bursa instead. Well, it turned out that the talk at Bursa was similar to the one I attended last Saturday at Taylors.

You can see that more seniors than young ones ...

Nothing much ... except stating that the current KLCI could go higher and the target 1940 still maintained.

So, recent selldown is seen as opportunity to BUY.

Top pick by Jack : SHL

SHL : Support at RM3.14.

Will want to post more of the slides which I have taken. Perhaps during the deepavali off-day.



Sunday, October 19, 2014

王力宏 - Can You Feel My World




Can You Feel My World
Can You Take My Hands

Can You Feel My World




Rap:I keep on comin' back for more yo
跑不掉 逃不了

一直率 一直撑着我再一次祷告

Can You Feel My World
Can You Take My Hands

Can You Feel My World
并不想讨好 你才觉得我重要

Ni zhi xi huan wo wei xiao
Ni jue ding wo de xu yao
Wo yao ze me shuo cai hao
Wo bu shi wei ni zhi zao

Kai xin xiang shi ni zao
La zhu wo wan xia tiao
Ai shi piao liang kou hao
Tou kuo ni de shi jiao
Ni ba wo de xi hao
Shui bian shan diao
Bian chen ni yao de diao tiao

Ni wei wo hao
Wo zhi dao wo dou zhi dao
Wo de fan nao wo de jiao ao
Ni que bu ming liao

Zhen yang ai ni cai hao
Bi jing hei bao xu yao zi you ben bao ..
(bu neng man zu yu yong bao)

 (i keep comin back for more)
Can you feel my world
Zhen shi de wo mei ban fa wei Zhao
Can you take my hands
Zhen chen ni hui gan jue dao

Can you feel my world
Zhen shi de wo mei ban fa wei zhao
Bin bu xiang tao hao
Ni cai jue de wo zhong yao(wo yi dian dou bu zhong yao)

Ni zhi yao wo you li mao
Qi ta jia zhuang gan bu dao
Wo yao ze me shuo cai hao
Tang wo de qing xu di chao

Rap- I keep on coming back for more yo
Ri ri ye ye wo bi zhe shuang yan qi dao
Wei she me zhi you wo de ying yue neng ko rang wo yi kao
Wo zhi dao wo de shi jie yi jing bian de yue lai yue xiao
Bao bu tiao tao bu liao
Zhe me mian dai zhe wei xiao

Zhe me mian dui zhe ni cai hao
Zhe me yan lei dou zai tiao
Zhe me zhui du zhe hao yan su
Zhe bu shi ku zhe jiu hao
She me xuan lu zai wo de nao dai yi zhi zhuan yi zhi rao
Yi zhi li yi zhi cheng ze wo
Zai yi ci dao gao
Bang zhu wo

Note : First time listen to this song ... attracted ... this is MY taste of songs. I will be listening to this song for few weeks till I know how to sing the whole song. It is not easy as I do not read Chinese ... and the rapping part ... will enjoy.

This is how I do things ... tho difficult, I will enjoy the struggle and ... reap the rewards. One day, I will sing this song ... like I know the song so well, and many even thought I am Chinese-ed ... and young? Haha.