Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Technical rebound in KLCI

Tuesday ... KLCI shot up due to technical-rebound.

FCPO : What is more interesting is that SOY went above 32.50 level, and pushed the FCPO to gap up 60 points this morning opening. I closed 2 of my longs, as I m holding to 5 long contracts! FCPO giving me great profits ... unlike FKLI zzzz

Tmr is Math-paper exams(code 5709). So, today I will have full-day tuition till night.

Presbhd : Bought 2.43 level last Friday, sold off at 2.56 this morning. It was featured in the front page of Focus-M. Dislike stocks being highlighted.

IFCA : Managed to buy at 1.53 level last Friday ... and sold 1.60 half. Selling all at resistance.

One may want to join my trading group to check on my trades. I took real trades, unlike many groups where only given buy-sell levels. I do give e-meeting every Monday night to explain the trades and what to watch. And I m going to keep my trades in www.tratles.net ... for members only.

Wonder how else could I help the members to profit consistently well?


I wrote a lengthy reflection on my trading adventure ... in June 2012. Yeah ... I was having my cohort-6 back then ... and a good testimonial given by AS(he is a blogger!)

Will want to write ... My Trading Adventure ... thus far ... part II in June 2015 as I m having my cohort-18 next month.

contact : cpteh@yahoo.com


Monday, May 04, 2015

Icon-Offshore (code : 5255)

Morning ... Monday ...off day.

Congrats to the BLUE.

A long weekend is much needed. I went to a Sekinchan ... a small fishing village, but we could not find a single hotel to stay, so ... it is just a day trip.

Ok ... lets talk about stocks. Someone asked me about ICON ... into new low due to some MACC investigation. If we are not on board, we should NOT consider it as it is dealing with some issues.


Focus's headline recently : More arrests likely as Icon probe widen.

ICON OFFSHORE (code : 5255)

ICON : Broken 60cents, closed at 57.5cents at the moment.

Personally, I do like waterfalls ... catching knives. But, when I was asked about ICON, I m not interested. I do recall that I caught the waterfall in Zhulian and Hibicus 2-3 yrs ago ... and cut-off my fingers. It is not worth it ...

But, if you are holding to ICON ... bought much higher(above RM1.50), I do not have any comment on that. Cutting losses may be too late, but if not ... we might be holding to it for long-time and not knowing the direction of the company.

If you are less than 3 years in stock-market, you need to go for GOOD fundamental companies ... with good dividend yield, strong management and proven track-records in their profits.

Why ICON? The name is not good, either. Kena-con, how? I will prefer Alam anytime at current level.

Never go into the sinking ship ... we are not the captain, we are just small passengers. Think RISK ... and avoid at all cost. Even if it recovering, I will not consider.

That is my comment for ICON.


Friday, May 01, 2015

Want to be a trader?

Don't TRY. Honest answer I have given in my e-meeting recently.

I am going to put the 5 pointers I shared during my 1.5 hours ''live'' e-meeting ... I did not record it(I will in future) ... on how I became a trader.

To cut the story short ...these are pointers I discussed the other night if one is to be a trader.

Simply because it is TOO difficult and it takes a very determined person to LEARN. By the way, most (80%) of those in stock-markets are NOT interested in learning (FA or TA) ... all they want is to profit from market!! So, I explained how I started with so-naïve mentality ... and change myself, learning from failures, mistakes and more.






So ... I will have a repeat of the talk ... perhaps next weekend (10th May).

check my page : https://www.facebook.com/tratles

Happy Labour day ... and holiday.


Thursday, April 30, 2015

e-meeting tonight

Joining me : click here https://www.facebook.com/tratles

KLCI technical outlook : Bearish

Time : 10.30pm to 11pm


Sold Myeg but missed Homeriz

Myeg : I was queue-ing 2.22 all the way down to 2.15 but nothing done there. So, I started to buy at 2.28 ... and added at 2.32 but it closed at 2.29 .. which I added more during closing, it was done.

Last night I had an e-meeting about "How to be a trader" ... free for public, but as usual ... most of the participants were my trading-group members. Anyway, I did publicly told all I bought at average RM2.30 and explaining why.

Yes ... glad many in my trading group bought too. When do we buy? When KLCI very red ... when there is a cheap sales? When there is fear in market? When MYEG going to go bankrupt? Haha ... no ... it came down due to some BAD news, and hey ... today up due to our kind gov absorbing the fees?

Homeriz : Was q-ing at 92-96 level, it hit 99.5 ... then, shot up yesterday!! Arrghhh ... I didn't take. What a miss. It hit resistance 1.11 this morning for a SELL ... if u grabbed at RM1 la.

So ... we wait ... wait for that sharp diving waterfalls.

PMetal ... interested?

https://www.facebook.com/tratles ... go to my facebook page for e-meeting and such.

Time for FCPO, I went long ... long ... arrghhh


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pump and Dump

Saw this memPERSONAkan diving 12%, support at 70cents(hit today). An obvious goreng candidate, now retailers trapping inside.

Note : I have warned so so many times to my trading group about the music going to end.

VSolar : The name SOLAR is tempting ... so, pushed to 40plus level to dump it to greedy retailers. Serious biz of goreng here ... Now, 23 cents .... 50% down.

There are so so many being dumped now.

Yes ... been given all the ''warning'' not to touch such crazy-speculative stocks. Nothing else we could do to those greedy ones ... let them be.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Buying at support : Myeg and Homeriz

There are so many broken supports ... which one to highlight?

Penny-stocks many retracing ... after surging like crazy due to crazy-buying.

Myeg : Broken 2.43 support, closed the gap ... tmr hope it dives to RM2.15 to consider, at next support

Homeriz : Support 92-96 would be a good level to consider

Note : I have written about furniture-stocks yesterday at www.tratles.net

Low is getting lower now ... great time to prepare for shopping.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Writing a book : Is it worth it?

Morning ... Sunday 10.15 am here.

I am in office, writing ... I mean, blogging. Well, I had a trading workshop yesterday for long 4-5hours. Tired ... I slept very early last night and woke up fresh!! Missed the Liverpool's game tho ... well, it was 0 - 0 ... zzzz ...

So, am I back to blog? Hmm ... I don't know ... but slightly motivated since I went to the Writer's Circle and met Lydia Teh (yes ... a popular author but not my sister leh).


I have most of her books and tho I m too busy to read, I do still grabbed her latest book "still honking". Haha.

Authors ... well, I will slowly look for them, meet them ... perhaps, getting some tips on being an author of a book!! But, let me tell you something about being an author

1. Loyalty is 10%. Assuming that the book is priced at RM40, you will get RM4 for each book sold.

2. Most of local authors do NOT sell more than 500 copies!! MPH will have 1500 copies for first-print. Most will definitely not able to surpass this number, so MPH no need to consider 2nd print.

Assuming that one could sell 1000 copies (you must be VERY good and public likes your book!!)

1000 x RM40 x 10% = RM4k

So ... the author will have RM4k from the sales. That is one of HIGHEST of sales, for you info.

3. Averagely it will takes 6months to write a book!! WOW

RM4k divide 6 months = 2/3 of the RM1k. Serious??

So ... economically, it is NOT worth to be an author!!

S0 ... why do many still writing a book?

One of the main reason stated by Milan Doshi in my facebook " Books don't make money. They give you the credentials to make money from speaking, consulting, etc"

Yes, Milan Doshi's book is one of my first that I read BEFORE I came into stock-market. The year : 2006, after reading R.Kiyosaki's RDPD. Gald today I m connected with him thru facebook and he do read my posts in Facebook to reply me!! That is a great honour for an ah-pek like me. :)

Another author I will be meeting(who is also in my Facebook) is Andrew Chia. I will be glad to meet him  ... asking him for signatures(I bought almost all his books) ... great man.

Blogger are not author.

While books are more structured and organized, the contents are well-thought about, blogs ... could be more random! While books are targeted to their readers' needs ... my blog is aim for my pleasure reading!! While books are marketed to sell (for profits) ... my blog is free(earn some peanuts from google-ad ) and I could have freedom to write my blah-blah stories ...

But ... still need to focus about my adventure in trading!! As the title of the blog suggested, otherwise ... perhaps it is time for me to change the theme ... or directions ... into my blah-blah adventure? Apa cakap u?

Ok ... back to my point. Writing this blog allowing me to SWAY away from my points. Haha ... and yes, can take a pause and listening to songs. Reading books could be boring, so ... my blog is more entertaining leh.

Must have self-control when I m writing blog too. Ok ok ... where am I ?

Being an author ... yes, many write out of PASSION. They love seeing their ideas or stories in print, and fantasied that many people will read their books ... and they could share their stories to thousands of others. Damn ... it is not that easy in reality!!

I was sitting with a lady (age below 30, I guess) who is an author of 6-8 books!!


Me : Hi ... I am Teh. Are you an author?

HS : Yes ... I am. I write books for teenagers

Me : Oh ... I got two young kids. I wonder how much they get paid for writing a book?

She said something shocking to me

HS : No, we don't write for money ... it is passion for writing!!

Me : Oh ... ok ... I am a blogger, actually.

HS : Me too. Here is my name-card

Tucked her name-card in my dairy, I forgotten to exchange mine ... well, mine is www.tratles.net and during the talk, I was watching Westport and trading FCPO. She wouldn't appreciate my work?

Normally, people thought author of an investing/trading books means they are the expert in the field, right?

Not necessary, you know.

Will I write a book?

I doubt that ... unless I am allowed to write something like " How I get out of the E-quadrant and becoming a trader-at-home". haha

Time for tuition class ... then, my second session of my trading workshop later (2pm to 6pm).