Sunday, September 27, 2020

Political Uncertainties


testing the blog with my new desktop. just managed to log-in

Tenaga ... testing testing ... example. 

Due to recent political uncertainties in our country, I m keep sideway. Sell .... and not taking the risk. Wait for SEPT to be over.



Friday, September 11, 2020

KLCI below 1500


Yesterday I was there ... stranded ... I waded across the "river" to the LRT from Lee Rubbers. I have an interesting day yesterday ... to follow me in my facebook :

Morning ... It is good to be back ...back to college teaching and b to blogging? Wait a minute, did I stopped blogging? Nope ... it is just too hot ... those gloves and covid19 play with so many youtubers (all those popular ones are entertainers la) becoming investment gurus and many more young FB-sponsored guys becoming sifus. Heck, the whole social media is kinda platform for everyone becoming EXPERTS ... telling us those UNDERVALUED stocks, as if they have just profited hugely from the rally. Hhaha ... ok ok, I m not going to expose them and their names ... search youtube, GLOVES. haha ... u r not one of those NAIVE and STUPID one, I hope. I exited gloves end Aug and telling ...yelling ... GET OUT ... last month, that youtubers talking about GLOVES. Time to GET THE HELL OUT. 

..... COVID 19 ... .. 

..... COVID 19 ...

I am BACK. Yup, I TOLD YOU SO ... nah, dislike to say such, actually. SADDENED as usual by the facts that retailers, newbies ...naive greedy retailers jumped into the wagons and becoming VICTIMS of the pump-dump ... and they dont even know what is hitting them?

BOOM!! What is hitting me? ouch .. feel sorry for the thousands who are STUCK and LOSING hugely inside GLOVES-COVID19 stocks .. those bought in CALL WARRANTS would lose the most. 

Will glove-stocks rebound? FEAR IS A BUY??? 

Here ... TOPGLOVE before it breaks the neckline and I given enough warning to sell in end AUG.

Good luck to those holding to gloves-stocks ... nope. They are DEFINITELY not under-valued.


Thursday, September 10, 2020

Selldown : Gloves stocks

Selldown : GLOVES stocks 

 Thu, Sep 10, 2020 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM (GMT+08:00) 

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Stashaway : A unit-trust kinda thing?


I was checking on Stashaway ...which is becoming more popular now. What's it all about the hype la?

CF explained to me some pointers ... I see.

Hope I have the time to check more on it ... but, not for me ... a risk taker in equity markets TEH

Friday, August 21, 2020

Focus : Gloves and Tech stocks


Morning ... to new HIGH of NASDAQ ... 11, 264.95

I am still focusing in short term trading of gloves (rebound) and tech (uptrending). These are my main trading focus ... and checking on the plastic-stocks which moving uptrending ... new high too.

BPPlas : showing bad reversal candle, a pullback would be good entry to consider.

Each trade , try to profit RM1K ... then, move on to another ... can we be consistent to profit RM1k from each trade? That is the idea of short term trading, which is very challenging. So far ... yup, i m kinda consistent as I m active enough to take profits. and focus in what are moving ... rather than stuck inside.

Employing RM20k for each trade, taking profits of  RM500 - RM1k for each trade, that sound easier said than done.

Good stock picks ... moving into those in play, plus basic technical analysis ... and work on our trading plan. That is what I m trying to explain here ... it needs knowledge and experiences to profit CONSISTENTLY as many of times, we might hesitate to take trades.

Example : I took hugely into GLOVES on TUESDAY morning only to sell most of them off for very good profits the next day!! 

Kossan : This one a good trade as I bought in at near bottom there and added as it went slightly high. Sold off her ... for few k profits. Great for one day trade ... bought Monday closing RM13.68 ... sold Wednesday. RM15.30-RM15.60 and then ... moved to tech!!

Besides Kossan, I took its baby, CW too. Also Topglove (still holding her baby CW). 

Seriously, trading short term is NOT easy as being written here or what others talking about ... earn money? wow. how I wish it is that simple as I m a full time trader now.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Gloves are retracing

 Morning .. HAPPY belated Birthday to my blog : 08-08-2020

I started this blog 08.08.2008 .... after I was crushed by the market, during 2008 crash and I was a newbie.

Today, I m guiding many how to 'escape' being naive and STUCK up there, holding dearly to our paperloss. 

Example : AAX and AirAsia

At the moment, gloves are retracing and we might be seeing MANY retailers to STUCK hugely inside the whole sector as they DO NOT know that these pump-n-dump game could end abruptly ... without warning and what they do not understand too ... the LAST FOOL THEORY applied. DON'T be the last person standing up there, ya.

DON'T BE STUBBORN too ... do not buy n hold. it is 2020

BAT : do you still want to BUY and HOLD? BAT used to be index-linked and one of the good dividend stocks all talked about the ... sin-stocks blah blah. 

Adventa : From RM5 last week to dive below RM3 yesterday ...swing crazily to kill most retailers.

will like to continue later on GLOVES charts as MAJORITY of those trading gloves will eventually stuck up there or LOSE MONEY. GOOD LUCK ... if u dont know how to trade them

check my blog later for updates :


Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Crashed : AAX and AirAsia

Good morning to new high in NASDAQ : 10, 902 

DOW up 236 points ... while yesterday saw KLCI down about 30 points, selldown in BANKING stocks!!

As of today, we have EUPHORI on-going for few months now, into glove-stocks : LIMIT UP in Careplus etc etc. Fantastic days for those riding these up.

Well, we still have MANY stuck inside 900 downtrending crashing stocks such as AAX or AirAsia. 

AAX : u could only feel sorry for those holding since IPO and went thru the right-issues etc etc ... heck, this is potentially delisted --- the only way you lose ALL your money in investing (into wrong stock/company)

AirAsia : being a contrarian, we should be checking her now as it is in deeeep trouble. Would u see AirAsia to recover from here?

Being a trader, I only focus in uptrending stocks such as gloves/covid19 and technology stocks. So, yes, it is easier to profit (short term trades too) buying up the trend ... as market is giving HUGE opportunities into those EUPHORIC stocks. Just dont be the last fool, ya.

Pharma and gang is worth checking too as recently , they went berserk ... then crashed so sharply. Still very much in play, so would check on them

I hope all well, and do not continue to average down your losing positions. MAKE some progress ... go into UPTREND stocks and ride it up.

Still feel sorry for those investors in AAX ... and AirAsia.

Yup .. best MONTHS for traders ... if we are in the right trend.

Would try to blog more often (too busy with my trading/learning group). Will try ... 


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

FOCUS is the keyword

Morning ... as market is bullish, celebrating Najib's case ... traders more busy making money. If you have not been trading VERY well ... means, either you have ALREADY stuck inside many downtrending stocks for loooong period (and reluctant to sell for losses = OPPORTUNITY COST) or your stock-picking is not right

Last week I sold UWC, MI, JFtech, FPGroup perfectly at peak ... and to move into gloves. Now I m slowly disposing my gloves to move back into tech.

That is STOCK PICKING level ... as I m experienced enough to trade based on charts ... the rest is PLANNING part.

Read the above carefully. then u would understand WHY most failed in trading ... and most so-called sifu/guru are NOT TRADERS themselves ... but rather tell others to buy this/that as they CANNOT manage the RISK themselves. Understand ar ...

Cannot understand means ... you have the MINDSET issues. That no one could help as you need to grow up ... to understand most writing in forums ... are not real. Once u get REAL ... you are able to CONTROL your emotions ... rational ... and started to LEARN .

to learn, I could be a good mentor to many as I take real trades and started a learning group. To join ... contact me.

This is what I sent to my group ... because my charts are plain and simple. It is all about Risk-management ... so that I could profit consistently.

Going for my morning walk ... then back here to check and taking profits again today.

Do it regularly ... consistently.

Have a nice trading day ... and remember, if you are not profiting well in such great markets, something is VERY VERY WRONG.